Edinburgh ————— M_l _ «I —- I f" IThe Beautitui Suit Music Box. \"iclm in

. . . Street. 33“ 1‘05, 0.30er l ICL‘ l‘lmtlhlllgl Metallrca lek 0" the" BflllSh tour at lumluutirl lgr'u;;r\mu \lilil‘lL‘ the Playhouse Theatre. Edinburgh on guitar Just-u pup luncw m truntctl 'm the Saturday 25 (with an extra date already / L'W'K‘mll tumble Donna A added the muowing night) close on me I Crocodiles in Cream \cmwl nllun heels ol the release at their new LP, Rngul. 557 sir; 1 ML. mm. mm. In. m.” ‘. . . And Justice For All‘. which, for this group. mm klU“ 11 iv .. umclvccc.and those who have never seen much [hm w ru'nhubh kll‘i‘l‘pul ;. In: nl rut-n further into the recent wave at

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Whatwe have hereisadouble album.

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option tor a band at Metallica's stature. Tricky rhythm changes.

The guitars, drums. bass and vocals overdubbed acoustic passages and '

have been left as they are and are all concise linger-bending runs keep the

the more powerlul tor it. It the picture is tension (and the eyelids) propped up A throughout. In tact, speaking from

lorming ot a monotonous grinding hour in the company at some of the most personal experiences‘. . . And Justice "'3‘" La Magia thank heavens. butMetallica‘s miserablerockers onthe planet. thenit ForAll‘ isametalLPlorpeople who

pessimistic vision of unrelenting should be pointed outthat the dexterity don't really like metal LPs. (Mab)

Rind. 332 lllll “pm true. l‘nrmcr'h

hero-worship ot Osbourne seems a shade misplaced it's a bit like Lenny Bruce aspiring to be Jimmy Tarbuck. There are precious lew laughs on‘... And Justice ForAII'. and no references at all to Swords. Sorcery or Satanism.



lrmn Nottingham. I Marino's Men 1 lull Bar. 1(ul\\'umll.lmix

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Edinburgh Queen’s Hall V m WedZBSept a

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