What you're about to hear from a

mere 14-year-old is remarkable.

Remarkable though it may sound, this October will mark the start of what is only the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s fifteenth season since it began.

Already firmly established as a premier international orchestra, the achievements of the SCO in such a short space of time are a tribute to the commitment, enthusiasm and sheer musicianship of its members.

They are also a tribute to the wealth of good music from which this young orchestra draws its inspiration and repertoire.

The 1988/89 season promises a series of concerts which will display the SCO’s astonishing musical maturity to the full.

Following the success of last year the principal conductor for the forthcoming season-his second with the orchestra—will be the lively young Finn, Jukka-Pekka Saraste. The SCO’s musical journey will take you through everything from stirring renditions of the popular classics to exciting performances of new works by major living composers.

To add to the excitement, there will be guest appearances by musicians of world-renown— musicians whose very presence reflects the high musical esteem in which the SCO is held.

Musicians like James Galway.

Katia and Marielle Labeque. Benjamin Luxon.

Paul Tortelier. Hakan Hardenburger.

John Ogdon.

However well or little you know their names now, you will have come to know them—and love them all—by the end of the season.

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For more information on all concerts, prices and subscription savings, please contact:

Edinburgh Queen’s Hall Box Office, Clerk Street (Mon—Sat 10.00am—5pm) 031 668 2019.

Glasgow, The Ticket Centre, Candelriggs (Mon—Sat 10.30am—6.30pm)041227 5511 and 041227 5015. All major credit cards are accepted.

TUESDAY 27 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Folk f’aislc} .-\t'l\( 'cnlrc. .\'c\\ Sil'c‘c‘l . as.“ till“. 8pm. Ray and Gerry.


I Barrie Band Bannciniam Bar. ( "ougatc. 55o 3254. l‘\cning. 'I‘hc Barric Band. l'ltltllL’. llutc. mantloccllo and \ ocals. .\lain|_\ ll'l\ll

I Chris Thompson .81 .lamcs ( it \lCl llat'. ('alton Rnatl. tlppt)\llk' Sf .l.ltilc‘\(.c‘nlt‘c l‘xcnine. Rockabilh hlucs

I Miro l‘ lileJll lzxxart. l.a\\ nmarkct. topol thc High Sticct. l,\L‘lllllg .-\coti\licccltic

I Kenny Grier RUin ( )tll\. lnlirmar} Sfrcct. 55 l‘ro. (itllldlhl \lllfJL'l l.atc liar

I Colin Ramage Scotch .'\Iltl Rsc. fin (ic‘tilglcl\llll'ltl;1c‘.::5 lohl l-wnrng.



I Glasgow Gaelic Music Association Concert \lt‘l .t'llali ( rallc‘l lL‘\. Satlt'lllcllztll Slicct

G illpjn

I Blackfriars FOIK lll.lL‘l\''\ llai'. llcll Strcct. \lcichant (it) . 553 5034 \pm. if in lhc l)o\\ ll\l;lll \ liar . thc hi3; \oiccol

Marilyn Middleton Pollock l’ci ml pic'L‘L‘\.

I Scotia Folk Night Scotia Bar. Stoclmcll Stl‘c‘L‘l. 553 808].

I Folk Session llalt Bar. \Voocllantls Road. 332 ill“. lixcning. Instrumental lllll\lL‘ on litltllc. accordion ctc.


I Annual General Meeting lttlinhurgh t-ulk (huh. ()shotirnc llotcl. York Place. 556 55"”. 8pm. £2 3“ (£1.50). Singarouncl illic‘l\\;ll'tl\.

I North Sea Gas Platform l.Rut|aml Strch l-xcning. Rcsitlcnt puh lolkhancl I GUllEfSc‘Hlt‘ll .-\litl l{_\L‘. 5U ( ictirgc l\' lliitlucQIF ltihl.l'.\Cllllli1.



I Star FOllt Club ( ilttsgtm Stic‘lc‘l} (ll \ltislcians. llcrkclcw Strcct. 321 hi l_‘. Spill ti 5“.


I Green Tree ( '0“ galc l'.\L'llill}_’. l'tillx' \c'c'tlc' \c'\\lntl l .Ilc in”

I Larry and Friends .»\ntrquars . St Stcphcn Slrcct l‘.\L‘lllllt!. (iurtar hasctl folks} hlucs anti suing.

I Colin Bamage/Robin Laing linstgn l'\\.tll. [..mnmarkct. fawning.

I Jim Knight Scotch .'\lltl Rsc. 5M icoigc l\' firicluc. .335 loh'l. l-,\cning.

