The Importance 01 Being Hilda Mon tthat I USHER HALL l.tithian Road. 23s I 155.

. . O 0 o 15()et,Mtin—l‘ri“.3llP'11151115‘S317'11- "‘9 Pemng Acmba'STUH“ “Cd‘sod‘ a" A Maglcal Chrtsfmas Adventure! 0. . i

£3? Les”, (“In-‘1 U” \[ullxundgrund 7.30pm.£(i.511—{SSUconcgrtiupshalt ' A. - - c..- l— .- . a— c— - -. a. g . ("€ng 1] on upper circle. 'l'ue» 'l'hurs; all 1 price. A troupe of tyyenty~liye act‘oliats ', C . . s l ' , ' 5 t . . .

seals hall-price Monday eye and Sat mat. . bring a glimpse til ( litna s _()tl(iyc;u -o|tl . 4 ,

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the handsolthose inimitaliledti}cnnes. PrWlSlUll Iliul Ctimes lrtim lilklllfll‘lllll'Nl‘“ ' . Dame Hilda llinge and Doctor ltyadne 1” 1‘9”le 9‘1"" "9“ "‘“VSmSm' ' '

. , ' Stuart Paterson I Hans Christian Andersen '

. . l O I Bracket. See (iuestltst. l t I O , y ' I O 0 f _ O n nerngneoytt AnrsoENrnps t not 5 I c , o , 1' 6 31 , r' . ' o . sum-t. sstttis ti, llti\()lllcc. i lllam 4.311pm. " ‘lpm pert. vies- (Itlu : . . ' ’As much a delight for grown ups as it is for children . . . even if you “)1 1111 : I ""5 seam" "315 5h°wsmal a'elour'w can't beg or borrow a child,do see it" (Glasgow Herald).

The Chaplin Obsession \y'etl Stiet-Sats Scotland.We give detailed listings onlylor 1 . . ()ct..\'pnt. £311.21. Mat-k Saunders. ; periods whenthey are inthe CentralBelt “Cke's {mm £2'50‘ ég'BfPLCP'FdIeni2

probably l‘t'Sl kntmn astme hall til'l’tiny 1 area. There isa phone numbertoreach Greatfamily ticket

and Derek. in .. tine-man play alitiut the ; company. however. should you require more oiler tr" NOV 7.

silent screen star. as his centenary inlormation. Unless otherwise specified. the Group Discoun's. .. p "PPI‘URIC'ICN numberattereach venoelistediethe 1/2 price concessions. o I N o U I G u V' l f, I PLAYHOUSE ts‘ 23(iteensttle Place. 55" telephone numberlorticket enqurnestor

25W. Bti\()llice.\ltin Sat lllam (ipm thatparticularevening(please note.thisis ( ) N (Sptntinshoyy nights). Bar. i nolalwayslhe venue number), B N l O .\'o theatre perltirmances this issue. I A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine

or per'ls. Sundays)

IROYAL LYCEUMUrindlay Street.22‘) Borderlinelheatre(’titnpany ttittrtheit

(W)? Box ( )tlice Mon Sat Illam tipm. ' dtiulile liill til comedy that opened at the

Illam S'pm tin pert. eygs. Bar. Rest (Kile. lztlinliurgh l'estiyal ttictinsideralile g [1)]. [lil l'l'hcatreSayer(‘titiccssitin(Kirtls success. l'nmissalilc ltir Michael Rtilierts‘

cost £1 . last all year. giy e £1 till the lttll uncanny likeness tti ( irtiucho Marx l-ot

price each litne you come tor you anda lurther details please call Borderline tin

friend a\ ailalile tti ( ).»\l’s. lil34lls. 113‘): ZSltlltl.

Students. Disabled and \"l'S scheme) littt‘t'lt'ut'li l/tt/l. Lung/to/m 'l’ue 2‘1 Sept.

l‘ickets ltir l.yceum productions are also .Spm; (tor/e Doug/try High School. l’Hfi‘“

ay ailalile at the 'l'ickct Centre. \Vayerley .St'pl. «Slim. .St't' allut'ltt'tl \/I('('[ for further

Bridge: liranches til Al May ’s’l'rayel and tlult'x. A ( :

the Queens l lall. ( ‘lerk Street. ("tulle/Muddy Hie/rSt/imi/l-ri311Scpl.

