I Palomino Club 9pm 3am. I £3. l)iseosounds. l IPanama Jax ltl 45pm 3 3tiani L3 ‘1 Sunda} Splash \s ith resident l)Js Iornrns Arnold or Raymond I)a\ ren Sltplager. 5 heavy . \slilsk} . \odka andgrn IPzazz llt.3llp1n 2.3tlarn l l\ e l'tre Island - run in eonlunetron \\ ith l-rrst ( lass Radio (see danee ehart i \Htll a lu-NRti

extras agan/a PA esent sch all drinks Ll IRattles lll 3” lam L2 5“ Discosoutttls with DJ Roddy Ste\s.1tt \ititllsil and lagu (itlp.

I Sundays in Hollywood at Hull} mmd Studios. Ilpm 3.1m :\ll heerstl Admission Ll Ll drseount souehers asarlahle at .-\ustins Bar. llope Street. (ilasgoss and at l he l)l.l\\llig Roorn. ('lsde Street . ( rlasgoss. Sundass in

l lolls \Httttl \s Ill leature guest appearances exers \seek troni artists promoting their ness singles tonight; 'I alts

Iten Bob Bop at l~urs Murrss

llprn 3 3ltarn it all drinks. .-\tllii|\\lt)t‘ll\

' thus it so ssrll the\ he ehanging their narue

to the tts enls hoh hop

IWicked Sunday at l-olhes. llprn 3am Vodka. ( irn. \Vhislu and lager allJttp O IZico‘s lllprn 3.1111. t.‘ (hart haseddrseo htrt \sateh out tor the planned "lls‘

sounds night


IThe Amphitheatre lllpni 3am L) Hall priee hetore | lprn l’opular night at leading mainstream \enue l'onight .-\ l’irnrns promotion and some lrs e la” l-Vlll . I8usterBrowns1n tam t2 llallptiee f admission and drinks helore l lprn. .»\ soullul Sunda} \\ ith a great atmosphere. the hest night to make \our trrst \ ml to llttstet' litmslts

I Sunday Obsession :11 t 'Ittderellas Roekerlellas lltpni 2am L3 hetore l lpm. LI Silatter. Nllp drinks. Ses en segrr‘sori.

(‘iriderellas pros mg as popular as es e1 lor .1 large seale night eluh \\ ith a ness Sundas angle. |.-\]|.\'l)] l\ l]

IClub Sandino at l 1hert_\ is. the l’l;1sh1i11se'. llprn «lain. Hit: 5”) Seel-rr l.‘

I Edgars lllprn 3am L2. trial run tor drinks at (illp ean't he had

IFire Island ttmnpm 3 31mm. 1: .str (Ll‘ltihelotelll~15pmi Standard ll1-.\'R(i11su.1lls supplementedhs eaharet.

I Fringe Club Disco ltlprn I Want l tee with l~ringe(’luhmenihershrp Seel’rr. INico‘s ~pin lani Drrnksolipallnight. L3.

I Outer Limits at ( "oasters

lll.3t|pnr 3 Want Ll hetore llpnt; LI alter ; Studentsand girls tree hetore midnight. l).ls Stuart lessrs and James .\to\shr'as suppls ing up to the nnnule sounds [N H

I Parkbenchallweekendo at the Her rnuda '1 “angle. lll.3l|prn 3am t3. Retur‘notthe legend? Alter making the trout page ol "l’he Sun' (an inter iot' \etslott ot 'Shas er 's \Veekl} ' l amid aeeusations til e\L‘L‘\sI\ e nakedness patrons are heing asked toss eat as mans elothes as possrhle. 'l o thisend there \\ Ill he a eloakrooru handrngout

os eleoats'

IZenatec ll'prn 3 Warn. L2 .leansand

I -shir't ( ~Iuh Night Run h} the l)_lst1om llte( otton ( ‘luh 1n ( ilasgoss Red Stripe Slip a ean all night

MONDAY 29 Glasgow

I The Alhambra 31 \Valet'loo Street. lll 32oll.1\‘ 3tlprn midnight. l'ree (tits and "l ls stitllttls. (.liL‘ill‘ \Utlka

I Club Airica at llenr} :\lttl\a\

llpin 3 Want it helore midnight. t3 alter. I House and Garage Club 111 [in Part .-\lle_\ llprn 3am. Ll ssith treket asailahle lrorn the eluh andsurroundingpuhs ('heap Sehht/ and Southern (‘omlort Basicall} a

house eluh hut ss 11h leanings toss ar‘ds soul


and tank as well.

