Clyde Street. (ilasgow. Sundays in Hollywood will feature guest appearances every week from artists promotingtheir new singles. 4 Sept: Local l lereo.

I Wicked Sunday at Follies. 11pm—3am. Vodka. (iin. Whisky and lager ~~ all40p. IZico's 10pm—3am. £2. Chart based disco sounds -- btit watch ottt for the planned 70s‘ night.


IThe Amphitheatre lnpm--3am. £2. Half price before 1 1pm. Popular nightat leading mainstream venue. [ND]

I Buster Browns 10-4am. £2. Halfprice admission and drinks before 1 1pm. A soulful Sunday with a great atmosphere. the best night to make your first visit to Buster Browns. [A]

I Sunday Obsession at ('inderellas Rockerfellas 10pm- 2am. £2 before 11pm; £2.50after. 80p drinks. Seven yearson. (‘indercllas proving as popular as ever for | a large scale night club with a newSunday angle. [A] [ND] [NT]

I Edgars l0pm--3am. £2. Trial rttn for drinks at 60p can't be bad.

I Fire Island 10.30pm 2.30am. £2.80 (£1.‘)0before 10.45pm). Standard Hi-NR(i usually supplemented by cabaret.

I Nico’s 7pm-- 1 am. Drinks 60p all night. £2.

I Outer Limits at Coasters. 10.30pm~3.30am. £1 before 11pm; £2 after; Students and girls free before midnight. DJs Stuart Lewis andJames Mowbray supplying tip to the minute sounds. [NT]

I Parltbenchallweeltendo at the Bermuda Triangle. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Return ofthe legend! After making the front page of ‘The Sun‘ (an inferior version of 'Shaver's Weekly") amid accusations ofcxcessive nakedness patrons are being asked to wear as many clothes as possible. To this end there will be a cloakroom handingout overcoatsl

IZenatec lllpm—3.30am. £2. Jeansand T-shirt Club Night. Run by the DJsfrom The Cotton Club in (ilasgow. A more upfront night at Zenatec.


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street . 221 3260. 8.30pm—midnight. Free. 60s and 70s sounds. Cheap vodka.

I Club Africa at Henry Afrika's. 11pm~3.30am. £1 before midnightz£3 after.

I House and Garage Club at Tin Pan Alley. 1 1pm- 3am. £1 with ticket available from the club and surrounding pubs. Cheap Schlitz and Southern Comfort. Basically a house club but with leanings towards soul and funk as well.

I Streetbeal at the Warehouse. llpm—3.30am. £4. David Walters with the latest chart and beat sounds.

I Palomino Club 9pm—3.30am. £2. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax11.3(lpm—3.3oam.£1.5li. Mainy Gay Night. DJ Raymond Davren.


I Blue Monday at Fire Island. 11pm—2.30am.£1.30(£1 before 11.15pm). Enjoying a new lease of life with new DJs. A wondrous variety of lotid sounds plus cheap pints.

I Millionaire's 10pm—4am. £2 (£1 before 12). See Fri.

I Nico's 10pm—late. 7pm—lam. Free. Over 21s only. See Fri.

I Roltlto's 8pm—3am. Free. Happy Hours 8—11pm. ‘Edinburgh‘s newest disco/ diner‘. Proving very popular. which may have something to do with the fact that it‘s free!



I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221

3260. Free. 8lls’ disco sounds. Cheap drinks.

I Bennets 10.30pm-3am. 50p. The Shimmy Club which has a special drinks promotion throughout the (iarden Festival. All beers. spirits and ciderare 60p until midnight.

I Chinese Night at Mardi Ciras.

l 1pm—3.30am. £3.50. Disco night forthe Chinese community.

I Club China at Henry Afrika‘s. llpm-3.30am. £1 before midnight; £3 after.

I Jo-Jo's Gay Night at Tin I’an Alley. 10.30—3am. 50p with ticket. £1 without. Iiurobeat and Iii-NRC: music, Cheap vodka.

I Palomino Club ‘)pm—3am. £2. Disco sounds.

I Streetbeat at the Warehouse.

llpm- 3.30pm. £4. David Walters with the latest chart and beat sounds.


I Chinese Night at Outer Limits

10.30pm 3.30am. £3. A new night aimed principally at the Chinese community.

I Nico's 7pm lam. Free. ()ver 2lsonly. See Fri.

