Bob Hos/(ins. 95 mitts. xfn ambitious attempt by Roger Waters and A lan Parker to turn the band's album lllt’ Wall into a visually oriented. almost dialogue-less story. in which a schoolboy named Pink grows tip to be an isolated rock star. The result did not match the ambition. Glasgow: (irosvenor.

IThe Pointsman ( 15) (JosStelling. Netherlands. 1986) Jim Van Der Woude. Stephane lixcoffier. 90 mins. Accidentally stepping off a train at a remote Scottish Highlands station. a chic French woman finds herself rnarooned with a Dutch pointsman. w ho lives a basic and lonely life there. Before long. they settle dow no a pattern of existence that is to bringout the latent sexual tensions between them.

Arty . irnplatisible look at sexual pow er-games. confined to a single set and relying beay fly on the nuances of the performers. An interesting oddity. but obviously stretching a slender narrative as far as it will go. lidinburgh: l‘ilrnhotise.

I Poltergeist Ill ( 15) ((iary Sherman. VS. 1988) Heather ()‘Rourke. Tom Skerritt. Nancy Allen. ()5 mins. The restless spirits from the other side are still after the soul of blonde poppet ()‘Rourke. now living with relatives in a high-tech apartment block.

Almost (but not quite ) absurdly awful enough to be funny. this is an unnecessary helping of horror tripe in a schlock sauce. I Prick Up Your Ears ( 18) (Stephen f-‘rears. L'K. l‘)87) (iary ()ldrnan. Alfred .‘ylolina. Vanessa Redgrave. llll mins. \Vickedly tart and funny biographical portrait of the seesaw relationship between playwright Joe ()rton and his lover Kenneth llalliwell. Highly recommended. Edinburgh: (‘ameo I Prison ( lh‘) ( Renny Harlin. LS. 1987) Viggo .‘vfortensen. (’helsca l‘ield. I.ane Smith. 1H3 mins. The reopening of a disused penal establishment unleashes the angry spirit of an inmate wrongfully executed there twenty years previously and now out for revenge. Straight-faced and ingeniously nasty shocker that works tip a fine old head ofsteam. Recommended for genre addicts. tidinburgh: ('ameo.

I A Queer Feeling When I Look At You The Third (Say and Lesbian Film Festival ()n Tour presents a selection from this year‘s event at the National f-‘ilm'l'heatre. featuring Patricia Rozema‘s witty (‘anadian movie I've Heard The .1Ierniaiils Singing (see elsewhere in Film lndex ). as well as two programmes of promising looking short films. The first ofthese includes (ius (Mala Noe/re) Van Sant's Diary [981-88. and a debut featurette from Swiss film-maker (‘hristoph Schauh entitled Wendel. which concentrateson the pain ofstill being in love with an ex-lover.

The second selection brings together Amy (ioldstein‘s stylish lesbian vampire fable Because “11’ Dawn. along with ( ireta (Before Stonewall) Schiller's Tiny/1nd Ruby. a documentary on a pair of irrepressible jazz drummers. See listings section for dates and times. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Rambo III ( 18) (Peter MacDonald. LS. 1988) Sylvester Stallone. richard Crcnna. Marc DeJonge. 11)] mins. Third instalment in an increasingly resistible series has Sly leaving his life of contemplation in a Tibetan monastery to rescue his mentor ('ol. Troutman from the clutches of the evil Soviets in Afghanistan.

Expensive riot of explosions. bombing and killing. the cartoon violence matching the cartoon politicking. Strathclyde: A MC Clydebank l().

I nobocop ( 18) (Paul Verhoeven. US. 1987) Peter Weller. Nancy Allen. Ronny Cox. 103 mins. Slick and stomach-churnineg violent futuristic thriller blending elements of Dirty Harry. Frankenstein and The Six Million Dollar Man. When diligent policeman Murphy is shot to pieces by vicious thugs. his remains

A World Apart (PG) (Chris Menges. UK, 1988) Barbara Hershey, Jodhi May, Linda Mvusi. David Suchet, Jeroen Krabbe. 112 mins. 1963, South Africa. with communist father (Krabbe) forced into exile, journalist and activist mother Diana Roth (Hershey) is left to continue the struggle against the apartheid regime, whilst looking after thirteen year-old Molly (May) and her youngersisters atthe same time. Before long however, Diana‘s activities draw the attention of the authorities and she is placed in prison under the draconian Ninety Day Detention Act. As her mother laces psychologically exhausting interrogation at the hands of Inspector Muller (Suchet). Molly finds herself ostracised by her schoolfriends and her growing insecurity turns to resentment of her parents’ absence from the home.

