I Romance: Out at the Shadows ( Scottish) 7.4(L-‘).3tlpin. l’re winter slush. First of three romances. Stars Charles Dance and Alexandra Paul.

I Playing tor Real (813(‘1 )9.3()— 10.20pm. Full time for the Subbuteo players as the series comes to an end.

I The Incredibly Strange Film Show((‘4) lll.3(l~l l . 15pm. Jonathan Ross meets Evil Dead director. Sam Raimi.

I Festival '88 (Scottish) 10.35—1 1.05pm. Susie Maguire and Tony Wilson with the last of their lively reports on the Iidinburgh Festival.


I The Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow (C4) (>—(i.45piii. Noel all over the place.

I Brown Sugar (C4) 7—8pm. New series centred on the great black American female entertainers of this century. This four parter starts in the early 1900s telling the story Ma Raincy. the country‘s first black female blues singer and outlines the tragic career of Bessie Smith.

I 'Allo 'Allo ( BBCl ) 7.20—7.45pm. New series of Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft‘s dangerously xenophobic war time comedy. But if they‘ve sold it tothe French. w ho cares!

I The World at Your Feet ((‘4 ) 8—9pm. (ircat walks of the world in a new series setting ol'fon a trail through the rain forest of Bellendcn National Park in Australia. I All Creatures Great and Small (BBCI) Slit-i). ltlpin. Another new series forthe Autumn the return ofthe JamesHerriot vet series.

I Film on Four Extra ((4) 9—10.50pm. Final screening of early Film on Fours in this series. ‘l’usse Silberg and Paul Freeman star in the thriller about a young woman's flight to Berlin after being implicated in the death of an old woman. Directed by Christopher l’etit. one time film cditorof London Listings magazine Time Out.

I Runaway! (BB(‘1)9.2(H 1pm. Tom Sclleck tracks down runaway robots in the exciting sci-fi film directed by Westworld director. Michael Crichton in 1984.

I Aspel and Company(Scottish)

9.50— 10.35pm. Sting provides the buzz for the first of a new run of Michel Aspcl's chat show. Dave Allen. soon to be appearing in Scotland will also be on the show.

I Neimat (BBCZ) ll).4(lpm—12.2()pm. Final episode in this re-run ofthe chronicles of a (ierman village.


I New Battle for Britain (BBCI) 5.35—6.25pm. Survey of the ecology of Britain presented as a company report to its shareholders. with Tony Soper. David Attenborough. David Bellamy and Julian Pcttifer. Complete with symbolic 20 metre model of the country.

I First ot the SummerWlne(BBC1)

7. 15-7.45pm. Starting tonight the prequel tothe ‘Last of. . an ideagiven itsfirst outing in a special last Christmas.

I I'll Take Manhattan (Scottish)

7.454). 15pm. Latest American blockbuster mini series. The four-part story of a publishing empire with the usual power struggles. betrayals and family divisions.

I Howard‘s Way ( BBC] ) 7.45—~S.35prii. Return of the nautical soap and the search for Charles and Avril. Have they been killed in the plane crash‘.’

I Arabian Knight ( 1313(‘3 ) 9.05—9.55pm. Tribute paid to the man most likely to rob the Brits of gold in the Olympics. Moroccan middle distance expert. Said Aouita.

I Sunday Premiere: Across the Lake (BBCl ) ‘).(l5—l 1 .35pm. Anthony l lopkins stars as Donald Campbell in this drama centred on the last days of his life. Campbell was attempting to break the 3(leph barrier on w ater when things went tragically wrong. The play is written by Roger Milner who also wrote the TV account of Campbell‘s record breaker father. Sir Malcolm.

I The Dame Edna Experience ((4)

9. 15— ll). lllpm. The good woman insults ‘Chuck' Heston and (iermaine (ireer (amongst others).

I The Attic - The Riding of Anne Frank (Scottish)‘).3(L-l1.30pm. Mary Steenburgen and Paul Scolield star in this dramatisation of the diary of Anne Frank. I Bell. Book and Candle ((4)

1t). l()pm-~ Midnight. James Stewart. Kim Novak and .lack l.cmmon in comedy about a publisher who takes on a witch asan assistant. Made in 1958. I The Other Side at Midnight ( Scottish) 13.30— l pm. Straight from his stint at the lidinburgh Festival. Anthony Wilson presents a new series of the TV artsshow.


I Animalympics (Scottish) lithium-noon. Cartoon version of the Olympics with animals as the athletes.

I Taggart- Real Lite ( Scottish ) o._‘so-7pni. Curtain raiser for a new series of the Scots cop show starring Mark McManus (sec Wed 7 September). The programme looks at some of the real cases that have inspired the scriptwriters.

I Bros Special (BBC! ) 7.35—Spm. ()n tour with the latest pop phenomenon.

I Sorry! (BBCl ) S~8.3()pm. New seriesof the sit-com starring Ronnie Corbett still tied to his mother's apron strings.

