I Kids arms to provide into about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow tor children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days hetore publication.

GLASGOW Activities and Fun

I GLASGOW GARDEN FESTIVAL l’rinces Dock. 42‘) 8855 l'ntil 2o September. ( )pen eyery day. lllam- one hour belore dusk. £5 adults. £4 students. ()Al’s. l'lHlls. £3.50 kids aged 5 loyears. l'ree tor the under5s. Once inside. all ey cuts are lrcc (except tor roller-coaster ). lrresistible tor children ol all ages. See day-by -day actiy ites in the (iardcn l’estiyal Diary.

I HAGGS CASTLE Hill St .-\ndreyysl)riye. l’ollokshtclds. 437 3735.

Saturday Activities in ery Saturday.

2. 15pm. l'ree no booking. llaggs' regular. Saturday afternoon acliy ities tor children. Suitable age range giy en in brackets. Sat27 AuguslStorytimeand l)rayyingl4 " y'carolds)

I SCOTTISH BALLET In] West Princes Street. 33! Z‘Bl

Junior Contemporary Classes ( )pen classes

re-starl 30 Aug and run until 17 Dec. 'l'uesdayso "pm. {1.50. (’ontactyenue lor details.


I THEATRE ROYAL l lope Street. 331

123.1 333 (Mill”

Song and Dance l‘ntll 3 Sept. ".fsiipm. matinees Sat 2'7 Aug ck 3 Sept. 3.30pm. {3.511 l; l 3.5”. The West lznd music-arid-dance hit yy itlt Marti Webb and ex-Royal Ballet star. \Vay nc Sleep.

Exhibitions I HAGGS CASTLE lllll St Andreyys l)l‘|\c.

42":"35. .\lon Sat lllam 5pm.Sun

2 5pm

Digging tor History 1 'ntil ZS .-\ugust. tau leyy daysol llaggs' exhibition about archaeology lor children. explaininghoyy things end tip in the ground. hoyy they are dug up again. and \y hat they tell usabout the past. Also included is a politely named ‘lucky dip' dustbin. lull ot contemporary throyy-aysay artclacts including

neyy spapers. crockery . and last-lood cartons \y hich \s ill tell luture archaeologists all about its.


Waterstone's will be open until midnight. 7 days a week during the Festival.

l l4 George Street. Edinburgh. Telephone: 03l 225 3436.

The late~night bookshop

stays up even later.


I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE \eys Street. l’aisley'.ll-1l-SS7 llllll

Cheeko the Clown Sat :7 Aug. lpm. taut 75p. adults £1.50. For children of all ages. The Magic Garden Sat 27 Aug. 3pm. kids 75p. adults £1.50. (‘hildren’stheatre presented by Kids Theatre (iroup.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I BRUNTON HALL Musselburgh. (yly5 .‘~"ll ex1344.

East Lothlan Youth Theatre (‘lasses t'e-stat'l 21 September.

I COASTERS 3 West 'l‘ollcross. 23S 3252. Disco liyery Saturday (1.3lllllpin. £15“. I'nder lSs alcohol-tree disco. l.iyeact.s most yyeeks.


Road Ty necastlc Lane. 337 43”} ( )pen every day of the year. 9am-4pm. l‘ree. lidinburgh‘s farm in the city yy here. oblivious to the surrounding traffic. livestock is reared and organic produce groyy it. There are sheep. goats. coyy .s. chickens. ducks. pigs and a special 'iron age' pig. (hall yy ild boar. hall piglys hose mother yy as in shim biz ys ith the BB(‘. Young City Farmers lit cry Saturday.

10am lpm. l'or "'— 13 year olds. "5pannual membership. plus 15p per session. A regular club lor children to learn tnore about larming. animals and animal welfare.

I MEADOWMILL SPORTS COMPLEX Prestonpans. 'l‘el. llighlandUames Committee. Brunton llall. (m5 3‘1 1 lor details.

East Lothlan Highland Games: 8th Annual Games Gathering Sunday 2S August . from lpm. Ronnie (‘orbett yy ill open llte(iames at lpm. alter ys hich there yy ill be the usual testsol titness and strength “ith a tugo' ysar. cycling ey ents. ‘heayy'cy cuts. as yy ell

The Playhouse Greenside Place Edinburgh Venue 59


Cafe Sand/no Coo/jazz Sou/food


DJ’s Simon Booth Gilles Peterson Stuart Cosgrove The Sole Crew Nick DM &

Dr Martin

Every night from August 12 - September 3 11.00-4.003m £3/£2.50

as sheepdog trials and special entertainments for children. (‘ontact

\ enue for details.

I MURRAYFIELD ICE RINK Riy ersdale (‘rescenL 337' (N33. Mon—liri 2..‘~Upm—--1..‘~llpm. and ex enings \ arious

times (check \y ith y enuel. Saturday s

Illam—noon lamin skating 2.3(1 J..‘\llprn.

"..‘~tL—lll.3llpiii. Sunday lit ll..‘~tlarn (iroup tuition. Sunday alternoon open :H‘le-Jn‘sllpm.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND ('llttmlk‘l's Street. 3.3.; “5.5-1 c‘\l 2 I” Armada Day Sat _" August. lllam 4pm. David Anderson. author ot a nc\y children's book on the Armada. ys ill be shoyy ing children hoyy to make an old lashioned compass or sundial. similar to the ones Drake ysould haye Used to

nay igate. "Io giye a little period llay our their yyill be genuine ship's biscuits. t—‘uarantee\yeeyil-lree. toiiibble Not recommended lor unaccompamed children under the age ol S.

I THINS BOOKSHOP 53-5‘) South Bridge. 556 (1743 " Saturday Club liy ery Saturday .

HUI) 11.30am. l‘ree. ()pen to any child (age range approx 2 l.‘~ y ears). Story-telling l'or younger children as yxell as actiy ities and competitions \y ith prizes Special seasonal actiy ities lrom time to time.


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