concern has a growing and dedicated clientele. The food is fresh. well presented and imaginative. and is excellent value for this calibre of restaurant. Its popularity makesbooking ady isable.

I Fazzi Brothers 67 Cambridge Street. 332 (I941. Last orders 5.30pm. (‘losed Sun. The nearest Glasgow will get to a local Italian cafe‘bar. Not yet licensed. but already a success. Menu features staples like ravioli and minestrone. but everything in the delicatessen is also on offer. Sip an expresso or

(£30) 37.

have a full meal. tum) va belie. (£10) 31.36.

I ll Pescatore 148 Woodlands Road. 333 9239. Last orders I lpm. (‘losed Sun. As the name suggests. seafood a speciality. Fortes: unusual fish simply presented I skewered monkfish. scampi wrapped in bacon. Failures: cream sauces (too much bechamel. not l enough cream) Busy and cosy with mixed clientele.

I La Capannina 72 t lope Street. 221 0245. Last orders 1 1—1 1.30pm. ()pen

portions of well-cooked. well presented unintimidating pastas. Tournedos. etc. More adventurous blackboard menu offers a selection of fresh fish. obligingly' cooked to taste. No ecstatic peaks. btit certainly no complaints either. (£30) 8. ll). 13.

I L'Arena de Verona

31 l '313 I lope Street. 332 7728. Mon—Sat noon-3pm and 5-1 lpm. Directly

: facing the Theatre Royal. and the prettiest ofthis strip of bars and restaurants. It offers a

Sun. Archcly'pill Iliillim ; special pre-theatre menu genre. giy'ing customers what they want: large

at £6.95


Somewhere amongst the accumulation of hub caps, oil cans, pressure gauges, car radiators, petrol pumps and headlamps which fill every available inch of wall and floor space in the Royal Mile‘s newest restaurant is a number plate, DPP F83. This is the Deep Pan Pizza company’s third Filling Station. The company, (a subsidiary of the currently troubled Belhaven group), stumbled across the idea of a restaurant with a fifties trucking theme when they bought an old garage in Shepherds Bush, but there is nothing haphazard about the result, which is being groomed for success as an upmarket restaurantchain.

‘We had bought four properties in Scotland, two in Edinburgh and one each in Glasgow and Dundee‘, says Ari Unchern, Operations Director of Deep Pan. Thinking that Scotland‘s cities had enough pizza outlets already, the company decided to open Garfunkel restaurants (another subsidiary) on three of the sites and The Filling Station on the Royal Mile: ‘lt’s upmarket and filled with tourists‘. The High Street site has been empty for many years and was in fairly bad nick. Deep Pan have spent £1 million in creating the chrome-filled interior and

cams HILL

fitting the basement kitchen with equipment which will time the baking of your pizza to within a second. Patrons of the new restaurant can drink cocktails (£2.50) atthe barand select from a menu of burgers, steaks, pizzas and pasta (from about £3.25) in the 120-seater restaurant. The emphasis is on easygoing comfort, with ‘really loud music' (according to one of the stall) and screens showing videos and movies. Research done in the London Filling Station shows that people spend a minimum of an hour in the restaurant, and, says Ari Unchern, the management are in no hurry to move them on: ‘lf you make people feel comfortable, they stay longer and buy anotherdrink oranothercup of coffee'. The staff have been recruited locally, but have been in London forthe past two weeks, learning how to carry vast and heavy trays on one shoulder, at speed, and to put overthe smart, upfront image which the place demands. ‘I think we were selected on personality. They want us to be chatty, but at least we can be ourselves, it’s not that awful Have a Nice Day stuff'. (Julie Morrice) The Filling Station, High Street, Edinburgh. Mon-Thurs 11am-11pm; Fri/Sat 11 .3Dam-midnight; Sun 11.30am-11pm.

.\'ot all of the information w e wished to include actually made it into'l‘he Rock Report last issue. thanks to a combination of the postal strike and a lack ofspace. An update can be found below.


I Jam Enterprisesussfi S3flflflfl. Phone for prices and details. lk 3k l’:\and lighting. .‘ylartin full range system. Studiomaster desks and power amps. Shure and .-\Is'(i mics. bin system((iause .IBI). Yamaha SI’X ‘)ll. lbane/ graphics. electronic crossoy ers. \Vasburn digital delays.

