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It‘s getting to thattime ofyearwhen fresh-faced young school leavers packtheirfavourite woollyjumpers and venture into the murky world of the bedsittingroom. They will never be the same again. For anyone who is living, is about to live or has ever lived in a bedsit, The Bedsit Survival Manual (Ebury Press £4.95) is compulsive reading. The List is offering a copy of the book, which is published on 5 September, to the 10 people who, in the opinion of The List, have had the worst experience in a bedsit. Tell us your story in about 50 words before 3 October when the selection will take place. Begin your reply: ‘My worst experience in a bedsit was. . .‘ Special consideration wil be given to lies, fantasy and the highly improbable. Send to BEDSIT SURIVAL COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH11TE and rememberto include your name and

~.\_(bedsit?) address.


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:Moby Dick C: The Great Gatsby

Evening Tel .........................................................................


To coincide with the opening of Hairspray at the Filmhouse, Edinburgh, on Wednesday

7 September, The List is offering 3 pairs of tickets, 10 soundtrack albums, 10 T-shirts and 10 cans of Silkience hairspray to the winners of this competition.

All you have to do is answerthe question and return the form by Thursday 8 September


During the Prohibition Era there was almost nothing people wouldn’t do to get a taste of a smooth light rye whisky called Canadian Club. Nowadays Canadian Club is available legally and many people think it tastes just fine from a can. The List has got together with Canadian Club to smuggle out 48 cans of Canadian Club pre-mix and 12 bottles of Canadian Club to the winners of this great competition. Simply answer the question and return the form by 19 Sept when the draw will take place.




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when the draw will take place.

Who is the director of Hairspray?

Name .................................... .. Address ................................. ..

Daytime Tel ............................. .. Evening Tel ............................. .. Send to HAIRSPRAY COMPETITION, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH11TE.

comermou WINNERS

To get one of the prizes in our Subbuteo

Competition you had to know that it was

The Undertones who sang My Perfect

Cousin. The two Subbuteo Club

Editions were won by E. Jerome

\ (Biggar)andG.Thomson(Edinburgh).

The following people won Subbuteo teams: M. Smith, Y. Wilson, S.

Malcolm Mclnnes (Drumchapel), Nigel Smith, Katrina Philip, Allan Watson, John Ruane, Campbell Valentine, L. Scott, Paul Grime, Craig Mycroft, K. Harris, Russell Brady (all Edinburgh), Steve Ellis (Kirkcaldy), R Sutherland (Winchburgh), Stuart Hogg (South Oueensferry), Robin Morton (Stirling) and Graham Harris (Buckinghamshire).

Our Paper Tiger Competition proved to be a popular one with most people knowing that the Filotax was originally bought by army officers and

/Hamilton, l. Jenkins (all Glasgow),

' clergymen. Donald Nimmo

(Maddiston) won a Filolax, J. Brown (Edinburgh) won a quality pen and P. Duke won an assorted stationery pack. It was Dr Johnson who claimed that ‘the noblest prospect that a Scotchman ever sees is the high road that leads him to London.’ The following people won a copy of The Scots by Iain Finlayson (Oxford £4.95) and Burns Poems And Songs (Oxford £7.95): Isobel McFarlane (Glasgow), M. Travis, Olivia Begbie, Gordon MacMillan, Paul Serle, Ian Messer, Sue MacKinnon (all Edinburgh), Tom Preston (Airdrie), Peter Dilworth (Alva), and Marie Grant (Dumbarton). Closer inspection of Joyce McMillan‘s The Traverse Theatre Story (Methuen £5.95) reveals that the theatre's name came about from an accidental corruption of the word ‘transverse‘, a technical term to

Ll; unlduflfi

' desoribethetheatre‘s original layoutol

“3‘1 /' ‘M‘ It: . 35‘ . :1. (UM/I :

f// I .2 i‘

e ‘1

C x“? S.

E; Send to "1' CANADIAN CLUB COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH11TE.

along performance space with a bank otseating at eitherend. G. Kelly, D. Sloan (both Glasgow) and S. Rutherford (Edinburgh) won a copy of The Traverse Theatre Story as did the following people, who also won a copy of Peter Cook And Dudley Moore‘s Dud & Pete: The Dagenham Monologues (Methuen £3.95): C. Ballance, Brian Gavin, Sebastian Juncosan (all Glasgow), R. Crampin and Margarita Galen (both Edinburgh).

I If you are entering more than one competition you need use only one envelope, but please make sure that the names of ALL the competitions you are entering are clearly marked on the outside. Employees of The List are ineligible to enter. The decision of the competitions editor is final.

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