Voice of the Beehiye. John Martyn. The Sugarctibes and Martin Stephenson and the Daintees. I Cosmos Agency 57 St Stephen Street. Edinburgh 1'11 13 SAIL (131 226-1527. Contact: (ieorge1)uifin. Book bands for seyeral yenues including the Venue in lidinburgh and The Reyue in(ilasgow.

lilsew here some oftlie \Ciiiies listed in the yenues guide promote their own gigs » with Rooftops (Willie Potts) and Fury Murrys ( Mary Ross) being the main examples in (ilastvtiw I Gauntlet Promotionsfi York Place. lidinburgh LINN-13.1)}! SStiriMsl. Contact: Philip \Voykaor lan McCalluni. New company . promoters oi the successful .’\II)S benefit in the Assembly Rooms. the only beneiit met the summer actually to make any money. I NMC Promotions in is (ilen 1-.sk l)ri\e.1)arnley. (ilasgow , (1-11 (68

00311554 5225 332 .1871).



I Blast Furnace c o2la .‘\l\.i Street. Edinburgh. 113122b312‘).(‘ontact; .lacqtii. llcayy metal label. 1 issonly release so lar.

I Demon Radge 21 t I l.ellli Street. lidinburgli. Conlael:\\'ili.1)ogl'aeed Ilerntans aiid(iootland (iotte so far.

I Disposable Discs and Tapes(DDT)e o 21a Alya Street. ladinburgh.1131 22b .11.“). Contact; Sandy or ( 'aineion. \Ve 1-ree Kings.(‘ateian. etc.

I 53rd 8t am e o 2 1a Aly a Street. Izdinburgh.1131 22h 312‘). Contact: Sandy

or Cameron. The label is as much a star as anyone one it. ie. Beat Ilappening. (irooyy Little Numbers. 'l‘alulah (iosh. etc.

I Finillex Recordings e o 21a Alva Street. Edinburghalfsl 226312‘). Contact: Dayid Miller. 15ini'1‘ribe's label. but they are planning to release records by others.

I Green Trait Records 3 Moryen Street. I‘dinburgh. Contact: Ian. I’olk.

I KOY 37 Dollar Crescent. Kirkealdy . I'iie. Locomotise1.2itetiight.

I Lough Records ti3l 229 (i261). Contact: Sandy Mcly or. Boy .s (ll-111C Lough's ow n label.

I Minio Records c o 2 l a Alya Street. Iidinburgli. I1312263129.Psyehobilly. I Next Big Thing 2i) Albert Avenue. (irangemouth. Contact: Lindsay.

I Nightshiit 22‘) Bo'ness Roatl. (irangemouth. Contact: Brian. Lowlife. Steel Chain.

I Ridge Records 1114 l ligh

Street. Dalkeith. Contact:

Calum. Rtiii Rig'slabel. specialising in folk. I Supreme International Editions is Saxe Coburg Street. Edinburgh. Contact: Alan. ()uieter

than it has been for awhile

since releasing .losei K compilation. but still going. apparently.

I Telquel Records 48 London Street. Izdinburgh. (131 Sin 197‘). Contact; Izwan.

I Temple Records Sliilliiigliill. 'I‘emple. Midlotliiaii. Contact: Robin. liolk.

ITrigger Happy Records 40 15oth Park ( iardens. ls'irkcaldy.


I The Precious Organisation 24 (iiilrbfiild Ayenue. (ilasgow‘ (i211 1XX.1)41‘)46 336(mrti4l 94o 4505. Home of Wei



Wet Wet. but other than the Wets' records through Phonogram. there have been no independent Rattler‘ two years ago. This does not rule out the possibility oftliat happening in the future. I Cathexis Records

P.(). Box 28-1. (ilasgow'. (i l 2 UAW. Contact: Robert King. Responsible for some experimental type compilations. usually distributed through Fast Forward.

I Linn Records 235 Drakemire [)riye.Ci-15. (14163-111371.Linnhase also been promising the release of new ‘rock' product for years. There last effort w as the Blue Nile's \Valk Aeross‘lihe Rooftops. and l haye lost count how many years ago that was. A tape of the Blue .\'ile's new single. Downtown Lights has been sighted in Virgin Records. press oiiiee so there is hope yet for a release within the next decade.

