lVI Jim Knight Scotch And Ry e. 5i)(ieorge

IV Bridge. 225 168]. lzvening.


5 Glasgow

l National Mod: See separate Listings.

I Bowantree Folk Club Rou untree lnn. B} L’ddi'ngston (‘roxx L'ddrngston.

9--l l .JSpm. Ll lnlorniul club.

I Second Fiddle Scotl\ ( 'ornel'. l)erh_\ Street. 334 4801. laxenrng.

I Ian Bruce()\erdruught liar. IZS Broortiielu\\.23l 8386.11\erririe. Entertainingsinger guitarist.

I Ceilidh Dance Rn erslde. l‘ox Street . oil ('lVdeStreet.2483144. lilpnr L3. lute



I Taj Mahal Band ()ueens I lull. (‘lerk Street. 668 2010. 8pm. Liifilli USU).

Tickets irorn ()ueens l lull Box ()liice. See

.luzz listings.

I Larry and Friends Meudtms Bur. Buceleueh St. 667 366‘). l:\ clung. ( iurlar bused folks} blues and \u rug.

I North Sea Gas l’lutlor'nt l.Rutlund Street. [LVL‘lllllLL RCSILlL‘ill pub iolk hand. I Royal Oak lnlir‘rnur} Street. 55" 29W» l1\eriinglrll l..‘~ilum. lute haruitlr

i rrllormul songs and lllllSIL‘


I Muckle Ado Scotch And R}e. 5il( ieorue l\' Bridge. :35 1681. lixening.



I Patrick Street I lenr} Wood l lull. (‘lurernont Street. 336 3868. 8pm. £5 i L4 l. ‘l‘rekets irorn 'I‘ieket Centre. ( undler rugs; and lonu Records. IFS Stock“ ell Street Return oi iiddler' Rex in Burke. singerund mundolinrst And) lrx rne. box plu}er .luekre l)ule_\ and guitarist Art} .\lc(i|rnn An umulgum oi l’lunxt}; l)e l)unuan and the liolhi Band. See panel

I Howling Sleepers Blueklriurs. Bell Street. Merchant ( it} . 553 W24. 9pm. Free. \Vild ('uiun hund up lrom Wales. plu} ing Melrose l‘L‘SlH ul and Radio. l-rrst trme ill Scotland. ,

I Billy Kay and Rod Paterson l’aixle} .-\rt\ Centre. New Street. 041 SS” li‘llll. ".Sitprn. L2. .\'urr‘;iti\e and musical account oi one oi our .\';itr\ e Languages.

dem ed lrorn Bill} '\ hook Scols-TheMither :

Tongue. Inlornrulix e. entertainingand i'ull oi line Seotssones.

I The FOlll Band BlilL‘hll'lill'S. Bell Street. Merchant (it) . 553 5934. Aliernoon. Instrumental \L‘SSIitll.

I Kells Scott '\ ( ‘ot'llel. l)L‘l‘l‘_\ Street. 334 “W l'\enine. Suturdu) residency.

li'lSli Scots \rrrgulong hand. l’opulur.

I Ceilidh Dance Rnersrde. l-o\ Street . oil

(‘l_\de Sll‘L'L‘l. :48 .illl. lilpm. L“. l.;llL‘


: Edinburgh

I Fiddlers Rally ()ueen‘s l lull. (‘lerk Street. 7.30pm. L3. lnsupportol'l’reloil (‘entre (‘rurgrnounl Slr‘uthxpe} and Reel

SUCIL‘I} urrd l’erlllund ( him

(ieolge l\' Bl'ldg ‘. __.


I Royal Oak lnlirrnuri Street. 5‘" 39‘6.



I Denny Swanson Scotch .-\nd R} e. Sn “* lixSl. lzxenlng.


5 I Zui! La Chute \\ rrltersgrllxlireul

\\ eater!‘ Road lacrrrng. ()ld lllltL‘S.

American and ealrrn.


I Glenelg Sessions Youngx l lure-l. learninuton'l'err'aee 9pm midnight. l-ree. .'\L‘Utl\llL‘ lilllSIL‘ nights. 'l onreht the lolkululli Critter Hill Varmints.

