I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 2‘) Mar kel Street. 235 33S} lire Sat Illam 5.3tlpm'. Sur l..‘itlpm 5,.‘itlprn I teensetlcale. Jack Goldstein I ~nttl 25 Sept. ( lmadran tll‘ll‘l .Iack ( itiltlstclll ItIUI\\ Il‘ lliL‘ Ilgllt til the ski and space lot inspiration Skiesarej Iiig rn(‘anatla and electricstormsarenot unct 'IIIII‘tIlI It is ;Il\\ a_\ s a strip! Isc Itiscc ' the “or k ol a \tir'th Amer reaii. aeonttnentl is ith ss liom \\ e share so much. arid liritl It

stitoreign (itiltlstein batterstheeiestsith psychedelic sttnlitirsts and lltiorescent ltatnes \\ ltll precision. \\ lirle impressiseh esecuted and untloulitedls spectacular. these paintings are tiltirnateh loneh and coolh urban. made ltir science trction meditation against the Manhattan jungle, I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Bellor tI Road. FSIiS‘IZI Mon Sat litam 5pni;Sun 3 5pm thin I Sept lititrrsaie e\tended to Mon Sttn I Iani tipm. .\ lree I'estrsal Bits rttriseiet} hall-hour liel\seen the \ttlltilltll' (iallerresand other e\|iiliition \ertttes. |I)| ('ale lIie galler s 's justls ientm netl cale is open Mon Sat Illfillani -1 .‘itlpmtluriehes

noon _ .illpnil. Sun.‘ .‘sti .I .‘illpm See

Sctiltrsh section ltir detailstil other eshibrtions

Lucian Freud: Paintings 1947—1987 I mil in ()ct. LI Slip. l'r'etid's realili can lie shocking A naked woman sleeps titi the old eotreh III I-retitl‘s studio her breasts liurstrng \s ith “eight and etehetl \\ ith \erns Iler leg lallsopen there are no secret Itilds tit tcaslllg m\stct'lcs. llct' litid} has been tor med \s III] the e\crueialrng honest} most people ieser\ e ltir pr Hate contemplation A most Iieatrliltil e\hilirtionot paintingstpart til the

Ila} \sard ( i.rller_\ . I ondon \llti\\ i. Don‘t missit.

Six Paintings by Francis Bacon'l'hi-oughtiur the summer I his room til master Itll Baeonsenters rnttitttinderltillt appropriate comparisons \\ltlI the \ttirk til I-r‘ettd nest door. I lie t\\o painters are lriendsasisellascontemporaries rnlhe I‘reud catalogue son \\ III see an eat'l\ drawing to I'IL‘lItl til the toting Bacon. I)at light plass on I'ieud \\ Iirle Bacon's room has the blinds tIti\\ n the stage lor the listipaintershaslieensetisith \L‘IISIIIHI} lit the ( iMA.

IGREYFRIARS KIRK HOUSE(’andleniaket Rois. l)atl_\ Illam lpm.

Illustrators Artwork t ‘ntiI .‘i Sept. ( )ne million reproductions lot {I each as \\ eII aslimitedetlrtions.

I HERIOT WATT .‘sti ( il'llltlltl} Street. I)ail\ morningtill late. ' Paintings tor Anne Frank 1 ‘ntil .‘~ Sept. (ientle. peaeeltil paintings done by (iregtirs 'I'r'rcker tllltl\tl;lll_\ titi silk iriliatik st} Ie. the Irtlle girl Anne I’rank. \\ Iitisti successltilh hid lr'om the .\'a/rsbtit L‘\L‘llltlllll\ died in BeIsen concentration camp. is depicted as a \\ ide-eietl innocent. Iii a simple. narratn e st_\Ie with its roolsin ltilk art. 'l'ricker paints a compassionate picture. 'I'rreker's art is also part til atlance piece at Ilerrtit \Vatt b} Axis um I Ierder. \\ hich leatures his c_\ ele ot batiks.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 .\'orthumIierIand Street lane. 55" .9154. Mon Sat Illam J..‘ittpiti.

Julian Casado I 'ntil I ()ct. I‘irst exhibition in(ireat Britain In thisenunent Spanish painter". “me a priest. ( ~asadti leIl the church to marry and take tip a post teaching religion at Madrid I 'niiersit}. Since I‘Ni‘) he has had stilti shti\ssai'titiitd the “or Id and been ass aided niaitir pit/es. See panel.

I NETHERBOW 43 I ltgl. ."t ‘el. SSMS‘U. Mon Sat Illam -t..‘illpm(‘ale.

Forza Napoli by Simon Gooch t 'ntil .‘s Sept. Paintings arid draxs ings trom \aples. "l'he onl} “as to realh capture the atmosphere til Naples would lie to set tip a hidden camera and ltl\l let ll rtin.‘ sa_\s('iotieh.