I Rockets 15‘) Main Street. \Vishaw. Label for The l lucksters and Summerhill.


I Calculu311145tis721. Contact: .lamie or Legend? Curiously. a London independent who so far has only Seottish bands on its books. ie lit/l Bombs and Dog I-acetl llei'nians.



IJammy Music'l‘he Beeches. 24-1 Anniesland Road. (il3 IXA. (141 03-1 1873. Contact: John

Mc( ‘alman. In the process oi establishing itself as a rock publisher through their iiiyoly cment with Third Party.

I MSR Derby Sti‘eet.il4l 357 l 157. Contact: Mark Wilson or .loiiii

1 l i l l

so at“

031 652 0532




9/10 Abbey/mount Edinburgh EH8 8E)


24-hour Access Storage Refreshments Equipment Hire

Mon—Fri after 6pm & All Day Sun 75p £4. 75 per hour

SPECIAL OFFER: Rooms 1/2 Price Mon—Fri12pm—6pm & All Day Sat

Cunningham. Publish a small rosterot local writers \ ia ma ior ptiblisiiiiig companies


I Sound Diagrams Ltd 9 l 'I'weeddale Court. 14

1 Iigli Street. (131 556 2078. Contact: Bob 1.ast. Large back catalogue. and currently dealing with Win and The Syndicate. Not managing. but aeiiyely lookingtoespand their publishing roster. .\'o appointment without preyiotisly has ing sent a tape of not more than three songs (include SAI: for return). aiitl a photo would also be a help.

’I'hese day s. sending record companies a Video demo instead of the normal tape is a good way to attract their attention. as it suggests a greater degree of commitment lrom the band. and Il your act is primarily \isual in nature it could be a much better idea. Despite tiie plethora of y itleo makers in Britain it's hard to find budget deals in this area. or companies willing todo pop \ ideos for anyone other than their friends. I Channel 5 Bridge Iind

1 louse. l .assw ade lil l 18 1.\'.-\.o54 2372. Channel 5 olier special deals tosmall bands. depending on their budget. A decelii. ii simple. \ ideo can be made ior £15” i2llilior a day‘s shoot. Bands like‘lihe Cateran. 'I‘lie Sotip Dragonsand Lowlife haye used this sery ice. From there. there is yirtually no limit. The I.o-band l'matie equipment they iise is good enough quality to be show it on '1‘\'. tithe prog‘s producers see in. Channel 5 w ill consider

In e \ ideos. btit generally work to a script. based on ideas proyided by the band. Since their mm c from Sliaiidw ick Place an 8 track recording facility has been added. .-\eeommodation

as ailable.

I Clyde Cable Vision Anderston ()uay. (1-11 221 71141). Local cable TV channel. which despite its limited budget and audience has made some worthwhile yideos for local bands.

I Toad Hall Studios 1433 Pollokshaws Road. ()41 ($2 1113. C-matic video facilities: prices for video shoots: £150 per 8hour day or £21) per hour. Video editing £1()(lper 8-hour day or £15 per hour. Prieesinclude engineer. yideo studio. lighting and make up. ()ptional extras include


L'-matic Mastet'Copy (£16).\'11S copies(£(i.5(l) and Video Iiiiects (1.8“ per day). 'I’oad llall haye recorded two \ ideos for the Shamen ( ls'nature oi a Ciirl and Christopher Mayhew Say s) which hayc been shown on Channel 4's Chart Show.

I Centre City Sound 571. SatiehiehallSireet,(1-11 22151158f1‘heon1yiacility in Scotland for the manufacturing of blank cassettes to the required length. .-\1sotluplieation sery ice tapes cati be produced. recorded and packaged at the studio and special deals are as ailable for such packages. I Copy Two Tapes e o Iona Records. 155Stoekwell Street. 1141 552111109. Real time or high speed copies irotn master tape. Cost yaries according to length oi tape and quantity. (ienerally cheaper than studio‘s iiihouse duplicating seryices. I Macirack Duplicating t)5 llercus Loan. Musselburgh. 111121.(ib5 5377. Price depends on length of tape and amount oi tapes required. Mactrack won‘t do any less than 511. Cases are extra. They will print labels. but bands should supply their own graphics Iapes take at the most llldays to run oli . 'l‘hey now haye a laser printer. which has resulted iii better quality labelsand inserts.