I Northern Light 3‘) 41 Assembly Street. lzdinburgh. WI 553 3383. Suppliers of a w ide range of equipment. frotn small \ocal I’As to 3k Bose rigs. single componentssuch as mics ( Shure. Beyer. .’\I\'(i. etc) and mixing desks(Soundcralt.etc) are all ayailable separately to individual requirements. A large and comprehensiye selection of stage effects. trussing and lighting also available. ‘I'ransport. riggingand operators for all equipment can be arranged. Prices from about £5“ upwards per night. dependingon requirements.

IThe Sound Co \Voodhcad liarm.

New burgh. life. “33" JIIISI (24 hours). Systems: 5k .IIil,('oncert System with soundcraft desk and Amcron amps. 3k o-way monitor mi\ with sidefillsand drumfills. The Sound ( ‘o specialise in record company

show cases. production rehearsals. tours and festiy als. and are prepared to tray eI all oy erScotIand. 'I'hey proy ided the sound for both the lidinburgh Meadows l‘estiy al and the

much larger l-‘ile .-\id. and maintain that any si/e oI band or y enue will be catered for w ith the same professional attitudeiand equipment. Phone for a quote on prices.


I Leapfrog Mobile (Bi 449 FM )8. 24 track ruobile


l’rey ious clients tnclttde ‘l'om Robinson. l.oudon Wainwright lll. Billy Bragg. Battlefield Band.

I’roclaimers. Radiol’orth. 'l’ay.\\'I)R(iermany.

Rates: £22.5llper hour. littl flexible. tlesls‘: modified liel. 'I‘ape Machine: :4 track .'\L‘es lli-Spec. .‘ylastcring:

RLW t)\ ()[' 'lalkback between stage and mobile. Illflmulticord cable. Ill noisegates. 5 compressor limiters. graphic(‘apabilities for lit-Ii y itleo: can do liye stereo \ ideo in coniunction w ith camera team. and cart hook in with 'l'\' companies. (‘aray art can also act as small demostudio for two or three people with minimal eqttipment. (an do package deals. which include master cutting and manufacture of recordsot

ITempIe Records Studio Sliillinghill.'l'emple. .\IidloIhIan. tlS"5.31|.3ZS. I'a.\; IISTS3II3IL‘. Ifitrack studio for the folk label I'emple. tised by the Battlefield Band. l’etcr

\ardini. classical and tau milsicians. Mainly

acoustic work. l)esk: 'l’ascam Moo 3: lo. 'I ape

Machine: ‘I’ascam .\l Io. Mastering: I).-\‘l‘or

Rcyo\ .3 tt'ack. \llc‘si \eumann. :\I\'(i. Atari Stetnberg I’roI-l .\III)I recorder. I'sttal

effects. Beelisteingrand

piano ay ailable.


Since last issue went to

press. new has reached us of two publications which might be of interest to aspiring pop stars and shameless sell-publicists in our midst.

The Cartel. not to be conf'used with the independent record distribution chain of the same name. is a monthly glossy magazine which has been coy ering the Ayrshire area for a few months now. but is just expanding to include coy'erage of all of Scotland. Iiditor I)e-ann Black would be 'delighted‘ to hear from both up-and-coming bands. and also writers w ho would like to contribute voluntarily to the magazine on the Scottiin music scene. The (‘urIe/can be contacted by w riting to ()4 Main Street. l’restwick. KA‘) INX (Tel: 02‘): 7ussti).

At the national end of the scale. ZS September saw the publication ofthe first issue of The Cover. a fortnightly 4tl-page tabloid. selling for ()(lp.

w hose team intends to ‘fill the gap bctw een Smash Hits and .\'.l!I-.". Aimed at the IS» Zoycar-old age group. the magazine features not only music. they say . but film. 'l‘\'and radio. and it has ‘a strong connection w itlt the new comedy circuit'. Despite the editor's successful inyolyement in publications aimed at a black readerships. ’I'lre (‘urer is intended to be a mainstream. not ethnic. paper. Surely. though. the tasteless ( ieorge ‘kcbab' Michael ioke on the page of the dummy isstie we've seen is the sort of insensitiyc ‘humour' they should be try ing to ci'adicate by example'.’ Still correspondcnee should be aimed at \‘oice ('oinmunications ( iroup. 331 l ( 'oldharbour I .anc. l.ondon S\\")i\’l’l..




‘You too can jam withthe great men, just bring guitar or whatever!’

56 life I.lsl 3IlSepl' l3 ( )ct l‘).\',\