that a human heart can beat beneath this director's hi-tech glitz. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

ITheme (PG) ((ileb Panfilov. L'SSR. 1979) Inna Kurikova. Mikhail 1'1janov.‘)8 mins. Penetratinganalysisofthe stagnation of Soviet cultural life as famous vvriler vvorking on a dramatisation ofa traditional cpie comes tovvards the realisation that he and others in the same position have sacrificed their creativity to the fame and privilege ensured by toeing the state line. 'I‘alky but absorbing stttff. with a particularly vveIl-handled long sequence of denunciation over the dinner table.(i1asgovv:(il"1'.

I Three Men And A Baby ( PU) 1 Leonard Nimov 1S. 1987) I011] SeIIcck. Steve (iutte'nbcrg. Ted 1)anson. ('elcste 1 loIm. 1112 mins. A trio ofsmug. vvomanisinglads share a bachelor apartment. but the arrival on their doorstep of the offspring of one of their careless affairs is soon to wreak havoc vv ith their chic macho lifestyle.

Fine if you have a sentimental. undemanding critical faculty and a love of lavatorial humour. othervvise forgettable mainstream fodder and a fairly unaccountable box office success. (ilasgovv: ()deon.

I Tin Men ( 15) (Barry Levinson. LS. 1987) Richard Dreyfuss. Danny dc Vito. Barbara Hershey. 112 mins. Baltimore. 1903. A minor car accident is the beginningof a major tit-for-tat feud betvvecn tvvo aluminium siding salesmen. Returning to the gently autobiographical territory that he mined so vvell in Diner. Levinson has produced a thorotighly refreshing vv armhearted character comedy vv ith top notch performances Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

IVice Versa ( PU) (Brian (iilbert. t's. 1988) Judge Reinhold. I’red Savage. vaoozie Kurtz. 98 mins. A mystical eastern vase enables yuppie businessman Reinhold to change places vvith his precocious schoolboy son for the day . vv ith near disastrous consequences for his career and his love life.

Modern variation on a vvell-vvorn comic theme that manages little but predictable farce and a resistible exercise in desperate mugging from Mr Reinhold. Perhapsif your mind had been taken over by an eleven year-old this might be your kind of movie. (ilasgovv: ()deon. Iidinburgh: ()deon. (‘entralz ('annon. Strathclyde: Cannon. ()deon Ayr. ()deon I lamilton. I Vincent ( PG) 1'": (Paul (’ox.

Australia Netherlands. 1987) 1113 mins. L'nusual film on \‘an (iogh. neither straight documentary nor fictionalised account. btit a study of the artist'infe using his famous letters as the soundtrack to visuals that merge the paintings vvith the places he lived and vvorked in. Ambitions attempt at a varying an old rathcrstaid form of film-making. but the pace isoften unbearably slovv. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Warner's Wackyland(1’(i)..\ devastatingly enjoyable eighty-minute programme of the best of the violently surreal animated shorts made by Frank 'I‘ashlin and Bob (‘lampett at Warner Brothers in the Thirties and I-‘orties. (ilasgovv: (it-'1‘.

I Witches DIEaStWicIt(18)(Cieorge Miller. US. 1987) Jack Nicholson. (‘her. Stisan Sarandon. 118 mins. Suffocating in the prim tranquility of a small tovvn in New Iingland. three single vvomen set their collective brains tovvards conjuring up the perfect Mr Right. Next morninga mysterious stranger suddenly appears. as ifin ansvver to their prayers. and beginsto charm the pants off them. But the ripe. randy and rakish Daryl van l Iorne is the devil in disguise. and there is a price topay fortheir pleasure . . . A joyous.diabolica| romp. vvith Nicholson having the time of his life. Glasgow: (‘annon (‘Iarkston Road.


Friday 26-Thursday1

This section gives details of programmes showing at cinemas in central Scotland over the next week. Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change atanytime.

Cinemas Operating a family discount scheme allow an adult accompanying a child to 'U' and 'PG' certificate programmes to gain admission for the same price as the child up to 5pm.


