Nl(_ill'l‘LlFE LlS'l‘

disco sounds in the West End.

I Cotton Club 1 lpm-3.3()am. £5. 'I‘lienight at the Cotton Club. What more can be said? [A]

I ["800 Viva lllpm--3am. £3.51). Two floors of solid dancing with personality Dis.

I Escape Club at l’zazz. 11.3(lptti—3.3lltini. £4. All drinks£l. Brian Sweeney presents a new club for Saturdays at Plan. for those of you who like uncut funk. streetsoiirids and club classies.

IFollies lil.3t)pm—3.3()am. £4. |.\'l)| |.\"l‘] I Hard Rock Caiie at the Venue. l lprii till late. £3.51). With DJ (ieorge.

I Hollywood Studios ltlpni--.‘~ani. £3.51). See Fri.

IJoe Paparazzi l lpiii—3._‘s()am. £5. The busy. hiptrendy night at Jl’swith 1).) Nicky Koranskye ~ often with a theme.

I Knightsbridge SW1 1 lpm—3.3(lani. Anotheroy‘er3l night at thisupmarket club. DJ liddie (ioldberg. |.\'l)| [N'l'llA] I Kraclr at Fury Murrys. l 1pm—-.‘\am £3.51). ()ne of the longest rtinriingtand best! 1 clubs in (ilasgow. Look out for the new Acid House spot and the rather predictable (ireuye songs as well.

I Mardi Gras 111.3(lpms 3.31 lam. £4. .\lardi (irasflub Night.

IMayiair l lprn 13am. £3.51) ()y er 31s disco in the ballroom and the SWDSelub in the ('ameo suite.

I Palomino Club ‘lpni- 3am. £4. [)iseo sounds.

I Panama Jax I lpm— 3.30am. £11. Soul and mixed chart mUsie with resident l).ls. 'l‘omniy Arnold or Raymond l).'i\'l'£‘ll.

I Rallies 111.31L»3am. L“. Diseosottiids with DJ. Roddy Stewart.

I Rooftops lupin—3am. £3 (‘liart disco in the function suite.

I Savoy 11pm» 3am. £3.511.()\'cr3ls' night at (‘ilasgow ‘s largest disco. [Al

I SLAM at 'l'in l’ati Alley. 111.311pin 3am £3.51). SLAM have been hay ingtlieir bUsiest nights recently. proving a more than adequate riy al to the Sub ( ‘lub et al. ISub Club 7pni~ l lprn. 14 lbs night. £3 withticket. £3.5llwithout. 11 your take 11) isn‘t quite tip to scratch. and you can handle drinking tree (‘oke all night. has ic Gray's club is for you.

I Sub Club 1 Ipm~3.3\11am. £3.51). .\'ot quite the club it was a year ago. but still one of the best ( not too ditlicult l. [A] ITrax at Rooftops. 1 lprii-3.31);irii £3. All drinks £1. (iood to see a new club with a few original ideas doing well in its first couple of weeks. it should be gettingey'eii better in the coming weeks a so look out lor the free tickets floating around. I Viva and Vamps at Disc-o \‘n a "two floorsofsoliddancing.‘ lilpm 3am. £3.51) IThe Warehouse 1 lpiii--3~.3()am. £4. Warehouse (‘lub .\'ight- the busiest night in tow n. so come early .

I Zico's lilpm-Sain. £3. (‘har‘t based disco sounds.


IThe Amphitheatre 1 1.3sllpm--~1am. £4. llalfpriee before 11.3(1pm. linteitain yourself in sty le in Scotland's1'1tiinate Nightclub. IND]

I The Backroom at Shady- Ladies. 111.3(lpm-‘3am. £3. ('elebrates three years of success dow n in the depths of Shady Ladies. The best in independent dance and old punk favourites.

I Bigbird at Wilkie llouse. 11pm —~lam. £3 Promising new club w ith lotty' ambitions. playing a huge \ariety Ulstilll. house. tau and so on.

