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"THIS IS THE DEAL!" quoth The Royal Bank of Scotland Manager. I a "Giz it!" roared the mob.

"Listen!" he said, his wallet bulging heroically in his pocket. "There shall be no interest on a pre-arranged overdraft of up to TWO HUNDRED POUNDS! Free banking! PLUS! Many thousands of CASH MACHINES! And unto those students who open an account will rain THREE FREE FIVERS!* EACH!!! And they shall say unto themselves, "OOOF!!!"

And Lo! With an almighty roar, the ground opened and swallowed the lot!


Only one student was left, and she won all 125 prizes in the European travel competition. Thus! She woke up in a European city!

"Huh?!" she went, unnaturally. "You wouldn't get this happening at any other Bankl".


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The Royal Bank of Scotland

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