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I This section aims to provide a review of every film to be seen in central Scotland over the next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings. (U)- Universal, suitable for all ages. (PG) Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable foryounger children. (15)- No one underthe age of 15admitted. (18)- No one underthe age of 1Badmitted. sir-New Release. IAngel Hearti IS) ( Alan Parker. l ‘S. 1987) Mickey Rottrke. Robert De Niro. (‘harlotte Rarnplirtg. 11.3 mins. Scrutty. unshaven private eye Harry Angel lSltll'etl by the mysterious Louis (‘yphre totrack down a missing Forties crooner who has reneged on a life-or-death deal. llis investigations lead him to a seedy .\'eyy ()rleans dominated by voodoo cultsand extremely dead bodies in this uncomfortable mating of visceral gore and ntoody film noir. (ilasgoyy : (it'osvettor. I Anne Karpf Lecture The author of Doctoring The Media. a study of the media treatment ofthe .\'1 IS front the 1-‘ortiesto the present day. yy ill give art illustrated lecture that will cover some of these areas and also examine the torrid yyorld of medical film artd '1‘\' drama. lidinburgh; Filmhouse. I Annie‘s Coming Out ( P( i i r ( til Brealey. Australia. 1983) Angela Punch Mc(iregor. ()2 mins. Moving Australian filtn telling the true story of Anne McDonald. physically and rnerttally handicapped by cerebral palsy and overlooked by hospital authorities until a dedicated young teacher enables her to realise her fttll and considerable capabilities. Iidinburgh: l-‘ilrttltotrse. I Atlantic City ( 15) (Louis Malle. Canada France. 1980) Burt Lancaster. Susan Sarandort. Michel l’icoli. ltl-l mins. Fascinating Louis Malle portrait ofa resort in transition. as the old-time hoods find themselves losing control yy hen the big money men begin to rebuild the gambling centres. Lancaster giy es one of his best performances as a tyyo-bit gangster on the way ottt. who finds himself obsessed by a younger woman. (ilasgoyv:


I AWorld Apartl 15) t('hris Mettgcs. LK. 1‘)r\.\l Barbara 1 let'sltcy . .1odhi .May. Day id Suchet. 113 mins. Special prey ieyy screening irt aid of the Attit-Apartheid Moyement.ol ( ‘hris Menges‘ tttoy irtg story ola South African adolescence blighted by political llll'ltlttll. .1odhi May giy es a yyonderl'ul performance as the 13 year-old Molly Rtttlt. ltttse lalltct is ill ltltllltg. arid \y lltise mother, Ruth. laces imprisonment for her committed

actiy ities. Based upon the trtte story of

yy ltite actiy ist Ruth first in the early tum ls. Rey icyy ed in full next issue. lidinburgh.


Buster (15) (David Green, UK, 1988) Phil Collins, Julie Walters, Larry Lamb, Stephanie Lawrence. 103 mins. A biography of Great Train Robber Buster Edwards has been on the cards for a numberotyears. Somewhere in its gestation a decision has been taken to keep the tone light and frothy so that the finished film is content to skim along the surface of many critical moments. Ultimately, this is a knockabout lark about a loveable rogue and not a dramatic reconstruction particularly concerned with depth, accuracy or historical insight.

Phil Collins makes a creditable debut as incorrigible small-time crook Edwards; an overgrown artful dodger who is devoted to his wife June and daughter Nicky. His main aim in an uncomplicated luck-of-the-devil life is to provide for his family, even if that entails stealing rather than working for his money.

Buster‘s share of the 2.6 million haul is meant to purchase a one~way ticket to the life of Riley in a faraway paradise. However, life in sundrenched Acapulco is not what they had anticipated. Their discontent is exacerbated by the mismanagement of their rapidly dwindling finances and June’s chronic homesickness.


I Baby Boom ( l’( i l ((‘harles Shyer. l 'S. 1%”) Diane Keaton. Sam Shepard. llarold Ramis. lllmirt. hast rising. single-minded career yyotttatt Keatott is stopped in her tracks by the inheritance of a bouncing baby through the unfortunate demise of a cousin. (‘hoosing tomotlter the little rnrte. she ditches ltll‘ illlLl liner to mot e to the dubious delightsol rustic contentment irt Vermont. Brought doyy n to earth by boredom arid seyual frustration. her capitalistic iuices tloyy again yy ith the dey eloprnent of gourmet baby lood andshc trtesaneys to hay ea career. child arid loy er'.

.-\n intriguing premise for a modern feminist reyyorking of [rank ( ‘apt'a is largely squandered Ill this thoroughly predictable and rather icky damp strurbol a comedy. Irdinburgh: lilmhouse.

I Barflyi 1S) ( Barbet Schroeder. LS. 1987') Mickey Rourke. l‘aye 1)unayyay. Alice Krige. W mins. liar-room btrm Rourke finds artistic lltspll'ullttll iii the demon drink. bttt his discoyery by a prestigious literary maga/rrre and the temptations ol yyealth it offers is to threaten his relationship yy illt lelloyy alcoholic Dunayyay.

(‘alculattng eyercise irt eyrstentralrst sty le based on the auttibiographtcal

3. 5

Missing the gourmet delights of steak and chips and the invigorating spectrum of the British weather, June packs her bags and heads home to mum. A distraught Buster has no alternative but to follow in her path and face the music.

Made by the director of the execrable CarTrouble, Buster is a low-budget lark that glosses overthe planning, execution and violence of the robbery to focus on the sentimental love affair

\y ritingsol cttlt author (‘harles littkoyt ski. here energetically rrttpet'sonated by a game Mickey Rourke. l-dittburgh; l-ilmhouse.

I Beetlejuicei 15 l ('l 1111 Burton. 1 'S. l‘lMI (ieena Day is. .r\lcc Baldyy irt. Michael

Ke;rtort.‘13rttirts Recently deceased. and yery charming \eu 1%rtgland couple. the Maitlatids. haye difficulty tit adrttstrrtg to tlte afterlife. \ol the least ol their um i res is the tasteless t'clttt‘btsltrttcrtt ol their old home by a nasty Ne“ \or k yuppie l.tillll\. arid they e\enlua|ly call on lreelartee bio-exotclsl Betelgettse t proritittrreetl ‘lieelle-ruice'l todeal “ith the problem rrt his oyy rt inimitable fashion

liyuber.’tntly eccentriccartoonrsii capers. a moy ie that creates lls my l1 cornte cosmos yy here the unexpected is the riot ltt (ireat fun it all is too (ilasgoyy (annon. Sauchieltall Street. lidrriburght artnon. Strathclyde .»\M( ( ‘lydebartk. IBig Businesstl’ti) (.lirn .v\bta|ratns. LS. WSS) Bette Midlei'.l ily lornlin. lied \Vard. lidyyard l let'r'rttann. ‘13 mitts. You'y esecn idertttcaltytirt llltl\|\'\.l1li\\ ntect the dotrblc identical tyy 111 mm re. Rose arid Sadie ('l‘omlm and Muller late the heads of corporate gtartt Moi .rtita\. about to lake oy er a small rural lit in and lit sodoing attract the resistance ol ille local

between Edwards and his good lady. Collins and a subdued Julie Walters help to compensate for an inadequate script and some crass moments, communicating some of the affection of a working class couple who need each otherand their ain folk. However, the overall impression is of the trivialization of some sensational events into a bland, rough and ready mix of Mills and Boon and Minder. (Allan Hunter)


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