lintertaining singer/guitarist.

SUNDAY 28 Glasgow

I Zut! La Chute Wintersgills. (ireat\\'estern Road. livening. ()ldtimey. American and cajun.

I Park Bar Argy ll Street. Near Kelvin Park. l-.vening. Big session in the back

MONDAY 29 Glasgow

I Irish Music Stage Door Bar. ( iorhals Street. 42‘lll‘)32. livening. All Ireland competition vs inners in a yycckly informal sessnin.



I Paisley Arts Folk l’aisley Arts(‘entre. \evs Street. 88" llllll. Spin. Live hands.

WEDNESDAY 31 Glasgow

I Blacklriars Folk Club Blacklriars Bar. Bell Street. Merchant ('ity . 553 5934. 8pm. Ll 'l'onight Harry Stewart.

singer songyyriter.

I Scotia Folk Scotia Bar. Slockvs cll Street. 0 l 1.3Hpm. l'ice. \‘ariousinlormal performers.

I Nailan l lalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 333 I21”. l'vening. Instrumental musicon fiddle and accordion vv ith friends


I Star Folk Club ( ilasgovv Soctcty ()l Mtisictans. Berkeley Street. Spin. £l.5ll. l.ongcst running l‘olk club.



I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blackli tars. Bell Street. Merchant (in. 553 5‘)3-l. l-yening



I Alex Dalgleish All Stars Rolls Royce (lob. l’aislcy Road. .-\lternoon.

I The Big Bands Riv ciside ( ‘luh. l*o\ Strcct. till (ilhtlL' Slt'ccl. 34834-14. l 5pm. '1 vvo lug bands. enthusiasts and friends. oy er the altcrnoon,

I Hon Moore. Rikki Fernandez l .a 1 av erna. l.illl\tltl\\ llL‘ ( 'l'c'St‘c'llt. 3‘3“) q l .35

0.3“ midnight l-ice. Musicin thehar.

I Duncan Whyte's Jazz Band Studio ( )nc. (il'tis\ ctttil “Mel. B) t'cs Rtiiitl .-\ltcrnoon

I George Penman‘s Jazzmen soeiety ()l Mtisicians. Berkeley Street .‘\ltcrnoon.

SUNDAY 28 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Jazz Paisley .’\rts(‘cntrc. New Street. 88" NH”. l35ll 3.3llpm. Bar. tree.

I Harpin and Barr lilac-kinai-s. Bell Street. Merchant (‘ity . 553 5‘l34. ltvening. Piano and bass

I Dave Wilson And The Uptown ShuilIers

Bonhams Wine Bar . By tcs Road. 35"

3424. Lunchtime.

I Frank Bolan Quintet The Bar. Tron Theatre. l’arnie Street. 552 426711.50 (£1). 1.3(l—5pm. Tron‘s weeklyjazz scene.

TUESDAY 30 Glasgow

I Bobby Wishart l lalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 333 1210. livening. Leading saxophonist's jazz. and fusion hand.



I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo (ilasgow Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 331 M l3. 8.30pm. 5(lp. Bar.

THURSDAY 1 Glasgow

I Blackrriars Bell Street. Merchant City. 552 593-1. livening. Live jazzy music.



I Origin Sins and Joking Apart and Hitthe Wish and Third Party Cabaret (ilasgovv (iarden l-‘estival. lpm. (Admission to l‘estiy al £5. although this event is free to l-'estiv al visitors). The only concession tnade by the (iarden liestival organisers tovv ards rock music. Pathetic. but then in preparation for culture citydom. we have got to learn to look dovv it our noses at rock music. It is highly dubious vvliether thisis vvortli £5. given that practically the same line-tip play ed a tree gig last week.

I Critterhill Varminls Rooftops. 93 Saucliiehall Street. 333 5883. 10.30pm. Best ktiovv it (still) for their Proclaimers support last year. This is a rather dramatic increase in v enue size from their last gigat the l lalt Bar somaybe they arestarting to create a live tolloyving. liither that or Rooftops is going to be incredibly quiet. (in along and find otit.

I Loose Cut l.a Taniere. 15 Fox Street. 321 4844. 9pm. Free.


