(Ml 332 MPH. Speeialising in upright and grarid pianos. ('asio and Yamaha portable

key boards and aeeessories. Main dealer in (ilasgoyy lor Yariialia lileetoneorgans. Yamaha. (‘lay mm a and Roland digital pianos. Large stoek ol sheet musie. 'l‘uitiori ayailable \y‘ith sottndproot studios tor lessons.

I McCormacks (Music) Ltd. 33 Batli Street. (92. (MI 332 (yo-14. ()ne ot'the maioroutlets iii ( ilasgoyy yyith guitars. keyboards. sy'ntltesisers. basses. amps. pereussion. l’.'\s. home studios. saxophones. ete. l'ull guarantee on all gear. l’art exehangeseonsidered.

I Moon Guitars mi l’ollokshayys Road. ( 34 l. (MI (62 952b, llighly rated guitar manulaeturer yy ho hay e supplied Wet Wet Wet. l.loyd (‘ole and Big (‘otintry . ariioiig others. Also stockists ol a large range ol spares and aeeessories.

I RSC Sound Centres t ‘mi 13..-\ndei‘ston('entre. (i2. ll-ll 24S JlSS large seleetion ot guitars. keyboards and amps. Also repair sery ice.

I Sound Controltiii «)4 Saltrnarket.(il.U41552 (1825. Wide range ol' instruments. featuring most ol tlte major brand names: l-‘ender. Aria. Westone. Yamaha. ete guitars. Yaritalia. Roland. Korg. Steinberg. Atari key boards. l’eayy. Marshall. ‘l‘raee lilliot. Roland. l’ender. l’olytone amps. 'l'aueani. l-‘ostex. Yamaha. ’l‘li.-\(‘. Sttidio Master portastudios. Repairs on guaranteed instruments and good seeond hand range.

I Take Five Music our» (air liglinton Street. ll-tl 42‘) 255‘). Seeond hand speeialists. :\lso upright and grand pianos bought. sold and part e\ehanged. l’iill repair sei y iee.

I Thomsons Music 0" rm \\ est (ieorge Street. ll-ll 3m lS‘Sllorll-ll 24M.S In. Along ys ith .‘yle( ‘orntaeks. 'l‘homsons are one ol the biggestshops yyitha litige range ot guitars. keyboards. amps. reeording equipritents. ete. .-\lso slteel itittsie. IThe Violin Shop ll Blaels'ie Street. (i3 ll-l l 3308073. Violins. y iolas. eellos. double basses sold and repaired \\ ith a seleetion ol aeeessories.





I Scotia Enterprises :0 .\'iddry Street. 121 ll l()R. tifsl eriritsju. [',\et'y ladinburgh band has praetised at some tiriie in this eayernotis rabbit

yy arren. and a proportionate number appeared on the last series ol I‘SI). Some ol the more notable at the moment inelude ( ~royys. liidiari (iiyers. Splash Me I'm Drowning. \Ve l-ree lsiiigs and the perennial l'.\ploited. ‘l’he eomples houses JS rooms tor bands. yy hieh are rented out at Ll.‘~(l per month ( U6 sharing). 'l here are also three small solo rooms.

T“ mainly used by tll‘tlmlllel's. and up to tour session rooms ( sey en L‘VellltlilllVl. yyhieh are hired by the day at £75“. ()riee a band has moved in to a room the rent. payable by standing order. does not lttel'ease. ltt addition tostrings. stieks. pleetra. syy eets. sott drinks and hot drinks. a tirll l’.-\ and drums ean be obtained at the olliee. Part of tlteir eostly

oy erhaulrrig hasinyoly ed the lilting ol riietal-plated front doors yyith (‘hubb alarms and the littiiigol lire doors. 'l‘he proeessol plaeing speeial high-seeurity loekson praetiee room doors is llti\\‘ almost linished. .\ pl'L‘VltitlS break-iii lett Seotia highly eorrseiousol seeurity they still. hoyy ey er. eati boast only one toilet. l‘se ol the olliee photoeopie r eosts Sp per eopy . slp for more than ltllleopies. there is also an independently -ruri lb traek reeording studio.