I Film 88 (BBCl) ll—l 1.30pm. Barry Norman returns with another series ofthe film review. reporting on Biloxi Blues and from the set of Drowning By .N'umbers.

I American Football ((4) ll.5(l—~l.3()am. First game of the season for Channel Four as the past two Superbowl champions meet again. The Washington Redskins take on the New York (iiants. Live coverage from the Big Apple. (A new series of regular highlights beginson Tuesday. )

I The Stars (C4) 3—8.3(me. [Every few years the science of Astronomy discovers a new star TV star that is. Heather Couper follows up her recently repeated series on the planets with a six-parteron white dwarf. red giants. black holesand the like.

I The Black Museum 9— lllpm. Gruesome relics of 19th century crime. markingthe one hundred years since Jack the Ripper terrorised London.

I First Tuesday 10.35—11.35pm. Have Swedish arms merchants abused their country‘s famous neutrality by supplying

arms to countries banned by the Swedish

Peace in Our Time:

True Storles, C4, Thursday

8 Septe mber, 10pm. Government? I Running Late (C4) 12.()5~<2am. More late night sports discussion chaired by ()IH’r’I’l‘t’fL‘ttltOf. Donald 'l'relford in the run tip to the Seoul Olympics. I Android 12.3ll—2am. Klaus Kinski in the very entertaining film about the android that learns that its maker wants it destroyed. Made in 1982.


I The March at Time: Reporting the Dictators (C4) b.3(l-7pm. More archive footage chronicling the Second World War fascists. Today‘s programme covers the same ground as Bertolucci‘s The Last Emperor. the Japanese invasion of Manchuria.

ITaggart 9—](lpm. New three-parterfrom Scottish Television with Mark McManUs on the trail of murder by food poisoning. IHemingway((‘4)lo—11.05pm. Hemingway’s thoughts turn to suicide . .. in the final episode of the TV' biography starring Stacy Keach.

I Midweek Scotsport 10.35pm—12.30am. Reportson the start of Scottish clubs‘ liuropcan campaigns.


I The Blood is Strong ((4) 8—9pm. Second part of the three part series tracing the survival of the (iaelic culture around the world where previous generations fled having been forced out ofthcir homeland. Tonight's programme looks at the Consequences of Cullodcn and the break up of the Clan system after 1746.

I True Stories: Peace in OurTime?

10-11 .55pm. Expatriate Czech film directors Otto Olejar and Jan Nemec have prepared this documentarythat examines Neville Chamberlain‘s aims and intentions in meeting Hitler. ‘Peace in OurTime' they argue wasn't an attempt to gain time so much as an attempt to secure Britain's share of global power.


I The Incredibly Strange Film Show ( (‘4) 10.30-1 1 . 15am. In the last ofthe series. Jonathan Ross interviews mammary-obsessed Russ Meyer. director of such gems as Ultravixens and Faster Pussycat Kill. Kill.

I Wired (C4) 1 Flo—tam. Specialedition features an entire Prince concert. (Repeated Sunday 1 1. 1pm).

I Fright (Scottish) 12.3(l—2am. Stop me if you‘ve heard this one before: Susan (icorge stars as babysitter in deserted country house. terrorised by an escapee from the local looney bin. Denis Waterman and (ieorge Cole alsostar. IThe Maze ((4) 1—2.35am. 1953mm deals with strange happenings in a Scottish castle. ()riginally made in 31). but unlikely to leap off the screen at you now.


I The Games In Question: Sellingthe Olympics (C4) (i.3(l—7pm. Topical series looks at the merchandising of the Games. I Flashpoint (1313(‘1 ) 9.2o— 10.50pm. Kris Kristoffersen leads in this 1984 mystery set in Texas Border country.

IThe OutsidersttiBCB)10.15—11.50pm. First in tonight‘s Film Club Francis Ford Coppola double bill stars Matt Dillon in a teen melodrama. with Tom Waits in a cameo role as (surprise. surprise) a drunk bartender. This is followed by the heavy symbolism of‘Rumble Fish‘

(11.15— 1 .35am). also starring Dillon and Waits. and also adapted from an S. E. Hinton novel.

I The Odd Couple (BBCI) 10.50—1 l . 15pm. Tonight's episode ofthe Emmy-winning series has the promising title of ‘The Laundry ()rgy‘.

I The Devil Rides Out ( BBCI)

11.15pm—l .3()am. Hammer adaptation of one of Dennis Wheatley's best books has. for once. some genuinely scary moments. as the usual gang ofinnocent youngthings are threatened. for no apparent reason. by Beelzebub and his legions.


I American Football (01) 6—7. 15pm. The second week's action from the NFL will hopefully be reported on by someone slightly better informed than last season‘s pestilential Vicious Boys.

I Four-Minute Mile ( BBCI)

9.05—10. 10pm. Is this Olympic year. perchance'.’ This is the first of a two-part dramatisation of the race to become the first sub-four minute miler.

38 The List 2 ~ 15 September 1988