I Seannachie ( il'een ‘1 rec. (1m gale lixenuru. Scottish songs and App)


The Edinburgh Quartet at St Bernard’s

6 concerts: £27 series ticket with mulled wine and nibbles £18 series ticket without refreshment £3.75 single concert ticket (concs available)

OCT 12th 0 NOV 9th 0 DEC 7th JAN 18th 0 FEB 22nd 0 MAR 22nd All Wednesdays at 7.45pm

Tickets and further information from The Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street, 031 668 2019 The Usher Hall, Lothian Road, 031 228 1155 or The Edinburgh Quartet, 119 Craigleith Road, 031 332 8691


.l ‘- .8,

p Plaza.

Beiore suggesting you get into the country. I must mention the Glasgow concert oi Patrick Street on the 24th. The tour talents are among the greatest living Irish instrumentalists. and though not guaranteed to always gel as a band. are always worth seeing. Jackie Daly on the button box and Kevin Burke on the iiddle are superb. Then on stringed instruments and vocals the reiined styles oi Arty McGlynn and Andy Irvine. See photo.

It you live East or West. head out this weekend into an Indian Summer. and leave the city behind. Melrose inthe Borders and Tarbert in Argle are holding theiriirstlolk musiciestivals over the weekend 16th—18th. concerts. dances and well respected guest musicians and bands. both in lovely wee towns in splendid countryside. with ample camp sites and hotel accomodation.

Melrose opens with a concert on the Friday ieaturing the Electroiolkbeat oi Tonight Al Noon with southern visitors Joyce Scaiie and Steve Moxan. A dance in the Corn Exchange ioliows irom 9.30pm—1am. Alter a Saturday afternoon oi Kids events. Morris Dancing. Workshops and a Craft Fair. the evening concert ieatures Tara. iolk and jazz tinges irom the Picts. and the roots rock and roll oi the Deighton

rrrstr urnerllals llorn resident hand i IJim Knight'CoIin Ramagel'RobinLaing l'nsrenl \\.lll. l .mnrnurket l'xenin; lllree singer LILIIldllSlS

I Larry and Friends .'\llllt|ll.ll \ . St Stephen Street l \L‘llll!;{ (iurlar based lollu} lilues and \\\lll_L'. ' I North Sea Gas Rulland l lolel. Rutland Street. Swill-13 ‘lpnl Singzaloruz

MONDAY 26 Glasgow 3

I Victoria Bar llr rdueuale. i": N Hit ‘lprn

I irom11.30pm-1am. and costs only £2. Sunday hasalunchtime singalongin : the GeorgeandAbbotslord and 2.45pm l

; Welsh rarebits.the RiverGhostsand Friends.

? musicianswillspinthroughseven

venues. alliree.thanksto McEwans

and the HIDB. the two sponsors. Here

' arethe periormerSLCapercaillie.

' Archie iisher. Dougie McLean. Black

; Eyed Biddy. Sanna. Albannach. Jimmy T Brown and Micky Ainsworth with Ian

' Cameron: and here are the venues:

: Restaurant. Columba Hotel. lslay

3 Frigate Hotel. Victoria Hotel. West

; Loch Hotel and Tarbert Hotel.

: Saturday‘s 7.30pm concert has Gaelic songs and instrumentalsirom

3 ceilidh. Inlormation and accommodationiromthe Tourist ? 0iiice.08802429.

I Irish Music Stage l)oor liar . ( ior l\.ll\

Family. Tickets iorthat are a liver. but the Late Night Thrash with wild Cajun Welshpersons. the Howling Sleepers is

concert in the Corn Exchange with more

The West Coast iishing village at Tarbert goes ior completely Scottish iare. 0n the Friday evening the

Anchor Hotel. Barmore Farm

Capercaillie. Dougie MacLean's songs. guitar and iiddle and the cheeriul iolk band Black Eyed Biddy. A dance ioliows inthe village hall. Sunday winds up with a lunchtime

Regular \L'SSIUH

Sileel. WWWSI lr‘|‘( ilasgou lll\ll lllSIIlllltL‘llldllSlS.llltl\illth'IS


: IMirDllu-(ireen lrce.('o\\e.rte l

l \enrru: liar llll l.llll Instrumental


IFiddlersArmsriramnarkt-r [wenrnu Scottish nursrcxexxror: liar close-sat l lprn I Dougie MCO SL‘rtlL'll .\llkl Rte. SIN it'l‘lL’L’ l l\'lirltl§.ze.:_‘5 ioSI l'.\L‘lllll;_'




Full details from the Usher Hall Box Office, Lothian Road; Tel: 031-228 1155/6; Ticket Centre, Candleriggs; 041-227 5511.


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