O<\\3‘\\N OA/Dfi/ c. ’7/ e 79 0380

MOD as 61/1 3 098‘ .

THE 1988 MOD

The annual festival of the Gaels is upon us. although lorthe average Scot. it would pass without notice. Held this year in Glasgow, the National Mod has been running since the latter part of the last century. fostering a narrow spirit of excellence in Gaelic language. song and music through the medium of competition. and not too concerned with promulgating it to the large audience of interested but non Gaelic speakers in the country.

Apart from those who would rather not speakout againstthe Mod's obvious flaws. poet. writer. and man-about-Gaeldom. Aonghas g MacNeacail leelsthatthings must . change. or the event will ossily into a ! kilty carnival.though thereis some comfort that the Mod has. since 1981. nearly 100 years afterthe inauguration of the Gold Medal. presented a medal for Traditional singing. So it's becoming harderto jibe ...‘What's the difference between the Mod and yoghurt? . . . Yoghurt’s a living culture.‘

Aonghas was impressed by the Welsh Eisteddfod ‘The Mod should be an all encompassing event. It is improving. but down in Wales they had seminars. forums. books. sh0ps. stalls. tents. every thing from CND to Double Glazing . . . we should have the Crofter's Union. electronics firms . . . everything that touches on the life of the community.‘

(iiant gltht tlctailctl piouiamnic of all c\cnl\. Including;allcompctilions..intl tickctxtoallc\cnt\.iicamtlahlcttllliom thc \lotl Shop. ll \lciklantl Slicctaill lhirnhaitoii Roail. thcn for thc tlui'ationol llic \lntl “Hill the \ltltl ( )lllc'c' Ill lllc‘ Scottishl \hihition ant! ( 'oiilcicncc (critic. l'lfllllt'\ltlll Strcct. and thc \litchcll 'l hcatic lio\ ( )tlicc.(iran\ illc Sllc‘c'l

lhc \ll‘tl llll\ scar l\ coordinatctl \sith thc ( ilasums (iattlcll l'c\tl\ al. and tlas and scason tickcts aw .i\ .iilahlc \\ hich Ict you into all \lotl c\cnt\ .llltl thc ( iaitlcn lc\lt\.il l)a\ trckcts. Utitltilt. 9.: Sllchiltl; .‘.‘l)a'\ ticlxcls. tllatlult.f.-1cltiltl;‘-l)as llclxc'h. 9.:lltttltlli. L‘lt‘lllltl. lll- l).t_\ llc‘le‘h t3? atltilt. t lllchiltl.


I Fiddle/PianO/Accordion Competitions (onlczcncc ( ‘cntic. l llllllt‘\lt‘ll Strcct. 31x Intro .Iiipm LJ (ll.l\\_‘t)\\

( alt tlonian Stiathspct antl Rccl \ocicts (itlc‘\l .-\i ll\l\ .v\nnc l or nc ( illllc‘\ and Paul .\l.ic( 'alltim ('onipcic .lolm ( 'ai michacl I Piping Recital llcmt \\ ootl i fall. (laicniont Slicct. IITFFli 5pm t.‘ 5H l’ipc .\lajoi lain \ltHllMHl antllohn

\\ llxtfll.


I Children's Competitions \\ mitotic School. llcr kclcx \ttccl 3.31 ‘hhl, N :“am l‘lk'k


IChildren‘s Competitions \Mmtiatlc ; .\\'lltitil. llct‘lxclc) \llc‘L'l. "Til: l‘lc‘L'

I Children's Concert Scottish! \hihition anti ( "onlcicncc ( ’cntrc. l'llllllc‘\lUll

Stu-yr. _‘_.l\.§llllfi " {tlpm 1: SH


IAdultCompetitions .-\ll.mucmcnnonctt \cnucs ‘l .illanioimartls

I Mull Ceilidh Group lit-nit \\ tH‘tl l lall. ('laicrnont Sticct o Spin

I Poetry and Music i lc-mt \\ nod l lall.

( laicniont Sticct \ 31! Ill .‘llpm Soilct .\lacl can .imlt athx .\nn \lcl’hcc

I Convenor's Ceilidh \foi: Hall. \lllcllcll \htchcll lhcatrc. (iianx illc Sticct “all! {I \ll

I Piping Competitions \\ « mimic school. llcikclc} \tich. 3:! “Vi: ‘) Niall] ti 5“

[WI scssion

I, l

I Fiddlers Rally Scottish l' \llll‘llltill .llltl I