Hobson's Choice l‘ntil Sat 1 ()ct. “.45pm. ".3llpm: I‘lit-ttm' Rum]. Hum/"rm Sat 1

£2.50 {7. 'l‘hcatrcSay er holders 1;] till. ()cl. il‘stlpm; .llttgnttm l'ltt’turt’. lrt‘t/zt' lite October, M0n_Sat

'l he lyceum open their attttttnn season 4 and Wed 5 ( )ct ".Fllpm; sit/um .Snit'r/i

\\ ith a solid. \ycll-craltcd prtiductitin til ('t'ntrt'. Kll'kt’H/(lt 'l'ltttrs ti Sat S ( )et.

llarold Brightiuse‘s \\L‘ll-l\'11(l\\ n play . 'l'htit‘s and l't'l ".311pm: Sat 5 and “fillpni: 6 October

The Shadow ola Gunman l'ri " Sat 22 ( )ct. (iutt'lt' I'lit'ulrt'. .-l\'r \ltin 111 \Ved l2 ( )ct.

7.45pm {2.511 i". ‘l‘heatreSay er htilders “.Rllpm; .llttt'Rti/it'r/ ( ‘mm'. Stir/me lhurs

£1 tilt. Sat mat 22(1c1. 3. 15pm. (:\lltickets 13-Sat15(1ct.7311pm.'l‘tiurcontinues, Sat Matinee October Tickets from l.‘.“1.l-Rl‘l5 l’reyieyy'l'httrso()el.'l‘hc I Blood Wedding (itllllllllllllc‘dtltl l'heatre

winter season continues \y ith Sean (‘ompany ‘s pouerlul production til

()'( ~asey ‘s classic about the shy young poet l,tirca‘s play about the bride and her _ mistakenltiragunmantintlte run. lormerloyeroyercome liy passitintin her

I SPRINGWELL HOUSE Ardmillan wedding day. Recommended. l-or tttrther

'l’errace. lidinliurglh. (131 33" 1W1. details please call ( ‘timmunicadti onll.‘il r1 fir A Temporary Rupture \yetls 5 ()ct. 7.30pm. :21) not. E A AA £15111£1 ), Black lheatre (ti—()pcratiye in ’I‘uttrs latte/tutti until S ( )ct; Henderson A

their next \l’ltl“. See lieltiyy.'l'lteatt'e I'ltt'utrt'. Slitin \Veds 12 ( )et."..‘~“l‘m. I D I '

Workshop ltir lurther details. (15111 2182b: [.(IHH'tlt/t' Hie/1.81 ltmi/

ITHEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 1 lamilttin ('t'nrrt'. ].(l.\\l\(It/(’Ilil‘llll'S 1.‘~()ct.".15pm.

Place. 22h 5425. Box Office Mon-Sat (131(io371"1.'l'ourcontinues. E CU M N Y l1..‘illam-5.Rllpm. Bar. (‘ate. [1)] [ii]. I Fancy Rappin' Wildcat open their tenth

A Midsummer Night's Dream Sat l()et. anniyersary shtiyy . Written by HM e W Spin. {3.5111 £2). 'l'.»\(i ’l'heatre (‘timpany Mclennan and Moe .'\11tlL‘1sti11. ll E

ttiur their neys production tit celelirates lllyears til \Vildcat.

Shakespeates loy e comedy . See Rey ieys incorporating many songs lrtim their

and pun-mg. earlier \llti\\\. and in a sttiry loosely “ox en Temporary Rupture 'lilturs tys‘at s ( )ct.

round that til ()li\ er 'l'ysist. ttpdated ttithc

8pm.£3511(£2.511students £1.St)['134tls, 1-,tgltties. c‘x‘utttlltc‘s \y hat llilslicgn ().-\l’s. children). Black Theatre (‘o-()p in happening in Britain oy er the last tett a touring production of a play by Michael years. For lurther details please call

lillis. billed as a ‘rewnge comedy'. in Wildcat on 1141 ‘)54lltitltl_ OCt at

which Beverley . haying lieen jiltcd at the .Vt’lltt'rltin (tun/HIUHH' ( ‘t'Iitrt'. (i/usgtitt- altar is tnaking a life for hersell. l'ntil lhurs 2‘) Sept. 7.30pm. (141 OWENS: a extraordinary experience

