“NIGH'l‘HFlZ 1.181

promotion throughout thc (iardcn chtiy'al. All bccrs. spirits and cidcr arc 60p until midnight.

I Chinese Night at Mardi (iras. 11pm~3._‘~tlam. £3511. Disco night torthc (‘hincsc community.

I Henry Atrikas 503' night 1 1pm- 3.31 lam. I think thc club's namc cxplains itscll?

I Jo-Jo's Gay Night at 'l'in l’an Allcy. 111.31; 3am. Stlpuith tickct. £l yyithottt. liurobcat and 1 1i-.\'R(i music. (‘hcap y-odlx'a.

I Palomino Club 9pm ~ 3am. £2.1)isco sounds.

I Streetbeat at thc \Varchousc.

11pm- .‘x3llpm. £4. i)a\ id \Valtcrs yyith thc latcst chart and bcat sounds.


I Nico’s "pm lam. 1-'t'cc.()\cr leonly. Scc Hi.

I Hokko's «\‘pm Ram. l-"rcc ( 1 lappy litilll's 8-1 1pm 1. Scc .\lon.

IZoo at '1 hc Mission. 111.311pm 3am. £2. A ncyy brccd ol club: l'rban. l-unkand tropical rhythms. \ isuals and attnosphcic




I The Alhambra 31 \Valcl‘loo Sll'cct. :31 33611.3 12pm. l‘rcc. ('lubandchart night. I Cotton Club 11pm 3am. £2.511..1cansand i-Shirt night. [or mc. thc only cltibyyorth goingout toron a \Vcdncsday night.

I Go West at ('lcopatras. 11pm 3..‘sllam. £:(£1\yithlickctl.(io\\'cstyoungman,. . it you go to('1copatras at thc \y cckcnd. thcn try thtsncyy midyycck night it you don‘t. giyc it a try anyyyay l

I Henry Atrikas "pm 4am. £1 bctorc lllpm; £3.511attcr. oils‘ night lor oy crlls. 1)tncropcn lor mcals and snacks. Sonic drinks. ollp. 38 Scpt: 'i‘hc 1)rcamcrs liy c on stagc. I ook out for morc in c bandsin tuturc. [Nil |.\'1)],

I Hollywood Studios 11pm 3am. ()ycr 35s night,

I Mayiair 1 1pm 3am. £2. oils' night .. but sncak along carltcr 17.311- 1 1pm lor traditional ballroom dancing? l.

I Palomino Club 9pm ~3am. £2. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax lllpm» 3.311arn. l‘rcc. Mainly a gay night. [)1 Raymond 1)ay rcn. IWarehouse ’pm midnight. £2. 1'ndct' ls night yy ith dancc-oricntatcd sounds.


I Acid at 'Ilic Mission and Shady Ladics. 111.3(1pm— 3am. £3. 'iihc tyyo-floor spcctacular. 1'pstairs lcaturcs mainly acid housc yy ith somc lunk and hip-hop. yy hilc doyy nstairs l'caturcs soul ia/z ltlsion. and soul yy ith somc blucs and urban funk.

I Millionaires lupin—4.30am. £2 (£1 bclorc midnight ). Scc Hi.

I Nico's 7pm ~ lam. l-'rcc. ()y'cr leonly. Scc Hi.

I Hokko‘s 8pm» 3am. lircc ( l lappy' 1 tours 8- 11pm). Scc Mon.

I Underground at 'iihc \cnuc. lllpm Cam. £1.511(£1yyithtickctl.Rcturnolthisliy'cly altcrnatiyc club. \‘y'cll \yorlh a y isit.


