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Pt JMPl l( )t JSl l2l SIN Jl2/\Nl, (Queen's l)o< k, |()() Stob< ross leoarl, (5lasgow. lll(,' pumphouse is, in la( t, tbree bars. llie Bombaytlub is a good lirst port olt all. l ourige in the opulent repli< a ol the ( lub ol the same uame in Bombay. l njoy thirties style liirliari (uisirie. Served by waiters, beariug Stella, in blar l< tie and tails. l or st >metliiiig less imperial, travel to l ittleVerii< e, next door. /\It endearing ristorarite where you (an (line amongst < (Htde origirials. ol'tbe Venetian Riviera. lit the neighbouring Rusty pelican you< an pi< l<your own lresh atlanti< lobster and ( rab in the hair (fr grill < ririservatory. ll it’s \tJttt1\ sit out on the terra< e and gaze out into (\7lasgouls Dor lkldlKlS. (Stella's great esper iallv when

it s i)<:uring.‘



F()l lQl 11:"! ‘S, 7 RENFIELI) S’l‘, GLASGOW [f you ’re one of the few who hasn’t been to Fouquets, then get a crowd together and go. Below Renfield Street you ’ll find a bar with an atmosphere and a mosaic floor- tiled cockerel all of its own. Here you can dine in candle-light in the romantic shadows of a brick-built vault. Slip into a sumptuous leather Chesterfield in the lounge. Or maybe the restaurant is more you. Bet you won’t make it past the huge semi -circular bar, though. Stella ’.‘ ice cool, as is the 1).] who’s there every nigh t. Thursday night is sixties night. With fab and groovy music to be danced to, and free dirtnersfor-two to be won.


(YIN-WINS. ll- HI“ I“ S'l‘. (Ll.v\8(}()\\. "\ot on holida} 1’ Feeling the hlues'ft )‘l lenrvs is open evcr_v Sunday" proclaims the hlack- hoard as _vou walk inside. But _\ou deserve ()‘llenrvs an} day. \t street level it's hare floorboards. \ewspapers on the har. Jam. on the hi—l‘i. liorget what happened toda_v. Slump into a wicker chair and unwind with Stella in this sepia sanctuar}. with it's preserved ionic pillars and plaster cornices. lielow stairs )oii can sit and chatter at candle-lit pine kitchen tahles and coil. to _\our heart's content. The stall will lend an understanding ear and the} won‘t he at all ol'l'ended il' )Mi haven‘t heard how good their menu is. llint: ask them to

show will their scal'ood.