I Theatre is listed by city first. then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Cabaretand touring shows arelisted separately under the relevant heading.

KEY: [D] lacililies tor the disabled. [E] facilities for the hard of hearing. usually an induction loop system. For prices. price in brackets eg (£1 .50) is the concessionary price. Long running shows. unless specified otherwise. do not run on Sundays.


I CITIZENS' THEATRE ( iorl‘als Street . 42‘) “(I22 Hm ( )ttiee Mon Sat lilam Spin. Bar. [1)].

Richard lll I‘ri 3llSept Sat 22 ( )et.".3llpm. £3 (£1 l. I‘Rlzl- Preview 'l’liurs 2‘)Sept.

I lay ill]: christened their new studio theatre with a powerful chamber production of Ibsen. the ( ‘iti/ens' llltH e into the darker waters ol Richard lIl.and the horrid deeds ol Sllalxespeal'os 'delormed. unlinished‘ Richard. Should be potent stutl in this tiny space.

I CRAWFURD THEATREIordanlnll (‘ollege.(ila\gmt n41 uflnnnn.

Killing Me Softly Wed 5 ( )et. ".Rnpm. (’ly de l'nity in .lohn llinine's mm ing play about it boy W ht) llnds ltlltlsell l “V posllh e.

The Vicious Boys l'll '7 ( )et. Spin. \'iciousby name. viciously lunny by nature. Powerand Howto Get It Sat .s ( )ei..spm_ Matthew [aggac in a one-man play.

The Puddok an‘ the Princess Al'hurs 13 and Fri 14 ( )et. ".3ilpin. 'l heatre Alba in Day id Purs es‘ populai retelling ol the tale of the frog and the princess. See Touring.

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE('umbernauld. (l2.3(i232.\1\'".Rm()ltieeMon-I'ri

Illain hpm; Sat lilam 3pm;(> Spinperl. e\ gs Bar ('ale

Wild Goose Chase in An Sept iv Sat I()cl. 7.45pm. £2.25 l LI 5“). Apex Players in a farce by Derek lieltlield.

A Midsummer Night‘s Dream 'l’hurs is Sat 8 ()et. ".45pm. 'l liuis: £25” ( £1.25); l‘ri ck Sat £3.51] t £2 l. ‘l .’\( i in their new touring production of Shakespeare's comedy. See Reyiew and Iouring.

I DRAMA CENTRE [2!» Ingram Street. 552 582".

Sam Shepard Double Bill The ll Sun 10 ()ct. Spin. Strathelyde 'I‘heatre (iroup in a double bill ot Sam Shepard plays: Savage [Jiveiutd.4tiuin.

ABeal Scream Wed 12 I‘ri I4()cl. midnight. .lohn Street Theatre ( iroup in a horror res ue: latiin till you die.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 452i).

The Chaplin Obsession Tue 1 1 ()et. 7.3tlpm. £2 (£1 ). Mark Saunders in aone-man mime show reassessing the inimitable talents ot Chaplin. as the great man's centenary hoy es intoxiew.

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box ()itice. Mon Sat noon (rpm. 4 bars. [1)]. [Ii]. Phone bookings. ’l‘icket (‘entre. ('andleriggs. Mon Sat l(I.3ilain-«b.3ilpm. ()4 227 5511.

Pride ofthe Clyde Mon 1‘) Sept-Sat lSUct. 7.3llpm. Sat mats 3pm. £2. £3. £4. (‘oncs ay ailable please contact Ticket ('entre tor details. Radio (‘lyde hosts itsannual varier show of music andcomedy.

I MITCHELL THEATRE (iranville Street. 2213103. Box Office Mon- Sat noon—(rpm. Bar. ('ale. [1)]. Tickets also available from the Ticket (‘entre. (‘andleriggx 227 5511 Mon—Sat lll.3tlain—~o3tlpm.

Nostalgia is Back The -7 Sept Sat l()ct. 7.30pm. £45” (£2.50). (‘omedianJack Milroy and Mary Lee in an eveningoi songs. res tie and rnUsic hall memories. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Tue «tr—Sat a


()cl. ".3ilprn. £35“ ( £25“). The Pantheon (‘lub in a stage adaptation of Muriel Spark‘s nmel about the eccentric ladinburgh teacher and her creme de la

The Joel Hall Dancers Wed 12 Sat 150a. ".3llpm. £45“ ( £25“). See Dance


I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE .\ew Street. Paisley . SS" lllltl. BoxUlliceopen 'l'ue-Sun rioon-S._‘sllpin. Bar ( ( )pen noon-l 1pm 'l’ue-Sat; l2.3ll-2.3llpm (y (vial-l lpm Sun. Meals ser\ ed l. (ale (Open noon-l lpm l. [1)].

Poles Apart \Veds 5 ( )ct. ".3llpm. H i £2). 'l‘heatre l)e ( ‘amping in a comedy by Shaun Prendergast.

The Puddok an' the Princess Sat .s ( )el . .s'pm.


Theatre Workshop. Edinburgh (reviewed at the Third Eye Centre. Glasgow).