I lis e\hibilitin celebrates that eccentric.


natural!) theatricaleits in lloxsing. detailed. ctiltitlr'ttll st}le.

John Crockett 1918—1986 I ‘ntil .1 Sepl, Artist and designer . ( ~roclsetl \sasa multi—talented man laseinatetl \\ ith the theatre and dance.

I PLEASANCE THEATRE 'l‘he I’leasance. hail} ltlam lam.

Reza Ben Gajira [hill 3 Sept. Rubbing shoulders \\ ith a cartltiad til corned} acts. this exhibition ol' abstract art setsa etimpleteh dilterent tone in the I’leasance. It‘s worth dropping in tiii this surprising corner til splash colour and gold leal. I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY ‘I lie Mound. 325no“l. Mon Sat IIIattt 5pm;Stm 3-5pm. [hill 4 Sept hours estended to Mon Sun I lam "pm. Admission [3 (LI I includes both eshrbttrons. 'I'he tolltm ing e\hilirtions has e been organised b_\ the (iallers tit Modern Art:

Picabia I hid ~I Sept \Vhti Is I’lcaliia‘.’ .\Itist artists know his name. but to man} he is tlIIIttlIIllltll. I’icaliia is one til the ltititiders til the l)atla mosement. Ile is I‘rench and he is introduced tti the lidinIitirgh I'L‘SIH al as one til the most anarchic spirits iii Illth century art. This is the lust retr'tispectii e til his “or k in Britain since I‘itiJ. t'nespectetl. isitt} . plaslul and intelligent

I’rcalita demanded that his all he It'ce. See lor )titll'scll 'I'he R.S..i\. has rarely Ititikcd licttcl‘. 'I'IIc cale and lititikshtip are \\ ell equipped and open to those is ithout eshilirtion tickets and the c\hilittititis themselses are intriguing. Should be seen. The Magic Mirror— Dada and Surrealism l'ntil 4 Sept. I’teabia is joined by the stirrealrsts. III contrast to the joking master til Dada. a number til the ar‘tistsin this eshiliition are kntm n by a large public

Mas I'.i‘tist. Magritte. .Man Ra).

('nacometti. I’rancis Bacon and Paolo/Ii number among them. The \\ orks Slit)“ n all I‘cltillg to title [Tm ate L‘tillcctltili ttlltl include surrealist books and periodicals. ati rrnportant aspect til this 20th centur} mos ernent.

Concerts .‘i Sept at T..‘itlpni. L2 on thedotir or lrom the e\hibition desk. Satie. I)L‘I‘tl\\} and I-ranek (phone 5% Still ltir detailsl.

Talks I-tee. Zti Augat Iptn Robert RosenIilum t \exs \(‘I'Is t‘nrser'sit} )on late I’rcaliia; 2‘) Aug at tipm Izli/abeth (‘oxsling t Indiriburgh l'nixersit} Iori Surrealist painting and poetry.

I ST MARY'S HALL St Mar} ’s Street. [)ai|_\ I lam midnight. Iltifitll ltir IIIIU. PeterMiIlett and Cath Urquhart t 'ntil .‘iSept. \Vatereolotirs and photographs b} txso young artists in collaboration “ith the ()slortl 'I Iieatre ( irtittp.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 20b l)nntlas Street. 55(itifsriri. Mon In I lain (ipm; Sat III..‘iIIarn «Ipm

Mixed Exhibition 1 'ritil 3" Aug. Recent paintings Ii} I'.Ihel Walker. siI\ er and gold jewellers Iii Ion} \eislier} and silserand enamel |L‘\\L'IIL‘I'_\ Ii) .Iudit} I’hililis.


I BACKROOM GALLERY 42 I .ondon Street. 55tiS‘33‘). .Mon Sat 9am 5pm.

East Coast Talent I hill 4 Sept. Si\ )tillllg artists shtiss in this delightltrl room in the back shop'. All are recent graduatestil Dundee and Edinburgh colleges til art. (iraham Anderson makes .‘i-dtmensions with his sculptural ceramics. Richard (‘ou/ins paints and constructs. Ruth

I)o\\ nie makes textiles and prints. Dannie Mel-'ie is a painter. Alastair Mack Iookstti Matisse tor print inspiration and Jared I.ee Ia}loi‘ lashitins JL‘\\ el|er_\ It's a colourlttl selection tor the lesti\ al.

I BOURNE FINE ART 4 l)nndas Street 557 4050. Mon—Fri Illam (ipm. McTaggart-Fergusson t'ntil 3 Sept. Some line traditionals \\ hti never wear thin. An exhibition ol' Seottish impressionism and post-impressionism.

