ACCOMMODATION Glasgow I Glasgow West End could suit

young professional on a permanent basis or person

y isiting the city. Phone Bobll-il 334(Y35l,

I Look after yourself in superior West End accommodation. Stiitable lor ( iarden liestiy al or similar. I-‘ully equipped. (iood \aluc. Non-smokersonly. 'l'el:o41.‘~5"2"h. IWorkingfemale wanted to share Ily‘ndland llat. ()w n room. Ll3tl pcm. Please phone “41334 4‘ll‘lalleropm.


ISingle room .nailahle m pleasant modernised council flat. south ltdinburgh. .\'on smoker. Lfillpcm. halt share of bills. Phone (ml “535 after Tpm. I Room in Central flat ay alltil‘le from latisli September. L25pw. I‘t'efer someone oy el' 3”. Phone “31 22‘) 5titiS alter 0.30pm.

I Single room in central flat for working person. \‘ery central but quret. Ll Ill per month pltis hall of bills. Tel “3] 3Jolll35. I Single room lll mixed central flat from U ( )ctobei. LS2 pcni plus bills. Phone .lulia or .limmy

till “.31 550 Stinfy.


I PA/Administrator w ith arts. publicity . media experience.


plus excellent communication and Interpersonal skills. requrres challenging responsibh situation. let ([3] (YhT‘NlUT

I Male SIUOCOII21)seeks Saturday and or eyening work ll Iidinburgh to pay off oyerdralt. Anything considered. Phone (ii'antll3l 2294153.


I Female vocalist to share lead \ ocals requu'ed lor ( ilasgow based band. Influences: Blondie. l352s. (iigs booked. l-‘ourth demo soon. (‘ontact .Mark (’raigon ll-Il 3349533.


I Is there life after work? Yes. there is with the lnteryarsity (‘lubf l\'( is a club loryoung professional people. We arrange a large numberot diyerse eyents such as badminton. hillwalkingand cinema trips in the ( ilasgow and lidinburgh areas. for further details ring ( ilasgoyy (Ml l)45 3oo5 or liast (‘oast ll3S3 7.3S.3 l 4. 4-D 'I'he l-orth Dimension A .\'l-.\\ Iidinlmrgh-based maga/inef At good bookshops now _ ,or subscribe by sending L5 (\yaged): L3 ( unwagedllo: ~1-I).2 Salisbury Rd. lidinburgh. lxllIh5Al5




25 words maximum



' 25 words maximum


30 words maximum.

Rate inc Box No which must be used.


£2 per col cm. Min 3cm (£6). (Phone 031 5581191 for details)



I Samovar Club of Glasgow for the society of young-at-heart professionals. 'I‘wenty -fifth Autumn programme starts September. For further information tel: U41 332 7l53. I Lesbian leministgroup sexuality . poyy er and w omen's liberation. Weds 8-1)).3tlpm. Lesbian and (iay (‘entre. 5SA Broughton Street. lidinburgh. Sept 2lst: ‘(’hoosing‘ Sexuality and I‘eminism..


I Improve your English! Priyate lessons for foreign students and yisitors by qualified friendly teacher. All leyels. Single students or small groups. Telephone 332 350‘). ey'enings. I Voice Lessons! Audition and broadcasting techniques or (List improy ed speech. ('ontact Andrea IN I 33‘) 463‘).

I Maths and Arithmetic. Young well qualified teacher offers tuition at any leyel. Phonetl41 9-16 9-135.

I Art. Design. Art History. Design History. Any Ieyel beginners. childrens. all school Ieyels. folio building for art school. etc. Young w ell qualified teacher. tl-il 0409435.


I Needed. full length beauty couch or plinth. a facial professional steamer. (waxpot) etc. Also twogymnastic


benches. Please phone 031 33‘) 8305.

I Needed: Double bed—sofa in good condition. chairs to match ' if ayailable. Also dark broyy n dining chairs and small telephone table and coffee tables. Please phone “3] 22‘) 5608 after 9.30pm.

I Piano. upright lorsale tuned to standard (concert pitch). ideal for music student. good playing condition. Help with remoyal. Phoncl)aye.ll~1l 33-3 l7‘)(l (Piano Restorer).

I Are you sell-employed? Accountants‘ lees too much?

I Iaye your accounts and tax returns prepared for a competitiye fee by Mark Noonan. Tel: 031 55-1 S262.

I Therapeutic massageA

pow erful treatment for aches and pains. stress and strainsan the priy acy of your own home. Phone Ray Maior on “875 3(l37fi.

I Piano Tuner/Restorer. Victorian and old pianos restored and tuned to standard concert pitch. liree appraisal and estimate. (ilasgow area. Phone l)aye tl~Il 33-1 l7‘)ll.

I Beautytherapy ( iltisgoyy ladies. Facials. make-up. waxing. massage. remedial camouflage. I Iome treatment. (ilasgoyy \Vest lind. I‘or appointment phone Siisan. (Ml 334 17‘)“.


Tel No

Message cflgory

No of issues


Messa e note: tel nos count as 1 word

Payment encl. Classified deadline for Issue 78 is Fri 23 Sept.


I Hypnosis helps - stop smoking. anxiety and weight loss. I-‘ree consultation. Phone Premier ('entre of Hypnotherapy 041 423 “(165. I Astrology. I lalf day workshops Saturdays (T Aug 6'; 3 Sept. Beginners Ill-week course from Wed 12 ()ctober. Qualified Astrologer teacher. Phone O41 94h 5-126. I Ann’s Aerobic Exercise Classes b ck 7. 15pm Mon. (‘orstorphine and \Ved. [)ayidson Mains. Also Inc and 'I‘hurs hpm West lind Walpole llall. £1 .Rllper class. Illsessions£1~15tl indiyidual attention assured. lurthcrdetailsteltl3l 33‘)83tl5. I Beauty by Ann at 'I‘ollcross and (‘orstorphine ()pen 7 days. Pasy parking. Slendertone S x 4tlmins £27.50; Sunbeds II) x i.‘hr last tan 2ll-tube £22.50. Lash tints. waxing. express nails. electrolysis. special introductory offers. 'I'el O3] 33‘) S3ll5.

s75 m We at z? 2*: 5-1;! W


F')’ anew.“ "to'ir‘at-or‘teleo'iOoe

031 -667 9588

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2‘) September l‘lSS