I Roltlto's 8pm--3am. Free (Happy 1 lottrs 8—11pm).See Mon.

I 200 at The Mission. 10.30pm» 3am. £2. A new breed ofclub: L'rban. Funk . and tropical rhythms. visuals and atmosphere.



I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260. 8F 12pm. Free. Cltib and chart night. I Cotton Club 1 lpm~~3am. £2.50. Jeansand T-Shirt night. For me. the only club worth going out for on a Wednesday night.

I Henry Alrikas 7pm—4am. £1 before 10pm; £3.50after. 60s‘ night for over2ls. Diner open for meals and snacks. Some drinks. 60p. [N'I'] [ND].

I Hollywood Studios 1 lpm— 3am. ()ver 25s night.

I Mayfair 1 lpm—3am. £2. 60s‘ night but sneak along earlier (7.30— l lptn for traditional ballroom dancing? ).

I Palomino Club ‘)pm—3am. £2. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax 10pm—3.30am. Free. Mainly a gay night. DJ Raymond Davren. I The Pub Club at Tin I’an Alley. lem—2.30am. £2.50(£l .50witlt leaflet). So named because leaflets will be available in five of(ilasgow‘s more ‘alternative' pubs (Chimmy Chungas. The Liquor Shack. ()blomov. John St Jam and The Rock (iarden ). entitling owners to£l off the entrance fee. Cheap (irolsch and Red Stripe will also be on sale. () innovative idea.

I Warehouse 7pm-midnight. £2. tinder 18 night with dance-orientated sounds.


I Acid at The Mission and Shady Ladies. 10.30pm—3am. £2. The two-floor spectacular. Upstairs features mainly acid house with some funk and hip-hop. while downstairs features soul. jazz fusion. and soul with some blues and urban funk.

I Millionaires ll)pm—4.30am. £2 (£1 before midnight). See Fri.

I Nico's 7pm—1am. Free. ()ver 21sonly. Sec Fri.

I Roltlto's 8pm—3am. Free (Happy Hours 8—1 1pm). See Mon.


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260. 8—1me. Free. Party Night.

I BANG at Sub Club. llpm—3am. This is an Aberdonian-based club down to try their luck. I wonder if it will be as good as the BANG club which ran at 46 West many moons ago (well. last year!).

I Bonnets 1 lpm—3am. £1. Mainly gay. mainly Eurobcat. Beers and spirits are

down to 75p.

I Blackmarltel at Fury Murrys. 10.30pm—-3.30am. With ()ctober fast approaching. Ftirys will soon be having live bands back on Thursdays. Hopefully Blackmarket will be given a new night or be able to get a different venue. as this has proved to be one ofthe few successesof the summer.

I Disco Viva 10.30pm—3am. £2. Birthday File I’arty Night with (ieorge Mac.

I Henry Airikas 10pm—3.30am. £1 before 1 1pm; £2.50after. 70s‘ music and videos. I Man at the Window promotions at

I Iollywood Studios. lllptn- 3am. £2.50. The pirate invasion of ( ilasgow London pirate radio DJs bring you exclusive soul and ftmk mixes along with I’As fora tour-week trial period.

I Mardi Gras 1 lpm-—3.30am. £3. House music night.

I Mayfair 1 1pmo3am. £1 . ()ver 25s night disco.

I Palomino Club ‘)pm—3am. £2. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax 1 1pm—3am. £2. I’ttb Club. A new night with ‘exotic' go-godancers. Lager ‘)5p. spirits with mixers 78p and free sandwiches too.

I Raffles 10.30—2am. £2.50. Motownand chart sounds with DJ. Roddy Stewart. \‘odka 30p. Lager 50p.

I Raw at Tin l’an Alley 10.30pm—late.

I Reggae Club at the Function Suite. Rooftops. 10.30pm—3am. £2.50. 16Junc only.

I Streetbeat at ('Ieopatras. llpm—2.30am. £3 (£1 .50with ticket). David Walters ‘streetbeat’ club: mixed dance music.

I The Venue 1 lpm—latc. The reggae club. I Warehouse 1 lpmA-3.30am. £2.50with ticket; £3 without. Just Funkin'. and persuasionist The Man will be appearing.


I The Amphitheatre lllpm--3am. £2. Half price before 1 1pm. Disco inferno lightsup Lothian Road. in a trial run forthe weekend.