I Tackhead Sound System \‘enue . ('alton Road. 557 3H73. Second of three nights here tor the most radically head-damaging sound system iii the country . Adrian Shervvood on the mixing desk. (iary (tail on turntables and tapes and guest

: appearances (though on which nights we

don't knoyv yetlhy Matfia man Mark Stevsart and the stupendous Nevv York drum and electronics virtuoso Keith

l.eBlanc. Question of the moment is vy hether the nationvy ide craze for Acid

sounds of“ have altered the'l’ackhead sound. Hell. Sheryvood and ( ‘lail had their lingerson that button yearsago.

I John thay ( iilded Balloon Theatre. (‘oysgatcz 32o3l5l. 5.45pm. £3.5ll(£3). Sec l'iestiv al Rock.

I Amampondo Assembly Rooms. (ieorge Street. 33ft 343-7 «S. l l 45pm. {Ski-1). Recommended South African musicians. drummers. dancers and acrohats. tising instruments ranging from Zimhahvvean

linger pianoto Botsvvanancovv hells. (‘ontintiinguntil'l‘ues3li.

I Jools Holland and His Big Band

.-\mphitlieatrc. l.othian Road. 328 4373.

8.15pm.£5(£-1l. Yes.vse knovs he'snot

i playing rock 'n‘ roll (Jools hasalvsays liarbouredaffections for Nevv()r|eans

lax/i. but his position asa cult figure among the nation's ‘grooyy fuckers' has led to his inclusion here. (‘omplainingi’

I The lncurable Tarn White Band The lidge. l)rummond Street. 557 Milli. £4.50.

\evs comers note that big 'l'am's been a lt\llll'L‘ on the lidinhurgh hlues scene for

years. most notath with his widely-acclaimed R& B orchestra The Dexters. Since they split Tam‘s been doing solo spots around the city in the company of local musicians. btit he's novv unveiling his new hand-picked group of players. an event eagerly awaited by the city ‘s aficionados. Enjoy.

I Dansette and The Majors Marco‘s. ( irove Street. 228 2179. Midnight. £3(£2.5U). See Fri 26. With a shovv called From tljtlok to a King. this is really Fringe theatre. but they sent me a useful yellovv folder and a pastiche of the great comic artist (iil Katie (from a Ghost Rider cover. am I riglit'.’ ).so they're in. ()h. and ‘Shakespeare's forgotten rock 'n’ roll masterpiecc' includes versions of loadsol’classicold songs.

I The Styng-Rites Bandvvagon. Morrison Street. A residency. htit during the Festival only. for (ilasgovv‘s famed heat group. Their psychobilly past has been outmoded by the recent Mg/u ( 'rtusirig EP. which showed a greater breadth to their vision and love of liilties and Sixties music.

I Lothian Lord I)arnley . West Port . 33‘) 43-“. 10pm. Free. ()ne ofthe area’smore promising. harder-working heavy rock bands. Doesn't hurt to have the region's name promoted a little either.

I The Block Brothers Negociants. l.othian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. liree.

SATURDAY 27 Glasgow

I Exposure llalt Bar. loli\\'oodlands Road. 332 l2lll. 9pm. Free. l'nknovyn quantity.

I Barky Barky La 'l‘aniere. 15 his Street. 9pm. Free. Seemed to take ollencc the last time when I pointed ottt that they vvcrc the only gig that night . and therefore there was not much choice. Their demo is reasonahle. and there are some vv ay sot spending a Saturday night.

Edinburgh 7

I Tackhead Sound System \‘enue . (‘alton Road. 557 3ll73. See l-‘ri 36.

I The Chevalier Brothers ()ueen's l lall. South ('lerk Street. («‘8 2lll‘). 0pm. £5. Yes. this is rather otit of the field asvvell. but the Brothers released a rather hracing jump-live item around ('liristmas and they're a great live band as vv ell. .sovs hy not'.’

I Makossa Platform ()nc. ('aledonian llotel. l.othian Road. 325 2433. 8.30pm. £3. lixcellent l-Idinhurgh-hased reggae band.

I John Otway ( iildcd Balloon 'l‘hcatrc. (‘ovy gate. 330315 1. 5.45pm. £3.5lll L5). See l‘cslival Rock.

I Amampondo Assembly Rooms. ( icorgc Street. 33o 3427 8. ll .l5pm. £5 l H). Scc l-ti 3o.

I Jools Holland and His Big Band Amphitheatre. l.othian Road. 338-1373.



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