The National Review of Liv e Art takes place at the Third Eye (‘entre. 35” Sauchiehall Street. (ilasgovv. A fevs events take place at (ilasgosv Seltool of Art. Renfrevv Street. As vv ell as tfte ev ents listed here. there are likely to be more ad ltoc talksand discussions goingort. You rteed tickets for [)\'S. \"on Magnet arid Iintr'acte(rangingbetvveentl £3.50): othervs'ise entry to all installationsand evertts is free on Weds—I‘ri. free vs ith a

Day Pass (£3.5ll £2.50) Sat ck Sttn. The bar is opert till lam throughottt tittcl. Sunday) arid the box office number is tI-Il 333 "531. Access \‘isa postal phone bookings are accepted.


All today's evertts are prev ievvs.

I Installation: Shattered (iallery 'l‘vv-o. 11.30am Ill.3llpm. A National Rev ievv of Live Art ('ommission. (ieraldine Pilgrim. \s ho trairted in Fine Art. becartte vselI-knovv it during the seventies for the vvork she did vs ith I lesitate and Demonstrate. hastaken 19th century fishing net tovsers as the inspiration for her installation and performance I‘I'htirs ck l’ri).

I Video Installations and Screenings \‘tdeo Area. noon-Upm.

I Performance: Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men Sttrdio. 7.3iipm. A National Revievs of The Art (‘ommission see irtterv ievv.

I Performance: Dstraka (iallery ()ne.‘)pm. Invited artists. lintr'acte Theatre have vvon acclaim in their native Atistralia. Tltis piece focuses on the character of ('lytemnestra. and uses fragmentsof behaviour and multiple actors. toexplot‘e the feelings slte undergoes after her bloody murder of Agarttntetnrtort.


I Installation: Shattered (iallery ‘I‘vvo.

l 1.30am « III.3(Ipm. (ieraldine Pilgrim. See above. Weds 5th.

I Performance: Shattered (iallery 'l‘uo. 3.30 ck (t.3tlpm. (ieraldine Pilgrim. See above. Weds 5th.

I Talk (iallery ()ne. 3pm. Iintr'acte. see above Weds 5th. give a talk.

I Installation: Corpus Autopsia I’SZ. noon—8pm. Irtvited artist Shaun(’aton creates a vvhole environment from fourtd objects and collected vvastc toexplore post-apocalyptic environmental devastation.

I Performance: Dstraka (iallery' ()ne. 7.30pm. Iintr'acte'l‘heatre. See above. Weds 5th.

I Performance: Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men Studio. 9pm. I)\'.s‘ Physical Theatre. See above. Weds 5th ck interv'ievv.


I Installation: Shattered (iallery‘ Tvso. 11.3(Iam— 10.30pm. (ieraldine Pilgrim. See above. Weds 5th.

I Performance: Shattered (iallery 'I‘vv o, l c& 6pm. (ieraldine Pilgrim. See above. Weds 5th.

I Talk (ilasgovs' School of Art. Mac Lecture Theatre. 3pm. (ieraldine Pilgrim. vvho created the performance and installation Shattered. gives a talk.

I Performance/Installation: Taut (ilasgoyv School of Art. Bourdon Building. noon—late pm. Platform artists. Artvvorks. link tvvo figures by a rope. They struggle and occasionally rest. and the performance goes on until either or botlt of them cannot go on.

I Performance: Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men Studio. 7pm. Dvs Physical Theatre. See above. Weds 5th & intervievv.

I The Gathering Glasgow School of Art. Mackintosh Building.

I Performance: El Sexo Surrealista ( iaIlL‘l‘y ()ne. 10.30pm. Itiv ited artists \‘on Magnet a I.ondon-based group of I'rench artd (‘atalonian performers dravy ori flamenco music and characters and fuse this vs itlt electronic music arid techniques frortt theatre. performance arid dartce to create art exciting nevv sty le of music performance. I Video Installations and Screenings video Area. noon 9pm.


I Performance/Installation: Going Bye-Byes (iallery 'I'vso. 12.30 2.3llpm:

4.3M TSIIpni. Invited artist Stepltert Taylor Woodrovv‘s fascinating arid disturbingperformance installation. See Inter'v ievv.

I Performance: Split Studio. noon. Platform artists Stanslat l.Iohn Stanton arid Stephert Slater l giy c a perlormattce about performance and vs hat happens to artists vvorkirtg vs ithirt a set Irantevsork of time and place.

John Jordan: Till Earth Will Heal

Pubertylnstifutio :Befuse I Performance/exhibition: Fast Food Zoo (iallery ()ne. 12.45pm. Platform artists I‘ast Food Zoo front Bristol iii a corttbirtattort of filrrt and performance.

I Installation: The Singer(i;ilIc-t-y ()nc. 3.3Ilpm. Platform artists 3:21] present a continuous. constantly changing compilation of v tsual arid aural images.