I Cate St James 8pm—midnight. Free. Soul and funk night in this comfortable venue. I Cinderellas Rockerlellas ‘).30pm—-3am. £l .50beforc l 1pm;£2 after. Rock 'n‘roll years with corresponding drink prices— starts at 60p with 60s' music till 1 lpmthen 70p with 70s‘ sounds and from 12.30am till the end of the evening. 80s‘ music with 80p drinks. [A] [ND] [NT]

I Edgarslfntler 18s. 6.15—10.15pm.£1.

I Edgars lllpm—3am. £2. Alldrinks tonight and Sunday are 60p. [A]

I FAD at the Music Box. 9pm—late. £1 . A 70s' disco and soul club! A chance tohear some of the old Ronco and K-Tel classics again.

I The Hangover Club at Shady Ladies. llpm—3am. £1 .50; £1 before midnight. Mainly jazz-orientated club.

I Hellfire Club at the Bermuda Triangle. l0pm—~3am. £1 .50(£1 with leaflet). New alternative club which should do well in this relaxed venue.

I Millionaires lupin—6am. £2 (£1 before midnight). Sec Fri.

I Nico's 7pm—1am. Free. ()ver 21sonly. See Fri.

I Roltlto's 8pm—3am. Free (Happy I lours 8—11pm).See Mon.

I Singles Club at Leith Assembly Rooms. 8pm--rlate. Free. “An intimate atmosphere . . .conducive to meeting new pcople.'Not too many clubs of this nature in town so this will probably flourish. Membership available on the evening.



I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260.

I Bennels 90 Glassford Street. 552 5761. I Cleopatra: Belmont Lane. Kelvinbridge. 334 0560.

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Street. 3320712.

I Disco Viva 15 Union Street. 221 2426.

I FOIIiES I93 Pitt Street. 332 7322 7522. I Fury Murrys ‘)6 Maxwell Street. 221

65I I.

I Henry Alriltas 13 15 York Street. 221

M I l.

I Hollywood Studios ‘) Brown Street. 248 6606

I Joe Paparazzi 520 Sauchiehall Street. 331 2111.

I Knightsbridge SW1 48 Carlton Place. 42‘) 555‘).

I Mardi Gras 73 Dunlop Street. 221 3623. I Mayiair Sauchiehall Street. 3323872.

I Palomino Club 51 West Regent Street. 3326223.

I Panama Jax Custom I louse ()uay. 221 0865.

I Pzazz 21 Royal Iixchange Square. 221 5323.

I Rattles l5 Benalder Street. I’artick Cross. 334 5321.

I Roottops ‘)2 Sauchiehall Street. 332 5883.

I Savoy Savoy Centre. Sauchiehall Street. 332 (l75l.

I Sub Club 22 Jamaica Street. 248 4600. I Tin Pan Alley 3‘) Mitchell Street. 221 5275.

I Venue 474 Sauchiehall Street. 3323874. I Warehouse 85 Dunlop Street. 221 3623. I Zico's 178a Ingram Street. 552 6‘)‘)5.


I The Amphitheatre 31 1.otltian Road. 22‘) 7671).

I Barbados Suite in Coasters ( ‘omplex.

I Bermuda Triangle in Coasters ( ‘omplex. I BusterBrowns 25 ‘27 Market Street. 226 4224.

I Cate St James 25 St James Centre. 557 2631.

I Calton Studios 26 ( 'alton Road. 556 7066.

I Cinderellas Rockenellas W St Stephen Street. 5560266.

I Coasters Complex 3 Wes-t 'l‘olleross. 22s 3252.

I Edgars ‘)6a Rose Street North Lane.

I Finsbury Park 3 - 5 South St Andrew Street. 556 1020.

I Fire Island 127 I’rinccs Street. 2264660. I Leith Assembly Rooms 43 ( ‘onstitution Street. 554 2855.

I Madisons (ireensidc Place. 557 3807.

I Millionaires Nitidrie Street. 5566050. I The Mission Victoria Street. 225 656‘). I Music Box Victoria Street. 226- 1708.

I Nico's 28 King's Stables Road. 228 3547. I Outer Limits in Coasters ( 'omplex.

I Roltlto's 23 Lothian Road.

I Shady Ladies Cowgate.

I Wilkie House Cowgate.

I Zenatec 56 Fountainbridge. 22‘) 7733.

_ WIN £180 0F


The List 2 15 September 1988 57