I Female graduate f 23)

etc. Also two gymnastic benches. Please phone 031 33‘)

I Ann‘s Aerobic Exercise Classes (HQ 7.15pm Mon.(‘orstorphinc



I LOOK after yourself in superior \Vest Iind accommodation. Suitable Itil‘ ( iarden I'iesll\ til or similar. I‘ully eqtnpped. (iood \alue. Non-smoker‘sonly. ’I'el:ll41357277h.

I Room in Pollokshields flat. .\'ear sulmay. LIZ.< per month. phone “41 43‘) 311M.


I Single room ayailable in pleasant modernised council flat. south Itdinburgh. Non smoker. L’llpcm. halfshareol bills. Phone (ml “535 after "pm. I Vegetarian bed and breakfast lrom noxs until 31st August. Double room in central lidinburgh. LII per head. 'I el Il.“I-I-IT(1‘)"(3,

I Cancellation “cc-l. of August lerh. Attraeiixc Next 1 (Mil flat for: 3. Ll3llrnc. Phonell"3r\‘ 33053_

I Central One-Bedroom Flat near I-ringe(‘lub sleeps [\so. Pr'i\ate parking. Lilli pys. 'I'elllSW 311174113100“ 3-1-10.

I Person wanted to share large 3-bedroomch llat in .\'e\s ington area \srth two others. L I 35 pcrn. N174 195 eyenings.

I Single room available Ill Itll ge liruntslield flat. L55 pcm. l’honc ll3122051i4l (eyel;_‘3524l»lesl (i515 ( Ross) ILIil\l

.ONLY £1

I Is there life after work? Yes. there is \y ith the Inleryars’ity (‘Iubl I\’('is a club Ioryoung professional people. We arrange a large ntrmber of

di\ erse events such as badminton. hillssalking and cinema trips in the ( ilasgoys and Iidinburgh areas. For Iur'ther details ring ( ilasgoys (MI 956

(i145 or I-.dinburgh “31 2365873.

4-D 'I'he I‘orth Dimension .-\ .\'Ii\\‘ Iidinlmr'gh-based magazine! .»\t good bookshops no“ . .or subscribe by sending L5 1 \saged); L3 ( unysagcd) to: 4-D. 2 Salisbury Rd. Iidinburgh I'.I I IliSAB


I Improve your English! Pris ate lessons lor' lot'eign students and \ rsitor's by qualified friendly teacher. .-\II Ie\els. Single studentsor smallgroups. 'I‘elephonc 332 356‘). e\ enings. I Maths Tuition l Iigher ( irade L7pcr‘ hour. PhonellJI 334 2923 alter "pm.


I Needed. lull length beauty couch or plinth. a Iaeial professional steamer. (\saxpotl


20 words maximum

.ONLY £2



IAre you self-employed? Accountante' lees too much? Have your accounts and tax returns prepared for a competitive fee by Mark Noonan. Tel: (I31 554 8262. ITherapeutic massageA powerful treatment for aches and pains. stress and the privacy of your own home. Phone Ray Major on 0875 30376.

I Piano Tuner/Restorer. Victorian and old pianos restored and tuned to standard concert pitch. Free appraisal and estimate. (ilasgoyy area. Phone Dave ()41 33-1 1790.

I Beauty therapy (ilasgoys ladies. Facials. make-up. waxing. massage. remedial camouflage. Ilome treatment. (ilasgow \Vest Iind. I-‘or appointment phone Susan. ()4 I 33-1 I790.

I Hypnosis helps stop smoking. anxiety and “eight loss. Free COnsultalion. Phone Premier (‘entre of Hypnotherapy (MI 423 0665. IASITDIDQY. IIaIIday \sorksltops Saturdays 6 Aug & 3 Sept. Beginners III-week course from Wed 12 October. Qualified Astrologer'teaeher. Phone ll-ll 9465426.

Name Address

and “ed. I)a\ idson Mains. Also Inc and “run opin \Vest Iind Walpole IIaII. ElSleer class. IllsessionsL'l-Ifill

indiy idual attention assured. further details tel 03] 33983115, I Beauty by Ann at 'I‘ollcross and (‘orstorphine ()pen 7 days. Iiasy parking. Slenderlone S x 40mins £27.51): Sunbeds lll \ lshr‘ last tan Ill-tube £22.50. Lash tints. “axing. express nails. electrolysis. special introducton oil'ers. Tel 031 33‘) 8305. '

Ell 3.5%.)“.3" 1-35": "

f..:.. '97:. ;.' 2'


For further mlolmate't le-et:"0"0 031 -667 9588

IAssertiveness Workshop for women. IIiIIheadClIi. Sat Ill Sept. III.3II;tltt 4.3llpm. {IS (Lillconc). I'ior' booking iltlo phone Anne Ilalliburt on “41 9465-136.

I Typing. (W's. Iissays. 'I Iteses. etc. I-‘ast and efficient sen ice. Rates 75p Slip (single double spaced) IN :\-1. (‘oIIection deliyery Ll \sithin Iidinburgh. Phone('larc on “3] 44342-1”.

traselling(around "th September l to take up lob in Barcelona seeks companion to share drrsing ande\penses please reply to llo\ \o '74 I I


I Social life in a rut? News in (ilasgou 1’ \Vhy not ioinour' irilormalgroup lor'_\oung prolessronals and take part in


Ilo\ \0 T.3 l,

IOnethousand shiplleetsceks Ilelen‘s \shereabotrts. She is

ll 3h.educated. non-smoking. I ikesronianee.cinema. theatre. ( ilasgoys . tra\el.

a hung. dining and decadence. Sysap pi\ and \s r rte no“. Hos \o

I Lesbian (35) non-smoker \eelssiilltel's lot support. a\\at'clte\s. lirendship; \\ ho knoiss perhapsrelationship. likcscinenia theatre art \sining anddining. goodtalk laughter. Iinioyslennrs goll \salkrng. (ilasgim I’tIlllI‘tllg’IlAl ..'\. Iii“ Nit—v.1“.

IGlasgow Sexagenarian male requires assistance finishing large readietit \sool rug. It'll

hay c you hooked on strtchesand in them. Ilo\ \o "-1 I

I Lonely male 35 seeks young altr‘acln e lemale. age immaterial. I am outgoingand


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