changing fortunes in a huge mural consisting of 29 enamel panels. (‘ommissioned by ScotRail. I FINE ART SOCIETY 134 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm; Sat 10am—1pm. Victoria Crowe - Corinth to Carlops Until 6 Sept. Victoria ('rowe has her first solo show appropriately in a year when gardens are to the fore in (ilasgow. ller careful paintings of flower and hill represent nature with detailed precision. llere. her work splits between studies made at her home in the hillsof Midlothian and the vivid landscapesof (ircece. Sir John Lavery 9 Sept—(i ( )ct. Paintings from the l888cxhibition. I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 1 2 Washington Street. 221 4526. Mort-~l-‘ri10am—8pm; Sat l0—3pm. Summer Exhibition Unit 3 Sept. Work by members of (ilasgow Arts (’entre classes. Photography. painting and weaving. The World Over 10 Sept ~ 1 ()et. Photographs by one of Britain's leading photojournalists. (ieorge Rodger. From the merchant nay y. he became a photographer's assistant and then landed a job with I.ife Magazine. Rodger was with Montgomery iii the Western Desert and was one of the first to witnessthe horrors ot Belsen. Sick ofwar. he later travelled taking photographs of tribal communities around the world. This is a major exhibition from the Photographers (iallery. London and includes 120prints. I GLASGOW GARDEN FESTIVAL Princes I)ock. opposite Scottish Iixliibition (‘cntre. 4298855. l'ntil 26 Sept. 7days 10am 9ptii(1ast admission I hour before closing). Day tickets £5. l'B40. ()APS £4. children 5-- 16 £2.50. under 5sfree. Sculpture 'I he (ilasgow (iarden Festival includes plenty of sculpture reclining amongst the flower beds. though the most difficult part is seeking it otit. (iet holdof a free copy of the National (ialleries' useful little leaflet before you gowhich has a map. numbered locationsand descriptions .'\\ ailable from the National (iallery. the \PU. the (iMA and major art centres. llie latest and final addition to the sculpture in the Festival's collection is Richard ( itoom‘s giant floating sculpture which now rests face tip on the water of l‘estival llarbour. Art in the Garden A beautifully produced voltiiiie with photographs of the (ilasgow (iaiden Pesto a1 sculpture in the making and on site. It you want something more substantial to accompany a sculptural tour of the site. this is the book toget. Richard Deacon. Michelangelo Pistolctto. Iiduardo Paolozzi. Shona Kinloch. (ieoigc Wyllie and William 'l'tirnbull et al are set in luxurious black and white aiid contributions iii writing include essays by critic Richard ('ork and I‘rench garden specialist Yves Abrioux. The book is edited and produced by (iraeme Murray for the (ilasgow (iarden Festival and is sold at the Festival and bookshops or front (iraeme Murray (iallery. 031 5506020. Ar‘tis'l‘he commercial arts group Artis has selected 13 Scottish artists to be exhibited in the much-publicised baronial manor by Winipey Homes at the (ilasgow (iarden l‘estiv al. .loliii ‘l‘aylor. Dominic Snyder. Joseph I ‘iie. Sandy Moffat and Derek Roberts are among those showing in this upper-yuppie domestic setting. For further information about AR'I’IS or the I-estivalexhibitionca110315567546. Warsteiner Exhibition Craft Village. WASPS (iallery. L'ntil end Sept. An exhibition displaying the prizewinning paintings and a group ofthe best entrants in a (iardeii l-‘estival competition organised by Warsteiner Beer.


5520704. Mon- Sat 10am-5.30pm.

Avant Garden 1 ‘ntil 3 Sept. Print Studio members and invited artists were asked to make something special to show under this theme. Peter llowson has four

at ‘_r\‘\_‘g '-

Alison Harper. an Eighties' graduate of Glasgow School of Art is exhibiting at McGavigan's Gallerythis month.

suspicious characters looking through a hedge and Vicki (‘assidyy just newa graduated from college has a more gentle btitterny-and-bee approach. ()v er 40 artists have taken part iii this garden show.

Scottish Woodcuts 10 Sept» 1 Oct. The title says Scottish. btit most of the twenty artists exhibiting are frotn ( ilasgow . It would seem that this technique is not widely practised. Most of the artists are known for their work in other mediums. Douglas'l‘homson. Marie Barbour. John 'I‘aylor. Peter llowson. lati Mc(’ulloch and Janka Malkow ska are jtist some of those included.

Workshops The studio workshops have reopened in their new premises and are now available for artists' use. Membership application forms are available from the abov e address.

I GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Ilillhead Street. 339 8855. Mott-Vl'hurs 9.15am— 9. 15pm; I-‘ri 9. 15am -~t.-l5pm; Sat 9.15am 12. 15pm. Next exhibition will be in the autumn term.

I RAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrew s Drive. Mon—Sat 10am- 5pm; Sun 2 5pm. Glasgow's museum for children. Desperate Journey l-‘rom Sept. Iixhibition tracing the journey made by a family emigrating from the Highlands to North America.