With a sense of authenticity that comes from the fact that the film is based on her own experience and the courage of her mother, noted agitator Ruth First, A World Apart also gains from the intimacy of its domestic setting and so gets its points across through drawing the audience in rather than offering the tragic bombast (however effective it might be) of 3 Cry Freedom. The result is that we are moved by Diana's bravery because we see the faults that make her recogniseably human. Hercomplefe involvement in the political task at

are mechanically reconstructed into a hi-tcch law enforcement officer but the human desire for revenge still beats beneath his mechanical exterior. (ilasgow: (il’l'. lidinbttrgh: (‘arneo

I Roxanne ( PU ) ( l-‘red Schepisi. t 'S. 1987) Steve Martin. Daryl Hannah. Shelley Duvall. lleins. Witty. tender and charming reworking of ( ‘vrano ile Bergerac deploying a range ofcomedy techniques as fire chief Martin ofthe enormous proboscis copes with life and lovestruck romance. lidinburgh: Iidinburgh [Tniversity l‘ilm Society.

I The Running Man ( IS) (Paul Michael (ilaser. L'S. 1988) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yaphet Kotto. Maria (‘onchita Alonso. ()7 mins. In a totalitarian future television is tised by the authorities to pacify the disgruntled masses. with Running Man a deadly pursuit show top of the ratings. linter Arnie as a framed cop. the latest fodder to be hunted down and killed for the punters' entertainment. lixcept that our man Schwarzenegger has other plans.

Rather nasty and exploitative sci-fi. coming across like a more mindless Rohoi‘op while pretending to have something to say about the Media. Arnie is Arnie. (ilasgow: ()deon. lidinburgh: ()deon I I Shall We Dance? (Mark Sandrich. L's. 1937) Fred Astaire. (iinger Rodgers. 1 If» mitts. ()ne of the later efforts in the Astaire Rodgers series at RK(). with the duo playing dancing partners who pretend to be married but are not. The dancing isas marvellous as ever. but by this stage the partnership was beginning to repeat itself. Still nice to see it up on the bigscreen Where it belongs. presented by the Regal. Bathgate because it was the first film shown there all of Fifty years ago. ('entral: Regal.

I Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ( L“) (Walt Disney Productions. LS. 1937) Voices: Adriana (‘aselotti. Harry


. hand is almost entirely admirable, but the price paid for it is a gap in communication with her daughter. who feels quite understandably starved of affection.

What Slovo and Chris Menges. Oscar-winning cinematographer here making an entirely creditable debut as director, have managed to pull off is to gradually show Molly’s coming awareness of the nature of her mother and father‘s’s a consciousness which is finally to bridge the emotional gap between them, but it is born out of her everyday experience of the moral injustices that proliferate around her. A crucial visit to her black nanny‘s home, and the gross

Stockwell. l.ucille La Verne. 83 mins. ()ne of the most enchanting and inlfuential of animated features. The central character is a mite wet but the individualistic dwarfs. memorable songs and superbly crafted backdrops and incidents make thisan essential cinematic experience. (ilasgow; (‘annon ('larkston Road. (irosvenor. lidinburgh: Dominion. ('entral: ('annon. Regal. Strathclyde: AM(’ (‘Iydcbank ll). (‘annon Kilmarnock. Kelburne. l.a Seala. ()deon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton.

I Splendour In The Grass ( t’( i) ( lilia Kazan. l'S. 19b] ) Natalie \Vood. \Varren Beatty. Pat llingle. 124 mins. Younglove hits 1920s Kansas in this beautifully scripted and acted superior teenage romance. which is still not quite as memorable as you hope it's going to be. lidinbuigh: lidinburgh l'riiversity' Film Society.

I Suspecti 15) (Peter Yates. t's. tum) ('her. Dennis ()uaid. I.iam Neeson. ltlo mins. Work-weary public defender ( 'her is dumped with the case of an apparently barbaric down and out Vietnam veteran on a murder charge over the savage killing of a young woman for a pathetic sum of money. Needless to say. all is not quite what it seems. and the death of a Supreme (‘ourt Justice could. in some strange way. be related to the murder. a fact uncovered by ()uaid's reluctant jury member.

An old-fashioned. wintry thriller that really thrills with ( ‘her and ()uaid bringing much needed conviction to their rolesand screen partnership and Yates confidently adding a cold. bleak fccl tothe proceedings. suggesting a sense not ofthe aberration ofcrime btit its commonplace frequency. (ilasgow: (if’l‘.

ITampopot la) (Juzo ltarni. Japan. 1986) Tsutomo Yamazaki. Nobuko .‘yfiyarnoto. 114 mins. Very funny Japanese movie that turns the rennovation of a run-down noodle parlour into an epic Western style adventure in the manner of. say. The .tlagnificent Seven. Along the way there

‘. maltreatment of her son, also Molly's friend. finally brings her to question what she had prviously taken for granted.

While Molly‘s political rite of passage brings with it a sense of uplift, the film is careful to end on a note that emphasises the brutal reality of the South African situation; and the setting in 1963 serves to underline the painfully slow rate of change. Never opting for the ease of preachiness, the film at all times offers an honest complexity that makes its powerful tale of learning and commitfment all the more engrossing. Highly recommended. (TrevorJohnston)


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