I CANNON (‘Iarkslon Road. .\1uirend.o37 2641. £2.3ll():\1’ ('hild £1.21). Iiamily discount scheme operates.

1. Rambo III( 18) 5.35pm. 8.25pm; Sat 2.25pm.

2. Beetleiuicet 15) 5.45pm.8.411pm1Sat 2.311pm.

3. The Witches 0fEastwick1181515pm.

8. 15pm; Sat 2. 15pm.

I CANNON SaucltiehallStreet.3321592. £2.8ll(£l.411).

1. Coming To America ( 15) l . 15pm. 4.2(lpm. 8pm.

2. Beetlejuicei IS) 115ij 3.4(ipm.npm. 8.35pm.

3. ‘Crocodile' Dundee 11 ( l’( 3) 1.15pm. 4.15pm.8.115pm.

4. Hairspray ( I’(i) 1.15pm. 3. 5.55pm. 8.35pm.

5. Invasion DlThe Body Suckerst 18) 3.2(1pm. 8.511pm and SlumberParty Massacrel 18) 1.45pm.".15pm.

I CANNON GRAND ISIamaiea Slreet.2~18 4621). £2 (£1 1.

Adult movies. Phone for details,

I GROSVENORAshlon1.alte.11111head. 339-1298. |l)| vvith prior notification. £2 (‘hild l'BJll Student ().-\P£I .211.

1. Beetlejuicel 18) 2.30pm. opm. 8.3llpm; Sun 8.3llpm.

2. Coming To America 1 15 l 2. 15pm. 5.45pm. 8. 15pm; Sun 8. 15pm.

See also (ilasgovv 1.ates.

I ODEON chl’ield Street. 332 87”]. Bar open ev cry evening from 5.3llpm (o.311pm Sun). £2.85; ().-\1’ ('hild £1.16;

[113411 Student concs L I .oS available as advertised.

1. Rambo III( 18) 1pm.3.3llpm.opm. 8.45pm.

2. Vice Versa i 1’(i) lpm. 3.311pm.(ipm. 8.45pm.

3. The Jungle Book ( t ') 1.15pm. 3.45pm. b.15pm: Sat only 11am.

Three Men And A Baby ( P( i ) 8.45pm only. 4. The Couch Tripl I5) 1.15pm. 3.45pm. (1.15pm.8.45pm.

See also (ilasgovv 1.ales.

I SALON \'inicombe Street. 33‘) 425i». [1)] with advance notification. .‘vlatinees. Adult (‘hi1d£1.5(1();\1’ 1'B-lllSt)p. Evening). Allseats£1 .511.

Rose Street. 332 (i535. (’afe bar open 311 mins prior to evening pert. L‘Itises‘)pm. [1)] on application to box office. |1i] No smoking. Mats. £1.8()(Studcnt t'B-lll £1. 11)). Fri mats. £1.3fl(x\llconcs 75p). Evenings.{2.511(Student l'B-llit’lbll). Allperfsehild ()APL'I . ll).


Under Satan's Sun( 15 ) 3.3llpm . njnn. 8.3tlpm.


Little Dorrit Part Two I l ' ) 2pm.

Under Satan's Sun ( 15 ) (ipm. 8.311pm. SUNDAY 28

A Flame In My Heart 1 18) (ipm. 8.311pm. MONDAY 29

A Flame In My Heart ( 18) 3.3flpm. 8.3“an Themet 1516.15pm.


Les Anges Du Peche ( P0 1 a: Diary DfA Country Priest ( I.')b.-15pm.



Broadcast News ( 15) 3pm. 5.45pm. 8.15pm.


Warner's Wackyland (IDS-15pm. The Last Emperori 15) 7.45pm.


I GBDSVENDB Ashton Lane Fri 26/831 27:

1. Barfly118)ll.15pm.

2. Fatal Attraction ( 18) 1 1.15pm. . Renfield Street.

Fri 26/Sat 27: 1.Ramb01|I(IS)11.45pm.


I CAMEO Home Street. 228 41-11, [1)]13ur open .\Ion Sat o 1 1.3l1pm; Sun o llpm. £1.2llfor1sttv 2nd perfs: £2 for 3rdperf; £2.‘)(lfor 41h perf.

