From Tokyo to the ‘psychotic Disneyland’ of New York. Love and Money have been

experiencing the dark side ofthe world. and yet have kept ahold of theirGlaswe nan s

roots. John Williamson asks Love and Money‘s James Grant why he‘ been made to


Two years ago. when Love and Money released their debut album. A N You .Vt’t'rl ls Lore/1m] .l/(mt'y'. it was impossible to ayoid them. Street posters. music paper front coyers. television advertising. This was serious promotion fora seriously expensive album. given that the

feel 'like a dick‘.

production credits were shared between Andy (ex Duran Duran) 'l‘aylor and 'l'om l)owd.

liyei'ything seemed geared for success. liyen the lyrics of songs like Low and Money and (‘andybar lispress assumed success. But. in the grand scheme of things. nothing

happened. 'l‘he album reached number Ill}. and the biggest selling single reached number So.

\Vhile it would be derisory to say that the album achieyed nothing. it may haye been to low and Money ’s long term adyantage that they did not achiey e the success of their

Iabelmates Wet Wet Wet first time around. In 1986. they built a big Scottish following. culminating in a support slot to If- at Murrayfield Stadium.

In 1088. they are back with llalleluiah Man. already a top 75 single. and an album called Strange Killr/Ufle't’ which will be in the shops during the early part of October. 'l‘he relaunch hails an album which shows that mainman .lamcs ( irant's songwriting has been able to mature greatly. the final product helped along by (iary Kat/s production work.

loye and Money. from the name inwards. are a band of contradictions. .\'ot necessarin contradictions that preyent the mUsic from being enjoyed. but probably contradictions that add to the depth Hi what exists on record. lake the writer of a song like ('andybar lixpress and ask whether the same person could write You‘re Beautiful. lake the ( ilaswegian in America. or the socialist in the music business. These are all low and Money contradictions. and thankl'ullyoncs which .lames(irant is aware of.

()n the music: "l‘he reason for working with (iary Kat/f said James. ‘was that we wanted to make the song count. liyerything else came from the song it wasn't a case I

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