I The Diary 0t A Country Priest ( PG)

(Robert Bresson. France. 1950) ('Iaude

Laydu. Jean Rivevre. 1le mins. A loner young priest works hard to make an impact on his rural parish. but despair soon sets in.

Typically austere and controlled piece of work from a distinctive major cinematic stylist. the investigation of the workingsof grace in our everyday lives make this spiritual cinema at its most powerful. Glasgow: (il’l‘.

I Drowning 8y Numberst la) ( Peter (ireenawav. l'K. 1988) Joan Plowright. Bernard llill. Jocl)‘ Richardson. Sec panel review. lidinburgh: (’arnco.

I Entertaining Mt Sloane ( lb’) ( Douglas lliekox. L'K. I969) Bervl Reid. l larrv Andrews. l’etcr .‘vlclinerv. ()4 mitts. The newly moved-in voung lodger attracts the amorousattention ot‘the ntiddle-agedlandladv and her older brother. 'l‘vpicallv tasteless ()rton sexual hi-jinks. though the stage origins are not disguised. lidinburgh: Cameo.

I Fatal Attraction ( 18) (Adrian Lvnc. US. 1987) (ilenn (lose. Michael Douglas. Anne Archer. l 1‘) mitts. Happily married

Trautman‘s venture and his subsequent capture by the sadistic Colonel Zaysen combine to serve as a harbinger ot Flambo‘s renunciation of monastic lite and return to the tray. Atghanistan. here I come . ..

What lollows is a not unpredictable riot ot explosions, bombing and killing, the majority at which is carried out by our laconic lighting machine, portrayed by Stallone with the appropriate emotional range. Development otcharacterand selt-expression, were they present, would in any case serve no purpose in Stallone's increasingly simplistic cinematic Weltanschauung where the inevitable triumph oi the United States, personilied by Rambo. over the caricaturized thugs who represent the Soviet Union, needs neither elucidation norjustitication.

lawyer Douglas discovers the high priccot‘ I " Transparently banal Stallone‘s :flfrlliclfi mfg].:]('12:;:::',ll:1213:1153}:mm Rambo Ill (18) (Peter MacDonald, us, Trautman, with the otter ot a mission in clumsy politicizing may be. but it . Wm” Mm m” mu; m naming“, um her 1933) Sylvester srattdhe, Richard Afghanistan. can persuade Rambo to remains ditticult to ignore the opening man's affection. (ilossv. well-acted Crenna, Marc De Jonge. 101 mins. renounce "18 Conwmplallve llle- 0' a prime Slice 0‘ “Okum SUCH as misogvnisticllitchock-stslethriller Seconds om, Round Three, Hen, no! Trautman himseltis obligedto . Rambolllwtthashot ot the stars and attracting more lttss and()scar Rambo hastthh ihiheidwet and undertake the assrgnmenttotratnthe stripes and its closmg witha Imminatinmthan"mails-011w”: adopted the quiet me in a Buddhist Afghan rebels in the use of Stinger patronizing dedication to ‘the gallant (iz’a'cnmi M u n I _ monastery in Thanahd, Not even the missiles againstthe Soviet invaders. people olAtghanistan'. (John

b‘ A i . . r - :innfrmle’riincz Sivan; ll‘))\’7)(\lviiiiin amva' 0' ms Old boss comm” The convenlem 'allure' however' 0' Dugald) Mezicrcs. Benoit Regent. All]. Kzl 'l‘.ll(l ' .l’2'flz z‘t' _ a g . ‘. “garfilzul‘ “Syrinwr 2:“ journalist. bur {hc {Cneion ot the situation .\le-/tetes script. but the. \ er} \ igour ol the Bono. ‘)_ mins. Baltimore: 19b3,. l proat ‘chiinc‘s “WWI-H, m break 0“ {mm her plunges her unstable personal”) intoa lilin's attack giv es ll a challenging edge breaksout on the l)anec( ouneil ol top pm“th dcmundmu and mm” hrumh preearious stale sontew here between that I\ sure to stimulate debate. (ilasgow: \ pop extravaganza lhe( urn} (I olllns 10"ch[ShapingMagma”hutchhuhcn alienation and sell-degradation, (il-‘l. _ . ~ Show when hells teen queen Ricki lake cummcncu“1‘th \CWHHV Chm.qu ()verheated monoehrome angst w ill) a I Hairspray t l’( i 1 (John \\ atei‘s. l .8. NH ) deposes the tormer star ol the show . and mininmhip with .m induliuflmw good deal ot sexual explicitneo in Ms Riekrl akc. l )l\ inc. l)ebbie l lair) . Sonny begins to make lrtends w ith (gulpiblaek

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