I Streetbeat at the Warehouse.

llpni 3.3Ham. 1-1 l)a\1d Walters ssith the latest chart and heat sounds.

I Palomino Club 9pm 3.30am. £3. Diseo sounds

I Panama Jax I I .3liptn 331111111. 1' l .511. .\l;11r11(i;1s\1glit l).l Raymond l)a\1en.


IThe Amphitheatre Ill.3llprn Jam. 13 (girls tree helore 13 and tree adrnrssron soueher's to he tound in the loeal press).

( )pen ses en da} s a ss eek tor a short period

I Blue Monday at in e Island.

llprn _‘ 311.1111. Ll.3H(Ll helore I l.l.<pnri l-nros ing a tic“ lease ot lite \sith ness [Us A \sondrous \ar'iets ol lotid soundsplus eheappints.

I Club Sandino at Liherts 's. l’las house. llprn 4am Utilitl) See ill.

I Fringe Club Disco lllpm .‘Jtiarn. i-ree ssith l-ringe t‘luh rnenilwrshrp. See in ll. I Millionaire's lltpni 4.111).}.Ililltelor‘e ll) See in.

I Nico‘s lllprn late. "pin lain. i'r'ee.

()\ e1 jls trill) See l’l l.

Inokko's hprn 3am l'ree llapp} Hours 5 llprn ‘l'.1l11ih111gli'snessestdiseo diner' l’ros 111g \et_\ popular. sshiehtnas has e something to do \s ith the laet that it‘s lt‘L'L‘l



I The Alhambra 3 l \\ alel'lttt) Street . :3 l 33bit l'ree hits. diseosounds.('heap drinks

IBennets I” 3llprn 3am. Slip. lhe Shrninis (’luh \\ hreh has a speeral dr inks promotion throughout the t iarden l'estrsal. .-\|l hee 1's. spirits and elder are

. httpuntrl rntdnrght.

I Chinese Night at .\latdi ( has

I 1pm 3 3Hani. 13.5“. l)rseo night tor the ('hinese eonnnunrts

I Club China at llenr's .-\l11ka's.

llprn 3.3ttam. Ll hetore rnrdrught ; t3 alter.

IJo-Jo's Gay Night at litil’;111.-\lles ill.3ti 3am Flip \srth trelset. tl ssithout litrroheat and llr-NR( i rnusie (‘heap \odka

I Palomino Club 9pm 3am t3. l)1seo sounds.

I Streetbeat at the War eliotrse

llprn .\ 3ltprn. L4. l)as1d Walters Will] the latest chart and heat sounds.


ITheAmphtheatre lit.3llprn Jam See Mon

IBusterBrowns '7 311 ill 30pm H.511. Littler lSs‘ tllseti.

I Chinese Night at ()uterl units

lll 3llpni 3 3tlam. i3. .»\ ttess night airned prineipall} at the('hinese eonununit).

I Club Sandino at Illicit) ‘s. the l’l;1}lio11se. llprn Jam. Uttlfilli See


I Fringe Club Disco lttpm 2.31mi, liree \sith l'r'inge ( 'luh rrienihership. See In.

I Nico‘s “pm lam.l'1ee.()\et3lsonl}. See l'ti

I Rokko‘sxpm 3am. tree ( l lapps Hours ts’ llpm t. See Mon,

IZoo at lhe Mission. ltl.3tlpm 3am L3. .-\ tic“ hreed ol eluh; t'r'han. limit. and tropieal rh_\ thins. \ tsuals and atmosphere,

WEDNESDAY 31 Glasgow

I The Alhambra 3l \Vater loo Street. Ill 33M). 5’ 12pm. l‘r‘ee. (‘luh and ehar't rught. I Cotton Club I lprn 3am. £3.51l..leansand T Shirt night l'or me. the only L‘ltllnsut ll1 goingout tor on a Wednesda} night.

I Henry Airiiras *pnt 4am. Ll hetor'e ltlpm; £3.5Halter, (it ts' night tor os er le Diner open tor meals and snacks Some ditttks.(illp_ [NT “NDI.

I Hollywood Studios 1 lprn 3am. ()1 e1 25s night.

their luck. lssonder' it it will he as goodas the BANG eluh \s'hieh ran at «to West mans moons agotss ell. last sear? i.

