JULIAN CASADO 15th August— lst October FIRST EXHIBITION IN BRITAIN OF WORKS BY 'l'l lli DISTINGUISHED SPANISH ARTIST (iallery open Monday - Saturday 10.0tlam—4.30pm

5 Northumberland Street Lane NW, Edinburgh El 13 ojL 'l‘elephone (I31 557 545-1

K I N G _E__l_____S H E


Now relaunched as an independent. community arts centre

Exhibitions from 26 August 25 September Falling Water Variations on a theme by Duncan Shanks

(ialleries open free to the public everyday Mon~Sat ltl.()(l—5.()(I(Stinday2.()(l—5.()()) Further information: Crawford Centre. 93 North Street. St Andrews. Tel: 74610



An exhibition of the finest ‘3:*-- Street, Edinburgh. Open contemporary Scottish if}. 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Craftwork at Burberrys g; Monday to Saturday. Gallery

Scotch House 39-41 Princes ii shop. Admission is free.

t. xv THE



M’ BURBERRYS scorcuuouss



PerArnoldi/Bo Bonlils, Danish Cultural Institute, see Design and Craft section tordetails.

In the secluded New Town premises of the Danish Cultural Institute, brazenly colourtul, covetable posters till the walls. Atlirstsight PerArnoldi's posters are strikingly simple: large, metal-framed swimming-pools ol blue and lakes of paintpot red, primary colours, primary shapes.

Arnoldi‘s art raises questions about how we can pluck sophisticated ideas lrom an arrangement ol shapes and colours, making the viewer examine his assumptions about the visual markers at meaning.

Bo Bontils, who shares the exhibition space with Arnoldi, shows less attention-grabbing, but equally fascinating designs. His Holography Calendar is a veritable box at delights, rewarding close perusal. A rose is captured in classic calendar colour photography and then explored in hologram and embossing; a blossom opens and closes as light moves across it. The development at the ways in which artists strive to reproduce their surroundings is captured in this intriguing treasure.

See this show: there is more to poster design than meets the eye. (Julie Morrice)

the ('raw tortl .-\rt Centre. St Andrew s. Bizarre conibiiiationsol e\el'_\tltl_\ obiects. everything lrom stulletl birds. in} guns. loam-rubber. to} trees. elm es. waders. whip. Bible and oil paint anialeainate into images replete w ith iconoclastic irreserence and social coiiinient. Make the trip upstairs tosee tllls\llti\\.

An Edition at VI t ‘ntil 3 Sept . Recent worls b_\‘ six printmakers.

Recent Graduates l hill 3 Sept. ‘l'hixteai-s graduates ol’ lidiburgh ( ‘ollege ol Art till the side studios with paintings

I ENGLISH—SPEAKING UNION 22 :\tlioll Crescent. 22‘) ISIS. .\loii Sat Illaiii 5pm. SCOtLtSh Aft '88 L ~ntll 3 Sept. Recent w (H ls by a number oI artists including ( ieoiee I)es'|in. Vincent Butler. Margaiet Malcolm and ( ‘hai'les .\Ic()uecii.

I FINE ART SOCIETY I2 ( ii'eat King Street. 5500305. Mon Sat Illani tipni. Edinburgh. . . The Festival City I ma .‘~ Sept, Watercolours b} .laiiies \Vatterstoii Herald.

I44 LONDON STREET Dail} IIIani 4pm. New Work I 'iitil 4 Sept, \Vork bi ‘l oiis (’ooper and l.eila ( iallowa} . _\ouiii_' sculptors w ho nios ed to lztliiiburgh in 1986. Both artists w ill be in residence throughout the exhibition

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belloid Road. 55(iH‘Dl. Mon Sat lIlam 5piii;Suii 3 5pm. t'ntil 4 Sept hoursarc e\tentlctl to Mon 7 Sat I lam tipni. Sun 1 Iain (ipiii. .-\

Irce l-‘estii al Bus ruiis eser} hall-hour between the National (iallerics antlothei' exhibition venues. [l)| ( 'ale. 'l‘hcgaller} ‘s iusth i'eiiow iied cale is open Mon » Sat Illfillaiii «I..‘\llpiii(Iiiiichesiioon -2..‘\Ilpnil. Stiii 3.30 4.30pm. See Modern section ltll' tIetailsol otherexhibitions.