lnlluenee. on the premises

tsee studio listings). Opening hours are

Sun l-‘ri.\‘oon lll..‘~llpni. Sat 1 Iain 5.45pm. lt preyiously arranged yy ith the oltiee there is no problem in getting equipment baek into the rooms alter gigs. Van hire ean also be arranged. I MUSlC the “ash llouse.‘) lll .'\l3lk"\l1'ltllllll.l'.ll5.ll3l o52ll532. 'l‘yyenty ~lour hour aeeess to liy e rooms. prrees ranging lrom £2.75 (£1.75student ort'B-llli

to {-1.25 l £3.25). Rooms are hall-priee all day Saturday and rioori- (rpm Monday to Friday. liquipment ean be hired tor use iii the rooms - amps. yoeal l’.-\. drunikits. mies. leads. straps andother items - and again there is a reduetion for students and l'lHll-holders. Storage laeilities ay ailable. 'l‘he three larger rooms are earpeted on the walls and lloor to deaden the noise. but not ey ery'one yyants their sound deadened. so the small rooms are better tor a In e sound. Refreshments are ayailable. It is possible to book the rooms lor as long or short a time as desired. btit all bookings must be tirade in ady anee. .~\eeess to the building eari be had at any time ot the day . but odd times should be arranged at least tyy'oor three day s beforehand.

I lnch Community Centre lneh l louse. (iilrnerton Road. “31 NH ~17 lll.

'l'het e are sey‘ett i‘oonis iii the ('entre. btit they 're usually all taken. lt‘s \yorth enquiring hoyy ever. as it’s a popular plaee yy ith the bands that pi'aelise there. Rent is £15 per

yy eek for a shared room. where equipment can be stored all the little. .-\eeess is possible lrom late morningtill lllpm. ineluding Saturday s and Sundays. lneh House is set in the middle ol a park. and so problems yy ith noise eomplaintsare tineornmon. though not unknown.

I ChamberStudios 3-1 \Vesltield Road. (Bl 32$ not“. Only tyyo rooms. in the same building as (‘hamber Reeording Sttrdios. and they ‘re generally booked up by a handlul ol'yyell-knoyyn bands. but ean be let for an afternoon or so. (at‘peted lloot‘s. ()pett lrom noon until lllpm.


I Berkeleyll 54 Washington Street. 041 248 72‘)“. (‘ontaetz Stey e ('hey'ne. Rehearsal laeility'only. Rates:

£5 hour. ltiitially tyso stttdios. hopelully expanding to tour. shortly alter the opening in mid September. Baekline ineludes Roland .la/z ('hor'us l2ll guitaramps. ’l’raee lzlliot bass amps. l’eayy KB.‘~llll keyboard ariips. l’earl lisport drum kits and l)y naeord l’.-\s I Satellite Studios ‘1 (iranyille Street. “41 221 (i688. (‘ontaetz l‘raneesor Willie. Rehearsal laeility only. Rates: £2.50 hour (belore (rpm). £4 hour

It is particularly difticult to give advice on finding the musicians you want for a band. as there is no set way of doing it. Most aspiring musicians have friends in other bands. and word of mouth provides the main way of recruiting like

minded musical partners.

There are some options though. Most recording studios have noticeboards where bands can advertise without cost. Such a notice should include a lair description at what you sound like and what kind of people you would be looking tor. Most of the major music shops also have a Musicians Wanted


l |

section where you can advertise. but be prepared to pay for this service.

Music papers and local newspapers all run classified columns which can be used. This is not necessarilyfhe solution to the problem. as a glance at the (so called) national music papers tells you that nearly every ad is for those based in the London area.