I CHAPLAINCY CENTRE Bristo Squarexiti?‘ till-lest l. Mon—Sat III.31Iarii--»(i.3tlpm. The Timeless Image t'ntil 3 Sept. lidith Simon has exhibited at the I-‘esti\ aI elexeri times. This will be the tssell'th. Iler sculpted paper works are trul) original. I CENTRAL LIBRARY ( ieorge l\' Bridge. 325 5584. Mon- I‘ri‘)am 0pm. Sat

9am lpm.

SummerArtisls In the line Art I.ibrar_\ until end Sept. An exhibition olisor'k b)- Seottish architects and artists Stuart Campbell. Ian I)il\ltl\0ll. Richard .IthllCS and Ililar} ()Iierlander andtithers.

I CITY ART CENTRE 2 .Market Street. 235 242-1 ext 6050. Mon Sat Illam (ipm. Stiti ZS Aug and 4 Sept 2 5pm. Licensedcat'e. ltii

Drawings by Robert Colquhoun I hid 24 Sept. A cracking exhibition. (‘olquhoun “as art inl'luential Scottish artist \\ hose work is held in the national collections. ’I‘hese drais ings \\ ere commissioned b} ()h\ er Bernard in IUSU \\ hen ( ‘olquhtiun \sas Iii ing with another Scottish painter.

Robert MacBride. in London. ('olquhour.

produced the draw itigs. is hich include heads. birds. animals and circus Iigures. alter a reluctant start. in a mere JShtitirs. 'l'he} hase never been exhibited belore. Rodick Carmichael: The Antipodean Decade 1978—1988 I hid IIISept. Iixhibititintil

\sorks b) this ltdinliut'gh-btirn painter.

who moved tti Australia in I974. It is his lirst major exhibition in Scotland since then. I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 166 I Iigh Street. 320 I200. 'I'tie—I-‘ri I2.3(l—5.3tlpm;Sat III. 3t lam v5 . 30pm. Artist tor a Day 2-1 Aug—3 Sept. Membersof the (‘oIIeetis-e show work tor a day. most til them also working in the gallery. Atig I (‘hristina l.orimer. Installation; Aug 28 - (‘hris Sell. Sculpture and prints; Aug 2‘) (‘arolyn Burchell. Paintings; Aug 3t)— Keith Milne. Paintings and Drawings: Aug 31 - Alison .‘ilerchant.Wallpaper Ilistor} Installation: Sept I -- [)as‘id (ireen. Recent Work; Sept 2 Martin Rairilord. Paintings; Sept 3 (iordon Bo} d. Recent Work. I THE EDGE St I’atrick'l‘s School. Drummond Street. Open all day and late bar. The lidge is billed as the hinge on the fringe. As well as cabaret. theatre and music the Iidge has an all-day cafe and galleries for browsing. Artistsare \s eleome tti join the Iidge and exhibitsell their work at any time during the Festival. The Iidge specialise in experiment and innovation. .Most ot' the artists exhibiting are recent graduates Irom Iidinburgh (‘ollege til Art. [:xhibitions change every Monda). I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 33‘) ‘)3I I. Mtiri-~'I‘Iittrs Illani 8.30pm. I‘ri ItIam 5pm. Sat Iliam 4pm. See also Design and(‘ral‘t section. Territory- New Work by Matthew Inglis l'ntil Sept 3. An exhibition of new work produced during his recent residency at


Joan Eardley, Talbot Rice Gallery and Royal Scottish Academy, See Scottish secfion.

It could be said that Joan Eardley was a Scottish artist with a double vision. In Glasgow, she lived and painted among the children at the crowded, untidy Gorbals tenements. In Catterline she teetered on a clill in a tiny cottage with corntields to one side and waves to the other. But the exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery, the largest of herwork since she died 25 years ago, reveals those two sides as one in Eardley‘s determination to recreate the immediate experience at seeing whether it be that little cross-eyed girl ora wild sea.

Downstairs the magniticent wave paintings in crest are juxtaposed with Ilowers painted just betore her death. There is no calm tor either. Forthough the flowers are caught in a still-lite jug, the paint they are made of is as restless and compulsive as the waves beating

loam into a nearby canvas. The children in the exhibition gathertogether in a room which eclioes with skipping games and laughter and above all, mischiel. Gratliti has been scratched and stencilled, and gold cigarette paper makes ironic pennies trom heaven. In ‘Children and Chalked Wall' and ‘Two Children' the children themselves seem to be part or the energy at the grattiti. Eardley is a painter who knew success during her lifetime, but it has taken a quarter of a century tor her work to be recognised as it is here as a major lorce in post-war Scottish, and perhaps, as suggested by Cordelia Oliver, British art. Eardley translated a strong, wiltul energy into paintings which have already proved their charisma and inlluence beyond the lite at their creator. This exhibition puts the seal on that inheritance. (Alice Bain) Cordelia Oliver is author at ‘Joan Eardley, RSA’ which has just been published to coincide with the exhibition. See Festival Books Ior review.

The List 26 Aug— 1 Sept 1988 AT