Coast. returning to Central Scotland 24 Oct.

I The Puddok an‘ the Princess Theatre Alba tour their rcyiy‘al of the yyonderlully funny tale of the uppity puddok and his relationship with the young princess. For further details please call 'l'heatre Alba on ()31 2265992.

Adam Smith (Mitre. Ix'i'rkt‘ulrly Fri 3t)Sept and Sat 1 ()ct. ts‘pm. 0592 261) 498. Paisley A My ('t’iim’. Paisley Sat S ( )ct . ".3tlpm. (141 SS7 llllll: ( ~run‘furrl 'l'lii’ulre. (ilusgmt' Thurs l3 and Fri 14 ( )ct. 7.3llpm. ()41 954 9418.1‘our continues.

I Scottree John (‘airney ‘s new musical about Robert Burns.

.llugnrmr 'l'lit'uirt'. Iri'im' Inc -7' Sept ~Sat l()ct. 7.3llpm. (1294 "S381. [ind ot tour.



I MITCHELL THEATRE ( iranyille Street. ‘I‘leketstl-Il 22—. 5.5I l,

Joel Hall Dancers \y'eds )2 Sat l5()ct. ".3llpm. Weds ts 'l‘liurs. £4.51): l-ri ck Sat {5.511. School .\Iatinee. Friday I lam. 'I'lte exuberant .loel l lall dancers made a splash at May lest three years ago yy ith their iii/1y sy le. '1 hey return yy ith a neyy progrmamme.

Mon 10 & Tue 11 Oct. The Joel Hall dancers will give intensive workshops on these days -lor inlormation please call 041 227 5033. I THIRD EYE CENTRE 351 ) Sauchiehall Street. ()41 332 “52 1.

Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men Wed 5 ()ct 1 View ieyy) l‘1'1~()c‘t. times y .ti‘y l)\'.\ I’hysical'l heatie ma neyyly coiniriissioned piece tor the National Rey ieys ol I.i\e Art. See l'eattrre,

Class Sat 1 ()ct. l.loyd Neyyson o1 l)\}\‘yyill take a class today (‘ontaet (‘entie tor details.


I GARNETBANK SCHOOL Renlreyy Street. 1nlo334 3349.

Jane Simpson— Contemporary ( ‘Iasseyery 'I‘tiesday . " S31 )pm.

I HILLHEAO SECONDARY SCHOOL ()aklicld Aycnue. lrtlo 334 165",

Fiona Alderman—Cunningham-based ( 'tass eyery 'l'htirsday . S3llpm.

Jane Simpson - Stretch and Get Loose ( ‘tass cy cry Monday . 2 -S.3tlpm. (into 334 3349).

I OAKGRAVE PRIMARY SCHOOL St Peters Street. Into 5.34 42113.

Discovering Dance ( ‘tass c\ L‘1'_\iItlL‘\kI;l.\. Adtilt beginners. " 9.3llpm.

I SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIO 261 West Princes Street. 331 293 I. All classes run until l"1)ec.

JuniorContemporary I'.\ ery ’l rtesday.

6 "pm. {1.51).

Adult Contemporary I'.\ cry \y‘ednesday.

6 '7.3llpm. LI 511.

Perlormance Group is ery ‘t‘httrsday.

(e 7.311pm. £2ttl.5l)).

Beginners' Ballet 12y cry Saturday. l4yeats toadult.11I 11.15am. £21L15U). Beginners' Jazz I:\ cry Saturday. l4years toadult. 11.3tlam 1pm. £2t£l .511).

. EDINBURGH Perlormance

I KINGS THEATRE 21.ey en Street. 229 12111. Box ( )llice. Mon Sat Illamv-Spm. Bar. [1)].

I Grand Ballet de Tahiti t not Sat l()ct. Weay ing their \say doyyn the country on their British debut tour. the ( irand Ballet de ’l‘ahiti yy ho come heralded by an almost pornographic press release promising bare breasts and syy aying hips andlimbs giyeaneyeningot'l'ahitian dance and music. rising traditional costumes and instruments.

24'1‘he List 31) Sept - 13 ()ct 1988


I Kids aims in provide into about eventsln and around Edinburgh and Glasgow tor children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days belore pubhcahon.


Activities and Fun IHAGGS CASTLE MUSEUM ltltlSt

Andr'eyys I)rtyc. l’ollokslttelds. 42‘ 2‘25. Saturday Activities in cry Saturday.

2. 15pm. l'ree no booking. llaggs' regular. Saturday alternoon aetiy itics tor children. Suitable age range giy en in brackets.

