Municipal Caravan Site. £6 per night for caravan: £5 for large' tent; £4.40 for small' tent. Advance bookings to the City of Edinburgh Distict (‘ounciL Parksand Recreation Department. 27 York Place. Bus 14 from North Bridge.

I Mortonhall Park Caravan Site Frogslon Road East (Off A702). (031 )664 1533. Touring caravans. tents. motor caravans. £7 per night across the board.

I Pentland Park Marine Ltd Pentland l’ark. l.oanhead(offA701)_(031 )441111697. Caravans. residential and touring facilities. Open all year for residential caravans. Btises 63 or 70 from St Andrevv Square Bus Station; 81 from St Andrevv Square.

I Kirkton Farm Campsite Rallio. (03] )333 4511.11 per person per night vvhetliercar and caravan or just a tent. Bits 37 from St Andrevv Square Bus Station.

I Fordel Caravan Site 'Fordel'. Lauder Road. [)alkcith (off A68). (031 )663 245 1. Touring caravans. tents. and motor caravans. (‘aravans £5 per night; tents 1.4.


I Pollock Halls of Residence St Leonard‘s Hall. 18 Holy rood Park Road. Accommodation in halls is normally available to visiting students during the vacation period. llovvev er. the residences are very busy ov er the Festival period. 'l'he~\'acation Booking 1)esk can be contacted on (031 ) 667 1971 for cancellations. If you are lucky . the cost vvill be £15.50 or £9.50. Dinner ticketsare £4.45 (resident) and £5.30(non-resident).


I Dario's 87 l.othian Road. 2299625. ()pen till 4am seven nights a vveek. l’i/zas CIL‘.

I New York Express 7 South Bridge. 557 4705. Fri and Sat till 4am: Thurs 3am; Sun—Wed 2am. Hamburgers. kebabs. pizzas.

I Potatoland 82 South ('lerk Street . 667 6712. Fri and Sat till 4am; Sun -'1'hurs midnight.

I Samsun Turkish Restaurant 73 . Fountainbridge. 22‘) 3645. Till 3am seven nights. Kebabs etc.

I Snack Shack 63 l.othian Road. 229 7822. Till 3am seven nights. (ieneral fast food.

Late Bakeries

I Breadwinner Bakery 7 t) l’onton Street. 2284266. ()pen till 3am.

I Oven Fresh Bakehouse 147 Morrison Street. 22‘) 6470. ()pen all night. Bread. rolls. pics. sausage rolls etc.

Night Buses

I Night Buses cover most parts of the citv and charge a flat fare of 75p. Fastern ' Scottish buses (green) leav e Waverley Bridge Mon— Fri 12. 15am. 1.15am. 2.15am.4. 15am; Sat and Sun 12. 15am. 1.15am. 2. 15am. 3. 15am. l.othian Regional Transport buses (maroon) leave Waverley Bridge Fri and Sat at 12.10am. 1.10am and 2.10am. Furtherinformation from: LRT. 14 Queen Street. 554 4494 and Waverley Bridge. 556 5656.1iastern Scottish. St Andrevv Square Bus Station. 5568464.

24-hour Garages

I Abbeymount Filling Station 1 1 Monlrose Terrace. 661 5593.

I Edinburgh Service Station 69a liast London Street. 556 5284.

I Links Service Station Barclay Place. 22‘) 9859.

I Texaco Service Station 187 Slateford Road. 443 4353.

(031) 336 6874 or (031 ) 225 2424 ext 6634.

The Scottish licensing lavvs. as every one must knovv by novv. are decidedly liberal in comparison to the out-moded restrictions imposed clsevv here in Britain. Duringthe Festival an ev en more flexible state of affairs prev ails in lidinburgh as many pubs are granted specialextensions. lt‘sfairto say that most city centre pubs vvill have some sort of late licence for this period. A point of adv ice; lzdinburgh is not a particularly violent place btit like elsevvherc iti Britain late at night. pubsare potentially dangerous places. Bear thisin mind particularly ifyou're visitiiig1.olhian Road or Rose Street in the small hours. although Rose Street . vv ith its enterprising Street Festival sponsored by a brevvery . is vvorkiiig hard to create a family atmosphere. Beers iii Scotland are knovv n as ‘light'. ‘lieavy’and ‘export' light (increasingly rare ) being the vv cakesl. export the strongest. Real ale. that is cask-conditiotied. carefully prepared beer. has increased dramatically in popularity and is usually labelled 60 -. 70 - or 80 - in ascending order ofstrcngth

Selected Late Bars

(‘autionz due to the lingering influence of the Scottish Sabbath. no ptibs are open late on Sundays. ‘Six Nights'. therefore. means Monday to Saturday.

I Bannerman‘s 55 Nitldry Street. 5563254 ()pcii till 2am six nights. fixccllent selection of beers served in a relaxed atmosphere to a friendly sttideiit-dominated crovv d. Intriguing dungeon-type layotit.

I The Green Tree 182 ‘184('ovv gate. 225 1294. Till 2am six nights. Spartan old-sty le ptib vvith vv alled concrete beer garden

(vv ell lit at night ). Mixed clientele.

I Greyfriars Bobbys 34 (‘andlemakcr Rovv_ 225 8300. Wed-Fri till 2am;Sat Mon Tue till lam. Btisy . vvith food served late. btit very unauthetitic.

I Doric Tavern and McGutfie's Bar 13 Market Street. 225 5243. ‘l'hurs-Sat till 2am; .‘vfon— Wed till lam. The Doric isati arty but not overtly pretentious vv itie bar and a perennial Festival favourite. While dovvnstairsyou can stare into your pint in the more subdued surrounds of .‘vle(iuffie's.

