IAngels and Devilsmlst'.‘)“ Rt) spm. Salman Rushdie reads from ltts new noy el.

th'JIIlt lt'l'H \

I The Zircon Attair ( [Hit ‘1 )9..‘~ll 1t).4.<pm_ Duncan ( ‘antpbell's docuntentary abottt the country 's secret spy satellites show it at w tilt an introduction by ludo\ ic

last Kc‘llllc'tly

I Omnibus: Sir Fred; ACelebration ( BBt‘l) llI 3|) lllllpm. lttbttte totlte

choreogt apltcr. Sit l'l'L‘tll'lL'ls .-\shton w ho died last tttonth

IThe LastResortttlt) It) _‘st) ll.3llpnt_ More of tlte usual w ttheset‘yotte's

lay ottrtte ‘l \’ lltisl . .lottatltatt Ross.


I Introductionto Allegro (C4)o..‘~t) "pm. Sir Dennis l‘til‘llltlll introduces a season of films by (‘hrtstopher Nupen which starts nest Saturday . l'Ul'llTitll. tlte past cltairman ot (irattatla 'l'elcy tsiott. gme the noted director of tilms abottt music ltis lit‘st'l‘V commission alter lte lett tlte BBC. The first film to be shown will be Double

(om urn) tlte programme tltat brought Vladimir :\shkena/y and Daniel liatenbohm together on stage for tlte first

I Hollywood ((14) “()5 .sttfipm. Repeat sltowtttgot Key 111 tit'thlltns l’eter(iill

thirteen-part Thames '1‘\' series wlticlt cltroniclcd tlte great day s of silent cirtertta. 'l'hames has beett heat ily involy ed with Brow ttlow attd ( till it) restoring tttatty of the best esantples of early cirtenta. artd .tlottgw ttlt this screening of tlte series. (‘hattttel 1-'ottr will show some ofthese classicson Sunday alternoorts- see Sunday.

I Candide ( 1313(3)“. 1t) 9.50pm. Simulcast with Radio ‘l'hree ofl.eonard Bernstein'sadaptation of\'oltaire's (’andtde. This is tlte .lonatltatt Millerand .loltrt \Vells’ Scottish ()pera production. .-\t S..‘~.‘~pttt \Vells giy es art interval talkott Voltaire's ideas.

I Olympic Grandstand ( BBC!)

11.21lpm (t._‘stlam. ('oserage of tlte final day of competition itt Seoul. (()ly rttpic coverage alsoon (‘4. 11.25pm 7am.)


I Broken Blossomsrt‘4) 1 3.5t)pm. Start ol a season of silent classics. linking in with the (‘4 Saturday repeats t)lHU//}'tt't)()t1. This is the l). \\'. (i: ':tth’smelodranta (made irt 1919) set it) london artdstarrirtg l.illian(iislt.

I Olympics 1988(Seottish)4.15--5pm.

l lighlights front the closing ceremony.

I A Vote for Hitler ( ( ‘4 ) .s'. 15- 9.45pm. fifty years on. tltis dranta rc-creates the escnts ot tlte ( )slord By ~election w ltich follow ed


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hot on tlte heels ofChamberlain's ‘peace in our time' speech and the evolution of tlte policy of appeasement. The young Quintin llogg (played by Hugh Simon) standing for the Conservative (iovernment. fouttd ltirttself opposed by a coalition of politicians many of whom —- lleath. ('rossman. llealey were to beconte leading post-war politicians. Much of the ftttt of this re-creation will he iii the dramatic portrait of tltese politicians as young men. bttt the arguments that raged tlten are still fascinating arid the film also features memories by the real politicians.

I Piece Dt Cake (Scottish) 9— ltlprtt. New action-packed film drama series centred on the young men wlto won the Battleof Britain. I expect you could write the script now. bttt attention to detail and sortte lovingly re-created aeroplanes. look like making this enjoyable stuff. With Tom Burlinson. Neil Dttdgeon andJack Mckettzie.

I Hale 8. Pace (Scottish) ll)— 1t).3t)pm. the dubious comics with a new series about food.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

lll.3(L-l 1.30pm. Michael l lolroyd. author of the new hiograplty of Sltaw. presents this film portrait.

I Scottish Books (Scottish)

1 1 .31L-ntidnight. Scottish 'I‘\"s review of newly pttblished books.


I Game Set and Match (Scottish ) 9— lllpm. Major new autumn drama series— [an llolm stars as clapped-out spy Bernard Samson it) this adaptation of Len Deiglttort's best selling novel. (‘ontinues after the news.

I The Oprah Winfrey Show((‘4) 1t).2tL-l1.1tlpttt.()prah Winfrey ishest known here for her role as Sofia irt 'I‘lte (ti/()r l’urp/e httt in America she‘s the hottest thing itt chat shows. ller style isto elicit revaluations often itt a highly charged emotional atmosphere ~- as site tackles subjects like the legalisatiort of drugs or the question ‘are we a Natiott of higots'.


