0 8,16 and 24 track Recording

0 Excellent rates and Rehearsal facilities (including back line drums and PA. systems)

8-TRACK RECORDING from £6.50/hr

REHEARSALS from £3/hr

P.A. HIRE FROM £30 Phone 041 959 6251 171—173 Curle Street, Glasgow G14

(24-hour answering service)

Telephone: 041332 6725

421—423 GREAT WESTERN ROAD, GLASGOW G4 NA. 041 3390566 5 PAUL SQUARE, PERTH, PH1 50H, 0788 3771 4

Guitars: Rickenbacker. Fender. Gibson. Ibanez. Guild. Kramer. Westone. Egypt. Yamaha. Hohner. Aria. Ovation. Tokai. Takemine. Washburn. Hondon. S H Guitars Amplification PA: Peavey. Session. M.T.R.. Ohm. Fender. Bose.

Scott. Roland. H H. Harrison. Trace Elliot. A.K.G.. Beyer. Shure. Audiotechnica. McGregor. Keyboards: Casio. Yamaha. Korg. Roland. Home Recording: Effects Units. Drum Machines. 4 Tracks. Effects Pedals. very large acceSSOry & string stock. Drum Skins. Song Books. Cases. Hire Service: Public Address. Keyboards. Amps. Effects Units. Mics. Drum Machines.

Short and Long Term Hire Phone for Prices





GLASGOW G51 3HZ TEL 041 440 1771

venues buttised only occasionally now.

I Hollywood Studios) Brown Street. (141 248 (1606. Only occasional gigs. btit can be hired.


IThe Fixx Sb. Miller Street. (MI 248 285‘). Contact: Alan or Bruce. Probably the best pub venue in (il‘asgoyy . with Tuesdays and Wednesdays giving a good chance for the bestof local. unsigned bands. Recent gigs by The River Detectives. Kool Whip. The Big Parade. Five Guys Named .‘yloe. Rich. Tantara Blade.

I BarLuxembourg 197. Pitt Street. (I41 332 1 l I l. Contact: (Bordon Richardson. Bandson Tuesdays and some Thursdays. Again. hardly the ideal audience. but the venue does provide for good local bands and some out of toys n bands too. Recent gigs by The Rainmates. Joe Public. llot. Third Party. Indian Givers'. Five Guys Named .\loe.This ls lt.

IThe HaltBar loo. Woodlands Road. (Lil 332 12“). Contact: Jim McIntyre. Intimate (equals small) venue. but one of the most regular supporters of live music. with bands on Thursdays and Saturdays and resident jazz and folk sessions on Tuesday s and Wednesday s respectively. Recent gigs by The Hummingbirds. Critterhill \‘armints. Ayo 8. Heaven Sent. The Bats. I Blackfriars 36 Bell Street. ()41 552 592-1. Contact: Alan Cunningham. Like the Hall. a yyide variety ol'liyc music can be accommodated here. yy ith Saturdays being particularly busy. Recent gigs by'l‘he River Detectives. Crooked Rose. 'I‘antara Blade. Bo Weevil.

I La Tanlere 15 l-‘ux Street. (I41 221 48-14. Contact: (iraeme Jackson. ()ne of the smallest venues around. but the only one yyhich offers live music cy ery night olthe yveek (almost). This is probably the best chance tor half decent. but inexperienced bands getting a gigin (ilasgoys. Recent gigs by Barky Barky . Hit The Wish. Dream Coyotes. Beyond the Edge.

I The Blue Note Briggait Centre. 72 Clyde Street. Not a regular venue. Recent gigs by Michael Marra. Deacon Blue (acoustic). And .\'oyv The World. Jeanette Burns.

RA w


. I 886 PA Hire t'nii 22.

John Cotton Biisiness Centre. 172 Easter Road. n59n257. With the philosophy that bands should be able to make money on a gig. not blow it on a PA that‘s l‘ai‘too large tor the venue. BBCr aim to cater for the middle ground betyvcen small vocal P.-\s and touring rigs. They neyertheless hire out a yocal PA I Shure micsand Bose or

Dy nacord speakers) for £25 per night. A lull rig. just under I k. yy ith engineer. costs £5”. l‘ront ot house speakers are mainly Dynacord. yyith Tannoy or lileetroyoice bass bins. Mics are Shure and Sennheiser. and the desks Yamaha. BB(i intend tostay at this sizeas there is demand tor i'igsol this size among local bands. though they liaye also recently done sound loi‘ .lack lit‘tlc‘e‘. \Yllkti Johnson and Dean l’riedinan. Bands should send a demo tape lirst.

I EFX 5 [.utton Court. on" bIZ". .-\ny system Irom Btlllys yocal l’.-\s to lok rigs. anything iipto2k can be sell-operated. Prices negotiable. depending on requirements and distance Soundcralt desks. Martin and Bose speaker cabinets. .IBI speakers.

I GBPA lb“ .‘ylorningside Road. 4-1“ 5D] 2 A comprehensiye hire stock of ellects. mics. etc. .-\ny si/c ol system lor oiicgig or yy hole tour. starting Irom lk lbelianncl package for £51). including transport and operator. up to 5 or (ik. .-\l| requrrernents catered lor. Prices negotiable. phone tor qiiote. Speakers: Bose. \lartrn. Slicrmann .-\tidlo. JBL. Desks: Soundcratt and Studiomastcl’ Mics: Share. Beyer. .-\l\'(i. Wide range ol studio quality ctlectsayailable (iBl’A also supply

rpersonneltolakcottton tour. supply backline

(kbds. amps. etc) to order. manufacture and hire llight cases.

I HarbourSound la West Harbour Road. Granton. 552 (I252. Complete 7k rig. used in the past by Win. Loy e and Money. llue and Cry. Run Rig and bands ofsimilar stature. Also available scaled-doyvn systems for pubs and clubs. ‘Amazing' selection of mics. Beyer MRS for y ocals. JBL cabinets. Yamaha amplification for PA and monitors. Soundcralt 800 26 (i 2 desk. [Effects like Yamaha and Roland reyerb. Roland SDE2IXID delay and Drayymer compression and an aural excitcr. amongother pieces oi specialist equipment.

I MR Martin 26 Roseneath Place. .‘yiarchmont. Ell‘) 1.11). 2294784. Systems

ay ailable: ’l'urbosound. up to a 2k rig. Bose up to a2k rig. Prices range from

£5” £2III). Desksare Soundcndtand Studioinastci's. up to 24 channels. and an operator can be supplied. l‘our track recording system ayailable.

I Northern Light“) Assembly Street. 5.53 I 2385.Lpto2kBosei‘igs. ; Soundcralt desks. Beyer. :\l\'( i and Share mics. ()pei‘atot' can be sent ll- i'cqiiired Price bctyyeen {SH Llllllpernight. dependingori requirements. Lighting and mobile eight track studio ayailable. I IOctagon PAS-ll St 1 Patrick Square. “31 (ms RIJII. l’.-\s Irom Silllyy for £55 per night (sell-operated I. Anything larger comes yy ith an operator tor the illi\llll_' desk. and prices are not

inclusiye of transport outside ltdinburgh. 2k (2(lllliuattsl rig L75per night. 3k rig £05. 4k rig

{I 15. 5k rig £135. Ask tor detailsol’anythinglarger. .-\ separate monitor mix (also called loldback. ie a

mix so that the band can hear themseb cs on stage)

64 The List 16— 29 September 1988