NB. Film Festival tickets available onlylrom Filmhouse. £4.


Life OI Brian I 15 ) 4pm

Track 291 151(ipm.

(Film Festival Screenings) AWorldApartt1518.311pm.

Dream Demoni 18) l lpm.


Drowning By Numbers ( 18) 1.511pm ( Not Sun). 4. ltlpm. b.45pm.

Life DfBrianl 151‘). 15pmonly.

Sun 28: The Belly DfAn Architect( IS) 1.5(lpm.

I CANNON I.othian Road. 22‘) 311311. Bar: 11am 2.3llpm.5 -lllpm(.\lon Thurs). 11am 11pm ( I-ri Sat 1. 5 lllpm (Sun). |l)| cinemas 2 ck 3 prior notification advisable, £2.91). {2.511(‘hi1d {I.(ill. £1.511():\P £1 (before bpm). 1-'amin discount scheme operates.

1. Coming To America 1 15)2.115pm. 5.115pm. 8.115pm.

2. Beetlejuicei 15 ) 2.:upm. 5.4iipm. 8.2(1pm.

3. ‘Crocodile‘ Dundee 11 ( P013. ltlpm. 5.2llpm. 8. lllpm (Not Sun).

Sun 28: The Fruit Machine( 1518.311pm. (Film Festival Screening).

I DOMINION Nevv battle Terrace. 44" 21ml). Rest lllam 2pm ck b 11pm (Mon-Hi). Illani 1 1pm (Sat ). Bar

12 2311an (i Illpml.\ton Sat 1. ('inema not open Sun. £2.71). £2.51):

(‘hild [1341) Students £1.51); ():\Pf;1.2ll. (all perfs cscepl ev rig perfs in cinema 3 ). 1. 'Crocodile' Dundee ll ( Pt ‘1 ) 221)an 5.2llpm.8.211pm.

2. September ( P( i l 2. 15pm. 5. 15pm. 8.15pm.

3. Wall Streeti 15) 2pm. 5pm. 8pm.

I ODEON ( ~Iet k Street . bit" "331 Bar

b -‘)pm. Partial vv hcclchair access. Tickets £2 (cones £ 1 .511) for performances commencing before (ipm. Tickets £2.81) (cones £2 1 for perfs commencing after (TPITT.

1. Rambo Ill( 18) 1'11 Sat 1.35pm. 3.511pm. o. lllpm. 8.45pm; from Sun 1.35pm. 3.45pm. b.115pm. 8.311pm.

2. Vice Versa ( I’( i ) 2pm. 4. lllpm. (i.211pttl. 8.4(lpm.

3. The Couch Tfipl1512.115pm.-I.IllpmlNol Sat Sun). (v.2(lpm. 8.35pm.

The Jungle Book ( t ' ) Sat sun only 2.15pm. 4.15pm.


I.othian Road. 228 2688. Bar 1 .\ton Sat. noon— 1 1pm. Sun (1.31) 1 1pm) Rest (.\ton- Sat. noon Hpm). [Ii] Matinees {1.211(concs 25p); Iiarly evenings £2 (cones L" 1 .511); Main evenings and Double Bills £2.51) bookable in advance. No concessions on Sats


See 42nd Edinburgh International Film Festival listings for programme. MONDAY 29

1. Blade Bunner2.311jmi. TampOpOI1315.311pm.8pm.

2. Vincent I 1’( i ) (i. Illpm. 8.2tlpm.

TUESDAY 30 1. Blade Runner(15)2.3tipm. Tampopm18)bpm.8.3l)pm.

2. Vincent ( P( i l b. lllpm. 8.20pm. WEDNESDAY 31

1. Tampopo ( 18) 2.3(1pm. hpm.8.3llpm.

2. Vincent 1 P( i ) b. Illpm . 8.2(lpm. THURSDAY1

1.Tin Men(1513.311jmi.

Tampopoi 18) (1pm. 8.311pm.

