I 3C0 l'slier I la”. Iolhtatt Road lickcls. (tfiN Zill‘l I ()llc‘c‘ll\ l l.tll litl\ ( )lllc‘c‘ I 7.45pm. £2.21! £9 6Htsertesdiscounts mailablc l. S( .( )‘s ‘.\.\ S9 season l‘l‘c‘l]\ w ith .lamcs l.oughi.ut conducting Mahler 'st Ih's Kim/ten ll'ruti/i'r/iurn and Schubert‘s : Symphony No9 in ( ’. I/it'tireiu !

SUNDAY 9 ; Glasgow

ISyrinx Flute Quartet sr \\ 's( punctual. (ireal \\ esleitt Road \pm l)Ull.tlIHll\lll l atdol Amnesty International Itisl concert by this new group. I IGood Shepherd Chorus And Orchestra lIenty \\ ood I l.tll. ‘3( larentout Street jjmsns tilt: sin lltcllettty whoa 1 llall‘s \\ iitlci Season ci‘lllllltlc‘s \\lIl1.t

l‘s‘llointattcc ot \lentlclssuhu's / [tut/t


IScottish Ensemblech-t-n‘sll..ll.< lc‘lls S1lc‘c'1.ltlt.\_‘lll‘l 2 it'l‘tll Ulla.“ LII \

cry thsed \\.l\ to spend Suit .iltei noon. \\|ll1

[M‘I'ltll111.111ec'5ill(I'llti‘I/IIUHHIIH llartdel and ( 'oiclli. |{ossiitrs Sum: Smut/traitdl Igai's \t’ri'mnft- lrn Stun-gs IScottishSintonia ()ucelt's l l.t|l.( 1.11. Sllc'c‘l.l\lt.\ jitl‘l 15pm 2.1 Sit

l£2.5ll £1 ‘51 \ltei spending the last few nights accompany lll‘.‘ Siitlouta ( )pci .t. Scottish Suttouia conic into their on It \\ ilh .tcolouilul ptogtaittitteot erttsky-Kotsakm'sSuttetrout \Hiiini. /’i'lltr\/IAitlt\ Sliasiitsky .tlltl Brahms Isl l’l.tlitl(ii‘licclln Soloisl is Richard Bcauchamp.titd \ctl \1.titt|c conducts (Brahms losers see also in 3. S\( )t

TUESDAY 11 Edinburgh

I KreutzerTrio Reitlt Ullc‘c'll 1 tall Illlpm lice I he [no \wtksbcttttt

played are a Hit) In Sebastian I t‘ll‘y‘S. and Bcclhmcn's[Itch/1m!lilo

WEDNESDAY 12 Glasgow

I 3C0 ( "ily Ilall. ( ".trttllct tggs. 22" 5.511 ".3llpttt. l'.\tra date. Ihurs13.1-dittbureh {2.4” U).~lll(\cllc‘\tllsc‘tltlllls.t\.tllal‘lcI likely to be one of then lilttsl popular concerts this season. the S( 'l )‘s guestsarc Kaila and Matrcllcl .tbctjtic Ill \Itt/art's (.UllCCllU 1H! .2 l’l.tllt\\. \ .tll l).t\c'.tl ‘I'ortclicr conductor . soprattol llllitll Watson and the Scottish Philharmonic Singers with I’oulenc's ( ilurm and Slit/nil .llulcroti either side of lltc Mo/att

THURSDAY13 Edinburgh

I 3C0 l ‘shcr Il.tlI.I othtatt Road Itckcls 66S 21119 1 Queens I 1.111 Bo\l )lticcl ".45pm. £33“ £9 6Htscrtesdtscouttls ayatlablcl Sec \Vetl I2. ( ilasgms . lot lull (IL‘SL'llpltttlt.



I Gingerbread Benefit Volunteer (’entre. Iilmbank Street. 8pm. £3 (£2). Bar. Glasgow band Setanta and the Star ( 'Iub's ArthurJohnstone among the performers.

I Conduct Dt Pigeons/JanetJumps BailGlasgow Arts ('entre. Washington Street. 221 4526. 7.3llpm. £3 (£1 .50). New series of folk roots events kicks off with a country double bill. Well. spoofcountry crossed with intelligent music. Pigeons have. as well as the male and female vocalists. bass. drums. guitar. violin and

banjo. with (ilasgow's leading jazz. keyboardist. (‘hick Ly'aII.


