I Sport is listed as diary: by sport. then by day. then by event.

ATHLETICS Saturday 8

I Pentland Skyline Hill Race l’entland llills. Iidinhurgh. Ilam start. lh mile race with a total climhof'o2tltlmetresr- nottoo many fun runners dressed as chickens are likely to surs‘ise for long.


I Scotland Select v Canada Select (‘oekhurn (‘entre. 4t) Bogmoor Place. (ilasgoss . 7pm. Adults £2. children ().-\l’s £l . The first international fixture ofthe season sees the return to Scotland of Ililly (iilliland. for long one of the country 'stop players. hut noss (‘anada's national coach.

BASKETBALL Wednesday 12


I Ml Livingston v Direct BankAmsterdam l-‘orum. Almonds ale West. [is ingston. 'I‘he Korac ('up is for runners-up in their national championships ~ a rough equisalent of foothall's I 'lil".~\ (up. The return Ieg ss ill he in Amsterdam on Wednesday 1‘).

IDE— Edinburgh

. Race Days 'l‘uesday. 'I'htirsday and Saturday . I’ossderhall Stadium.

Bcas'erhall Road. lidinhurgh. Race meetings are for Ill races. starting at 7.3tlpm. £2.2tlStand;£1.3(l(iround.


I Race Days 'l'uesday . 'l‘hursday and Saturday . Shays-field Stadium. Rutherglen Road. (ilasgoys. Race meetings are for It) races. starting at 7.45pm. £2.




I Dundee United v Hearts'l‘amuuliee. Dundee (Buses IS. 1‘). 2”. 2| ). 3pm. Although these tsso teams are currently at opposite endsof the tahle. the assay side's determination and competitiveness should ensure that this fixture does not run to form.

I Hibs V Celtic Iiaster Road. Iidinhurgh (Buses 4. 5. I5. 42. 44). 3pm. Afterlast year's smoke canister incident. I Iihs. no doubt delighted that it ss as not scheduled for Saturday Noyemher 5. has‘e made this match all-ticket.

I Motherwell vaerdeen l-‘ir Park. Motherwell (All .‘sIotherssell huses pass ground). 3pm. Assay hanker of the day . as Aherdeen are improving with es cry game. I Rangers v Dundee lhrox. (ilasgoss‘ ( 2 mins Ihrox underground). 3pm. And. as Dundee. like Hearts of late. seem to regard any match against Rangers astsso points lost. this should he the home hanker ofthe day.

I St Mirren v Hamilton l,os e Street. Paisley. ( If) mins from (iilmour Street station). 3pm. The assay side. if they are to stay out of the relegation zone. must he less concerned with gaining honourahle defeats from (‘eItic and Hearts. and more

interested in ss inning. hy \s hates er fashion. against teams like St .\lirren. FIRST DIVISION

IAirdriev MeadowbankThistle Ilroomf'ield. Airdriel l5 mins from .»\irdrie station). 3pm.

I Clyde v Dunfermline liirlull. ( ilasgmt (Buses 1.8. 21.57. (if). hl ). 3pm.

I Clydebankv Forfar Kilhossie l’ark. (‘lydehank (2 min Singer station). 3pm. I Kilmarnock v Morton Rughy I’ark. Is'ilmarnock ( 15 mins from Stations). 3pm. SECOND DIVISION

I Queen's Park v Brechin City l Iampden I’ark. ( ilasgoss (5 mins from Mount l’lorida and Kings Park stations). 3pm.

Monday 3

I Ribs v Manchester United liastcr Road. Iidinhurgh (as ahos e ). 7.30pm. This testimonial match for cluh captain ( iordon Rae gises fans a chance to see the linglish side in somess hat hetter form than their last s isit to lidinhurgh tsso yearsago. when they stuttercd to a 2 2 drass ss ith llcttl'ts.

Wednesday 5

EUROPEAN CUP FIRST ROUND. SECOND LEG I Celtic v Honved ( 'eltic l’ark. ( ilzrsgtiyy (Boscs ()I . (s2. 04 ). Thanh. l-ll doss n from the first leg. (‘cltic cannot he as confident as Billy .\Ic.\'cil| claimsthat they ssillscorc tssicc ssilhout reply.


I Dundee United v Floriana 'I‘annadicc. l)undee (as ahose ). 7.3(lpm. The match in Malta was a goalless drays . hut it ssould he the surprise of the season if I 'nitcd didn't manage to ptit three or four past l-‘loriana tonight.


I Hearts v St. Patricks'l‘y-neeasrle. lzdinhurgh ( Buses l . 2. 3. 4. 33. 34. 44 ). 7.30pm. Shouldhea formality. llearts has ing sum 2 U in l)uhlin last month. Aherdeen and Rangers hoth play assay tonight in the I'Iil-‘A (up. The I)ons trasel to Berlin. haying only achies ed a

ll ildrass in the first leg. ss hile Rangers defend a l tllead against Katossice in Poland.

Saturday 8


I Aberdeen v Rangers t’iuutlrie. .-\hcrdccn (Buses l. 2. 3. l I ). 3pm.

I Celtic v St Mirren ( 'cltic I’ark . ( ilasgtm (Buses ()l . h2. (s4 ). 3pm.

I Dundee v Hibernian l)ens Park. Dundee (Buses IS. If). 21). 2| ). 3pm.

I Hamilton v Dundee Utd Douglas l’ark. Ilarnilton ( lllll yards from Hamilton West station). 3pm.

I Hearts v Motherwell 'I'ynccastlc. lidinhurgh (Buses l . 2. 3.4. 33. 34.44). 3pm.


