! Edinburgh in Depth Until 3 Oct. Admission

£1 (Slip). Start your tourofthc city here.

with magnificent panoramic and 3-1) colour show.

I COLERIDGE GALLERY 47h (ieorge Street. 3301305. .Mon -Sat Ilium—5.3tlpm.

This is Illt’ place to see contemporary Britiin glass; the selection is usually very

Leti: 19th-century cyanotype by Anne Atkins. Right: contemporary example produced in workshop. see below.


Anna Atkins. Royal Botanic Garden.

Edinburgh . NothingitseemsmovedtheViciorian f i mindlikethetwinpossibilitiesoi

science and innovation; they engineered railway stations and viaducts. spanned vast distances with structures oi iron and glass. developed the camera and the gramophone and produced heroes like Sherlock Holmes whose scrupulous deductions were a triumph oi the scientific method.

Within this illustrious company at architects and scientists. engineers and botanists. I've always had rather a suit spot iorthe iemale pioneers. Wrapped in whalebone corsets and ridiculous bustlesthey nevertheless set oii tor ioreign countries, or quietly and persistently pursued their endeavours at home.

One such woman was the little known Anna Atkins and her work with cyanotypes. one oi the earliest methods oi photography. is currently on show at the Botanics.

The process. developed by SirJohn Herschel. is remarkably simple. It involves coating 3 sheet oi paper with a mixture oi lightsensitive chemicals; an object. such as a leai ior example. is then placed on the paper and exposed to daylight. This acts on the chemicals.

IBiitairtr Bertrandl .tyrc: tl-iancciantl l{i‘\c"l‘\ ltoekel \\ est ( iernianyi IIIIS rstheStollrsEi \zts( tniritrl'slast .'\§‘.iirtiit~r‘

Louise Sculliont l‘.Ill I t>.t .\\iitll‘.:.'

t tlaseuts ,1: list makes a garden inspired lfslttllall-‘l‘. in: the toye: NaiionalReviewoiLive Artt» "(let last tea: RH. :sttie Statires. l oridoii. thisyeai. l‘ yet c‘lTII.‘ ( ilaseoxy \tm inils

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.’ .'\.'l i: more details

ITRANSMISSION GALLERY EFt‘hisholin Siteet. ‘L‘hf‘ \lt‘ll Satrioon bprn Graham Harwood 'arr'il l illtl

llt .ttd:r‘..' sir'.‘ pictures :natle lll‘llt‘iI‘.

i‘Ett rmwi‘ret: \sizreh. .teeordtneto the artist. look at ‘uo; k ll‘. conternporai \ _.t"':'.ri. . st. 32'. l.i\el\l .trrtl socialist images 9'.“"sa:e \lfl‘lltt! .llltll‘rt‘\\ “933212:.l.!‘»\i‘ei‘;‘le‘\le'\\ {host iirrages "til'\ little

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is .ilst‘ .ll‘. installation piece .‘bjeelsartd rtrr‘i‘tsherneterrig t'w:r‘..:.:;.irtt' L Metamorphoses Black. tittf \\llllc‘ pictures -' ( ./.-.E:t\sio\aki tr‘. photographer

l‘- .r?‘ \ld‘. t‘. '.-\

, _. “$13,, changes the colour oi the paper and leaves the image at the teat as white space. Washing the print in water ‘develops‘ and iixes the image.

Mrs Atkins, an enthusiastic botanist, used this process to photograph seaweeds. terns and plants. Starting in 1843 and published in parts, her book British Algae was the lirst work to be illustrated by this method. The prints

are an attractive mix at botanic

l I l i i i :

accuracy and semi-abstract images; the characteristic blue background is the resultolthe oxidising oi the chemicals. and is the same ingredient which gives Prussian Blue its colour. The technique survives today as the

I WASPS 3h Klllg Street. 553Il5t'i-I. Mon l'l'i lllam 5pm. A neyt shop. exhibition space and resource centre \\ itli inlor‘mation on \york by all WASPS artists. Slide library and information about hoyy tocoiiimission \york. Edinburgh WASPS Throughout Sept. A changing selection ol \yot‘k by artists esliihiirng at the l’ati‘iothall Studiosin l-dtnhtirgh during the l-‘estiyal \y ill he translet'ed to the (ilasgoyy \VASI’S and shoyy ii oy er the next couple olmonths,

