Art moves north.

Camouflage limit 1 Oct. The art of camouflage.

Louise Scullion limit 1 ()ct. A little wooden gate. with compasses perched on the posts leads into a quasi-garden re-created by a young ( ilasgow artist ina gentle and intriguing manner .

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY l3 ( 'hisholm Street. 552 4813. Mon Sat noon 6pm. Graham Harwood t 'ntil I3()ct. Hoarding-size pictures tnade tip trom photocopied images w hich. according to the artist. look at ‘work in contemporary culture. why lascist and socialist images from the I‘)3Ils are similar and how working class people \ Iew those images today."I‘here is also an installation piece with ‘lots ol'obiects and rubbiin emerging from a drain. '

Metamorphoses Black and white pictures

oilacesby (‘zechosltwaktanphotographer

Ivan Slavdek.

Paul Wong I-‘ri " ( )ct. " 30pm. .-\ talk and video by (‘anadtan I’aul \Vong.

I 2i) Is'ing Street. 55:“564. Mon—Fri 10am 5pm. A new shop. exhibition space and resource centre w ith information on work by all WASI’S artists. Slide library and information abottt how to commission work. Edinburgh WASPS 'I'hroughottt September. A changing selection of work by artists exhibiting at the I’atriothall Studios in Edinburgh during the Festiy al w III be transiered to the ( ilasgow \VASI’S and shown oy er the next cottple ot months.

I WARE ON EARTH 485 ( ircat Western Roat “3392024. This recently opened gallery is exhibiting the works of Fiona Sutherland. formerly at the sister gallery in Iitlinburgh.

New Scicilian work will shortly be arriving in the twogalleries.


I BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street. 55" 4050. Mon~Fri Illam 6pm.

Scottish painting 1800-- I‘I5tland Decorative Arts.

The Edinburgh Group t'ntil 15 ()ct. A mixtttre of works by Iiric Robertson. D.M. Sutherland. Spence Smith and others.

I BYZANTIUM GALLERY Victoria Street. Mon—Sat Want—5.30pm.

Piclish Stones in the Kingdom ol File 23 Sept—23 ()ct. An exhibition of I’ictish art by Marianna Lines.

I BURBERRY SCOTCH HOUSE ’I'hit d Floor. 3‘) ~11 Princes Street. 557 425". Mon Sat ‘)am-~5.30pm;'Ihtirs‘iam 6pm.

Scottish Cralt Collection t‘ntil 1 ()ct. ('ontemporary work including ceramics. glass. knitwear and tapestry.

I CALTON GALLERY Ill Royal 'I‘errace. 556 1010. Mon- Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am-1pm.

Next exhibition. on the subject of Marine paintings. will be in ()ct (dates to be decided).

Alrican Pottery at Gaterie Mirages. See Listings lordetails.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY (ieorge I \' Bridge. 225 5584. Mon— Fri 9am 0pm; Sat

"am lpm.

SummerArtists I'ntil end September. In the Fine Art Library. Work by Scottish architects and artists including Stuart ('ampbell. Iiric Davidson. Norman Iluntcr. Hilary and .lohn ( )berlanderand UIIICI'S.

I CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 225 2424 ext 6650. Mon Sat Iliam 6pm. From l()ct opening hours will be Mon Sat 10am 5pm. Licensed cale. [1)]

Shape and Form: Six Sculptors lrom Scotland I'ntil 22()ct. Kirsty .\Ic(ihie'sdetailed. arching shapes. coiled like a huge. gentle caterpillar. stand otit particularly in this show . chosen by the (’.-\( and the ( ~ollins (iaIIery in (ilasgow.

Four Years On: Scottish Patchwork and Quilting 1 ()ct I2 No\. Not so much tltecttt and thrust olcommercial art as the cttt out and sew of patchwork and quilting. The second exhibition organised by the'I‘histIe ()uilters. which brings together amateurs and prolessionals from all ox er Scotland. National Health Service 40th Anniversary Exhibition S 2‘) ( )et. IIIL‘ ailing NI IS temporarily resuscitated in an exhibition of its past achiey ements.

Lys Hansen: Recent Works .s ( )ct 5 Nov. Bold. colouriul and emotional paintings by this I-alkirk-bornartist.

I CITY CAFE 1‘) Blair Street. 2200125. Noon 2am.

Gavin Evans I'ntil 30 Sept. 'I'he ( ‘ity ( ‘aie ioins the exhibition circuit with photographs by (iay in Is ans. best known tor his work in ( Ill.

I CITY OBSERVATORY ( ~alton I Iill. 556 4365. Daily 10am 4.30pm.

Edinburgh in Depth I'ntil 2 ( )et. Admission t'l (50p). I’anoramic. 3-D slide show ofthe city.

I COLERIOGE GALLERY ~17b(ieorge Street. 220 I305. .‘vIonr-Sat Illam~ 5.30pm. 'I‘hisis the place to see contemporary British glass; the selection is ttsually very good and the gallery . recognising that glass isa tactile medium. has a y ery welcome policy

oi encouraging visitors to handle the pieces.

Contemporary British Art Glass L'ntit 30 Sept.

Studio Glass 15—29 Oct. Work by Adam :\2tt‘tittst)tt.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY I66 Iliin Street. 220 I260. 'I‘ue~Fri 12.30-530pm: Sat l0,30am-530pm.

Worth l'ntil I ()et. Drawings and constructionsby .‘xiarian(‘outts.

