The next lew months are set

to be a busy period tor both

live and recorded music.

These are some olthe things to look outlor:

I THE SILENCERS return with the lirst truits ottheir new recordings. A single. Answer Me should be out soon. preceding their album. Blues ForBuddha. scheduled tor early next year.

I LOVE AND MONEY release theirnew album. Strange Kind of Love. atthe start otOctober. around which time they will also be

Nanci Grillith

touring. This includes appearances at Stirling ; Albert HalltSep 29). j Edinburgh Venue (3/4 l

0ctober)and Glasgow School at Art (7/8 October). I NANCI GRIFFITH has already charmed audiences in Glasgow and Edinburgh with herintimate and engaging live shows. and herdate atthe Glasgow Pavilion on 16 0ctoberis already pencilled in many diaries.

I MICA PARIS. the British soul discovery at 1988 (but don't torget Lavine Hudson). plays hertirst properScottish gig atthe Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow on 30 October.

I THE BIBLE who received critical acclaim. but solar lew saleslortheir

wondertul Eureka album. play Rooftops on Sunday 9 October.

I RADIO CLYDE also have a series 01 sessions by local bandsteatured on the Bryan Burnett Show (Sundays. 7-!) pm) ontheir new Clyde FM service. The line up Iorthe nexttew weeks is as tollows:

Sunday 18 SeptembertTHE BIG PARADE a Glasgow band who have large amounts otcomputer hardware on stage. and therelore do not have a very convincing live show. Also the suits don‘t makethem lookany more comtortable. butat least you can'tsee them ona radio session!

25 September: THE RIVER DETECTIVES. The best unsigned band inthe Glasgow area atthe moment. and hopelully that situation will change with their nextcrop otgigs. A&R interest is running high totlowing the band's completion 01 their album at Paladium Studios. 20ctober: RICH. Another band who look to get signed shortly. this Greenock outtit are ableto move tromthe polish ottheirstudio recordings to a more loose and exciting live show. 90ctober: THE CROWS. A recent change in line up has beentorced asthe Glaswegian band member relused to continue buying a bus pass to Edinburgh. They have also parted company withtheir manager. because he spoke too much about Deacon Blue. One at Scotland's hardestworking live acts.


Opinion is divided over the ultimate I value olthe Tennents Caledonian l breweries' injection ol£1 million into 3 Scottish rock. but the one sure thing is ' that. inthe shortterm at least. the ' whole lace ot the Scottish music scene will be altered. ‘TENNENTS LIVE! Scotland‘s biggest everrock music sponsorship programme‘ runs trom

now until December 1989, and is described as ‘a completely comprehensive package covering all aspects otrock musicin Scotland l

. today.’

As Tennents’ Simon McDonald explains to Colin Sommerville on the campaign'spromotional cassette, ‘Music is an area oi great relevance to ouryoungertargetmarket.18—30 year olds. This is an ideal time to get into it. Scottish rock music is very vibrant at the moment. and I think it‘s rightthat Tennents go into it at this point in time. But not just rock music live rock music. and l thinkthat‘s a very important part at Tennents Live.’

Supporting tours financially will help bands from one part of the country get known all over Scotland. and bring live music to the more remote parts which are nevervisited at all. The Proclaimers current tour takes in halls and hotels in South Uist. Lewis and Skye. and Love and Money are starting theirs in Lerwick and working down towards Central Scotland via Dingwall and Elgin.

Notonlythat. butit‘s hopedthatalot 3 more internationally known acts will be gigging in Scotland. instead ol pulling on the reins as they approach the border.

Love and Money and The Proclaimers are at leastwell known. but a large part! 01 Tennents Live is the sponsorship of

Love and Money

young Scottish talent to enable them to , geta looton the ladder. Tennent Caledonian will be supporting a new organisation called the Music In Scotland Trust la division at the Prince‘s Scottish Youth Business

Trust). which aims to encourage musicians ‘to see a career in music as serious 3 career move as any other‘. Sponsored recording sessions are planned in some at the best studios tor bands to make demos to present to

A&R divisions (these are. ot course. still firmly rooted in London. a situation E unlikelyto change overthe nextten i years). and tree professional advice I

’-.r «‘7: iv _ . .

will be available on all aspects ot the

recording business. In addition. press and radio promotions will be linked with theirshowcase tours.

By the end at the year. the teasibility 01 building a complex housing a studio. a venue and otiices will have been studied.

Commercial sponsorship by breweries has tor several years been a large, and growing part olthe popular music scene. In Scotland we've mainly

seen the McEwans involvement, in the ads with music by Win and Hipsway. the sponsorship of pages in Cut and the demo tape competitions run by this very magazine. McEwans also sponsor the Tower Studios‘ gigs at Fury Murry's (to resurlace at the Barrowland Revue later) though their involvement in the gigs at Govan Town Hall did not work

out so well nor did their disagreement

with The Shamen. When Bon Jovi play at the SECC laterthis year itwill be under the auspices ol Harp Lager. Breweries have a hand in rock sponsorship all over the Western world but not all artists wantto playthe game. Some. like U2 orNeil Young. disown all corporate sponsorship. on the groundsthat itdevalues artisti

s. .' ~ ré‘m.


merit (Young‘s last single. 'This Note's for You‘. with its hilarious banned-by-MTV video. was his unambiguous commenton the subject). Closerto home. Simple Minds. Deacon Blue and Hue and Cry have all rejected otters by Tennent Caledonianto be involved with Tennents Live tor various reasons. not the leastolwhich is theiruneasiness over being seen to promote alcohol to youngtans.

The project does. however, have the support of stars like Big Country. whose singerStuartAdamson recognisesthe objections to the sponsorship. but says. ‘There's an obvious commercial angle torTennents. but I thinktheir motivations are much purer than that. l thinkthey genuinely wantto put something back. I don'tthink you can continually be taking trom people. and I‘m very satislied within mysell that the people involved are very genuine about whatthey want to do.‘

It's perhaps a naive thought when everything is taken into consideration. but whatever the outcome at the war between the breweries. one can only hope that the hotter and more competitive it gets. the Scottish music scene will be the winner. (Mab)

l'he I.l.\l It) 3‘) September 1988 55