Local papers can have the opposite effect to the no response syndrome encountered when advertising in the likes of Melody Maker. Those experienced in the art tell horrendous stories of huge numbers of people coming for auditions—almost all of them totally unsuitable. Maybe you will be lucky. but it is a lot of pain ifyou are

One other option is the band finding services which are offered by some national companies. as advertised in the music papers. At least one attempt at oftering this service has been started in Scotland. this being Eighth House. a musicians contact service which is contactable at Ground Floor,

3 Glencairn Drive. Glasgow 64140P (041423 6132).

(altei‘hpnt). l rehearsal room. opened last year.

yy ith gear that ineludes l’eayy guitar amps. lltkll bass amps and l’:\ and a Premier drum kit. lnlormal atmosphere is stressed ‘lnStl'tllTlClttSCiltl be borroyy ed and tree tea attd eoltee.

I Recovery Room Yorkhill ()uay.ll-1155fi-l.l-15.



Major Venues I Playhouse Theatre

(iTL‘L‘ITSltle l’laee. HS] 55—. 2692. Only loeal bands who play here are support slots. stieh as Blood l'neles (on the Pit. tour). Blues 'ii' 'l‘rouble yyith BB. King or We l‘i‘ee Kings with Run Rig. llay‘ing said that. l)eaeon Blue hay e already sold out their 3i i ( )etober gig. and good Itiek to them.

I Queen‘s Hallt‘terk Street.ll.‘~l (tbb' 3-15b. l.oeal bands play here

‘. ery intrequently . as it‘s usually the right size lot' the larger eult bandsand smaller bands working ' their way up to thetop. Martin Stephenson is a

(‘ontaet: Andy ‘l‘hornton. Rates: H hour. Single rehearsal room. as used by Big Sur. Keyin \le‘lh‘f'lttrdt. ('t'ooked Rose and others. on disused doekland. (iood laeilities are eoupled \y ith art interesting seleetion ol posters and neyy-spaper artielesdeeoratiiig the toilet yy'allsl

regular y isitor. and 'l he \‘y'oodentops yy eiit doyy ii a storm. ( )lteii booked by l)anee lfiietory.

I UsherHalll othian Road.ll.‘l 22b1155..\lore aeeustonied to elassieal eoiieerts. eseeptrons being the oeeasioiial gig by the likesol Suzanne Vega. Robert ('ray or the l’roelaimers.

I Coasters \y‘esr 'l‘olleross. (Bl 22S3252.

l ltrge daiieet‘looi . aeting

oeeasioiially asa roller

diseo. lidinbtirgli‘s nearest equiy alent to the Bar royy land. Reeent gigs here by l~ields ol the Nephilini and.loe Strurnmer

IThe Assembly Rooms (ieotge Street. “31 225 .‘mH. Splendid surroundings. the large


i i

upstairs hall has palatial ehaiidelier and an lul aeotisties. the Wedding l’reseiit played a great gig here. and thisyear“s.v\ll)S benetit. with use ol the yyliole building yyasa triumph. l"r‘tistr';rtiiig bar laeilities.

I Calton Studios(‘alion Road. “3 l 55h fillfifi. .-\ll unusual eseeptioii. in that it oltett stays open too late loreomlorl. l’aekagesol seyeral loeal bands are popular here. and it's not uneornmoii tor a large number ol punters to hay e gone home by the time the last band eomes on.

Universities and CoHeges

I College olArt l .auriston l’laee.ll3122‘)l~l~l2. ()eeasiorial gigs. mainly by loeal bands Annual binge usually has quite a number ol baridsoir

I Edinburgh University Uni0n(‘hanrbers Street. (Bl 225 4S32. large upstairs hall. trsed less lreqiieiitly than it once

ITeviot Row Unionufil (ify2ll214. ()eeasiorial liy e

I Potter Flow Unionusl (iti—‘ll2lsl. Probably the most interesting musieal programme. liaditiotial goth hangout.

I Moray House Union

lloly rood Road. H31 550 S455. Not as many gigsput on as there yy ere a leyy years ago. btit hopeltilly this yy ill be one ol the more aetiy e student

y enues in tlie eoining aeadeinie year,


I The Venue ( ‘alton Road.

’l'he l(i-- 2‘) September 1988 61