has collaborated with the Naples Archeological Museum to bring bits and pieces front tlte volcanically preserved Pompeii and Herculanaeum. many of which will be sltown for the first time outside Naples. Though a modestly-scaled exhibition. there are some little gems among the collection. ‘You don't quite feel the looming shadow of Vesuvius here but this shows light and airy presentation evokes the affluent calm before the choking cataclysm'SCi.

Aphrodite‘s Island: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Cyprus L'ntil 4 Sept. An evocative exhibition about this gem ofthe Mediterranean. with photographs and archaeological finds well displayed against sky-blue backdrops. Almost guaranteed to send you straight to the travel agent to book your holiday there.

Helmsdale Bowls Roman treasure found in a railway cutting displayed for the first time. From the first and second centuries AD these bronze bowls were found neatly packed one within another Russian-doll style only a few feet below ground level. Owned by the Duke of Sutherland. they have been loaned to the museum for display and research.

New Shop Keeping in line with the major museums of the world. the Royal Museum has opened a ntuch enlarged and professionally rttn shop with books. jewellery. pottery. toys and T-shirts.

I SCOTTISH AGRICULTURAL MUSEUM lngliston (near Edinburgh Airport). 225 7534 for information. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm.

Man and Beast L'ntil 30 Sept. The relationshipbetween anirnalsand their human keepers is examined in an exhibition of photographs and old farming equipment.

I SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM Lady Victoria Colliery. Newtongrange. Midlothian. (m3 751‘). Tue— Fri

10am 4.30pm; Sat at- Sun noon—5pm. Devoted to the history of mining in .‘ylidlothian. built on a mining site. A Century of Coal A new photographic exhibition all about coal. one ofScotland's most important industries.

I TRON KIRK High Street. (367 1011 Department of Anatomy for info.

Death Masks and Life Masks of the Famous and Infamous Cntil 1) Sept. Compelling pieces of documentary history. There are the masks of criminals. the hangman‘s noose biting into the flesh of the neckand there are masks of the illustrious. John Keats. Samuel Johnson and Sir Walter Scott. Presttmably. before the advent of photography. this was as true a likeness as could be tnade of any individual. But it was a painful process for the living and an unflattering one for the dead. The lack of hair and eyes makes it a particularly unpleasant likeness. Art intriguing historical exhibition.


I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 (ieorge Street. mam-midnight. See also Design section. Afterthe Fall [Trial 3 Sept. Hand-painted T-shirts by 2 local artists.

Punch at the Fringe [Intil 3 Sept. The sharp and witty cartoons from a magazine which has been in business for over l40years. Ileath. Tidy and Larry all included.

I FESTIVAL CLUB Chambers Street. llIant—noon. 3pm—5pm for non—members. l0am— 2am for members of the Festival Clttb.

Edinburgh International Cartoon Festival L'ntil 3 Sept. 30p Admission. Laugh. I nearlycried. See if Europe‘s funnies can get you giggling.


I BRUNTON CENTRE Musselburgh. MS 3711 ex. 244.

Arts Fair Sat 17 Sept. Craft. stalls. performances - the local East Lothian Community History and ArtsTrust ELCI IATare holding their annual fair. Craftspeople or local groups who would like to take part should contact the office at the above number for information about hiring stalls etc. Stalls are free to craftspeople willing to give demonstrations. ()n the day of course. the fair is open to the public.

I CROSSWINDS COMMUNITY CENTRE liarl (irey Street. 22‘) 0321 . Mon Fri 10am-5pm.

Whose Environment is it Anyway? L'ntil 2 Sept. The environmental movement is larger today than trade unions or political parties it's a thought to reckon with. This exhibition shows the work of environmental groups throughout the country and canvasses for new recruits.

I CITY OBSERVATORY Calton Hill. 556 4365. Daily “lam—4.30pm.

Edinburgh in Depth l'ntil 2 ( )ct. Admission £1 (50p). Start your tourofthe city here. with magnificent panorama and 3-D colour show.

I DANIEL SHACKLETON 17a Dundas Street. 557 1115. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm. Sat 10am—1pm.

Random Scots 1--15 Sept. A mini-history of Scotland and its people.

I EDINBURGH JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTRE 4 Salisbury Road. («)7 3144. Sun—Thurs noon—4pm.

TheJewish Way of Life Until 1 Sept. Jtistas the title says.

I LEITH SCHOOL OF ART 25 Northlunction Street. 556 4528 or 554 5761.

Two Edinburgh art teachers open a new venture which will cater for anyone wishing to take up the brush. ()peningin August with a week long course. the school will begin a full prograrntne of courses and classes in October. School leavers and mature students who wish to build a portfolio for entry into Art College. day and evening classes for beginners and Saturday workshops for children will then be offered. For further information phone the above numbe rsor write to Mark and Charlotte Cheverton at 8 Brandon Terrace. Canonmills. Edinburgh EH3 SEA.

I THE PEOPLE'S STORY Canongate. ()pens later this year. Memorabilia ofall kinds is sought for this new museum. devoted to all aspects of Edinburgh life. Contact Helert Clark or Elaine It‘innie at the Social History Section. Huntly House Museum. 142 Canongate. 225 2424 ext 0679 if you have anything to offer.