EEIHIHEEEEIIIIIIIIIII I BOURNE FINE ART 41)undas Street. 55? 4H5”. Mon I-rr lllam (rpm

Scottish painting lS‘tlil I‘l5tland l)ecot'ati\e .-\i is

I BRUNTON CENTRE Mussclhtirgh.(io5 3"] l e\t 344

Arts FairSat l3 Sept .-\nrtua| cratt lair held by the l‘.tsl l othiari (‘ommunity History and .'\rts l'iust t l' l.( ‘l l.-\'l'l yyith stalls. pei'lorrnances. a children's painting eshihrttoti. reti'eshrncnts and a tree creche ('raltspcopleorIocalgroups yy ho \sould like to take part should contact the

Collective Gallery


O3! -220 l26O

Marion Coutts WORTH Drawings 8t Constructions 10th Sept— 1st Oct Rebecca Finch PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK 8th - 29th Oct


' ' lJ l v



Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council

32 lhe list lb—- 3‘)Septemhcr WSS‘


architect‘s blueprint, and it‘s so straightiorward the Botanics are making it the subject at a series at Sunday workshops (see listings): it‘s a simple, pleasing, and toolprooi process, ideal lorchildren oradults, and you can take home your print when you’ve made it. (Sally Kinnes)

Beth Chatto, a leading tigure in the world oi horticulture, will give an illustrated lecture at the Botanics on 21 September entitled Making a Garden out at a Wilderness. The tee, £16 (28) includes a guided garden walk at 11am, a boxed lunch with music and wine at 12.1Sam and lecture at 2pm.

olliee lit the aho\e number” and stallsat'c tree to erattspeople \y illing to giy e demonstrations.

I BURGERRY SCOTCH HOUSE Third Floor. 3‘) 4| Princes Street. 557435". Mon Sat 9am-5 . 31 lpm '. 'I‘hurs ‘)am-- (iptii.

Scottish Crait Collection [hill 1 ()ct. (‘ontemporary yyork includingceramics. glass. knityyear and tapestry.

I CALTON GALLERY lll Royal 'l‘er'race. 55b lillil. Mon» Fri Illaiii-opm: Sat

lilam— lpm.

Next exhibition. on the subject oi Marine paintings. yyill he in ()ct.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY ( ieorge l\' Bridge. 335 558-1. Mon l‘l'igilm ‘lpm;Sat

9am lpm.

SummerArtisis I ‘iitil end Sept In the line .-\rt Library. Work by Scottish architects and artists including Stuart (‘ampbelI liric Day idsoii. Norman lluiilcraiid Hilary and John ()herlandei andothcrs. I CITY ART CENTRE 3 Market Street. 335 343~Iextoti5ll Mon-Sat lllam bpm l-rom l()ct opening hours \\ ill be Mon- Sat lilam-r5pm. Licensed cale. [1)]

Shape and Form: Six Sculptors irom Scotland I7 Sept-33 ()et. Kirsty Meghie's detailed. arching shapes. coiled like a huge. gentle caterpillar. stand otit particularly in this shoyy . chosen It} the ( ':\( V and the (-ollilis (iallery in (ilasgoty.

Drawings by Robert Colquhoun t'ntil :4 Sept. 'l‘hese drayy ings “etc a reluctant. perhaps halt-angry . response to a commission by ()ltyer Bernard ys lio kncys ('olquhoun ysas desperately short ol money 'l'hey \\ ere produced. amazingly . in IS hours l-ull ol \ cry e andspirit. Reality and Imagination in Neapolitan Painting in the 17th and 19th centuries t ‘nul 34 Sept Disappointing: selection oi \\ ork trom maior and pro ate collections in Naples. designed to tie-iii \y ith the Italian theme ol this year's liestryal

I CITY CAFE it) Blair Sttcet. 33llll135 \‘oon- 3am.