Garbage cans. Coke cans and a wedding ring trap these are some at the subjects Matt MacPherson turns into surrealist

I NARBINGERS 417 (ireat Western Road. 339 9999. Mon—Sat 10am—6pszun noon—5pm. Double Show 3~ 30 Sept. Mixed media by Rhona Marnie from Glasgow and ceramics by Josie Warshaw. I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of (ilasgow. 82 Ilillhead Street. 3305431. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm; Sat 9.30am—1pm. The Mackintosh House Gallery: open as above but closed for lunch 12.30— 1 .30pm. 50p admission on weekday afternoons and Saturdays. A reconstruction ofthe architect's home fitted with original furniture. l'pstairs the Mackintosh I louse shows work by four women artists on a floral theme to complement the Print (iallery's major exhibition of Mackintosh Flower Drawings (see below). Whistler's wife Beatrice was aii illustrator acquainted with the botanical specimen. Katherine (‘ameron and Blatherwick are Scottish watereolourists who worked across the 19th and 20th centurieson prints of flowers arid Iilizabeth Blackadder shows the contemporary artist at work with plants and flowers. Mackintosh Flower Drawings t'ntil 3 Sept. While spanning his full career from the 1890s to 1925. these delicate watercolours were to occupy much of the artist's time during the latter part of his career when his architectural commissions were in decline. They do however characterise the unique Mackintosh style as potently as his powerful buildings botanically accurate and aesthetically beautiful. these drawings surely make the most appropriate arid unmissable ofthe (ilasgow (iarden Festival related exhibitions. Mackintosh and Others t'ntil 8 October. Shows aspects of the (ieorge Smith (‘oIlection whose major interest is in Scottish art. notably the work of Mackintosh. Last year Mr Smith was awarded an llotiorary Degree by (ilasgow I'niversity iii acknowledgement of his work iii supporting the university’s Art ('ollections. and this exhibition isin recognition of that award. I RUNTERIAN MUSEUM 'l‘he L'niversityof (ilasgow. 339 8855. Mon-I‘ri 9.30am 5pm; Sat 9.30am 1pm. 'I’wice named Museum of the Year. Money Plants L'ntil 31 ()ct. Plants ofall sorts depicted on ancient and freshly minted coins. Coracle. Kayak and Canoe limit 22 Sept. Iixamples of very early watercraft from a


painting with a social snap. See 90: Gallery in Glasgow listings tor details.

Victoria Crowe's detailed drwings of country and garden can be seen toranother week at the Fine Art Society. See Glasgow

listings for details.

bouyant btit pre-steam. unengineered age.

I IMAGES GALLERY 741lyiidland Road. 334 531 l. Mon—I’ri 9.30ain—-5.30pm. No exhibition at present but general stock includes 18th and 19th centuryJapanese woodblock prints and 19th and 20th century etchings. watercolours and oils. I INTEROEC GALLERY Maryhill Burgh Hall. 24 ( iairbraid Road. 946 5912 for info. Mott-l-‘ri 10am 5me Sat 10am 4pm. Africa Exhibition to Sept 7 Oct. The traditions of Africa open this new gallery. run by Ali Abubakar. a trainer and artists' agent who now turns his liatid toexhibition organising. Originally from Zanzibar. Ali has lived in (ilasgow since the oil's and two years ago gave up his engineering work to take up framing. Attached to his workshop in the Burgh Hall. the gallery consists of two rooms. once part of theold police station. I.itiocuts. etiibroidered tapestries. tapestry weaving. basketware and jewellery look set to transform the former cells itito colourful rooms of treasure.

I J.O. KELLY GALLERY 1 18 Douglas Street. Mon—Fri 10.30am— 2pm and 2.30-5.30pm; Sat 10am -2.30pm.

JD Henderson. J McNaught and H Thomson l'ntil 3 Sept.

I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 2216025. Mon-Fri 10am— 5pm; Sat 10am-1pm.

Flowers for the Festival Throughout summer. An exhibition of l9th and 20th century flower paintings.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngavie. 956 2351 . 'I‘ue- It‘ri 11am-5pm and 7-9pm; Sat and Sun 2 5pm. (‘losed Mondays.

Flowers in a Frame I'ntil 4 Sept. An exhibition of flower paintings from the Lillie Art (iallery collection which has been built tip over the past 25 years.

Hilda Goldwag ltiSept 1 ()et. An exhibition of paintings.

I MAIN FINE ART The Studio Gallery. In (iibson Street. 33-1 8858. Tue —Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Summer Exhibition Work by Lesley Main until end Aug. 'I'he Mains‘ lovely new gallery in (iibson Street is due to open in September.

I MCGAVIGANS (Graphics and Stationery). 24 Royal Iixchange Square. 248 2590. Mon—Sat 9.30—5.30pm.

Beyond the Pale Until 17 Sept. Paintings by Alison Harper. a young (ilasgow artist.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin 1 tall (Iintrance from Bunhouse Road with parking facilities) Mon—Sat 1tL-5pm; Sun 25pm. The newly opened Transport Museum with its fond collection ofears. trams and trains now back on show.

I 908 GALLERY 12 ()tago Street. 339

3158. Mon—Sat lt)am-—6pm.

Ironic Realism Until 29 Sept. Paintings by

40'l'he List 2 ~15 September 1988