IThe Alhambra 31 \Vatcrloo Sim-LIZ] 32611. 8- 12pm. 15rcc. i’arty Night. I Bennets 11pm—3am. £1. .‘ylainly gay. mainly Iittrobcat. Bccrs and spiritsarc down to 75p. I Blackmarket at Fury .‘ylurry s. 111.311pm—3.30am. \y'ith ()ctobcr last approaching. l-‘ury's \y ill soon bc haying liy‘c bands back on 'I‘hursday's. Hopefully Blackmarkct yy ill bc giy'cn a ncyy night or be ablc to gct a diffcrcnt y'cnuc. as thishas proy'cd to bc onc of thc fcyy succcsscsol thc summcr. I Disco Viva 111.311pm— 3am. £2. Birthday l-‘ilc Party Night yyith (icorgc Mac. I Henry Alriltas lllpm~ 3.3llam. £1 bctorc 11pm; £3.51) aitcr. 711s' music and y'idcos. I Man at the Window promotions at

llollyyy'oodStudios. lllpm—3am. £3511. Thc piratc iny asion of(ilasgoyy ,‘ 1.ondon piratc radio l)Js bring you cxcltisiy c soul and tank mi\cs along \yith l’.-\s lot'a lottr-yy ccls trial pcrtod.

I Mardi Gras l lpm- 3. music night.

I Maytair 1 1pm 3am. £1 . ()y ct ZSsmght disco.

I Palomino Club ‘lpm 7 Ram. £3. Disco sounds,

I Panama Jax 1 1pm 3am. £3.1’ubt‘lub. A ncyy mght \y ith ‘csottc‘ go-godanccts. lagcr 95p. spit its yy ith llll\L‘l\ “Sp and lrcc

.‘llam. £3 liousc

sandysichcs too.

IHalfles 1113” 3am. £3 511 Motoyynand chart sounds tyitli l).1. Roddy Stcyyarl Vodka 311p. lagcr 511p.

I Raw at ‘I‘in l’an .-\|lcy 111.311pm latc

I Reggae Club at thc l'tinctton Suttc. Rooltops.111.311p1n 31111113511. lolunc only

ISavoy 11pm 3am. £3. I ach fin yodka o5p. ‘i'hc longcst running ( )yct' 25V ntght around toyyn.

I Streetbeatat (‘Icopatras 11pm 2.311am. L31Li.511\\l1l‘ltlt‘l\L‘1l. l)ayld\\;i1tcis ‘strcctbcat' club: mtycd dancc 11111\1L'. IThe Venue 11pm lalc. l'hc rcggacclub IWarehouse 11pm 3311;1111. £3 Fllyyith ticlsct; £3 \ytthout. .lust lunkin‘. and pcrsuasiomst 'i'hc Man to ho tan ly docs thc rounds) yy ill bc appcaring.


IThe Amphitheatre ltlpm 3am. £3.1lall

pt‘icc bclot‘c 1 1pm. Disco tnlcrno lightsup

l.othtan Road. in a trial run lot tltc

\y L‘L‘kclttl,

I Cate StJames .\'pm midnight. l-tcc. Soul

and tank ntght tn this comlortablc ycnuc

I Cinderellas Rockertellas v.31 Ipm 3am.

£1.511bcl'oic11pmz£3attcr Rock ‘n‘ roll

ycars yy ith corrcspondtng drink priccs

starts at (ile will N is" music [Ill 1 1pm thcn

Trip yy ith 711V sounds and trout 12.3mm till

thc cnd ol thc cycntng. Ktls' inustc \Htll-‘illt

drinks. |.\'l)]|.\”i'|

I Edgarst‘ntlcr is» (1.15 lll. 15pm £1.

I Edgars lllpm 3am. £2. .'\llLll'll1l\'\

tonight and Sunday arc tillp

I FAD at tlic .\lttstc Box. ‘th11 latc. £1. A

’lls' disco and soul club? A chancc tohcar

somc ol titt‘ old Ronco and K-icl classics


I The Hangover Club at Shady t.;ttllL‘s.

11pm 3am. £1 .5“: £1 bclorc midnight.

Mainly ia/z-oricntatcd club.

I Helltire Club at thc Bcrmuda '1 rianglc.

lllpm -3am. £1 .511( £1 with lcallcl ). \cyy

altcrnatiy c club which should tloyycll 111

this rclaxcd y'cnuc.

I Millionaires lllpm oam. £3 (£1 bclorc

midnight). Scc Hi.