I Buster Browns llpm—Jam. £3.75. Worthwhile night with steady youthful crowd. Buster Brow ns‘ 1'ndcr- 18s disco. 8—1 1pm. Sec l‘ri.

I Cale St James See Hi for details. |.\‘l)| INTI

I Chaplins at lr'insbury‘ l’ark's Night ( 'lub 11.3llpm—bam. See Fri.

I Cinderellas Rockenellas 9pm ~3am. £3.51); £3 before 11pm. Immenser popular mainstream club. Dis Rick Baker and Gary (iloy‘er host the ‘biggest party in town.


Plantasia Party Night at Wilkie House: 16 Sept, 10pmtill late. £1.50— invitations must be produced on entry but these will be readily available around Edinburgh. A much-needed tonic lorthe post-Festival lull that descends over Edinburgh comes in the shape oi Piantasia, a new club which announces its arrival with a one-oil party at Wilkie House on Friday 16 September.

Organised by Kenneth Brady and Ian Allison, Piantasia has high ambitions, aspiring to being rather more than a standard one-dimensional ailair. To this end. negotiations are in progress with two Edinburgh venues. neither oi which could be described as over-used, to iind a permanent site. The night at Wilkie House serves as an introduction and plans are being laid to produce a warm atmosphere. The music will be predominantly acid house and a host oi guest DJs, including members at the Armoury 89 Sound System from London, Peter and Julian from Acid. Colin from Spanish Harlem and Alan Campbell. are lined up. A ‘mind-blowing' lightshow and dancers are also promised to fuel the good—natured ambience.

Plantasia promises to be a worthwhile venture. so lookout ior invitations. Details of its permanent

home and oi a Beauliiul Contradictions -.

Night-Michael Clark and Phil Dirtbox‘s project which Kenneth and Ian are helping to organise at a large venue in Glasgow. will appear inthese pages shortly. (Andy Crabb)

ICoastersh mp lllplil. £1.51) t’mler )s's

alcohol licediseo 1 l\t‘;lL1\111H\1\\L'L‘l\\

IEdgarslupm lam £3beioreinidnight.

£3 alter. \lcmbeiship loriiis lot the

suitably llilplt“ set! ayailablc .il thcdooi I Goombay Beat at the Barbados Stiitc T (Coasters). lllpiii 5am. £3. See l'll

I Hard ROCK Cate at the Venue

9pm 3 Mam l’riccsyai'y aceoi'diiigto groups dppeilllllt'. 31 Sept only ;

iscalibur ll’t"ll lliadtoid and ow tiersoi a ridiculously \L‘\l\1\lL'L"s e for their new single. and locals Seeing Red at this

well attended rock club

I l‘lOt Earth at the \ltlslc lii)\. £3

‘lpiii late. 3-1Sept only .-\itibitiotisiiew soul funk club. otteii with a special theme

IThe Hooch at( oast;rs. lilfillpm 1am. £3. With Drinks l’iomotions most weeks l).l's Yogi \aughton and Warren

'1 honison as law l'llills greats holdsway oyer'soiil iuiik punters

I Kangaroo Club at 'l he Mission. 111.3iilpni .‘ani £3. Very popular soulhip hop ttiiik yeiiue w lieie Vanity takes on a

IMadisons lilpni Jam. £1 5llbctorc

ll) .‘illpm; £3 alter. l).l (Lilllll playsaii

50 The List 16 29 September 1988

excellent selection of disco sounds.

I Mambo Club at ('alton Studios. Upm—Sam. £3. African music based club attracting a mixed crowd.

I Millionaire's lllpm—bam. £3 (£1 before 13). See Fri.

I Nico's 7pm» lain. l-‘i'ee. ()y'er 31sonly. See Hi.

I Outer Limits at Coasters. 111.311pm «lam. £3 before 1 1pm: £35” after. Popular ftill scale disco with reduction for student cards each night. |.\"l'|

I nokko's 8pm» Jam 1 l lappy Hours

3- 1 1pm). Free before 1 lpiii; £3aiter.