1 October Kites (S 12 years)

8 October Marzipan l' ruits t 4 " years) Bookingopens S ( )etobei. Illam. lor the October hall-term holiday programme ol actiy ities. I’laees must be booked in

ady ance and get snapped tip y ery quickly. Admission is tree. and because numbers are so limited only one actiyity per child can be booked. the programme is as lolloyys:

Sat 15 Oct 11). 15am Nature '1 tall tysellies and eagoules it \yet ) t4 " years). \‘ietorian 1intertainments(b 9); 2. 15pm l-‘tnger l’uppets(5 S)'Ii1c.\laking(7 12) Monday 17 11). 15am .\1ar/ipan Iiruits

(4 7);2. 15pm Samplers(S 12)

Tuesday 18 11). 15am Street (iamcstT l2). I’otato Prints (4 ")z1)ressingl'pl" 12). Shortbread (6 9) Wednesday19Storyttme l)rayying(4 "i. (iingerbread (6 9); 2. 15pm l leraldry (7--l2). (iloy e l’uppetsl6 9)

Thursday 20 11). 15am l’incushionstS l2). Pancakes (5 S); 2.15pm Iluttermaking

(4 7). I let‘b Bags (6- 9)

Friday 21 Ill. 15am .‘yliisksl5 S).Street (iames ( 7 12):2. 15pm Sugar .\tice(4 2). l-‘ingcr l’tippetsl5 S)

Saturday 22 11), 15am \Veaying(7 l2). Shortbread (5 S); 2.15pm Nattii'e'l‘rail (\yelliesandeagotilesit yyetlt4 7); Victorianlintertainments16 9)

I SCOTTISH BALLET 261 West Princes Street. 331 2931

Junior Contemporary Classes 1- y et‘y Tuesday 6 7pm. until 1" Dee. £1.51). ()pen to anyone. yy hateyei standard. aged 12 and oy er.



Annual Art Competition 1 'ntil 33 ( )ctober. Since the beginning ot the century the gallery has my ited schoolchildren toeome into the building during the holidays to draw or paint anything troin their y ast arid intriguing collection. Dinosaursortyyo stags. antlers locked in aggression. are alyyays great tayotirites. The results are always y ery impressiy e and a competition is held; the medal yyinners in this the 84th year of the competition are currently on shoyy. '

I HAGGS CASTLE MUSEUM llll ) St Andrews I)riy'e. I’ollokshields. 427 2725. The Desperate Journey 1 'ntil December. Story of a 1 lighland tamin emigrating to North America.


I GFT Rose Street. 332 (i535

i The (Unotlicial) Bugs Bunny Bio ( t ) 29

Sept l()ct. 6pm. Kids £1.11). adults £2.51). l’art ol a season ol'animatcd tilins. Rey'ieys of Bugs Bunny‘s illustrious career yy ith scenes lrom classics including Rub/tr! Seasoning. Rub/ii! riflSt't‘i/lt'. and Bill/1' for Bugs.

Bugs Bunny Bio 1 (let. 1 Iain only . A special eyent shoyy ing tilins lrom the ( ilasgoyy (iarden l-estiy a1 Animation I’roiect.

Theatre I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE 11236 i‘szrs‘s'?

All the children‘s lunch time shoyy sare suitable lor 5 12 year olds. last approximately an hour and cost £1 kids. adttlts {1.51).

Three FolkTaIes 1 ()ct. I.l5ptn. llandiyyork l’uppets.

Jugglers Wild S()ct. 1. l5pnt.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE Neyy Street. l’aisley . 114 1 —SS'.' llllll

Spiderman Sat .s ( )ct. 111.3tlani. Kids Video shoyy.

Kids Games Session .s ( )ct. 2pm. with Renlreyy District l’layteam.

The Puddok an‘ the Princess s ( )ct . Spin. ()ne ol ‘l‘heatre Alba‘s most sticcessttil productions. this is a pantomime-sly le shoyy in ( )ld Scots in yy hich the agile but tigly l’uddok lacks btit a I’rincess‘s kissto turn him back iritothe handsomehuman he alyy ay s tised to be.


Puppet Day Sunday 2. l’uppct shoyy. I’hone y enue 101' times and details.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I BRUNTON CENTRE .‘ylusselburgh . 665 371 1 ext 244.

East Lothian Youth Theatre Iiy ery Wednesday. 7.31) 9.3llpm. I‘ree. Drama yyorkshops tor 13 21 yearolds. All yyelcome.1’hone yenue tor details. I COASTERS 3 \Vest 'I‘ollcross. 22C Disco layery Saturday 6.31) lllpm. £1.51). t'nder lrS'saIcohol-li'ee disco. l.iycacts most yyeeks.