Rebecca Finch s 39 ()ct. Photographic work.

I COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE Rutland Square. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat

10am— 12pm.

Images ol Tribal India 5—15 ()ct. Paintings and etchings by Sujata Bajaj.

I CRAMONO SCULPTURE CENTRE Moray House ('ollegc. (‘ramond Road North. 3126001 ext 272.

New Sculpture in Scotland Until it December. Anew and very welcome venue which will serve as a permanent. outdoor exhibition space for contemporary art and sculpture theonly space oi its type. 'I’w'elve sculptors have made work for the exhibition: 'I'racy Macis’enna. Sibylle \'on Ilalem. Moira Innes. Doug (’ocker. Wendy I Ialstead. Valerie I’ragnell. Peter I Iill. Arran Ross. Julie Mc(‘ran. .Iohn IIunter. David Moore and Iilizabeth McFaIl. See panel.

I DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Doune 'I'eriace. 225 718‘). Mon-— Fri 10am~5pm. Landscape photographs ol Ireland, Iceland and Denmark3t Oct 2 Nov. Kirsten Klein. I ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION 22 Atholl Crescent. 22‘) I528. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm. Edward Hasell McCosh o 22 ()ct.

I FILMHOUSE I.othian Road. 228 6382. Mon—Sat noon llpm: Sun 6.30— I lpm. Licensed restaurant.

NICIt Price Nick Price's exhibition continues. A month-long trek through the remote mountains of Nepal resulted in this group of photographs from an Edinburgh-based photographer. He described the experience of watching the people suffer as ‘like being in aspace

capsule. You're unable to touch the children. or to help them. You can only watch.‘ All proceeds from sales go to UNICEF.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 12 Great King Street. 5560305. Mon—Sat l()am—6pm.

From Corinth to Carlops: Victoria Crowe Until 4 ()ct. A profusion of flowers and colours. from Greece to the Borders. provides Crowe with her attractive subjects.

Retrospective 8—29 Oct. Portraits by Mary Edmond. Photographs 18534908 by Alexander Mann.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 225 6776. Tue—Fri l 1am—6pm. David Evans Until 140a.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. .‘vion—-Fri‘).30am— lpm and 2pm—5.30pm.

Installations 17 Oct—l I Nov. An exhibition by Vera Szekely.

I FRUITMARKET GALLERY 2‘) Market Street. 225 2383. Tue—Sat 10am—5.30pm; Sun l.30pm—5.30pm. Licensed cafe.

New work by Glen Onwin Onwin is a Scottish artist who lives and works in Edinburgh. Previous work has been concerned with the environment and ecological issues.

I GALERIE MIRAGES 46a Raeburn Place. 315 2603. Tue~Sat 9am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. closed Mondays.

Embroiders' Guild 10—16()ct. Biennial exhibition ofthe Edinburgh and Sotith East branch of the Embroiders‘ (iuild. Nigerian Pottery and West Alrican Textiles L'ntil 8 ()ct. Includes a large selection of pots made for practical purposes from bowls to hold water. to objects which would become part of a dowry.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Bellord Road. 556 8921. Mon—Sat l()am— 5pm: Sun 2—5pm. [D] Cafe. The gallery's justly renowned cafe is open Mon—Sat 10.30am—4.30pm. Well worth timing your visit accordingly.

Lucian Freud: Paintings 1947—1987 t not to Oct. £1 .50p. This fine. unflinching exhibition is now complemented by the (iMA's latest acquisition. a double portrait of two men by Freud. It's rare that one of his works comes on the market. and this picture. considered inexpensive at £330.000. is the GMA‘s first Freud. On view in Room 12.

Six Paintings by Francis Bacon Throughout the summer. This room ofmasterful Bacons enters into wonderfully appropriate comparisons with the work of Freud next door. The two painters are friends as well as contemporaries —< in the Freud catalogtte you will see an early drawing by Freud of the young Bacon. Daylight plays on Freud while Bacon's room has the blinds down - the stage ior the two painters has been set with sensitivity by the (iMA.

Portraits ol Painters Until 7 ()ct. Seven of the young bloods of the contemporary Scottish art scene painted by Alexander Moffat.

Neillands Bequest lrom 21 Oct.

94 George Street Edinburgh 031 225 5955

(i \I.I.ER\

FELIM EGAN New works: painting and sculpture BELLE I’EIN'I‘I'RE Major oil paintings by 20th century Scottish Artists DONALD WILKINSON Eigg and Elsewhere prints DEREK DAVIS AND SIMONE LYON Ceramics CONTEMPORARY NORWEGIAN JEWELLERY

12 September -— 5 October Gallery closed 19th September

'I‘tti: =H St H'l"l Is'ti i

i Mon-Fri . ' 9am—5.30Pm :2, Sat 9.30am - 2pm



Paintings, Drawings Watercolours

1—22 October

MonnSat 9.30am-5.30pm

CYDII.CIIDI§ED Hill: [031‘ '30s It t ‘tx'rt'm‘

I’)IJI'I'I«*SII I‘.\I.\"I’I.\’t I“? h

14-5 \Ir-J L‘ N’ x as»): 'x t .‘LXJ 0-H L‘I is“? f. 3‘\ t‘—II -04 011‘ ~e\ {

. .- l .i t \\T i I .\I . . I I

The List 30 Sept l3 Oct 1988 27