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Alan 'I‘aylor overcomes his fear of flying and flees the Fringe for the further-flung reaches of Scotland.

Suffering from Festival fatigtte with nasty Fringe effects it seemed a good idea to get tip and go west to recuperate. A long week nd island hopping. the aeronautic equivalent of pogo-sticking. was the prescription starting from (ilasgow where we were to pick tip our Loganair flight to Barra. Benbecula and Stornoway. ()n a day for ducks it was good to know that we were takingoffin a ’l‘win ()tter. albeit

in-o.b~l.’\ ‘xézn.§“ c

““ul'a. ,y. .5.

porous. 'l'he islanders ahoard were sanguine. ‘Shampoo and blow dry at the rear’. said Morag. festooned with poly bags after a big city shopping spree and bobbing and weaving in the cramped cabin to avoid the drips. The day before. she said cheerfully. the plane had reached Barra only to circle the airstrip on the beach twice and return to (ilasgow.

Poor visibility was the culprit. one of the natural hazards which make

:M' N «he i" island travel unpredictable. The pilot envisaged no such problems on our flight and so it proved. the plane arriving and taking off with the kind of punctuality Agatha ('hristie once depended on frotn the railways. This first stage of the journey was a tease. offering glimpses of islands in the llebridean archipelago which we would see more ofon our return trip south. But for now we came in low across the lapping sea. enviously

green. to land on the ivory beach at Barra. ()n this idyllic strand. according to a local taxi magnate. an octogenarian American descendant of the MacNeils got down on his knees and kissed the beach pontiff-like. only to choke on a mouthful of ground cockles. ‘lt was a bit excessive.’ said (ierard Campbell. a Vatersay man not hypersensitive to Barra's blatant charm. 'l’wenty minutes later we

MANY mANKS 10 Glasgow. departing Barra at (Stornoway 3067). i YOU'” album“ ""100" b'°°.h“'.es 0" pa"? and Shee.‘ 13 Me“ “ms and LOGANMRANDTHE 2.25pm (Mon. “Hand Loganairalso do directly yourseu‘ ("else Levits. Includingtlmetables Harris)and Sheet8 HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS 12.15pm (Tue. Wed. Thur. inclusive holidays with "seine STB'S DOOR-a-bed- 0”“ Pos'sus' "men may (s'olnowayand "0"" DEVELOPMENT BOARD Eon Sat). hotel accommodation. aheadlacllilv. WlllCll only b? WNW” '“f’m 0' Lems)‘ £230 eacn' THEln ASSISTANCE mm The lull economy return I CALEDONIAN l allO‘WS Vt?" :0 003:“!!th fgl'zgdmsnav'ga'm the Usetul

, tare from Glas ow to Barra MACBRAYNE o erate "8" "l9 l. N 8 3Y N 8 ' ' ' Tms TE“? is 2106(validlelrayear). lerriesto and bgtweenthe 'capllal' Olaalfaias .THE SCOTTISHTOURIST Pum'canons Gemng There otherwise. it you stay 3 Outer Hebrides. For Slornowav is of Lewis. 90"” 3‘ 23 “ave'sm” . I BARRA by Helen I LOGANAIRtIyto several minimum onive mochures and delai's. What m on "mace (031 332 “film” McGregor and John Cooper. dBSllnallOllS in lane 03"" consecutive nights phone 0475 33755. “smut; WALKING AND 3:: 2:33:32: “9'9 “"m Published by Canongate at Hebrides. inclu arra inc|udin a Satufda and a I . and Stornoway. Flights (Sundanflmtsan y When! 10 Stay oomo NOTHING are the ITHEOUTERHEBRlDE? IBARRA AND WATERSAY: depanslasgowmlaam 3‘ excursiontare at £71.50 I Neither Lewis norBarra "lain aCliVi'ieS 0" 0m"- TOURIST BOARD ("me '5'" ATRAVELLER‘S GUIDEUY

1pm (Mon and Fri)and 10.35am (Tue. Wed. Thur. Sat). arriving at Barra at

return. Barra to Stornoway costs 246 one way. or. ityou stay the tour nights. £62

have youth hostels. so the cheapestand mostcommon type at accommodation is a

Peace. wholesome air and beautiful. unspoilt scenery are the principle attractions

Stornoway. South Beach St (0851 3088). Otherwise. there‘s an ottice in

Robert Charnley. Published by Hebridean Enterprises at 90p.

2.05pmoand 11.55am return. Bed and Bmamsr ma ot a break on the Scottish Casually. Ba"?! (08714 I Mlsrs AND BARRA by respectively. There are Forall tlightinlormation Guesthouse. Most Scottish '3'3nds- 336)Wh'°h '5 opendm'mj FlallClS ThomDSOll- onwafd "lgms "0m 33"3 ‘0 and Glasgow—Barre Tourist Board ottices should What You Shall” "'9, sum?" W°nlhs- The?” Published by Daytd and Slornoyav "‘05‘ daYS- reservations. phone be able to give you 3 mm” w',” 9'“ “Edam 5 Charles at £7.95. Rel"'"'"9'° Ba"“'°"l Loganair on 041 889 3181. Highlands and Islands Know o'cyc'e h're' acmmes m' I 'NS'GHTGU'DETO Slornowav. depamllel'Fm?5 BookingstorBarra— Development Board .mE scams“ mAVEL 3;“? RESPERENEFSSO"EOO SCOTLAllD (APA

are 9108'" (“8- Thu" "l Stornoway should be made brochure called ouren CENTRE at 14 South st ' "3"“ “ml” fis'hee, P“”"°3"°_"5 £935) “33 a and 1409'“ (Wed); There through Loganair's HEBRIDES as which lists Andrew st. Edinburgh “‘3‘” 3'9 asd°M.°‘”s'| small section on Barra and are then onward tltghts to smmoway omce several regis'ered places. stocks a" the "Neva!" 31 (Barra an lngu ay), Stowaway.

The List 26 Aug— l Sept 1988 71