Whetheryou tancy yourself as Paisley’s answerto The Proclaimers, Winchburgh’s version of WetWet Wet, Bathgate’s Big Country or ityou just have more modest ambitions then here is an unmissable chance to prove your worth. Following the success at last year’s competition, won by The Blue Monkey Experience, G-Spot Tornado and The Thieves, The List, in association with McEwan’s Lager and Clyde FM 102.5, are offering three lavish

prizes to help give your band that vital first break into the music business.

FIRST PRIZE STUDIO RECORDING SESSIONin Radio worth over £900 Clyde’s 24 track studio - one day recording plus a day mixing to produce a high quality Demo Tape. BROADCAST TIME Clyde FM 102.5 will broadcast part oIthe session on their new

s e mi c e . cfisco‘moiomeuncu EQUIPMENT £300 otinstruments or F—Jfimgj equipment.

SECOND PRIZE £200 otinstruments orequipment.

THIRD PRIZE £100 otinstruments orequipment.

A lull range of instruments and equipment will be available to choose from at Sound Control one of the leading music stores with branches across Scotland.

PLUS: A showcase gig in Glasgow Iorthe three winning bands. This will be promoted as part at McEwan’s Lager series oi showcase gigs Ior talented new bands running through the autumn and winter.


To enter you need to put together a cassette of your band playing two orthree songs (should be original compositions) and send it in along with the completed application torm below, by

15 October 1988. The cassettes will be judged by a panel at Graeme Moreland (Read at Music, Radio Clyde), Clive Ford (ol Sound Control), a representative at McEwan's Lager, and

Alastair Mabbott and John Williamson (for The List). The winners will be announced and proliled in The List magazine issue published on Thursday 24 November.


1. The competition is open to any Scottish-based band or singer/songwriterwho

has not had a recording contract.

2. Cassettes AND boxes must be clearly marked with a labelled sticker and accompanied by a biography and photo at the band. No responsibility can be accepted Ior material submitted but it you want the cassette back send a SAE and we will try to return it.

3. Entries must reach The List's Edinburgh or Glasgow Ollices by

Saturday 15 October.

4. There is no cash alternative to the prizes.

5. Last year‘s winners will not be eligible tor this year's prizes.

l/We would like to enter The List/McEwan‘s Lager/Clyde FM 102.5 Rock Star Competition to win one of the three prizes.

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I/We enclose a labelled cassette recording of two orthree of our songs: a typed biography ol the band; a photo of the band.

Send to ROCK COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street. Edinburgh EH1 1TE. or

Top Floor, 52 St Enoch Square. Glasgow G14AA.