' M—I‘A'iisia R—tfcords 3


Sending unsolicited tapes to record companies is a particularly unrewartling process.

()ne way oi improying the chancesof hayinga giy en tape listened to is to know who you want to send it to and why . Putting a name on an enyelope is much better than just sending it to 'Ihe Atk R

Departinent.‘ It alsogiyes

you a name to ask for

when phoningtosee iitlie

tape has been listened to,


an easy process. as record company Ark R personnel

change at such a rapid rate

that the following list will probably be redundant within a month or twooi publication. Neyertheless. these are some of the people worth getting in touch with at some of the more important majors.

I MM Records 136- Ht)

Cay-endiin Square.

London \\'1M 911A. Contact: Chris Cooke.

I Capitol RecordSe o 1iMl.2(lManchester Square. London. W 1 A IICS. (11 486 4488 Contact: Simon Potts.

I CBS Records 17 it) Soho Square. London W l V (rill-1.1)] 7348181. Contacts: Muff Winwood (head of .-\& R 1. (iordon Charlton. Lincoln lilias. .loliii Bryce (scout ).

I Chrysalis Records 13 Statford Place. london WIN ‘);\I‘. (ll 4(l82.‘55. Contacts: Bruce Craigie. I EMI Records :0 Manchester Square. London “I l :\ lliS.(ll-18(i .1488. Contacts: Nick (iatiield( head). Alan ()niakhoje. Paiil Morgan. Nick Bre/kiiscout ).

I Island Records 32 St Peter's Square. London \Vo‘).\'\\'.ill 48o1511. Contacts: Bernie (il'illiilts. .lulian Palmer (-lth ck Broadway)

I Jive Records Zomba llouse. 1(i5 7 \Villesden High Road. London .\'\\'lt12S(i. Contacts: Roddy MeKenna. l)ayie Henry

I London Records I Stissex Place. London \\‘(i‘)S(i. 11184o8515.('ontaets: '1'racy' Bennett. Steye 1".dney . Paul McKee. Russell Stone.

I MCA Records 72 - 74 Brew er Street. London \\'1R31’11.til 437‘)7‘)7. Contacts:.1i11Stean.Mark l)ean(headsoi Acfi R). Christine Craig(scout). I Phonogram Records Po Box 2131".»1‘)-511.\'ew Bond Street. London \VIA 21315111 4914600. Contacts: I)ayid Bates. .\'ick Angel. Alan Maull. I PoiydorRecordsl Sussex Place. London W6 USU. ill 84(1811‘)“. Contacts: .loliii Williams (head AR R ). (irahant Carpenter. Kieran Iliirley.

I RCA Records 1 lietli‘ortt Ayenue. London WC1 B 3111‘. (ll tiRtisfii 1. Contacts: Saul(ia1pern. Day id Donald. Korda Marshall.

I Siren/10 Records ()l' ()3 Portobello Road. London \\'1131)I).11122l7535. Contacts: Simon Ilieks (Siren. head of .-\& R). Mick Clark ( 111. head of Ark R ). Matthew Chalk (scout). I Virgin Records 553 559 Ilarrow Road. London \VIIHRI I. (ll ‘)(i8(i(i88.

; Contacts: .lolin \Vooler.

New Kings Road. London I

S“’(i41.7..11173(i3311 Contacts: Day id Rose. Geoff Young. Sean ()‘Sulliyan (scout).

[)anny yan limden. Roiinie(iurr. IWEA'l'he lzlectric Lighting Station. ~12 Kensington Court. London “'8 51)P.(ll U38 2181. Contact: Malcolm Dunbar.

70'1'he List 16— 29 September 1988