Road 'I'y necastle Lane. 337 42112, ( )pen eyery day ol the year. 9am -4pm. tree. ladinbtirgh‘s larm in the city yyhere. obliyious to the surrounding tr'altic. liyestoek is reared and organic produce


groyy it. There are sheep. goats. eoys s. chickens. ducks. pigs and a special ‘iron age‘ pig. (hall'yy'ild boar. hall pigiyy hose mother yy'asin showbiz with the 131K ‘. Young City Farmers Iiyery Saturday. lllam 1pm.l'or 7 13 year olds. 75pamiual membership. plus 15p per session. A regular club tor children to learn more about larming. animals and animal

yy eltare.

I MURRAYFIELD ICE RINK Riy‘ersdale (’resccnt. 3376933. Mon ~l-'ri 2.31)prii«4.3t)pm. and evenings various times (check with yenue ). Saturdays Illam—noon1amin skating 2.3(l—4.3t)pm, 7.3t)~lt).3tlpm. Sunday lt)--11.3tlam (iroup tuition. Sunday afternoon open 2.31)--4.3llpm.

I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 l ligli Street. 5569579

Art Workshops: Discovery Iiy'cry

Wednesday. 5 ()ct-- 31) Nov (except 19

()s‘ll. 3.45--5.3l)pin. £121’or series. For S~1 1 year olds. 'l‘en placesonly. Book in ady'ance. Art yyorkshops taken by the Netherboyy 's artist-in-residcnce. (‘laire Blackyyood. using bits ot shells. leathers. tyy igs etc to make drayy ings. collages. and prints. \Vear old clothes.

Jungle Sessions s. 15. 22. 2‘) ()ct & Ste 12 Nos. ll).3l)a. 12.15pm. £1.5tlpersession. l‘or 7 -12 year olds. A series ot'drama yyorkshopsori the theme ol Kipling's story ‘. ltoyy to scratch like llaloo. ltisslike the snake. and maybe. sing like Mowgli. Acting. mask. costume making and jungle building skills (sic) yyill be encouraged. ITHINS BOOKSHOP 53 59South Bridge. 556 6743

Saturday Club tiy cry Saturday.

11)..‘st) 11.311am. l-‘ree. ()pen to any child (age range approx 2 13 years). Story-telling lor younger children as yy ell as actiyities and competitions with pri/es. Special seasonal actiy itics lroin little to time.

ITHEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l lainilton Place. 226 5425.

Youth Theatres The Theatre Workshop will be enrolling tor the Middle 1 I3» 16 years) and Senior( l6years plus) Youth'l'heatres lrom 14 September onyyards. Any one interested in ioining these imaginatiye and yy ell-supported classes should contact the \ entte. ('lasses yy ill lead to a pertormancc ol the group's oyy n dey isiiig. Maeliurder. 2b 29()ctober.


I EILMHOUSE lothian Road. 22S 2688 All seats £1. bookable. l’ilms start at 2pm. Big Foot andthe Hendersons l 1’(i)tl'SA 198") l l l miris. 1 ()ct. Big I‘oot tsasey‘en loot tall Yeti; the l lendersons are aqttiet. ordinary. all-American lamily. Bigl‘oot moyes in. Sentiriieirtality in the 1-1.1. mould yy rtli underly ing message about contemporary \alttes.

I The Little Prince ( l ‘S. 197419Smins.S ()ct. Adapted by Alan .lay 1.ernertrom the trench nos el this makes a rather uneasy musical about a small boy yy ho leay es his asteroid. yy hich he rules. to checkout lile oncarth.


I BRUNTON THEATRE .‘yltisselbtirgh. 665 32m

The Wizard 01 02 1 out 1 ()ct. 7.45pm. £4. £2.51). I-‘ii'st night £2.51). L2.

Straightloryy ard production ol the classic American musical. there is some fine singing. but sets and staging are disappointing. lt's ditt'icult to see how this sort o1 production can compete with children‘s telcyision or film and by and large this is more a shoys tor anolder. sentimental audience than the kids. l"or7 year-olds and aboy'e. ('harlcs Noysoskielski directs.


bicycle shorts and plimsolls the loy ersaet out Shakespeare's pcrlcctly made comedy in tliisproduction by '1'A(i. 1t'senjoyable. it a little skimpy on the complexities. but certainly makes Shakespeare accessible tor l2 year-olds and oyer. IA( i 'l'heatre Workshop. ladinbtirgh. (I31 2265425.I ()ct . Spin; Village 'l‘heatre. ( ‘umbernauld. ()236 "32SS’. 6 S ( )ct 7.45pm.