Gloria. the theatre company which includes Neil Bartlett and Annie Griffin (seen individually in Scotland earlier this year in two unusual productions which both stretched the convention of the solo show) have got to work on the task of reinterpreting Victorian melodrama in a show premiered at the Third Eye Centre.

The subject of the attempt is the novel. Lady Audley‘s Secret. by Mary E Braddon. still a great read (The World‘s ClassicS/oxford paperbacks. £4.94). Lady Audley‘s secret is—orseemsto be that before she entered the aristocracy by a marriage rescuing her from the downstairs world of service. she had been married before. When herfirst husband returns. her new world is threatened.

Annie Griffin as Lady Audley dominates much of the action. From the moment she casts off her serving clothes. we enter a world that she seeks to control. There is an obsessional quality to Griffin's portrayal of a character that seems to hover on the edge oi sanity. This uneasiness is reflected too in the heavily tilted stage complete with a disturbingly distorted doorway.

The set. together with a liberal quantity ofdryice and a ‘melodramatic’ piano accompaniment combines with a heightened. self parodying, acting style and an enormous sense of pace to create the effect of melodrama ratherthan recreate its form directly. And to the production‘s credit, the clarity and compulsiveness ofthe plot isn’tlostin this process. Only perhaps towards the end. admittedly after a wonderfully delivered speech from Bartlett suggesting that Lady Audley‘s only defence is madness, does the approach begin not to work. Suddenly. whathas been subliminally suggested throughout— that Lady Audley is the victim of a sexist and class-ridden society— is rather blatantly an

£4 (£2). Theatre Alba tour theirsuccesst‘ul production of the delightful comedy about the princess and a bombastic frog. See 'I‘ouring.

I PALACE THEATRE ‘) Green Street. Kilmarnock . 0563 2359i). Box Office Mon-Sat ltlam—Spm. Cafe Bar Mon-Sat Ilium—5pm. |l)]|li].

Fancy Rappin' Wed 12 &'I‘hurs13()ci. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Wildcat in their tenth anniversary show. See 'I‘ouring.

I PAVILION THEATRE 12I cht'ield Street. 332 184i». Box Office Mon—Sat ltlam-Spm. Bar.

Lenny Henry Thurs l3 ()ct. 7.30pm (doors open 7pm). £7 £8. Age cannont wither himl See (Suestlist.


Chinese Youth Goodwill Group Tue 11 ()ct. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). A groupoistudents chosen from the lilo universities in Taiwan in an evening oi" music and dance from China.

I THEATRE ROYAL I lope Street. 331 1234. Box Office Mon~Sat “lain-6pm. (7.30pm on perl'evgs). Bar. Bullet.

.\'o theatre performances this issue. See ('Iassical Music for details oiSeottish

humourlessly stated. (Nigel Billen)


Tron Theatre. Glasgow. Now on tour. Ian Brown's final production forTAG. the Glasgow-based company with a special remit to provide touring theatre shows suitable for schools and for adults, is a colourful and happy affair. Brown. the company’s artistic director for iouryears, who leaves this month to join the Traverse in Edinburgh. directs with a particular attention to individual detail. In every scene there is at least one piece of business or interpretation that is completely fresh and often very funny. When Puck (Stuart McDuarrie) turns Bottom (Leonard McLure) into an ass, for example. and tells us the other beasts he is going to turn Bottom into, Bottom actually undergoes each

()pera performances.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521 . (‘atc open I lam-2.30pm Tue-Fri and during evening pert‘ormances.

Marooned Fri 3llSept ck Sat I ()ct.7.3tlpm. £3.5ll ( £2.50). The wildly anarchic People Show in a show in which they are castaway on a desert island that somewhat lacks the peace and quiet usually associated with the same.

The National Review of Live Art 'l‘hurso-sim ‘)()ct. Preview day \Vedsfi ()ct. This year‘s annual review of Live and Perlormance Art. See Feature for full listings.

I TRON THEATRE (i3 'I‘rongate. 552 4207 S. Box Office Inc Sat Noon—Spin; Sun 12.3.” llpm. (‘losed Mondays.

Cabaret Weekend: Day One liri 3llSept. 9.30pm. £l non-members; Slip members. Stand-up comedian Stu Henderson. progressn e iau threesome The Jazz Trio and The Man (it a Thousand Letters. who draw s letters out of a bag and acts upon them. are on the bill for the first ot’three nightsot‘cabaret.

CabaretWeekend: Day Two Sat 1 ()cl.time and tickets as aboy e. (‘omedian Albert

transformation at great speed before our eyes. It's a nice piece of stage business embellished by the kind of wit that has Bottom mistaking ‘bear' for ‘bare‘ as he rapidly covers his private pads.

The production gives the actors an opportunity to show off their dexterity— and I can imagine that much has come from improvisation of characters. Whatever the process, at least one contribution of supreme assurance has been elicited. Annette Staines gives. both as Snout and as Helena. a perfect performance of controlled and intelligent touches ol comic invention.

Not all the lines are as well interpreted by the cast as the action, and perhaps the necessary tightening of the play for a cast of only eight is not always successful. but this is still a very lucid and enjoyable production. (Nigel Billen)

TAG's Midsummer Night's Dream

The List so Sept - 13 ( )el was 21