I Hico's 7pm lam. l'rcc. ()yct‘ leonly.

Scc PM.

I Rokko‘s hpm 3am, l‘rcc t l lappy l lotus

8 11pm). Scc Mon.

I Singles Club at l,cilh Asscmbly Rooms.

Hpm latc.1-‘rcc.‘.-\nintimatcatmosphcrc . .conduciy c to mccting ticyy pcoplc.'\ot

too many clubs oi this naturc 111 ltm nso

this \inI probably l'lourish. .‘ylcmbcishtp

ay ailablc on thc cy cning.



I The Alhambra 31 WatcrlooStrcct.331 Alan.

I Bennets Vii ( ilasstortl StrL‘ct. 552 57lii. I Cleopatras Bclmont l.anc. Kcly'inbridgc. 334115oo.

I Cotton Club 5 ScottStrcct.33311"13.

I Disco Viva 15 l'nion Strch. 331 3.130. I Follies 1‘)31’ittStrcct.. 32 7322 "523. I Fury Murrys no Maxyy cll Strcct . 221 (i511.

I Henry Alrikas I.‘~ 15 York Strcct. 221 (3111.

I Hollywood Studios t) Broyy n Strch . 34s (tom)


I Joe Paparazzi 53H Sauchicltall .s‘ircct. 3313111.

I Knightsbridge SW1 Jo ( ‘arlton l’lacc. 4:” 555".

I Mardi Gras "'3 l)unlop Sticct. 3.31 M133 I MaytairSauclnclmllSircct..13: “"3.

I Palomino Club SI \y't-st chctit soc-ct. 3320323.

I Panama Jaxt tisloin l iousc ()uay . 3.31 11805.

I P132131 Rmai 1' \cltangc Stitiatczlfl 5333,

I Rattles iiL‘llilltlL‘l 511c‘c'1.l).tltlcls (.['()\\‘ 33.1;331

I Rooftops ‘13 Sauclitchall Sitcct .133


I Savoy Sayoy (critic. Sauclncliall \ttcc t. 3}:H~S]

I Sub Club 32.1.iinatca\ttccl.3131mm ITin Pan Alley .‘s‘t \litclicll Stun-1.3.71 533’

I Venue 4'31 Sauc liicliall Sticct. 33: Ks‘t I Warehouse .\.‘ Dunlop Sttcct. 221 ‘ol‘. IZico‘s 1 \a lngiani \ttccl. 5531i‘1"5


IThe Amphitheatre 31 l otliian l<o.rt1._‘j"



I Barbados Suite in (’oastcrs( 'omplcs. I Bermuda Triangle In (ioaslc‘H ( ‘omplcx. I Buster Browns 35 27 Mar kct Strch . 33o .tjlt

I Calé StJames :5 51 James ( ‘cnuc. 55* 30“]

I Calton Studios 31% alton Road. 550 ‘llhti

I Cinderellas Rockertellasvv .s‘t Sic-phcn Slt'cct. Swmm

I Coasters Complex ‘~\\ c-st lollctoss. 13s

I Edgars um Rosc Sticct \ortltl anc.

I Finsbury Park 3 5 South St :\ndrcyy .s'ticct. ffio HIDH

I Leith Assembly Rooms.tSt‘onstnuuon slim-t. iii Br"

I Madisons ( i1L‘L‘11\lth l’licc. 5*“ fish“. I Millionaires \ltltll l'c‘ Sllc't‘t. iStiiitlsll I The Mission Victor ta \ttcct. 3351\511‘1. I Music Box Victoria Sitcct. 32H- His I Nico's 35 ising‘s Matilcs Road. SIN 35- I Outer Limits lll ( "oasth st ‘omplc\

I Hokko's f31otluanRoad

IShady Ladiest oyygalc

IWilkie Housetoyygatc.

I Zenatec 5h l'ottntainbi idgc. 23‘) "P33.

. _ 3111

gun" ,‘ W‘ new," :gfliiiiili ,iliiiiiiiii s-








\ Name \ ; \ \



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