You may have seen Billy Ross a week or so ago on Scottish Television's beautifully produced, it ill-titled Welcome To Gaeldom, accompanying himself on guitar and singing the Braes 0f Lochiel in Gaelic. He is also a fine singer in Scots and some of you will remember him from the original Dssian line-up. His gentle way with a song can be appreciated when he is in concert with Billy Jackson, see photo, at Glasgow‘s Babbity Bowsters on the 2nd. With the pair, whose album as a duo is released on Iona records, is fellow Ossian liddlerJohn Martin, back from a month’s long Stateside tour. The trio field quite a combination of instruments, including, of course, Jackson‘s clarsach, create a surprising variety of texture, and confidently draw on years of common music making. Fifteen years old, almost to the day, is the Edinburgh Folk Club. They celebrate on the 5th by inviting the youthful Kathryn Tickell, doyenne ot Northumbrian small-pipers, and a very able liddler, to share the bill with one of Scotland‘s greatesttigures, in all senses. from the early days of the folk revival, when the song was the thing,

I Rowantree Folk Club Row arttree Inn. By I‘dtllngslon ( ‘t'oss, I'ddingston.

9 11.45pm. £1. ()ld coaching Inn. Informal. Singers and players welcome. I Peal Diggers Scott's Corner. Derby Street. .534 4891. I'.\ ening.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Pox Street . off (‘lytlc Street. 248 3144. lllpm. £3.


I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan Shore Bar. The Sltore. I.eith. Iivening. Violin and guitar. cabaret.

IJunction Bar West Preston Stret. 9pm. I.i\ e music.

I Larry and Friends Meadows Bat'. Bucclcugh St. 667 3669. livening. (ittitar based folksy blues and swing.

I North Sea Gas Platform I . Rutland Street. livening. Resident pub folk hand. I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Iiyening till 1.3llam. I.ate bar with informal songs and music.

I Muckle Ado Scotch And Rye. 5ll(ieorge I\' Bridge. 225 I681. Iivening.

SATURDAY 1 Glasgow

I The Folk Band Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant (‘ityg 552 5924. Afternoon. Instrumental session.

I Kells Scott's ( ‘ortier. Derby Street. 334 4891. Iiyeniug. Saturday residency.

Irish Scotssingalong hand. Popular.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. I-‘ox Street. off ('lydc Street. 248 3144. Illpm. £3. Late



I Dance Your Socks 0ft Wilkie l louse. ('ow gate. 9pm. £3. Tickets at the dooror front (‘anongate music. Blackl'riars Street. Bar till 1.ate. Music from the Wild Cigarillos. playing eeilidh and rockin' cajun. and I-‘ife‘s electric Elevators who deliver classic 511‘s and 611‘s rhythm and blues. rock and roll.

I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. Meeting place of Iidinburgh (iaels. Accordion etc.

I Denny Swanson Scotch And Rye. So (ieorge IV Bridge. 225 1681. Iivening. I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 2976.

$er @343 - '7‘ t guitar was ubiquitous and ‘folk' ha still to become a pejorative term. Hamish lmlach is an excellent guitar player, and a born entertainer.

One of those informal tree clubs, that blossom infrequently, has sprung up in Milnes Bar in Edinburgh, the 608‘ haunt of Scotia’s argumentative literati. Where MacDiarmid expounded, now can be heard, at least on Tuesday nights, songs both traditional and contemporary. The latter adjective usually means at least a decade old, but Rod Paterson, on the 4th, will give of his own songs, some with the words still drying. (N.C.)

Iiveningtill 1.30am. Late bar. folk basement.

SUNDAY 2 Glasgow I Billy Jackson/Billy Ross with John Martin

Babbity Bow sters. Blackfriars Street. 552 5(155.Spm.£2.5(l.()riginalsfrom()ssian. Scots and (iaelie song. fiddle. pipes. harp. guitar and dttlcimer. Sec panel.

I Dick Broad and the Fallen Goals Black Btill I-‘olk (Tub. Black Bttll I lotel. Milngavie. 8.30an

I Zut! La Chute \Vintcrsgills. (ireat Western Road. Iivening. ()ld timey. American and eajun.


I Glenelg Sessions Yotings l lotel. I.eamington Terrace. 9pm» midnight. I-‘ree. Acoustic music nights. No further details available.