Gavin Evans t'tttil.‘~iis‘ept ’lliet‘rty (are ioins the e\liihition circuit ysith photographs by (ia\ in Is arts. hest kntm n irorii hisysork in (IT

I CITY OBSERVATORY ( ~altoii lltll. 550

“M l)aily Illani J .‘sllprn

good and the gallery . recognising that glass is a tactile medium. has a very yyclcome policy otencouraging yisitorsio handle the pieces.

Contemporary British Art Glass that Sir Sept.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY loo l liin Street. 33“ llotl. 'l'ue i’ri I33” 5.3tlpm; Sat lll.3llani 5.30pm.

Marian Couttst'ntil I ()ct.

I CRAMONO SCULPTURE CENTRE Moray Ilouse ('ollege. (‘ramond Road North: .illotlili ext 373. Daily lilarii-riightlall (huses4l and IS).

New Sculpture in Scotland 1" Sept ll I)ee. A y cry welcome. and long-m erdtte y enue opensoti l7 Sept. an outdoor centre tor contemporary art. the only place ol its type in Scotland. [is situated iust outside Iidinhurgh. in the grounds of the Scottiin (wire for Physical Iidueation in ('ramond. and tysely‘e artists hay'e made nets stork for the inaugural exhibition. Sculptors are: Tracy MacKenna. Sihylle \'on llalem. Moira lnnes. l)oug('ocker. Wendy llalstead. Valerie l’ragnell. Peter Hill. Arran Ross. Julie Mc(‘ran..lohn lltiriter. Day id Moore and lilizabelh Mci'all. The exhibition yyill he rey ieyy ed in

a future issue ol The List.

I DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 5 Home Terrace. 335 “ISO. Mon»~l’ri Illam 5pm PerArnoldi and Bo Boniils l ‘ntiI lIi Sept. Bra/eiin colour'tul. eoyctahlc posters trom Denmark. Strikineg simpleand intriguing. .IM.

I ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION 33 Atholl (‘rcscent 33‘) I53S’. Mon—Sat lilam~5pm Theresa Flynn Recent paintings; Baajie Pickard Raku Pottery. L'ntil 3-1 Sept.

I FILMHOUSE l.otliian Road. 33.20383. Mott Sat noon»l 1pm: Sun (yfsll llpiii. licensed restaurant.

Nick Price I'ntil end Sept. :\ month-long trek throuin the remote riioutitainsol \epal resulted in this groupol photographs from an lzdinhurgh-based photographer .'\|l proceeds lrom salcsgo toI'.\'l(‘l-.I-.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 13 (heat King Street. 55bil31l5 .Moii Sat [Haiti-(ipm.

From Corinth to Carlops: Victoria Crowe

I'ritil 4 ()ct. .-\ pr'olusioii ol l'loyyersaiid

colours. lrom (ireece to the Borders. proy ides (toys e \\ itli her attractty e stllijeels.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 335 it""h. 'I lie IN I lam oprii‘.Sat lilam-~ 1 pm.

David Evans I bid 38 Sept. l’osthttrnous e\hihition ot a much respected British ysatercolourist lle liy ed in Stillolk \\ here he hieycled to yyoi‘k as a hospital potter. and “as killed in a road accident in l’ehruary llis colours are y i\ id. his sty le sometimes naiye. sometimessurreal liithei' \say his \yot'k is usually teeming \yith lite


(‘rcsccnt.335 5.‘~(i(i Moreitr‘l .‘itlam lpm

and 3pm ‘5 .‘itlpm \c\t exhibition iii()ct I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 3‘) Mai ket Street. 335 35S? Tue—Sat lilam- ~55llpm; Sun l..‘~llpm <5..‘\llpm. licensedcalc

Jack Goldstein [bid 35 Sept. (ariadiaii artist .Iack (ioldstcin looks to the light ol the sky and space tor inspiration and he batters the cy cs ys itli psychedelic sunhtirsts and tltioresecnt trames, \Vhile impressiyely executed and undoubtedly spectacular. these paintings are ultimately lonely and coolly urban. made tor science lictiori meditation against the Manhattan itinglc

New work by Glen Onwin From early ()ct. ()ll\\ in is a Scottish artist is ho l|\ esatid \yoi'ks in lidinhurgh l’rcy ious \sork has been concerned \\ ith the cm itoiiriicrit and