13 Rose Street. 333 6535.


Tampopo ( 18) 3.30pm. (1pm. 8.30pm SATURDAY 22

Bicycle Thieves i PG) it Umberto D i P(i) 3pm



Wings 01 Desire ( 15) 6pm. 8.30pm MONDAY 24

The Conversation ( 1.513.311pm CIermonl-Ferrand Shorts 1 18 1 (1.30pm Wings 01 Desire ( 15 I 8.30pm TUESDAY 25

Eurekai 18) 5.45pm

Wings 01 Desire ( 1518.3llpm WEDNESDAY 26

Brigadoon ( t ' ) (ipn‘l

Suspect ( 15) 3.30pm. 8.30pm THURSDAY 27

Can This Be Love? i 15 ) opm

Wings 01 Desire ( l5)8.311pm


I GROSVENOR Ashton Lane 1. Pink Floyd: The Wall(15) 11.15pm 2. The Name DlThe ROSB(18)11.15pm


Provisional programme details only- not conlirmed at lime 01 going to press.

I CAMEO Home Street. 3384141.

A World Apart ( PG) 3. 15pm (not Sun I. 4.30pm. (v.40pm .9pm.

Sun 23: The Unbeatable Lightness 01 Being (18) 1pm

See also Tidinburgh Lates

I CANNON 1.othian Road. 33930311.

1. A Fish Called Wanda ( 15) 3pm. 5pm. 8pm.

2. Midnight Runi 15)

3. Les Patterson Saves The World ( 15)

I DOMINION New battle Terrace. 447 2660.

1. Until Sat 22: Snow White And The Seven DwarIS(lf)3. 15pm. 4. 15pm. (I. 15pm. Big Business ( P(i) 8.30pm. From Sun 33: Unconfirmed.

2. Beetlejuice 3.30pm. 5.30pm. 8.30pm. 3. 'Crocodile' Dundee 11 (PG) 2pm. 5pm. 8pm.

I OOEON (‘lerk Street. 667 7331.

1. Buster( 15‘)

2. Good Morning Vietnam ( IS)

3. Running Man ( I8) Provisional opening: Big (PG) replacing one of the above.


Lothian Road. 338 3688.


1. Distant Voices. Still Livesi I5)o.30pm. 8.30pm

2. The American Friend ( 15)5.45pm. 8.15pm


1. Asterix And Cleopatra (1: ) 2pm

Distant Voices. Still Lives ( 15) (i.3(Ipm. 8.30pm

2. The American Friend ( 15) 3.30pm. 5.45pm. 8. 15pm


1. Distant Voices. Still Lives ( 15 ) 8.30pm 2. The BitterTears Dl Petra Von Kantt 18) 5.45pm. 8.15pm


1.The Dead (L')3.45pm

Distant Voices. Still Lives ( 15)().3(Ipm. 8.30pm

2. The Bitter Tears Dl Petra Von Kanti 18) 5.45pm. 8.15pm


1.The Dead (1;) 3.45pm

Distant Voices. Still Lives ( 15)6.3(Ipm. 8.30pm

2. Tiny And Ruby ( 15) 6pm.8.30pm WEDNESDAY 26

1. Distant Voices. Still Lives ( 15)3.45pm. 6.30pm. 8.30pm

2. Vertigo (PG) 5.45pm. 8. 15pm THURSDAY 27

1. Wall Street ( 15)3.45pm

Distant Voices. Still Lives 1 151(i.3llpitt. 8.30pm

2. Parting Glances ( 15) 3pm. n.4iipm, 8.4Ilptll

See also Tidinburgh 1.ates


I EDINBURGH FILM GUILD liilmhoiise. 1.othiaii Road. 338 3(v88.

Sun 23: Treasure 01 The Sierra Madre i l’( i I 5.30pm

The Sudden Fortune 01 The Poor People 01 Kombachi 15 I 5.30pm ((‘inema 3 Alternatich


FILM SOCIETY ( 'onlact: Societies L ‘cntre. The Pleasance. tilt" 1111 l L'\I 4514.

Fri 21 Pleasance Theatre: Othello i 1’( ii (v.45pnt iv Splendour In The Grassi 1’( i I 8.30pm

Sun 23 George Square Theatre: The Witches DlEastwicki 18I ck \Vithnail ck ltl8I‘Ipm Wed 26 George Square Theatre: Manon Des Sources 1 1’( t I “pm


I CAMEO Home Street

Fri 21: Robocopi lens The Terminatori 18) 11.15pm

Sat 22: Eureka i 18) .v Exposedi 15) 11.15pm

I FILMHOUSE 1.olliian Road

Sat 22: The Blues Brothers 1 15 I .v Dragnet (1’0)111.3llpiiiii350).


Provisional programme details only— not conlirmed at time or going to press.

I CANNON Princess Street. 1*alkirk . 0334 33805.