I Ayr United v Queen of the South Somerset Park. Ay r ( Ill mins from Ayr station ). 3pm.

I Dunfermline vAirdrie l-lasi lind l’ark. Dunfermline ( 15 mins from stations). 3pm.

I Falkirk v St Johnstone Brocks'ille. I-‘alkirk ( lflllyards (irahamston station ). 3pm.

I Meadowbank Thistle v Clyde

Meadoss hank. lidinhurgh (Btiscs 4. 5. 2h. 44). 3pm.

I Morton v Raith Rovers ( ‘appieltm.

(ireenoek (5 mins (‘artsdyke station ). 3pm.

I Partick Thistle v Clydebank l-‘irhill. (ilasgoss (as ahos c ). 3pm.


I Albion Rovers v Berwick Rangers (‘lif'tonhill. (‘oathridge ( Ill mins ('oatdykc station). 3pm.

I Dumbarton v Arbroath lioghcad. l)umharton ( Ill mins l)umharton Izast station). 3pm.


PREMIER LEAGUE I Hamilton V Hearts Douglas I’ark. llamilton (as ahos c). ".31er11.

Wednesday 12


I Celtic V Dundee Utd (‘eltic l’at‘k . (ilasgoss (asahose). 7.30pm.

3 Dundee v Motherwell l)cns I’ark.


The Old Course, St Andrews hosts the Dunhill Cup competition this fortnight, from Tuesday 11 to Sunday 16. Sixteen teams are involved in the knockout championship, among them holders England (see photo), who will probably start out as favourites to retain their title. Scotland, Wales, Spain, Australia and the United States are among the more realistic challengers, but Brazil, Canada and that doughty nation with a fine golfing tradition, Denmark, will be hoping to do more than just make up the numbers.

Tuesday11 is given overto the official practice and the now obligatory opening ceremony, while the following day is devoted to the Pro-Am competition. Details of entrants lorthis latter event are still to be finalised, but it would not be a huge surprise if the likes of Ronnie Corbett, Bruce Forsyth and Jimmy Tarbuck turned up to make fools of themselves.

The competition proper begins on Thursday 13, with all sixteen teams involved in Round One. Each team has three members, at least two of whom must win their match it the team is to progress to the next round. Dne round takes place each day thereafter, culminating in Sunday's final and third place play-off. Total prize money is $1 million, with the winning team dividing 8300.000 among its three members. Extensive television coverage is expected. (Stuart Bathgate).

Du ndee (as abuse). 7.30pm.

I Hibs v Rangers Iiaster Road. Edinburgh (asahose). 7.30pm.

I St Mirren v Aberdeen Lose Street. l’aisley (as ahos'e). 7.30pm.

Tuesday 11—Thursday 13

I Dunhill Cup ()ld (‘ourse. St. Andrews. its per day (().-\l’ child £3). Season ticket £20. (‘redit card hooking: ()334 73253. See panel.

The first three days (of the ) of this international team competition. 'I‘ucsday sees the pie-qualifying round and opening ceremony . ss hile Wednesday is gis en over to the I’ro-Am merit. The first round proper is hech on Thursday. Sixteen teams ss ill he competing for a first prize of S3flfl.flflfl. ssith lingland prohahlystarting out as favourites to retain their title.

GERBE— Monday3

I Edinburgh Mtisselhurgh Racecourse. .\Itissclhurgh (Smiles south of lidinhurgh on the A l ). ('Iuh £7. Paddock £3.50. liirst race 2. 15pm. I’Iat meeting.

Monday1D/Tuesday 11

I Ayr .-\y r Racecourse. 2 \N'hitletts Road. Ay r. (‘luh LS; Iiglinton £5. l-‘irst races 2.15pm. I’inal flat meetings ofthe season at Ay r.

ICE HOCKEY ' Saturday1

I Fife Flyers v Ayr Bruins Kirkcaldy Ice Rink. Kirkcaldy. 7.15pm. £3(£l.75).

I Glasgow EaglesvTayside Tigers Summit ('entre. .\Iinersa \Vay . liinnieston. (ilasgoss . 5pm. £2 ( {I ).


I Murrayfield Racers v Ujpest Dosza .\Iurra_s'field Ice Rink. Risersdale Crescent. Iidinhurgh. (s.3flpm. Racers hegin their liuropean (‘up campaign with a tough first round. first leg fixture against the Hungarian champions. The return leg is in Budapest on ()ctoherS.

I Glasgow EaglesvAyrBruinsSummit (.L'llll't.‘ (as altos c ). Split. £2 ( El ).

Saturday 8

I Fife Flyers v Solihull Barons Kirkcaldy Ice Rink. Kirkcaldy. 7.15pm. £3(£I.75).


I Knockhill Racing Circuit hy Dunfermline (signposted from MW). Iprn. National meeting - motor cycle racing.

RUGBY Saturday1


I Stewarts Melville v Jedforest lns'erleith. licrry Road. Iidinhurgh. 3pm.

I Boroughmuirv Selkirk Mcggetland. ('olinton Road. Iidinhurgh. 3pm.

I West of Scotland v Heriots FP Burnhrac. (ilasgoss Road. .‘slilngas ie. 3pm.

I Ayr v Glasgow High/Kelvinside .Vlillhrae. :‘slloss'ay. 3pm.


I Dunfermline v Stirling County McKane l’ark. Nethertoss n Broad Street. Dunfermline. 3pm.


The List 3t) Sept I3 ()ct IQSS 47