Provisional programme details only-not confirmed at time of going to press.

I CAMEO Home Street. 228-1141. Drowning By Numbers ( 18) 1.5(lpmlNot Sun I. 4. lllpm. b.311pm. 8.5llpm.

Sun 11: Kings DtThe Boadtl5I1.3()pm. See also lidinburgh I.ates.

I CANNON l.othian Road. 339311311.

1. Biloxi Bluesr 15 I Times unay ailable. 2. Beetlejuicei 15 I 2.20pm. 5.40pm. 8.211pm.

3. The Milagro Beanfield Wart IS I 2pm. 5pm. 8pm.

I DOMINION \eyvbaltlc Terrace. 4-17 loot).

1. Coming To America 1 15 ) 2. 15pm.

5. 15pm. 8.15pm.

2. ‘Crocodile' Dundee ll (P(iI2.21)pm. 5.20pm. 8.21Ipm.

3. Wall Street ( 15) 3pm. 5pm. 8pm.

I ( llc‘t’k SII‘L'L‘I. (307 7331.

I. Rambo III ( 18) Fri Sat 1.35pm. 3.45pm. (I. lllpm. 8.45pm; from Sun 1.35pm. 3.45pm. b.115pm. 8.311an

2. Big Busines ( P(i I Times unconfirmed. 3. Shag ( 15 I Times unconfirmed.


l.othian Road. 338 :bb’b’.


1.Lolita( 15):. 15pm.

Hairspray ( P( i ) o. 15pm. 8.30pm.

2. The Last Emperort l5) l.)5pm.4.3()pm. 7.45pm.


1.Batteries Not Included ( l’( i ) 2pm. Hairspray ( 1’( i I (I. 15pm. 8.3(lpm.

2. The Last Emperorl 15) 1.15pm.4.3()pm. 7.45pm.


1. Hairspray ( l’( i I o. 15pm. 8.311pm.

2. Alice In The Cities ( IS I fipm.8.211pm. MONDAY12

1.The Last Emperor) 15 I 3pm. Hairspray ( l’( i I b. 15pm. 8.311pm.

2. Alice In The Cities ( 15 I bpm.8.21)pm. TUESDAY 13

1.The Last Emperor) l5I3pm. Hairspray t l’( i I (1. 15pm. 8.3(lpm.

2. Travelling NOTTIHl5)(1.4(lyillt.8.4llpm. WEDNESDAY 14

1. Hairspray ( l’( i) 3._‘~llpm.b. 15pm. 8..‘sl)pm.

2. Travelling North ( 15) 3pm. 6.40an 8.40pm.


1. Barry Lyndon r 15 I 2pm.

Hairspray t l’( i I h. 15pm. 8.30pm.

2. Bachelor Mother ( l’(; I 3pm. (I.-Il)pm. 8.4llpm.


I CAMEO I lome Sll‘c‘c‘i.

Fri 9: Prince Of Darkness ( )8) ts A PrayerFor The Dyingt )5) l l . 15pm.

Sat1o: Clockwise ( l’mtv All DlMet 15) 11.15pm.


Provisional programme details only-not confirmed at time of going to press.

fJJ- {Y’s} 3-1 - '

r H ‘- my. "a, : , _ It? '.(:w‘ f" j..'\$ f". ~: 7:‘-'s_r~ é "‘ " A t- '0' ' - “€,‘\:’ .' O '1‘ "3‘.'. .

alu- ">6 I '- .- .2, s. .1,

I CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk.()324 23805.

1. Big Business ( PG) Times unconfirmed. 2. Rambolll ( 18)2.4llpm.5.3(lpm.8.2()pm:

Sun 5.30pm. b.2(lpm. 3. Unconfirmed.


Provisional programme details only—not confirmed at time of going to press.

I CANNON 'I‘itchfield Street. Kilmarnock. 11563 37288.

1. Big BusinesstPUI

2. Rambo lll ( 18) 2.50pm. 5.5(Ipm.8.~l()pm; Sun 5.30pm. 8pm.

3. Unconfirmed

I KELBURNE (ilasgow Road. Paisley. 889 3612.

1. Coming To America( 15)

2. Unconfirmed

I LA SCALA Hamilton Street. Saltcoats. 0294 63345

1. Unconfirmed

2. Rambo III ( l8) (Ipm.8pm.

I ODEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr. (1292 26-11149.

1. Big Business (PC) Times unconfirmed. 2. Beetleiuice ( )5) l.3()pm (Not Sat). 3.30pm. 7pm. 9pm.

The Jungle Book ( ti) 1.30pm Sat only.

3. Unconfirmed

I ODEON 'l‘ownhead Street. Hamilton. (1698 283 802.