I Performance: Aesthetic Politics Studio. .‘~..‘~Ilpm. Platform artist Michael Stuart Mc( illIlII presents a short tape slide piece. I Audio Visual Presentation Studio. .‘i..‘~tlpm. Platform artist Izvely n .Iardine uses gesture and sound to reach tovvar‘ds expressing a ntental and emotional force that often remains hidden and suppressed. I Talk Video Area. 4pm. Invited artist Boris I 'khananov from the Soviet I ‘nion talks about three contemporary tendencies irt Soviet Art: ‘Parallel cinema'; visual art and theatre. arid ys ill shovs v ideo-films. slides and some of his ovs rt films.

I Installation: Refuse Middle Root.

b lIIpm. A year on since they appearedat last year‘s Rev iess . ‘I he Puberty Institution. formerly tradition: debilttation. say of this installation 'yse chose to use the tirtlov ed obiects of the \ytil'ltl'.

I Performance: At Last. The 388(iallel'y ()ne. “pm. Platform Artists I'he ( 'ilce (Tub.

I Performance: Falling Into the Light Sttrdto. Spin. Platform .trttsts ( ilory \\ Ital (ilot'y . vs hose csperrrttental theatre has almost Irlmtc qualities. have ptodttced this piece rrt collaboration vs rIli Pctc IItoolss (formerlon Impact'lheatrelandhas original soundtrack by .locely rt Pook of

'I he ( 'oritrrtttnards.

I Performance: Drawing on 3 Mother's Experience ( iallcry (Inc. ‘I. 15pm. ltiv ited artist Bobby Baker has not dottc any lrve performance \sork since the bit tli of lrer first child ergltt years ago. btit \s ill doubtless make Iter conic-back vs rtli her ovslt vsitty originality in her earlier pieces she recreated a history of ntodcrn paiittrrtg in sugar arid serv ed an audience vs till a perfect packed lunch. edibles seeming to prove more expressive for her than the ntore conv entional paint

I Video Installations and Screenings video Area. .\'oon Ilpm.

I Installation: Till Earth. Till Heat PS2. Sunrise dusk. .Iolttt .Iordart III .tday along installation.

I Meeting of the Free International

I Installation: An (un) Conventional Concern The lane. from noon. A year on front the last Rey ieys. Iztran Sutherland returns vs lift a day-long installation concerned vyith ecological arid ertv ironrtrental problems.


I Platform Discussion ( ale. noon. Steve Rogers. Managing Izditor of Performance Magazine vvill cltair thisplatforrn discussion. Brunch vv ill be prov ided.

I Performance/Installation: Going Bye-Byes (iallery ’I‘vvo. 2 4pm: b ‘Ipnt. Stephen Taylor Woodrovs. See abov c arid inter'vieyv.

ITallt ( iallery 'I'vso. ~I. lllpm. Stephen Taylor Woodrovs gives a talk.

I Performance: She Watches Silently 3pm. Platform artist Iilsie Mitchell tises ltgltt. reflections and Irqttid to give fortn toa particularly beatitifttl personal dr eartt and thtis inv ite the v ievser to bccorrte participant.

I Performance: For Kicks ( ialleiy ( )ne.

3. 15pm. Platform artists Porrtt F in assork tisittg a cast of ten that focttsesoit questions throvv rt tip by research irtto Iart Brady arid Myra l liridley

I Performance/Installation: A Physical Journey ( iallery ()ne. 2.45pm Platform artist Brian .lcnkins iii a performance installation that uses dravs mg and film arid questions the taboos normally associated

vsith physical ltartdrcap.

I Performance: The Bath ( iallery ()nc. 3.45pm. Platform artists I.trke Mcls'conan & I.avs rence IIarvey . iii a piece that arose through each artist perforrrting a solo iii a batlt ttib. obliv ions of the otlterone.

I Performance: Close ToAWaII ( iallery ()ne. 5. ltlpm. Platform artists Miss ck Mix.

I Performance: Fey Moon ( iifIIL'l'y ()rte. (v.3tlpm. Platform artist Shirley .‘sfacWiIlrant.

I Performance: Bleeding: Being studio. 7pm. Antltony Patr'tekson.

I Performance: Bring on the Engines (iallery ()rte. "sillprrt. Vanessa .Ionesck

I lester Reev e iii a pcrfor ntance that explores the nattrre of threat.

I Modern Plural ( iallery ()ne . ‘Ifillptn. Invited artists. Modern Plttral frortt Sydney . vs ho describe their vvork as exploring ‘the collision betvseen the individual and the dorrtinartt povv er structures' iii a pertor rttance dravv trig upon their collectiy e cxpcriertce in theatre. literature. dance. visual arts artd sounds I Video Installations and Screenings \‘ideo Area. .‘ind-day'JIpm.

10Thc List 30 Sept 13 Oct 1988