2. Someone To Watch Over Me ( 1512-15an o. lllpm. 8.2llpm.

See also Iidinburgh 1.ates.


I Home Street

Fri 26: Dream Demon ( l8) 1 1pm. (Film Festival Screening)

Sat 27: Entertaining Mr Sloan ( 18) & Loot (18111.15pm.

I FILMI‘IOUSE I.othian Road

Fri 26: CocksuckerBluesi 18) 1 1pm. (Film Festival Screening)

Sat 27: Alive At Filmhouse (vv illi Sean Soan tv Patrick .\1arberl Ill..‘~11pin.

Sun 28: Alive At Filmhouse (vvith David ('ohcn & The Nice People) 111.3(1pm. Mon 29: Alive At Filmhouse (vs ith Marlin Ilughcs tv Patrick .\1.'ubcr)11.l5pm.


I CANNON Princess Street. I‘alkirk .11324 238115. All seats £1.

1. Rambo III( 18) 2.4(lpm. 5311an 8.20pm Sun .5311an 8.2llpm.

2. Vice Vefsa(P(i)2.311pm.5.311pm. 8.2llpm; Sun 5.3llpm. 8.2(ipm.

3. Beetlejuicei 15) 2.35pm. 5.3(1pm. 8.25pm; Sun .531le. 8.25pm.


I CANNON 'I‘ithifield Street. Kilmarnock. 1)5b33"288. All seats £1.

1. Rambo "If 18) 1.45pm. 3.5(lpm.bpm. 8.4(lpm; Sun 5,3llpm. 8pm.

2. Beetlejuicei 15 ) 25(1an 5.5upm. 8.45pm; Sun 5.30pm. 8pm.

3. Vice Versa ( P( i 1 3pm. opm. 8.411pm: Sun 5.411pm. 8pm.

I KELBURNE ( ilasgovv Road. PalsIey . SS") .‘s(y12.£2.211;concs £1.21).

1. Rambo "It IS) 5 3(lpm. ".Jllpiii; Sat also 2.3llpm.

2. Beetlejuicei IS ) bpm. smpm. Ghostbusters1l’(i)s.u only 2. 15pm.

I LA SCALA I Iamilton Street. Salteoats. (1294(13345|1)|(’inema 1.11.51)

(‘hild ()AP 75p.

1. Rambo III ( l8) bpm.8.()2pm.

2. Beetleiuicet I51fvplt).b‘.tl.2pltl.

I ODEON Burns Statue Square. .-\y r. 0292 2641141).|1)|£2.51);(‘hi1d1'B411();\P £1.51) ( no concessions for last performance 1'11 and Sat ).

1. Rambo III( 18) 1.10pm. 3.2llpm.o.-l(lpm. 8.5(lpm.

2. Beetlejuicet IS) l.3tlpm(.\nl Sun). 3.30pm. 2pm. llpm. The Jungle Booktt') 1.3llpmSatonIy.

3. Vice Versa ( l’( i) 1.311pm. 3.40pm. b.311pm.

‘Crocodile‘ Dundee ll ( P( i ) 8,4(lpm.

I ODEON Tovv nliead Street. Hamilton. (W18 28.3 8112. [1)] cinemas 2&31-‘ri Sat {2.511(‘hi1d():\1’£I.~Ill.Sun '1'Iiurst‘23ll ('hild()APEI311Mon Fri untilopm 11541111

1. Rambo III 1pm. 3.2(lpm. 5.45pm. 8.40pm.

2. Vice Versa ( l’(i) 125(1an3.25pm(Not Sat Sun). 5.55pm. 8.35pm.

The Jungle Book ( ti ) Sat Sun 1.111pm. 3.25pm.

3. Beetlejuicet 151 lpm. 3.35pm.(y.115pm. 8.4llpm.

I RIALTO('o11ege Street. Dumbarton. (138‘)o27o3. £2('hi1d l'B-lt) ()APL‘I. ('Iosed Sundays.

1. Bambolllt 18)

2. Beetlejuicei 15)

Bigfoot And The Hendersons ( l’( i)

'1'he1.ist2o Aug 1 Sept 1988 51