O'Hfl'l/fi Y 'S, 445 Great Western R0ad, Ke/wn- orldge, G/asgo w. 6/asg0w's //'/st eve/ ni/e/S/de [/a/ /sn 't [est a s/0ne 's rn/0w f/0n7 the 0/00kw0/k 0/ange, n ’s W/rn/n staggenng d/sranee f/0/n the 0m. 5 0 d0n 't be at a// surnr/sed {0 see d0zens 0/ 00ns0/enr/0us, na/d-w0nt/ng sir/dents eaten/'00 0,0 0n a 0/? 0/ n0n7ew0/lc a/n0ngst the snad0ws 0/ {0/5 anti-dud! e/r-radwa y runne/ {Swat/00 0ve/ 5re//a, we guess.) Ana/r f/0m 000d 0/00 Ine/e's //ve mus/0 0n 7/20/5- day, nus/ce/s 0n Saturday afte/n00ns, and the Jazz A cadem y are a ,005/t/ve ed00an0n 00 Sunday n/gnrs. // y00 get /er 01/! 0/ /e0r0/es ear/y, {/y the terrace /n the trees 0ver/00/c/ng the r/Ve/ // y00 area/c 0,0 /are, 50 d0 0 ’Hen/y's 0n Wednesdays and Saturdays.



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NORTH ROTUNDA 28 Tunnel Street, Glasgow. Welcome to the Pleasure Dome. It used to be the entrance to the Clyde Tunnel but it's feeling much better now. Firing on all four floors. At ground level there's a circular bar, complete with Nelson 8. Lady Hamilton centrepiece. Plus numerous momentos left by the shipmates that came in for Stella. 2] steps up is the bustling Pizzeria: a mix of mozarella and raised voices. (limb 2] more steps and you're in the Rotunda's French Restaurant with, how you say, its circular dance floor, where you can smooch beneath the starlights, visible through the foot of the cocktail bar (2] steps above). Take a tip. Take the lift.


'l'l lli Nllli, “38-00 \Vest Nile St, Kilasg'ow. Sp iinxs, plastic pyramicls, stulTecl camels, lmrmaicls cleclzecl out lilee 'l'uten Kliamun. You'll [incl none ()[tllL‘SL‘ ancl more clown tlie Nile, wliicli talees its name from its aclclress ancl its inspiration from tlie kioocl iliaste Unicle. You can eat all clay amongst tlle I)ld(‘l\’ marlile pillars. .l‘llt‘ music will 'M‘ low. 'l'lie croissants will l)e on tlie l)ar. But come cluslz tlieclimmers will i)C(lown ancl you'll lieartlie music in liclinlmrg’li. 'l‘liere are 70 (linen-lit lieers on offer if you count tlie reflections in tlie mirrorecl alcoves l)el1incl tlie l)a r. A lcwa cloul)le Stella. Downstairs tliere's a [uriction room wliere you can try wallaing’ liL’e an

li‘s'yptian on your 1\l‘dl)idll lien nig’lit.