the tribalism of the derby matches which dominate today‘s card.

I Hamilton V Motherwell Douglas Park. Hamilton ( 100 yards Hamilton West station). 3pm. Motherwell and St. Mirren are the obvious alternatiye relegation candidates to Hamilton. but the former. with years of cynical sury'iy'al behind them. are far likelier than the Accies to pick up points against the bigger clubs. and. knowing this. will possibly settle for a draw today. (Indeed. when have Motherwell ever played for a win'.’ ).

I Hibsv Hearts Easter Road. lidinburgh (Buses 4. IS. 42. 44). 3pm. AnaII-ticket probable sell-out. this fixture. ai‘terycars with Hearts in the ascendancy . is becoming far less predictable. but you can still be assured of fast and i‘urious play. three or tour bookings. and possibly a single goal victory.

I Rangers v Celtic lbrox Stadium. Glasgow (2 mins lbrox t'nderground). 3pm. The so-called greatest club match in the world is usually at least as Irerieticas the Edinburgh derby. with football otten taking second place (on-field as well as off) to obscure disputes about Irish history. See panel.

I St Mirren V Dundee Love Street. Paisley (Ii) mins Gilniour Street station). 3pm. The habitual generosity of both defences makes this the day‘s best bet for a score draw.


I Airdrie v Queen at the South Broomtield Park. Airdrie ( IS mins from Airdrie Station). 3pm.

I Clyde v Pariiclr Thistle l-‘irhill. (ilztsgow (Buses 1.8. 21.57.60. ()1 ). 3pm.

I Meadowbank Thistle v Falkirk Meadowbank Stadium. lidinburgh (Buses 4. 5. 26.44). 3pm.

I Morton v Ciydebanir (‘appielow Park. (ireenock (5 mins from (‘artsdyke Station). 3pm.


I Dumbarton v Queen‘s Park Boghead.

[)umbarton ( lil mins from Dumbarron East Station). 3pm.


These quarter-final ties are still to be drawn as we go to press. One or twoniay take place on Tuesday 3i) to as oid clashing. All tics will be played to a liniin tonight. with extra time and penalties it necessary.

GOLF Friday 26-Sunday 28

I Bowring Scottish Ladies Open Championship Keir (ioll ('ourse. (aw dor (iolt'(‘|ub. (ilasgow. last three roundsot this competition.


I Knoclrhill Is'iiockhill Racing ( ~ircuit . by I)unlermline (signposted trorii M‘Ml). 1.30pm. (‘ar racing organised by the Scottish Motor Racing(‘lub.


I Scottish Open Poolriding Championship Skate Park. below tow n shopping centre. Livingston. All-day eyerit in which competitors periorm their w holly

iinproy ised routines. oi considerably greater danger and complexity than you lend to see on the street,


I Edinburgh Monarchs v Hackney

Pow derliall Stadium. Bcay'crhall Road. lidinburgh. 7.15pm. £3.5ilinc programme. National league.

I Glasgow Tigers v Stoke Shaw ticld Stadium. Ruthcrglen Road. (ilasgoyy. “.3ilpm. £3.50 ( £1 .50). National league.


Booksellers since 1797

Thursday 25th August MAGDA SWEETLAND author of The Heritage

Tuesday 30 August JAY McINERNEY author ofStory ofMy Life

7pm for 7.30pm ADMISSION FREE Wine will be served

5 (1 Gordon Street, Glasgow Telephone: Glasgozr' 221 0262

NEW OPENING TIMES Quin—8pm M on clay—Frirlc1_y' 9am—5 . 3 0pm Saturday 1 2n00n—5 pm Sundays; with live music 1—2pm

I Art is listed by city iirsi then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Please send details to Alice Bain not later than todays belore publication date.


I Art is listed by city lirst then byvenue. running in alphabetical order. Please send detailsto Alice Bain notlaterthan todays beiore publication date.

I ANNAN GALLERY I .‘sii West ( ‘anipbell Street. 321 5W7 S. Mon I’r'r‘lam 5pm; Sat‘)..‘silani 12.3iipm.

Summer Exhibition i an” end .-\ug. .\ tour ol Scotland in oils. watei‘coloursand pastels. Showing at the same time are new continental scenes by (icor'gc Aguilar.

I ART GALLERY 8i MUSEUM. KELVINGROVE 3573939. Mon Sat liiani SpriiLSun

I 5pm. (Kite. [1)] Voluntary guidesar'c

ay ailable lrec ot charge to corrdrrct parties or indiy iduals round the main galleries. (‘ontact the enquiry desk.

Flowers and Gardens t 'iitiI September HorticulturalIlowcrings worksoiipapcr and oils hour the permanent collection. including Mackintosh. Peploc and .‘ytaclaggart.

MrWood‘s Fossils t‘nrii 31 .-\ung. Ilie story of Stan \Vood's iiideiatigable hunt to ierret out lossils including those oi the world‘s earliest complete amphibians.

A Right Royal Reception t 'nril 3o Sept. The royal reception room tor the ISSS (ilasgow International lthibition is reconstructed as the centrepiece tor this centenary celebration display.

Stephen Wilishire t'ntiI ZS Aug. \\'i|tsliii'c is a young boy w ho suite rs irom autism. but w ho has struggled through that disease to communicate w ith his accurately obserycd. liyer but niaturc architectural drawings.

I BARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART It)?» Bath Street. 2% 5413. Mon I‘ri lilani 5pm;Sat lilani Ipiii.

Summer Exhibition \Voi ks by \Valton. layery . l‘crgusson and others. .-\Iso contemporary paintings by I-orrest. ScouIIer. I lood etc.

I BLYTHSWOOD GALLERY lo] \y'est (ieorge Street. 33b 553‘). Mon l-ri

ltiarii 5.3ilprn; Sat Iiiani Ipiii.

Mixed Exhibition t 'ntil eiid August, (ilasgow School. Scottish (‘olourrsts and contemporary artists.

ITHE BURRELLCOLLECTIONPollokshaws Road.o4‘)7151.Mon Sat Iliani 5prii;Sun 2 5pm. Rest. |I)]

FlowerPots I hid 3i) ( )ct. Not loryour gcrariiums. These are y cry special ( 'hmese pots decorated w itli lilowers and plants. Items from the I Ith right up to the 10th century.

Hanging Gardens oi Central Asia t'ntil 3s September. Not so much gardens as 18th and Nth century embroideredbedspreads ironi (‘entral Asia w hose beautrlrrlly intricate floral designs continue the prcyalcnt horticultural theme tor the (iarden l‘estiy al.

Concerts 2(i.'\tl}1 and 7 Sept. 13..“ lpni in the Lecture’I'hcatrc. £1.50. Phone (i-W 7l5| tor details.

I COLLINS GALLERY l 'niy crsity oi

Strathclydc. 22 Richmond Street. 553

“(Next ZoS.‘ 341o. Mon l’ri Illam 5pm; Sat II 4pm.

Danish Graphic Art I 'ntil 32 Sept. Danish graphic art has been brought courtesy ot the Danish ( 'ullrrral Institute. ( )yer twenty Iry rrig artists present an artlorm which has widespread popularity in Denmark botli commercially and experimentally . See l'L‘sll\;il .-\rt under the Design section tor an example oi Danish poster art

I I “S \Vest chcrit Street. Ill (XVII. Mon Sat liiani 5.3ilpm. New Generation Artists 1 mil end Aug. l-‘ot' nineteen years ( ’y i ll ( icr bcr' has been giying a post-degree show oi work by some oi Scotland's most promising students. The IUSS show has ati oy crall salctiessarid lack oi c\pei inicntatiori and there are but icw glrrniiieisoi real promise Ilowcyer. scy er al do stand out .'\Irsori Reid‘s glossy Magpie. Simon .’\Ie\;tlitIet 's 'sophisticated naiyc' prints oi .v\irica and Mai'ec Meahan‘s sheep hung with barbed w iie are among the best.

I COOPER HAY RARE BOOKS Zil.‘y Bath Street lltifsilil.

Floral Engravings ~I hi'oughout summer . .'\ti exhibition oi original hand-coloured iloral engiayrrigsdatrng ironi ITS".

I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 145‘ \Vest Regent Street. ::I MUS. Mon l-ri URHam 5.30pm;S;it‘l.3ilaiii 13..‘i(lprii. Festival Exhibition Throughout summer. Zilth century artists ineludingloan I‘ardley . Meninsky . Nash. Iili/abcth lilackadder. ( iilhcs. .-\iiiie Redpatli and .Iatiieseowic.

I EXHIBITION CENTRE STATION 1 iornici'ly l‘iiiniestori Station) l‘inniestoii.

Scotrail Mural ( )pcn now ior ( iardcri l’cstiyal 'l‘raiiic. (ilasgoys artist \Villie Rodger tells the story oi l‘innicstoii's changing lor‘turics in a huge mural consisting oi 3‘) enamel panels ('oriiriirssroned by ScorRail.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 134 Iin rhswood Street. 33: «IIIZ—i. \Itin l'tl

‘).3||;iiii 5..‘~iipiii;Sat IHani lpiii

Victoria Crowe Corinth to Carlops t nut is Sept. Victoria ( 'r'owe has her tiisr solo show appropriately in a year whcngaidcns are to the lore iii ( iIasgow I lei caietiil pairitingsot flower and hill represent nature with detailed precision. I lcic. her work splits between studies riiade at her home in the hills ot Midlothian and the

y iy id landscapes oi ( iicccc.

I FINLAYSTONE SCULPTURE I'illliinttitie listate. l.arigbarik (near (itcciiocki ()pcn daily.

sculpture Exhibition 1 ‘ntrl end Aug three young sculptors haye been woi king on the estate tor a month and this exhibition is the result (iiaham l-agen. Sreseii l Iiiiiel and Day id McMillan. all gr'adrratesoi (ila\L‘ow School oi .'\ rt. hay c been inspired by the grounds oi l-inlaystoirc in the niakriigoi their work.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE I .3 \\ ashlrigtoti Street. III 45]» Mon I‘I'l Iilam .‘sprn;Sat Iii 3pm.

Summer Exhibition t ‘niil .‘~ se-pr, work by members ol (ilasgow .'\t is ( ~eritre classes. Photography . painting and w cay ing.


56 The List 26Aug— 1 Sept 1988