I Underground at the Venue lilpm 3am £1.5ll(£l with ticket). t7sc'pioiily- Welcome return of frantic Saturday s on a bi-weekly basis. l‘iiie blend ol alternatiye sounds.

IZenatec lllpiii---1ain £3.5tlbelorc 11.3llpni:£~1after \‘er‘y conilortable upmarket joint. (her 31 with fast car accessories sitting outside. IA]

Say oy with lager only 85p and y'odka65p. [Al

I Sundays in Hollywood at Holly wood Studios. 1 1pm ~3am. All beers £1. Admission £3. £1 discount \‘tHlL‘llCl‘S

% ayailable at Austins Bar. llope Street. (ilasgow and at lhe DrawingRoom. ('lydc Street. (ilasgow. Sundays in



IThe Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street.331 3361) .s 1 1pm. 1’ree.(‘heapdrinksand li'ee miycrsl I The Baicaveai Henry Alrika's (continued). .1 1pm 3.30am. like all good Batman stories the llatcay e now comes iii parts?

I Bennets 1 1pm 4am. £3. Mainly gay with l li-NRUsouridsto fill iye onstage LS Sept Is Andre Adore

I Club 9 at the Sub (’lub. 1 1pm .‘~..‘~()aiii. £3. Sundays is proy iiig to be the best night out in (ilasgow . w hat with cheap admission and drink promotions in l-ury s. 1'”) Pan Alley . (‘leopatras and the (‘ottori (‘lub Now the Sub ('lubeiiters the market with (‘ltib t) w ho hay e Yogi \‘aughton and ’l oin .lackson play irig the compulsory soul (an. house. acid and rare gi‘ooy e.

I Disco Viva lllfitlpni» .‘sam. £3. Jamie Barnes and (‘ochise ( Freedom or Nothing). also disco dancing with 1).] Brian.

I Fresh 88 at The ('otton ( ‘ltib.

1 1pm 3.311ain. £3 before midnight: £3 alter. £1 all canned beer. What'sthis" l‘l'£‘\ll bring their prices down in an

oby iotis promotion ploy to attract new laces. Both Segun andt‘olin Bari willbe Play in}! total Acid 1 lotisc' and 'llaleai'ic ileats'.

I Follies 11pm 3am. £.‘~.('heapdrinks_ I Fuddrultlters at (‘Ieopatt'as llpni—3._it)am. £1. Anything goes tonight in the West lriid's best (well. it'sonly) nightclub. Presented by Bennets' l).l (‘iaigl)ayis.

I Fury Murrys 1 Han 3am. £1. Alldrinks £1 l'lll'y\ change their name shock? Alter weeks of hard thinking they managed a brilliant. new name. . Stitidaysl \ey er mind. it's still the best place to go ona Sunday with the dance floor packed for the best part ol the night. I The Kennel Club at 'I'in l’an Alley.

llpiii .‘sam. Soul club night. lleer‘ at (it)pa pint. spirits. «Mp. with 1).] Segun. I Knightsbridge SW1 llpiii 3.31)arn. 'llete Noii‘e‘ lli-NRU night. £3adniission. Lager. llcayy' and Spirits all '75p. |.\'l)] I Night Shift at the Warehouse.

llprn .‘~.3\t)am. £3.51). House music and the soul chart. All dr'iriksuridei 7llpgspirits Nip I Palomino Club 9pm - 3am.

£3, Diseosotlnds. I Panama Jax iii.4.<pm- 3.30am. £3. Sunday Splash with resident l).ls'l‘ommy Arnold or Raymond Day'ren. 511p lager. heay y . whisky . yodka and gin. I Pzazz ll),_il)pm -3.3ilani. l.iy'e l-ire Island run in coiiiunction with l'il'st (‘lass Radio (sec dance chart) with a iii-NRO extrayaganza. l’A event with all drinks£l. I Rattles1().3()—3am.£3.511.Discosotinds with [)J Roddy Stewart. Vodka and lager (slip. I Savoy 1 1pm 3am. £3. Sunday'sat the

l lolly wood w ill leature guest appearances cyeiy week troni artists promotiiigtheir new singles .1 Sept. local 1 lcreo. IWicked Sunday at lollies. llpm Jam. Vodka. ( illl. Whisky and lager - all~lilp IZlCO‘S lllptii 5am £3. (‘liart l‘ascddisCo sounds but watch out tor the pl.iniicd7lls' night.