Raymond. her then intended. returns. See ('i’t‘t't' 'l'ltt'uire. .ttt'r l‘ri 311 Sept c& Sat 1()et. also Springis'ell House. iitlinliurgh. 8pm. (12‘): 3o4o3‘); .\‘ort/inmt.»tris Intu-

Lady Audley's seCfei'lilturs 13 Sat 15()ct. Mon 3 -\\'ed 5 ( )ct. For details call Martin HCCtOr S 8pm. £3.511(£2.5111. (iloria tour theirneyy Milne on 11224 (i42121 ext. BUS; (i/t’mtotit/ ‘A ‘H _ adaptation til Mary Braddon‘s wonderful ('t'nlrt'. (i/t'nrolltt's 'l‘hursti ()ct. 7.2illpm. SEqfiel wedneSday 5 - melodramaticntiyel. Sec Review (1592 752244; 'I‘ltt'('t'ntrt’. [,t’l't’lt l’ri "'()ct. t e p 3" t a 00 ITRAVERSE THEATRE 112 \Vest amt. ".fitlpm.113332471111; ran-tit» )1 Hall. (‘1 b t 8311” day 22 OCtObel 1988 (irassmarket. 22o 2(133. Box Office I’d/kirk Sat S’ ()ct. ".Rtlpnt. (1324281118; 1 asgow y S Orm' at 'l‘ue- Sat lllam—Spm. Sun (>— ltlpm. Bar. Dt'mti' ( "it-1t 'I‘ltt'urrt'. I)tmt/iurttin.\1tin Rest. Tickets also available from the llLe'I‘ue 11 ()ct. 7.30pm. (133‘) (i21115; 'I‘ieket Centre. Market Street. l’ulut‘t' l'ltt'um'. Kt‘lmummk \Veds Pick of the 1988 Edinburgh Fringe Tue 4 12» Thurs 13 ( )ct. 7.30pm. 115M 335m 1. ()ct‘ Sun (i Noy. A five week pick olsome 'I‘our continues. seats at ) DrlCei (illrillllk‘ plays shown at this year s ladtnliurgh A‘lMtdhsommer NIg-hl's Dream l’.’\(l 1/2 price preview Concessionary price: 11L. Ihcatrc( timpany tit ancsulierantly HOW Like A" A"gfil'I'ue l-Sun‘)()ct. luttnyAulitle production titShakespeare's 6 October at - . 7.31mi“. £45111£25111 'l'heatre (ti-()p magical comedy the last l’rtim lan Brim n * Spec|al D'scounts present an early play by .1ohn('lil'ltird as artistic director til"1‘.-\( }. lt‘tit lurther for BOOkingS (itlllleOl {JAIN}: l't’nit‘t’) »— a moving details please call 'I'.-\(i on (141 42928“. account tit’the life of a ytiungmentally .llut'RnlierlxlrIs (‘t'nma .SItr/tite'l'ue * We accept payment

disturbed man. drawn from (’lifford‘sown 2771‘hurs 2‘)Sept.TStlpm.1178(ioltisl, experience in a mentalhospital. liar/)(leg‘rn('(’,1[r¢r_ [mama-rt Rtiscpt, THEATRE, OF

Blood and Ice Tue 1 1—Sun 16 ()ct. 7.30pm. 7.45ptn.112‘)4 7405‘); Theatre ll'orks/tup.

usotczsot. Pen-Name in Liz Edinburgh Sat t ()ct. 8pm. ti3t 2305425; 63 Irongatei Glasgow .

l.tichltead\ fascinating play about Mary (‘tmiliernuuld Theatre. ('um/it’muu/ti Tel; BOX OFFICE. 031-665 2240 Shelley and the creation other famous 'l'hurs (s—Sat 8 ()ct. 7.45pm. (123o732S’87; J monster. 'l‘our continues tti Iingland and the West k

'lhe list 311 Sept ~ 13 Oct 1988 23