I Seannachie (ircen Tree. (‘owgate liyetting. Sc‘titlish songs and zippy instrumentals from resident band.

I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing Iinsign Iiw art. I.awnmarket. Iivening. Three singer guitarists.

I Larry and Friends Antiquary . St Stephen Street. Iivening. (iuitar based folksy blues and swing.

I North Sea Gas Rutland I lotel. Rutland Street. 229 3042. 9pm. Sittgalong.

MONDAY 3 Glasgow

I Victoria Bar Bridgegate. 552 6()4ll. 9pm. Regular group session.

I Irish Music Stage Door Bar. (iorbals Street. 429 (1922. Top ( ilasgow Irish instrumentalists and singers.


I Miro The (ireen Tree. (‘owgate Iivening. Bar till lam. Instrumental thrash.

I Fiddlers Arms (irassmarket. Iivening. Seottish music session. Bar closes at 1 1pm. I Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Iivening. Song session with ( ii” on the banjo.

I Dougie McD Scotch And Rye. 5ll(ieorge

IV Bridge. 225 1681. Evening.

TUESDAY 4 Glasgow

I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 1011). 8pm. Tonight Urban Moon.


I Eric Bogle Penicuik Folk Club. Navaar IIotel. 8pm. I believe it is sold out.clteck with Bert Scott. Penicuik 72221).

I Milnes Acoustic Music Night Milnes Bar. Hanover Street. 8.30pm. Iiree. New weekly folk blues and whatever else music scene. PA set tip. and regular musicians (iill Bowman. singer guitarist and Jock Brown. banjo. host the evening. with a weekly guest performer. Tonight Rod Paterson.

I Barrie Band Bannermans Bar. (‘owgate. 556 3254. Iivening. The Barrie Band. Fiddle. tIute. mandocello and vocals. Mainly Irish.

I Chris Thompson St James Oyster Bar. (‘alton Road. opposite St James ('entre. Iivening. Rockabilly blues.

I Miro [insign Iiw art. Lawnmarket. topof the I Iigh Street. Iivening. Acotisticceltie music.

I Kenny Grier Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. (iuitarist singer. I.ate bar.

I Colin Ramage Scotch And Rye. St) (ieorge I\' Bridge. 225 I681. Iivening.



I Eric Bogle Black Bull I-‘olk (Tub. Black Btill I IoteI. Milngavie. S.3llpm. Special night for the popular songwriter. now domiciled in Australia. Might sell out. ('heck with I.yndesay Birkmyre. 9562524. I The Humph Family The Trading Post. 63 (‘alton Place. 429 3445. From about S.3()pm. ('Iever pseudo country stuff.

I Scotia Folk Night Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 552 8681.

I Folk Session I Ialt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1211). Iivening. Instrumental music on fiddle. accordion etc.


I 15th Birthday Concert I'Zdinhurgh I-‘olk ('lub. Osbourne 1 lotel. York Place. 556 5577. Spm. £2.3(l 1 .511). Northumlu‘ian piper and fiddler Kathryn Tickell and legendary singer and guitarist Hamish lmlach. Representing the British folk revival. from the present day back to its beginnings. or maybe Beatin and the Beast.

I Alchemy Bannermans Bar. ('ow gate. 5563254. Iivening. New I‘olk on synth. fiddle. flute and vocals.

I North Sea Gas Platform 1.Rutland Street. Iivening. Resident pub lolk bartd. I Guizer Scotch And Rye. 5ll ( ieorge I\' Bridge. 225 I681. Iivening.

THURSDAY 6 Glasgow

I Star Folk Club (ilasgow Society Of Mtisicians. Berkeley Street. Spm. I; I .511. No information.


I Green Tree ('owgate. Iivening. I-‘olk scene session. Late bar.

I Larry and Friends Antiqtiary . St Stephen Street. Iiyening. (iuitar based folksy bltte.s and swing.

I Colin Ramage/Robin Laing Iinsign

Iiw art. I.awnmarket. Iivening.

I Jim Knight Scotch And Rye. 5ll(ieorge IV Bridge. 225 1681. Iivening.

FRIDAY 7 Glasgow

I Rowantree Folk Club Rowantree Inn. By Ifddingston ('ross. Ifddingston.

Ihc l.isl 31) Sept 13 ( )ct was 37