I SCOTTISH STONE AND BRASS RUBBING CENTRETrinity Apse. Chalmers Close. High Street. Edinburgh. 10am—6pm Mort—Sat. Just reopened in its new home. the Trinity Apse the surviving remnant of a 15th century collegiate church.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY ()Id College. University of Edinburgh. 667 101 1 ext 4308. Mon—Sat. 10am—5pm; Sun 2pm—5pm. Artist-in-Residence Closing date 12 Sept. Applications are invited for the 198889 artist-in-residence at Edinburgh University. a post offered for the past three years and held by John Maclean. Conrad Atkinson and Art in Ruins. Details can be obtained from the Personnel Office. 63 South Bridge. Edinburgh EH1 lLS. Quote reference no. 7102.

I Music is listed as diary: by day. then by city. than by event.


SATURDAY 3 Glasgow

I Glasgow Parks Orchestra Princes Square. Noon. Now threatened with no more financial support. the future of this yottng enterprising group of musicians is

uncei tatn. light classics and songs from the shows.

SUNDAY 4 Glasgow I Strathclyde Schools Symphony Orchestra

(iovan Tow n l lall. Tickets at door. 7.30pm. 'l'chaikovsky Symphony No4. Barber's .-ldugio arid Britten's Young I’t'rson is (iludt' to the Orchestra conducted by .Iohn Lubbock.


I The Little Vagabond Lecture Theatre. Burrell Collection. Pollok Park.2(lb0 Pollokshaws Road. Further information: 357 392‘). 12.30pm— 1.30pm. £1.50. A new song cycle by Scottish composer and conductorof(ilasgow Parks()rchestra. .Ierry‘ Randalls. lor soprano. mezzo-soprano and instrumental ensemble.



I BBC SSO BBC SS() Centre. Queen Margaret Drive. Tickets: front Room 209 or Reception. BBC. Queen Margaret Drive. l‘ree. 7.30pm. (ieorge Hurst conducts a recording for Radio 3. Music is Shiftqu Brett's by Matthew Taylor. Songs from Des Is'nubm B'undt'rlioni by Mahler (soloist Christine Cairns) and Beethoven's ()verture to ligmmtl.


I Dpen Night— Edinburgh SweetAdelines lnverleith Church. 1-‘erry Road. Further information: (too 1778. 7.30pm. All welcome to find out more about thisyear old ladies' Barbershop ( hours. now with 30 members and on its way to become a fully fledged chartered chorus. Concerts already lined tip for December.

FRIDAY 9 Glasgow

I KiImardinny Arts Centre. 50 Kilmardinny Avenue. Bearsden. 943 0312. 7.30pm. Swing '88 give an informal lecture/recital on jazz especially for children. Phone forfunher details.



I Scottish Fiddle Orchestra City Hall. Candleriggs. 227 5511. Strathspeys.reels and other traditional Scottish music.

MD N DAY 1 2 Glasgow I Strathclyde University Brass Ensemble

()vertoun Bandstand. Glasgow Garden I‘estival. 3pm. Iixtra date: Tuesday 13. 11 strong student group prepares for its first trip to Bonn to take part iii the Mttsiktage littropaischer Stttdcrtten. Music includes classics. rags and marches.

TUESDAY 13 Glasgow

I Strathclyde University Brass Ensemble ()vertoun Bandstand. (ilasgow (iarden I‘estival. 3pm. See Monday 12 for full description.

I Festival of New Chinese Music Stevenson Ilall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 8pm. Check box office for ticket prices. BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra give the first concert in this fascinating sounding festival. opening with Suspended ( 'offi'ns on the ( ~lifts ofSu‘ltun (pianos David llorrtc and Stephen ()sborne ). Wu for piano and orchestra. again with the young Scottish pianist David Ilorne. and ()u! ofl’t'lv'mg ()pt'ru complete the programme.



I Festival of New Chinese Music ( illinness Roont . RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 11am. Professor Wang Anguoofthe Research Institute of Music. Beijinggives a brief history of music in Chirta since the Cultural Revolution.

I Festival at New Chinese Music Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 8pm. Check box office for ticket prices. The New Music (iroup ofScotland make a guest appearance in this latest of (ilas'gow festivals with new works by Chinese compose rs for various combinations ofchamber ensentble. including one work with Chinese instruments arid musicians. [in Shao is guest director.



I Festival of New Chinese Music (iuinness Rooms. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 11am. ()u Xian-song. from Beijing's ( 'entral Conservatory of Music speaks about the role ofthe composer in society.

I Festival of New Chinese Music Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 8pm. Check box office for ticket prices. Concert of new music for traditional Chinese instruments. given by musicians from the Central Conservatory of Music. Beijing directed by ()u Xiao-song.

FRIDAY 2 Glasgow

I Rowantree Folk Club Rowantree Inn. By Uddingston Cross. L'ddingston. 9—11.45pm.£l. Old coaching Inn. Singers and players welcome.

I Second Fiddle Scott‘s Corner. Derby Street. 334 4891. Evening.

I Ian Bruce Overdraught Bar. 128

48 The List 2 15 September 1988