enjoy all aspects of socialising. Good times guaranteed. Box .\‘o 742.

I TaII. unattached. prolessional Englishman. 43. \ery \\ ell educated. articulate. lIi\ entn e. imaginatry e. kind. considerate. wide range ot llilL‘I'L‘\l\. xx ell spoken . oys it home and ear. good com ersatronalrst.enloys trayel. domiciled ( ilasgou lio\ No 7-1 3_

IEscapingto sun and simplicity. lam I male. Ills) irawllrng to European. ottl-oI-Ilte-\\.i_\ destination lor‘ mo \seelxs and would like to trawl uith anyone doittgthe same. l.o\\ budget. but not Blackpooll Box .\‘o‘4 J I Attractive English woman early forties in helping prolession. acti\ely enroysdanee. theatre. cinema. \salkrng. \\\lliiliillitl (smoker ). \\ rshes to meet man 35 Slito \ltat‘e lite \srth liox .\'o 7-1 5.

IGlasgow iii-male I 3h). LIIIIL'I. inexperienced and diser eet seeks similar (I IN) tor lriendshrp and Itrn .\lust be straight-acting and non-scene Photo appreciated

Box .\'o"-I (1.

I Gay GUY I 34 i. may aIItaetn e prolessional. seeksgm III .‘III Vi tlh model looks toenon fashion. theatre and elubland Photograph please. tIl\L‘lL'llUli assured. l$o\ .\o "J

I Glasgow maieilfiiseekx similar tor tun nrglrtsout Interests include. music. cinema. theatre Non-scene preferred sogoon drop nrea note lor the Inn timesahead' :\.I .:\. Bin .\o—‘4 .\ IBusiness Man. truism-ti. In my: (ilasgoys outskirts. seeks attractn e In e-rn assistant to help \\ ith business and home. Please send photograph to Him .\o 74 l).

I Attractive Gay Male teacher (3‘)). lmng near‘(ilasgo\\ interested in the theatre. cinema. music. polities. \L'L‘Ix\ similar discreet man \\ rth a \L‘Ii\c‘

oI humour l’hotoand phone number appreciated. .\l A. liox .\'o 75 l.

I Successtul vivacious Glasgow based woman seeks man

(35 4”). l’leasesupply photographiarry angle I. party rrremliershrps. zodrae sign and IIT\lLIL' leg Itlc‘.t\ItIL‘IilL‘Iil Hm .\o

I Young Man (20)sh\. rite-\perrerreed. lorrer .\trrrlerrt iIllL‘lL‘\I\ rnelude sererree. reading. Iiill\IL‘.§.1ttlll;1iitll. gettrngdrunk .\eeksmtellrgent caring young lad\ I l.\ 22 I tor Irrendshrpor relationship l'dinlurrgli l’lrotorrrrielr appreciated Box .\'o“.* 3

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS areilesrgnetl tor llltIl\l\IlIiII\It\ meet other mdrx rdualx Ior lzl

relationships \\ e Ie‘\e‘l \ e

the right to reluse any ad\ertr\errrent \\ rthotrt e\plarratrorr (ilrettlats. prorrrotrorral lrIerattrrearid otlensn e mater ial are irot liil“ .IltIL‘iI \\ Iie‘l L” \II\U‘\ L‘lc‘tl Il you reeei\ e such mater ral \\ ith your llox replies please let us knou \\ rite. errelosine the mater ral. to' (‘laxurlreil .'\LI\ “CPI .II [/It'/ !\I

IAreyou Mater.“ .Hixtrrha good sense ot humour" l)oyou like theatre. eirrerrra. lilll\lL‘ and gittttl lintth II M). \ilillldi lL'ITidIL‘ isorrld like to get to kilo“ \ori lio\ .\o ‘5 -1

ISingle Malerbrseein eorrrparry tor lrolrtlax ortraxel. late Sepierttlrer to ( )e tolter .-\ltyiltttt)_'or anyone eorrsrderetl \\ I'IIL‘MIUII togetorganrsed IIU\ .\U "5

I Lively attractivetemalerjm seeks intelligent tun lo\ Ill}: good hrrmoured male I 2‘ 34) Interested lll\piiil\. theatre. tr.r\el. musretoslrareaetnrties.

(ilasgou area. Reply to Ho\ .\o -5 (1


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To obtain your very own List T-shlrt send a cheque or postal order tor26.50

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Name .......................................... .. Address ........................................ ..


Size: Large/Extra Large (please delete where applicable). Send to THE LIST T-SHIRT OFFER. 14 High Street. Edinburgh EH1 tTE.


You may claim as many ditterent otters as you wish. but please take the whole magazine with you each time. All otters are strictly subject to availability and the individual management‘s decisions are linal. Only one ticket otter Ior each voucher. First come, first served. Enjoy the show!

A pair at tickets to see LILLY AND MAY (5pm). HOLE IN THE WALL COMPANY (9pm). KULLARK C j (noon). CAPERS—TWO TIGERS(noon)or MARTIN RAPHAEL in RAGAZZI (12.30pm) on Sun 28 or Mon 29. Exchange this voucher at The Pleasance Box OIIice. Up to 5 pairs at tickets available pershow.

.Ls ;- rrrramr wonxsimp A tree ticket to see PETA LILY (12.15pm) on Mon 1,3345 29 orTue 30. ExchangethisvoucheratTheatre 3%; Workshop Box OIIice. Up to 25 tickets available - pershow.

A pair at tickets to see ALAN STIVELL at 7.30pm or 10.30pm on 3 Sept at The Queen‘s hail. Exchange this voucher at the Acoustic Music Centre. Chambers Street. Up to 10 pairs at tickets available per show.


r A tree ticket to see GRAND MAGIC (12.30pm) on A8 8 IE M I3 LY Tue 30, BLIND SUMMIT (noon) on Mon 29.

RESISTANCE! (3.45pm) on Mon 29. TWO-UP (10pm) on Sun 28 or PANIC BROTHERS AND MARK STEEL (midnight) on Tue 30. Exchange this voucher atAssembly Rooms Box OIIice. Up to 100 tickets available lor Grand Magic, 20 Ior Blind Summit and 10 for the others.

. \ . V NATIOhAL A pair 01 tickets to see BLIND MAN'S BUFF on no can Mon 29 or Tue 30. Exchange this voucher at

THE” M Theatre West End Box OIIice. Show runs until 3 COM?” Y Up to 10 pairs ottickets available per

A tree ticket to see ET TU CHERI (7.45pm) any night between 29 Aug and 3 Sept. Exchange this

voucher at Caiton Studios Box Oltice. Up to 4 tree tickets available per show.

The list 36 Aug


NIN £180 0F



l scflr «ms 75