The Eardley Archive t‘ntil .1 Sept. l.o\ cl} eshibitioii ol small workst tliisiiiaior talent ot letli centui'} Scottish art.

mm long: the lfitli aiiiiiiei'sar} ol licrdeath. Includes poignant details such as a ('hristiiias card liartlle} made at the ageol oiil} nine as well as main ol Iiei‘arresline and thoughttul sketches. A book on Izardle} w ill be published as part ot the Setittisll Masters series. pl ice £3.95. See also'l‘albot Rice and Rosal Scottish Academy .

Portraits ol Painters l .lltll " t m. stwenoi the )titiiig bloods ol tliccoiitcnipoiaii Scottish at t scene aic painted by ' .-\le\aiidei .\1ollat. ls'cii (‘uri‘iestaiitls with Diego Ris era at his side and Stephen liai‘cla} cuts a dashing ligure as the \ouiiu a\ iatoi'. i I GATEWAY GALLERY: ~1.'\l‘l‘k‘}llltlltlll. (iol (NSC. l'.\liibitioiis .\Ioii Sat

Illani 5pm.

Mat McCurdy I 'iilil .‘i Sept. .\ \oune

( ilasgow artist already show in}; iii l oiitloii and Berlin contributes to the l;I\t e\liibitioii to be mounted at the ( ialcw a}. Due to lack ol liiiitls. the gallei) plaiisto close early September

Festival Exhibition I 'iilil 3 Sept l’i iiitsaiid paiiitiiiesbs liai'baia Robeitsoiiaiid t‘lllL'IS

I HANOVER FINE ART IN I laiios ei Street. 325 3-15“ Mon I‘ri Illaiii Sillpiiifiat lllaiii-~1piii.

Festival Exhibition I ma (l Sept. Recent seascapes. landscapes aiitl sltll lite b) w est coast artists lioni ‘( ialleri S" inl .iies .'\lso poicclain .intl stoneware b_\ .-\iiiie Hughes.

I HART STREET GALLERY 1‘) l lait St I cct. SSHRIW). .\Ion Sat llIani (ipni

(ieneral selection ol paintings and prints by coiitenipoiaii aitists l-ianiiiig sers ice aiailable.

I IXIA 4—1;:(ieoieeStieel. iiiloinialioiiZZF (i833.

Recent Graduates See Design and t ‘i all

I MALCOLM INNES GALLERY ti" ( icorec Street. 330451. Mon l‘ri ‘lam tipm; Sal Illani lpni.

AScottish Panorama l ‘niil lu Sept. llle eallei's 's aiiiiual eshibitioii ot ieeeiit acquisitions including oils. walei‘colouis aiitl PtllltS.


.\toii Sal Illam "pin.

Scottish Women Painters 1 mil H An; l he .\leictiis makes a temporal} comeback to the l'tliiibuieli l‘t‘\Il\ttl this seat willi lise artists w ell-know ii to Scottish audiences. 'l he} aie Retlpatli. Itaidle}. lilacltadtlci. Redlei ii and Adanisoii and between them the} span letli ceiitiii'i .iil

Helen Partridge

.x. ' .‘H C. I ‘L \-K‘ a .. . The Edge(tringe onthelringe)has Organised

space lor recent art college graduates. The old Drummond Street school is an apprOpriate venue - the galleries at the top olthe stairs have that ‘art college‘ atmosphere at the degree shows.

See Scottish section lordetails.

35'l‘he list Do Aug lSC‘Pt IOSS