I City Calé 1‘) Blair Street. 2200125. Six nights till 2am. Food served till 1 lptii. Iidinburgh's poseur paradise to some. btit undoubtedly the most exciting bar to open in lidinburgh this year. It also serves a fine range of coffee. ice cream. pastries etc.

I Oddfellows l4 Forrest Road. 220 1816. Tue-Sat till 3am. [iv e groups most nights in sophisticated surroundings.

I Royal Oak 1 Infirmary Street. 5572026. Mon—Sat till 2am dovv nstairs. Friendly vvorking-man's bar. l.ive Folk from 9.30pm in the basement.

I Négociants l.othian Street. 2256313. Fri Sat till 3am. Mon '1‘litii‘still2atii. lixceedingly lively and lust over the road from the Fringe (Tub. [iv e nitisicev erv night dovv nstairs. '

I The Green Mantle Nletilstiti Street . 667 3794. Thurs. Fri til lam. Sat 11.45pm. Mon-Wed midnight. l'npretcntious real ale pub. Recommended.

I Waterfront 1c1)ock1’lacc.554 742—7. Till 2am six nights. Food served till 10pm. Set in lidinburgli‘s nouveau yuppie area bttt actually very hospitable. Sit out on the vvharf and sip from the large range of vvines.

I Mary Rose Bistro ll211anov er Street. 225 2022. Till 2.30am six nights. Standard vvine bar but hamburgers and pizzas are served from a basket till 11pm.

Edinburgh has a long-standing tradition of quality ice-cream manufacture. using the best natural ingredients. So when the Festival gets too hot to handle, slurp into something cool and sweet at the best ice-cream outlets in town.

In hot weather, the ice-cream factory next doorto Margiotta churns out ice-cream non-stop, and in a good weekthis upmarket corner shop will get through 300 gallons of their wonderful, creamy confection. The ingredients are straightforward: milk, butter, sugar, stabiliser and a little cornflour, and the result is a very soft, sweet ice-cream with a flavour reminiscent of Nestlé‘s condensed milk. They have ten different flavours on offer daily including some unusual concoctions like Campari and tiramisu.

Mr Boni's Ice Cream Parlour is an ice-cream Disneyland with a store of two hundred flavours to choose from. The busy, colourful shop and sit-down cafe have been owned by the Boni family for seventy five years, indeed grandfather Boni was one of the first manufacturers of flavoured ice-cream in Scotland. All the ice-cream is made on the premises and contains fresh double cream. milk and butter; flavours run from the classic fruit varieties, made with fresh fruit. to Natural Raspberry Yogurt and Tia Maria Cocktail.

The best of everything goes into our ice-cream, says Michael Luca, grandson of the man who in 1908 established Luca's famous ice-cream and confectionery shop in Musselburgh. They only do three flavours, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, but they do them like nobody else. As Michael Luca says, it would just be confusing the issue to add any others. Their freezer packs do however come in other flavours and are available from the two shops and from Jenners.

Musselburgh is something of a mecca for ice-cream fiends. Across the river from Luca’s is Di Rollo’s owned by a local dynasty, who have been making ice-cream in Musselburgh since 1899. Their factory in South Street can produce a litre of ice-cream every seven seconds. It contains no

cholesterol (no cream or butter) but although it doesn’t look as creamy as ‘dairy' ice-cream, ittastes justas good.

Selling “America's Favorite Ice Cream' on the Royal Mile shouldn't be difficult and Big Liks is lapping up the Festival custom. The ice-cream chain, Baskin Robbins, is owned by the food and drink giants, Allied Lyons, but the 30001ce-cream outlets from California to Moscow still use the original recipes and import most of the ingredients from the States, where the company originated. The 500 flavours (31 at a time - one for every day of the month) are more than just flavour. American ice-cream is substantial stuff containing bits of fruit, nuts or chocolate chips.

The best ice-cream bargain you'll get is Capaldi's, a quality, non-dairy ice-cream which is sold by many of the tinkling ice-cream vans which supply the needful to Edinburgh’s housing schemes. At a slightly higher price, Capaldl's can be bought from the stall in Princes Street Gardens.

I Margiotta, 104 Marchmont Road, 4471785. Mon—Sun 8am-9pm. (40p). Ice-cream also available from Marcantonio, Corner Bank Avenue, 332 6478.

I Mr Boni’s, 4—8 Lochrin Buildings (off Bruntslield Place), 229 5319. Mon-Wed 10.30am—10.30pm; Thurs untll 11pm; Fri/Sat until midnight; Sun 12.30pm-9.30pm. (55p)

I Luca, 34 High Street, Musselburgh, 665 2237. Mon—Sat Sam-10pm; Sun 10.30am—10pm. (27p) Ice-cream also available from Luca, 2 Hiddrie Mains Road; Jenners Princes Street.

I Di Rollo 34 Bridge Street, Musselburgh, 665 9510. Mon—Sun 9.30am—8pm. (30p) Ice-cream also available from Deep Sea, Antigua Street (opposite Playhouse); Torino, Cameron Toll Shopping Centre; Serglo's, 184 Rose Street; Assembly Rooms.

I Big Liks, High Street, 557 5541. Mon—Sat10.30am—10.30pm; Sun noon—9pm. (55p)

I Capaldi, 93 Annandale Street (factory). Ice-cream available from Vittoria Cafe, 113 Brunswick Street; Princes Street Gardens.

The List 26 Aug— 1 Sept 1988 69