1. A Fish Called Wanda ( 1 5 I

2. Good Morning Vietnam ( 15)

3. Big ( Pm

I REGAL North Bridge Street. Bathgatc. 11511oo34153. 1-‘irst evening pert: All tickets £1.30. .‘ylaineveiiingperl: Adult L3.(‘lliltl (‘one 1.1.3“.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarls11‘i 10.30amlSat only). 13.30pm (Sat only I. 3.30pm. b.30pm. Good Morning Vietnam (I5)8.30pm.


Provisional programme details only—not conlirmed at time olgoing to press.

I AMC Clydebank TO ( 'Iydc Regional (‘eiitre('lydcbank. 11-11 ‘151 1945.

See under Week 1 but check w illi( 'iiiema lol' details.

I CANNON T‘itchlield Street. Kilniai'nock. (156337388.

1. A Fish Called Wanda i 15 I Mon Sal: 3.45pm. 5.50pm. 8.30pm. Sun 33: 5.40pm. 8.15pm.

2. Big ( P(i) Mon Sat: 3.45pm. 5.55pm. 8.35pm. Sun 33: 5.40. 8.05pm.

3. Busler(unconlirmedI(15IMoii Sal: 3.50pm. 5.55pm. 8.40pm. Sun 33: 5.30pm. 8pm.

I KELBURNE (ilasgow Road. Paisley . 88‘) 3(113.

1. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 1.45pm (not Sun I. (1.311pnt (not Sun I. Good Morning Vietnam 8pm.

2. Buster 3pm (Sat only I. (ipm . 8.30pm.

I LASCALA 1 Iamilton Street.Saltcoats. (139463345

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarls i 1 i.

2. Busteri 15).

I OOEON Burns Stattie Square. Ay r.lI3l)3 364041).

1. Bigit’ol

2. Busteri 15) Coming To Americai 15)

3. Good Morning Vietnam( 15)

I OOEON 'l‘ow'nhead Street. I lamilton. 0698 383 81 I3.

1. Bigit’m

2. Good Morning Vietnam i 15)

3. Busteri 15)

I RIALTO(‘o11ege Street. 1)iimbai ton. 0389 (13763.

1. Big(P(i)

2. Fri 21/Sat 22 Snow White And The Seven Dwarls ( 15 ) (mats)

A Fish Called Wanda ( 15) (eyes. all week ).



I Theatre is listed by city tirst. then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Cabaret and touring shows are listed separately under the relevant heading. KEY: [D] lacilities lorthe disabled. [E] lacilities lorthe hard or hearing. usually an induction loop system. For prices. price in brackets eg (21 .50) is the concessionary price. Long running shows. unless specilied otherwise. do not run on Sundays.


I CITIZENS' THEATRE ( iorbals Street. 43‘) 11033. Box Office .‘yloii—Sat 10am-8pm. Bar. [1)].

Richard III l'ntil Sat 33 ( )ct. 7.30pm. £3 (11 I. A powerful studio production of Shakespeare‘s history tragedy about nasty-piece-ol-work Richard. Duke of (iloucester and his dubious rise to pow er. Sec Review.

I CUMBERNAULO THEATRE ( ’uiitheriiauld. 0336 733887. Box Office .‘vlon-l‘ri ltIani»»(ipiu: Sat 10am-3pm;o 8pm pert. cvgs Bar (Kile.

Blood Wedding l-‘ri 14 & Sat 15 ( )cl. 7.45pm. £3.50 (£3). (‘ommunicado Theatre (‘ompany' on tour with their 1"ringc—1’irsl w inning production of 1.orca's play. See Touring.

Fancy Rappin' Wed 1‘) Th 31 ()c1. 7.45pm. £3.50(£3I. Wildcat tour lheirleiith anniversary show. Sec Touring.

The Almost Hallowe‘en Community Cabaret Sat 33 ()ct. 7.45pm. £3 (1.1 I. local wits and wags get together to present a cabaret evening. following on the success of the ‘Almost Midsummer (‘abaret'. I)rinks may be taken into the auditorium.

I CRAWFURD THEATREJordanhill ('ollegc. 1141 95—19418.

The Puddok an‘ the Princess ‘l‘hui-s 13 .v 1*” 14()ct. 7.30pm. 1.3.75(£3.5(I).'1'heatrc Alba in their touring production ol 1)ay id Puryes' hugely successful Scots comedy aboiil the princess and the uppity piiddok. Sec Touring.

I DRAMA CENTRE 136 Ingram Street. 553 5837.

Sam Shepard Double Bill t'niil Sun 1(i()ct. 8pm. Strathclyde Theatre (iroup in a double bill of Sam Shepard plays: Sm age Love and Acriim.

A Real Scream Iiittil l‘ri 14 ()ct. midnight. John Street Theatre (iroup in a horror revue: laugh till you die.