I The Amphitheatre lllpin 3am. £3.1lall price beloic 1 1pm. l’opulai' night at leading iiiaiiistr'caiii yeritic. [\l )I

I BusterBrowns lllpm 4am. £3.35. llalf price admission and drinks before I lprn. A soullul Sunday w illi a great atmosphere. the best night to make your first Visit to littstei llrowlis.

I Sunday Obsession .n ( ‘intlei ellas

Rockei'lellas lilpiii 3am. £3 before 1 1pm;

£3.5llaltcr Slip drinks Sey en year‘sori.

('indercl'asproy ing as popular as ey ei‘ for a large scale night club w ith a iiewSunday

angle {.\l|\'l)|l.\'l|

tll'lllly\ .tt lillp

I Edgars lllpm iani £3. Ir‘ial r'tiii lot' c'in‘t beliad.

l INico‘s"pm 1am.liiinksotlpallnight.

£3 l‘llll scale \ ideo lacilities.

. IOulerLimitSai(‘oaaeis

111.3I1pm 3.3mm) £1 beloie llprii: £3

' .iltci Students and git ls lt‘ce belotc

midnight. l)ls Stuart 1 ewisaiid .laines

\lowbiay supplying up to the minute sounds [\ l} I Parkbenchallweekendo at the Bermuda

lriaiiglc. ll) itlpm ‘ani £3 1.;isilytlic'

l Illiislet‘lllltt\c‘l'\l.llylllt‘lli1t\\\11.RCQIClltllls range lioiii child-like happiness toutter ) disgust \oi tor thesby

IZenatec ltlpm .‘~ fillam £3. .leaiisand l shirt ( 'lub \ighl Run by the l).lstrom lhc ( ottori ( ‘lub iii ( ilasgow. A more upliont night at /.enatcc.



; IThe Alhambra _~l \\ .iiei-loo Siie~et.221

; 33ot)_.s y‘sllt‘lll iiiitlriiglit l‘i'ecxotls and'711s sounds ('heapyodka

ICIub Airicaar lleiiiy .\li'ika's.

llprn .i illam £1 betorc midnight;£.‘~ altci'

I House and Garage Club at '1 111 Part Alley. 11pm .iain £1 with ticket a\ ailable from the clubaridsurrouridiiig pubs ('heap Scth and Southern( oinloi't Basically a house club btit w ith leanings towards sotil and funk as well.

ISavoy 11pm 3am. £3 ()\ei 35s‘ night withelieapdrmkstoentice youalong: lager S5pand \odka b5p

I Streeibeat at the \\ .iichotise.

11pm .‘sllain £1. l)ay id W .illcrswiththe latest chart and beat sounds

I Palomino Club‘lprii i ‘Harii. £3. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax ll 31 1pm 3. Want. £1.51). \1airiy (i.t_\ \ight. l)l Raymond l)ayren.


I Millionaire's ltlpm -l.llll £3 (£1 before i: 1. Sec l'lll

INico‘s 3pm 1am. l-iee ()yer' 3lsonly'. SL‘L‘ l’ll‘l.

IRoltltO'SSpm 3am l~i'ce Happy Hours ts 11pm l’i'oy iiig \cry popular. which may liayc something to do w ith the lact that it‘s


[BEER— Glasgow

IThe Alhambra 3) \y'aierloosircei.221 33bit l‘rce Stls' discosouiids.('heap drinks.

IBennets It) .‘yllpm 5am. 5tlp. 'l‘he Shimmy ('ltib which has a special drinks