I Airplane ( Scottish) 8.30— 10pm. The excellent spoof ofevery airborne disaster rttovie you‘ve ever seen. with Peter (.tlt'sst'on Int/mssthle) (iraves as the pilot has ittg a nervous breakdown. Made itt 1980 artd far superior to the sequel. By sottte curious coincidettce (iraves appears irt the ‘serious' TV movie. Disaster in the Sky ort l‘riday at 1.30pm on Scottish.

I ScreenPlay Firsts: Substance of Dreams (BBC!) 111.20—1 1pm. First showing for this film by Tom Pearce made at Bournemouth artd Poole (‘ollege of Art artd Design. Set 33 years after the 'l-‘inal War'. artd art intruder has broken irtto "The City".

I First Tuesday (Scottish) 10.35—11.35pm. Yorkshire's monthly documentary series meets sonte of the military veteransof Russia's campaign itt Afghanistan.


I Doctor Who (BBCI ) 7.35—8pm. New series of the ailing Sci-Ft show. in case you have forgotten. Sylvester McCoy is the Doctor; in this story he meets up with his old adversaries. the Daleks.

I Dispatches (C4) 8.3(M). 15pm. New seriesof the current affairs series—each programme is made by a different team of jourrtalists.

I Taggart (Scottish) 9—1llpm. Mark McManus traces the owner of a blood- .staitted handkerchief iii the second part of the (iarden Festival set story.

I Signals (C4) 9. 15— 10.30pm. Channel Four's new arts programnte starts a 22- week run and includes a report on Scotland's adventurous touring group.

Communicado. 'ISpQrtscena(BBC1)1().30pm—12.40am.

European football coverage. includirtg Celtic agairtst llonved of 1 lungary. and Dttndee agairtst Floriana of Malta.

I Lou Grant ((1)) l l .3tlpm—12.3tlam. Start of a new scasort of repeats ofjournalists' favourite drartta series.

I Newsnight Special: The Vice-Presidential Debate (BBCZ) 1 .5tl—3.4tlam. Tltis should be a little tttore knock-about than last week’s presidential debate. The unhappy Democrat. Senator Dart Quayle meets Senator Lloyd Benson.


I Nocon on Photography (C4) 1.3(1—2pm. New series on the art (and business)of photography presented by Gene Noeon who is l lRll Prince Andrew's photography adviser no less. This programme contpares the work of Te rry ()‘Neill. portrait photographer. attd Richard Young. whose talent liesin catching celebrities unawares.

I Tomorrow's World (BBCI )S—S.3(lpttt. New series of the science and technology show.


I Omnibus (BBCI) 10.20—1 1 .Ztlpm. (iwen Ffrangcon-Davies will he 98 next year. Here. the legendary Shakespeariart actress (most famous for lter role asJuliet playing against (iielgud's Ronteo irt 1924) gives a masterclass to drattta students while actors and directors who ltave worked with her recall her talent.

I Haltway to Paradise (C4) ll.2t1pm~12.2tlam. (‘hanrtel Four's latest attentpt to cover the way of life ofus northerrters. Will it fare arty better than [)(m'n 'I''.’See Feature.


I The Man From Uncle (Scottish) 11.3llant-ll3llpm. More tongue-in-cheek spy catchirtg frortt the Sixties witlt Napoleon Solo and llya Kuryakin in ‘The Very Important Zombie Affair.

I Game Set and Match (C4) 8.05— tt).t)5pm. Repeat of the first episode of the new thriller series seen on [TV last Monday. I Film Club: Ivan The Terrible Part One and The Strike (BBCZ) 9.25pnt»— l 2. 15am. Sergei [iisenstein's famous chronicle of the life of(‘zar lvatt 1V commissioned by Stalitt and ntade in 1943. followed hisless well known film The Strike.

I Allegro (C4) [(1.115-1 l . 15pm. Vladimir Ashkenazy attd Daniel Barenbohm itt Daub/e ('(mt‘erto. See Saturday 1 ()ct.

I Monty Python's The Meaning of Lite ( (‘4) 11.15pm— lant. The Python team on sex arid just about everything else. Made in 1983.

I 48 Hours (Scottish) 1 1.1)5pm— 12.55am. Eddie Murphy made a sensational film debut irt this comedy action vehicle which co-starred Nolte. Made in 1982.

I The Walden Interview(Scottis-h) Noon—1pm. Brian Walden who was justly famous for grilling the country’s leaders when he was host of LWT‘s Weekend World returns to the role of inquisitor in this new series. As yet the first guest is undecided but expect a heavy-weight political figure.

I Glen Michael‘s Cavalcade (Scottish) 2.30—3.3(lpm. New format for the returning cartoon fun show, (ilen gets his own (boy. this is trendy) TV station. GMTV.

I The Duke and Duchess of York inAustralia (Scottish) 4—4.3tlpm. The Royal eouple sans baby Beatrice.

I The Temple (BBCZ) (t. 10—7. 15pm. Prix ltalia winner this year (iii the documentary department) this is a Russian film about the relaxation in the authorities' attitude to religion.

I Faceto Face (BBC2)8.()5—8.35pm. Tonight sees the start ofa series ofrepeats of the most famousinterview show of the all. JohnFreemau;£one time editorofthc

34 the list Misc-pt )3 ()ct lass