New Slatesnnm was the interviewer who shocked contemporary audiences with the frankness of his questioning. It was on this show that Gilbert Harding broke down and wept. The first programme to be repeated features an interview with Tony Hancock.

ITumbledown (BBC! 19115-1 1pm. Repeat showing of ('harlcs Wood's controversial drama based on the story of Lieutenant Robert Lawrence who was badly injured in the Falklands campaign. Colin Firth is excellent in depicting the changing attitude of the soldier but ultimately the film raises more issues than it can effectively tackle.

IThe COWDOYS ((11) ltlpm— 12. 15am. John Wayne in 1972 western as an ageing cowboy forced to take charge of a bunch of kids.

I The Patricia Neal STOI'WScottish) 1.55—3.5(lam. ( 1981 ) TV movie bascdon the disaster-filled life of Patricia Neal. wife of Roald [)ahl in which [)ahl helps Neal recover from a near-fatal stroke. In real life. the film has a rather sad sequel when their marriage ends in divorce. With Glenda Jackson and Dirk Bogardc.


I Tribute to Roy Kinnear( BBCZ)

7. lit—7.35pm. Based on Kinnear's contributions to the programme An Actor's [.fft’. this is a tribute to the comedy actor who made his name in 'I'liu! l’l'us The Week Thu! Way and who died last week. I A Shining Season ((‘4 ) 8.3(L- 1(1. 2(lpm. Timothy Bottoms as a dying athlete who spends his last year helping a girls‘ track team reach the championship finals. TV movie made in 1979.


I Jack The Ripper (Scottish ) 9— lilpm. Michael Caine stars in this blockbuster account of the London killings which

The Dalelte return It our screen as Dr Who begins a new season on BBC1. ..

claims to reveal the Ripper's identity. (‘ontinues after the news.

I Red Dwarf ( BB( ‘2) 9— 9.30pm. l‘inal part of the set in space situation comedy. starring (‘raig (Tiarles. which is fast gaining a cult following.

I ScreenPIy Firsts: Facts otLite (1313(3) 111.2(1—11155pm. Amanda MacKeIi/ie Stuart's new short film -part of the series of films by young filmmakers is set in Edinburgh in 1963 and is about an eley en year-old girl who discovers something of the facts of life when she catches her mother and her teacher together. .. IThe Untouchables ( 813(1) 1 1 ~-l l..<npm. Iiliot .\' (Robert Stack) in another episode of the ancient l'S crime series.


I Treasure Island: Have Map. Will Travel (1313(3) S. Ill—9pm. The story of Mona I.ister's attempt to trace real buried treasure marked on a map giy en to her uncle by a blind sailor in 19111,

I Blind Justice ( BB( '3 l 9 lllfyilpm This new film drama series set in the offices ot a radical lawyer's lirm Is reputed to be excellent. Iiaeh episode is complete in itself. though they draw from the same cast ofeharacters. .lane lapotaire stars as Katherine Hughes. described on the jacket of the accompany mg l’enguin book (£3511) as a ‘high-powered barrister w ith a razor-sharp mind. a chaotic pro ale hie'.

(‘ould be Britain's answer to [A Law.

I Taggart ( Scottish ) 9— ltlpm. Final episode in the series but McManus will be back with a (‘hristmas special.

I Crime Watch File ( BBO)

9.3(1— 111.25pm. Another in the seriesthat follow s up the crimes that the public have helped to solve. This programme isabout the murder of Police Sergeant Speed.

I Donahue (Scottish) 12.3(L-l.3(lpam. Tonight‘s subieet: Big Breasts. Honest. I Friday Night Almost Live ( (‘4)

111.15 11.15pm. Tiditcd highlightsofthe last series of l‘riday Night The —- as presented by Ben lzlton.


I Hi-De-Hi! (BB('1 18.2w 9pm. Repeat show ing of the final episode ofJimmy' Perry and Day id ('roft's holidaycatitp comedy.

I Alexei Sayle's Stutt ( nae: ) 9.30pm. Anyway I think that‘s the title. Sayle‘sfirst ey er series for the BBC. described as ‘the stuff of lite and the life ofstuff'.

I Open Space Special: Rights Not Charity (BB(‘3)93(1 111.211pm. Presented by disabled people w ho look at the effect of (ioy ernment policy toward the disabled and the changes to the Social Security allowances. The programme is followed later in the evening( 1 1.111 1 1.5(lpm) by a discussion.

I Scottish Questions 1 Scottish)

111.35 llllipm. Return of Scottish Tcley ision‘s current affairsshow with Hand \Vhitton replacing Malcolm \Vilsolt,

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