1. Rambolll ( 18) 12.55pm.3. 15pm. 5.4(Ipm. 8.55pm.

2. Throw Momma From The Train ( 15) 1pm. 3.35pm (.‘s'ot Sat Sun). 5.45pm. 8.40pm. Vice Versa ( PG) 12.5(lpm. 3.25pm Sat/Sun only.

3. Beetleiuice ( 15) 1pm (Not Sat). 3.20pm. 5.45pm. 8.40pm.

The Jungle Book (1:) 1.1)5pm Sat only.

I RIALTO (‘ollege Street. Dumbarton. (138‘) (€763. Closed Sundays.

1. Coming To America ( 15)

2. Unconfirmed




Special Events

I To The Last Whale Bypassng all the special events areas on the (iardcn Festival site. the Scottish Dance Theatre Youth (iroup have chosen a spot surrounded on three sides by water for their performance of'l'o The last Whale.

Performed to the haunting sounds of whale song (the extraordinary booms and whistles of the enormous mammals at play) the dance is a lament for the suffering and possible extinction of the whale nation. The cast ofthirteen young dancers represent variously one large whale. individual animals and the humans who bring harm and fear. "The dance isnot really representative of whale movement .' says Peter Royston. artistic director ofthe company. 'lt is abstract dance. exploring the emotions involved.‘

The company. a two year old offshoot o1 Scottish Dance Theatre. was formed asa platform for promising young dancers. ‘All the dancers have done ballet training. and this is a difficult. technical picce.‘ says Peter Royston. The timeless quality ofthc performance is partly due to the absence of a musical beat. and the dancers move irrespective of the music. ‘lt‘s a difficult discipline. and it's quite unusual fora young group to achieve this kind of performance.‘

ToThe Last Whale will be performed at several times throughout the day on 3. «I. lfland l 1 September on a speciallylaid dancefloor below the (‘lydesdale Tower.

I Water Events While the whale dances on dry land. there is plenty of activity in the water. 0114 September. an RAF Search and Rescue Helicopter Demonstration will be staged over the Harbour at the festival and along the (‘lyde west of Bell's Bridge. The Sea King helicopter from RAF Leuchars. in conjunction with the RNLI Helensburgh lifeboat will ‘rescue' a survivor from the water. and perform spins. turns and other aeronautic marvels over the river.

For those yearning for a life on the ocean wave. two ships will be berthing at the Festival 1 larbour and are open to the public during Festival opening hours. The HMS Attacker. a patrol vessel will be situated at the West Pier. 8~14 September. while the Malcolm Miller. a sail training vessel. is berthed at Mavis Batik . 9— 1 2 September.

The final of the Scottish Waterski (‘up is held on the (‘lyde alongside the Festival site on 11 September from 1pm.

I Edwin Budding ‘A sort of hi-tcch version ofthe Skye Boat Song'. the Guerrilla Squad hits the (iarden Festival on 3 September at approximately 1.30pm. Arriving in a large ('lyde fire tug. they will make their inimitable way through the

Festival to arrive at the Rendezvous Bowl at 2.3(lpm to present the world premiere of a sound work for twenty-five ironing boards. Don't miss it.

Daily Events

The following events are on every day during the week of this issue's coverage.

I Street EVBDIS Passionate policemen. street theatre. btiskers. musicians. portrait artists. Track them down all around the site.

I Daily Parade Performing artists of all shapes and sizes. 2pm. The 1 ligh Street. I Craft Centre Demonstrations of woodcarving. pottery and other crafts. and the chance to try them yourself.

I Brass Bands ( )vertoun Bandstand. ll)._‘sl)am. 12.,‘slem.3.31)pm.5.3t)pm.

I Fashion Shows 1 1 .311am and occasional shows at 3pm. Nardini's Restaurant in the Rotunda.

I Jazz Sundays me- 5pm in the Rotunda.

Scottish Ballet in an earlier performance of To The Last Whale.

Essential Information

I Tickets (iarden Festival day tickets cost £5; £4 for full time students. unemployed and ( )Al’s; £3.51) for children from 5- 16 years and free for under-fives. ()nce you are inside everything is free except the thrill ride. Families can get a special Family Day Ticket (2 adults and up to3 children I for£l~1.5(l. Multi-Day Tickets allow you two visits on any two daysand cost £9; £7 and £4 concessions. Season tickets allow access at any time and cost £45 (adult I and £22.51) (child). Discounts are also available on group tickets (to be purchased in advance). I Opening Hours The Festival isopen seven days a week from lflam to8pm. Tickets and Information can be obtained from The ( ilasgow (iarden Festival. Princes Dock. (ilasgow G51 IJA. tel: (141 42‘) 885.5.

3D'I‘he List 2 -- 15 September 1988