Homeward Bound Wed 19- Sat :2 ()cl . 8pm. Alienarts present a new play by Troy Paii‘clough which revolves round what happens when two young men. one of Western Indian descent. meet on a train which breaks down.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 13 \‘v'ashingtoii Slreet.331453o. The Wild Garden Adventure Thurs 27 ( )cl. 7.30pm. l-ahlevision in their new touiiiig kids show about pollution. Sec Touring for more details.

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box

()ffice. Mon—Sat noon 0pm. 4 bars. [1)]. [1:|. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. (‘andleriggs. Mon—Sat 10.30am -(i.30pm. 0413375511.

Pride olthe Clyde Mon 11) Sept—‘Sat I5 ( )cl. 7.30pm. Sat mats 3pm. £3. £3. £4. (‘ones available - please contact Ticket ('entre for details. Radio ( ‘ly‘de hosts ilsannual variety show of music and comedy.

Irene Mon 17- Sat 33 ()ct. 7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm. £34450. (‘oncs avail. The Apollo Players in a musical.

Rosemarie N101]31‘52113‘)()C1.7.311p111. Sat mat 3pm. 1.1 £4.50. A musical lrom

the Theatre (iuild.

I MITCHELL THEATRE ( iranvillc Street. 331 3198. BoxUIficc .‘yloii Sat iioon—opm. Bar. (life. [1)]. Tickets also available from the Ticket ( ‘entre. (‘andlei'iggx 3375511 Mon-r Sat 10.30am b.30pm. The Joel Hall Dancers Wed 13»Sat 150a. 7.30pm. £4.50 ( £3.50). See Dance Listings.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 1010. Box()fficeopen Tue-Sun noon-8.30pm. Bar(()pcn noon-1lpin'I‘ue-Sat; 13.30-3.30pm ck 030-1 1pm Sun. Meals served). (‘ale (()pen noon-l 1pm I. [1)]. The Chaplin Obsession I‘ri 14 ()c1. 8pm. £4 (£3). Mark Saunders in his one man show about the silent screen genius. See Touring and Review

PuppetShow Sat 15 Oct. 1.3(lpm. £1.50 (75p). .limmy‘ Fleming in a puppet show for children.

Causewayside Story .\1on 17 iv Tue 18()cl. 8pm. £4(L3I. Paisley Youth Theatre in a play.

I PAVILION THEATRE 131 Reiilield Street. .31.“: lSJIv. 11o\ ( )lllc‘c‘ .\1oll Sill

10am 8pm. liar.

Fancy Rappin‘ Mon :4 Sal 3t) ( )ei.‘..‘~tipm L5 (1.3.511). Wildcat Stage Productionsiii thcii tenth aiiiiiveisaiy show See Touring.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA 100 Reiilrew Street. 041 333 4101.

The Baikie Charivari ’1 lie 35 in 38 ( )ct.

7. 15pm. L3 til I. As part of the RSAMI)‘s tribute to James Bridie in Iiiseeiilenary year. the final year 1)1)A stiidentsprescnt a production ol his last play . set in the l‘iflics alter Britain's withdrawal from India.

James Bridie Lecture weds 3M )cl. 13.45pm. Admission free by ticket. In the first of three lectures to celebrate the playw right's centenary year. Russell Boyce talks about ‘Bridie and the School ofl)raina‘.

James Bridie Lecture Thurs 37()c1. 13.45pm. Admission free by ticket. Tony Paterson gives a talk on ‘Bridie and the (ilasgow (‘iti/ens' Theatrc'.

James Bridie Lecture lit 38 ( )cl. 13.45pm. Admission free by ticket. 1)i Alasdaii ('aineron gives a talk entitled ‘11i idic The Playwright'.

I THEATRE ROYAL 1 lope Street. 331 1334. Box()fiice.\1on Sat 10am (ipllt. (7.30pm on pert evgs). Bar. Bullet.

No theatre performances this issue.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350Saiichiehall Street. 333 7531. (’alcopeii 1 Iain-3.30pm Tue-liri and during ey eiiiiig perlormances.

Theatre of Music 7 :3 ( )cl. .-\ sllot'l season of performers w ho fuse theatre and music. Requiem at Low Tide Thurs 13 a tin 14( )c1. 8pm. {3.511 (£3511). Tlte llisI collaboration hetw ccn Ian llalcrow . w ho is inspired by iion-liuropean theatre forms such as Afiican ritual dance and Nob Theatre. and composer llai ry Andrews, w ho has worked with Shriekback and .\'T(‘. among others. and whose music fuses ( 'eltic. Eastern and electronic forms. This piece takes the form of a requiem in liveparts set in the underworld of Western city 111C. Left Hand Right Hand Sat 15 ( )cl . 8pm. {3.511(i350). ('ombining rhythm with violin. clarinet. original Super 8li|m and ‘fotind' noises. Left Hand Right 1 land have secured a reputation on the liuropean circuit for their powerfully rhythmic perlormances.

Pertormance Thurs 30S 1'1'131 ()ct.8pm. £3.5II(£3.50). A collaborative group based in (ilasgow . Performance work with

The List 14 37 October 1988 21