I Bennets l lprn —3arn. Ll. .\t;iirilsg;1}. mainly Iiuroheat Beersand spit'ilsare dti\\li [1175p

I Blackmariret at l-tir Is Murrss.

ltl.3tlprn- 3.30am. \Vith ( )etoher last approaching. Furss \\ ill soon he has ing lise hands hack on Thursdays llopelulls Blaekniarket Will he grs en a ness night or he ahle to get a ditter'ent senue. as thishas pros ed to he one ol the less successesot the summer.

I Disco Viva 10.30pm 3am. I: Birthda) l‘ile Part) Night \srth ( ieor'ge Mae.

I Henry Atriiras lllpni 3.3llani. t'l helor‘e llptn; £2.50 alter “its rnusre and \ ideos. I Man at the Window promotions at llollpumd Studios. ltlpm 3am 13.5“.

I he pirate insasion ot (ilasgoss london pirate radio I)Js hr ing sou exelusrs e soul and tunk mi\es along with I’As tor a

tour \s eek trial period.

I Mardi Gras 1 lprn 3.3llarn 13. Home rnusie night.

I Maytair 1 [pm 3am t1 ()\ er ZSsrnght

I Mayiair l lpm 3am. 12. hits' night hut sneak along earlier ("230—1 lpm tor traditional hallt'oom dancingli.

I Palomino ClubUpm 311111. L2. l)1seo sounds.

I Panama Jax lllpm - 3.30am. l‘ree. .\lain|\ a gas night. DJ Rrisrtiorid l)asren I The Pub Club at 'l in Part Alle}

llprn 2.3ttarn. Llfitlttlfilissith leaflet) 51) named lteeatlse leatlets \\ Ill he asailahle in its e ot (ilasgoss \ inore ‘alternatise‘ puhstt'hirnm} ('hungas. the liquor Shaek. ()hlomos . John St Jam and l he Roek ( iar‘den ). entitling oss net's toLl oil the entrance tee. ('heap(ir‘olseh and Red Str 1pe ssill also he on sale ()ser'all. an innos atrs e idea

IWarehouse “pm mrdnight £2 t'nder its rught \\ 1th danee-orientated sounds


I ACld at l he Mission and Shad} ladies llt.3ltprn 3am. 1.3. The tsso-lloor' speetaeular'. l‘pstaus teatures niarnl} aerd house \s ith sorne funk and hip-hop. ss hile doss nstair's leatur‘es soul jau lusion. and soul \\ rth some hlues and urban tunk

IClub Sandino at tinctrt‘sqrm “W‘- , W l’lashouse. llptn 4am. L3tt25lli. See .Palomlno Clanqlm' “m L' UN" ' sounds


I Fringe Club Disco lllprn 2 31 Lint. l'ree \\ ith l'ringe (‘luh mernhershrp. See l‘l'l

I Millionaires lllpm 4.30am. L2 ( 11 helore rnidrught). See l'l'l.

INico‘s “pm lam l'tee ()set leonls See hi.

I Hokko's Hprn 3am l‘teelll;1pp_\ Hours :4 1 1pm). See Mon.

THURSDAY 1 Glasgow

I The Alhambra .il \Vatet loo Street . Ill 33108 12pm. l'ree. l’ar'ts Night

I BANG at Suh('luh. llprn 3am. llusis an Aherdonian-hased eluh do“ n totr}

I Panama Jax l lprn 3am 1.3. l’uh(‘luh, .-\ ness night \\ ith 'esotre go-godaneer’s. Lager 95p. spirits \srth lli|\Ci\ "8p and tree sandssiehes too

I Rattles Ill.3(i- 2am LIN). .\loto\s n and ehar't sounds \sttlt l)J. Rodd} Stewart. Vodka 3lip. Lager Slip.

I Raw at l1nl’an:\lle_\ ltl.3tlprn late

I Reggae Club at the l'trnetion Suite. Roottops. Ill 3llpnr 311111.125“ ltiJune only.

I Streetbeatart leopatr‘as. l lprn 2.31 tam. £3ti.l.5tlssith tieket ). l).1sid\\'alters ‘str'eetheat eluh: tuned danee rnusre. IThe Venue l lprn late I he reggae eluh. I Warehouse l lpnr 3.3tlani. £2.5ll\sltli t1eket;t3ssithout.111st l-unkin'.and

& “was”; ll. _ _ 31 LOTHIAN ROAD




* * >l< * >8


Mon - Wed 9pm till 1 1pm Thurs Sat 8pm till 11pm

With Special Guests each evening


* >l< >t< >l< *

DISCO AS NORMAL EVERY NIGHT llpm TILL LATE Telephone 03] 229 7670

The List 20 Aug ~ 1 Sept IUSS 65