I This section aims to provide a review of every film to be seen in central Scotland over the next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

(U)- Universal, suitable forall ages.

(PG) Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable foryounger cthren.

(15)— No one underthe age of15admitted. (18)- No one underthe age of tBadmitted. :"r—NBW Release.

I Aguirre. The Wrath of God (PG ) ( Werner lIerzog. W Germany. 1972) Klaus Kinski. ('ecilia Rivera. 95 mins. 17th

century conquistadors on a mission to

The Milagro Beanfleld War (PG) (Robert Redford, US, 1987) Sonia Braga, Ruben Blades, Christopher Walken, Melanie Griffith. 118 mins. Robert Redford claims to have pursued direction as a means of making a film ‘where the statements expressed would be more completely mine.’ Milagro would seem a nigh-perfect vehicle to elucidate the many issues that have concerned him as a private citizen from the desecration of the land to the lack of respect for indigenous national cultures and the worth of individual and collective acts whether overtly or covertly political in content. Adapted from John Nichols’ sprawling BBB-page tome, Milagro is an impeccably humanistic, sympathetic and humorous account of the well-worn theme that one man can make a difference against the apparently inexorable victories of big business and the corporate machine. It's as if Frank Capra had filmed The Grapes 0f Wrath with just a sprinkling of Flnian’s Rainbow to sweeten the mixture even further.

explore the Amazon court disaster \y hen the zeal of their leader remains undampened alter a number of encounters vvith hostile Indians. szcellent location vvork in this finally moving portray al of tragic ambition. \v liich sports a characteristically intense per tormancc by- Kinski. Edinburgh: I‘llltthUIIse.

I Alice In The Cities ( 1') (min \Veiidei‘s. W. Germany. 1974) Rudiger Vogler. Yella Rotlander. Lisa Kre/er. llll mins. .-\ despairing photo-journalist travelling across the L'nited States soon finds himself on a journey back to (iermany in the company of a L) year-old girl. In the search for her family. he finds himselfsloyvly' becoming surrogate parent and spiritual guide. Wise. perceptive and beautitully shot early Wendres movie. Iidinburgh: Filmhouse.

IAll OlMe ( 15) (Carl Reiner. L75. 1984)

Steve Martin. Lily 'I'omlin. Victoria 'l‘ennant. 91 mins. l-‘requently hilarious madcap farce as the vs ondert'ul Martin play s a man whose left side is possessed by the transmigrach soul of tctcliy rmllionairess'I'omliii. Izdinburgh: (amen I Asterix in Britain ( t 'i (I’ino Van I.amsvveei'de. lir'ance. l‘mo) With the voices offllack Beahel'. Bill Kearns. (iraham Bushnell. (W mins. The Romans have invaded Britain and only one village retiisestosurrender. 'I'heir chiefsendsa message to his distant cousin :\\ICl'l\ the (iaul vv ho prepares a barrel of his special magic potion and rushes to the rescue vv ith his sizeable colleague ()bclix. Along the way . he acquires a bag olspcclal herbs said to have remarkable revivify ing povvers and his ‘tea' proves immensely popular vv ith the Brits.

'I’ypical lllth anniversary Asterix production complete with plucky feats of derring-do. comic chases. slapstick humour and the triumph ofthe little (iallic vvari'ior. Glasgow: (il’l‘.

I Bachelor Mother ( I’Ci) ((iarson Kanin. L35. 1939) Ginger Rogers. David Niven. ('harles (.‘oburri. 82 mins. Shopgirl Rogers takes in an abandoned baby vvhich

every one assumes to be her own. vvhile her romance with proprieter Niven seems to suggest he is the father. Deft Hollywood humour. vvith the kind ofslick vvriting associated vv ith the studios' hey day and Rogers surprisingly good in her first liliijtil' non—dancing role. Edinburgh: Iiilmhouse I Barry Lyndon ( 15) (Stanley Kubrick. L'K. 1975) Ryan O'Neal. Marisa

Berenson. Patrick Magee. 18-1 mins. Kubrick's sumptuous recreation of 'I'hackciay 's shaggy dog tale lollovvs Ryan ()'.\'eal's gentleman of fortune through lSth century Ireland. .-\nextraordinary attention to detail and a \ isual style that effectively reproduces the look of contemporary paintings are the major points of interest. easily outyvcighingthe meander trig narratiy c thread. but this isa gorgeous tilm all the same. Iidinburgh: I'illmltousc.

I Batteries Not Included ( l’(i l ( MAltltevv Robbins. I8. 1987) Home (’ronyn. Jessica landy . lirank McRae. lllfimins. Desperate elderly i'esidcntsofa threatened tenement block are v isited by friendly alien creatures vs ho helpthcm resist the menace of the property developers. lacklustre Spielberg-produced adventure. nice effects but children vvill be bored, Iidinburgh. liilmhouse

'I Beetlejuicei 15) ('I‘im Burton. [.78. 1988) (ieena Davis. Alec Baldwin. Michael Keaton. 92 mins. Recently deceased. and very charming .\'evs Iingland couple. the Maitlands. have difficulty in adjustingto the afterlife. .\'ot the least of their vvorries is the tasteless refurbishment of theirold home by a nasty Nevv York yuppie family. and they eventually call on freelance bio-exorcist Betelgcuse (pronounced ‘Beetle-juice' ) to deal vvith the problem in his ovv n inimitable fashion

Iixuberantly eccentriccartoonish capers. a movie that creates its own comic cosmos vv here the unexpected is the norm.


Set in a small New Mexican town, Redford’s infectiously good-natured film weaves a picaresque tale around the actions of one lone Chicano farmer. Joe Mondragon (Chick Vennera) has witnessed the gradual decline of his father’s holding and the slow erosion of his community's selfworth. Surveying his parched beanfleld, he makes the decision of a man with nothing to lose and recklessly irrigates it with water that has been earmarked for the development of the largest leisure complex in the history of the state.

This one moment of defiance triggers a whole series of events involving the authorities, the businessmen and his neighbours who are ultimately inspired to unite, howevertemporarily, in the defence of their traditional ways.

Allegedly faithful to the tone of the book, Redford’s film is a gentle, comical table that enveloges its serious messages in a breezy, heartwarming package of light entertainment. Respectful of Chicano culture and its belief in magic and miracles, he imbues the proceedings

with a dusting of whimsy and his own skill as a painter allows him to compose many beautiful images in celebration of the area and its people.

A uniformly fine cast blend into a convincing ensemble bereft of star turns and there is notable work from Christopher Walken (on revived form with this and Biloxi Blues) as the


exasperated henchman for the state

police and from Melanie Griffith as the disloyal wife of the local Mr Big.

In our cynical age, Milagro may appear unduly naive and even corny but for those who would still cheer 3 Mr Smith on his way to Washington it should prove irresistible. (George Bailey)

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