music and dance theatre.emphasi.sing their relationship to current electronic developments and sound. Their programme consists of seven pieces.

Live Music for Imaginary Films Sat 22 ( )ct. 8pm. £3.50(£2.50). Towering Inferno in a piece using music and film. in which a live band plays agaiiist a wall of projectionsto create an imagincry Journey through a surreal landscape.

I TRON THEATRE (i3 Trongate. 552 4207 S. Box ( )flice Tue Sat .\'oon— Spin;

Sun 1230- l Ipm. (‘losed Mondays.

The Sash 2: The Funeral t‘ntil Sun .‘~u()ei. 8pm. £4 non-inembe rs; £3 ( £l I members. I‘ollow —up to l Iector .\lac.\lillan's hugely successful play. 'l'lieSus/i. See Review. I In A Foreign Country Sat 15 ( )ct . 3.30pm. I-‘ree. A free reading in the bar of a new play by I);l\ltl l Iutchinson.

John McCormack: Man and Legend Fri 21 ()ct. l lpm. £.‘~(£l Iiiiembers1£4 non-members. Patrick Stephen-Samucls in a recreation of the life of the famous Irish tenor. See also Bedlam. Iidinburgh. Discussion in the Bar Sat 22 Oct. 2.31 Ipm. l-'ree. Donald (‘ainpbell leads a discussion on the playwright .l .\I.Barrie and a reading of (‘ampbell‘s ow n play. The (lid xlgt' nfl’t'ler I’mi.


I BEOLAM THEATRE I‘orrest Road. 031 225 9893,

Faith Healer I-'ri 14 ( )et. 7.30pm. £1 members: £1 .50non-members. lidinburgh l'niversity Theatre (‘ompany in Brian l‘riel‘s play.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist Sat 15 ( )ct. 7.30pm. £l members: £ 1 .50 non-members. lidinburgh l'niversity Theatre (‘oinpany in Dario I‘o‘shugely successful. anarchic farce.

Walter (arr. Johnny Beattie. Valerie

' Dunbar and the Alexander Brothersare among those appearing in this nostalgic variety show. I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 431ligh Street. 55o‘)57‘). Box ()fliee. 10am 4.30pm. "--‘)pm pert. ey gs. (ate. [1)]. [IL]. Maisie and The Space Invader Tue Is to 21 ()ct. l laiii (also 2.30pm on Tue & Hi I. £2 (U I. l.ookahead Theatre (‘oinpany in a stage adaptation of the books about Maisie the Kitten by Aileen Paterson l-"or



A magnificent combination of drama, dance and music from India

Wednesday 2nd November (Programme A) Thursday 3rd November (Programme B) 7.30pm

CHURCH HILL THEATRE Morningside Road Tickets: £5 (£2.50 concs) Available from: Usher Hall Box Office, Lothian Road (031 228 1155) Mon—Sat 10am—5pm

four years upwards. Part of the ‘( iuysand (iuisers‘ I‘itlinburgh season of theatre for yotiiig people. See Kids Page for ttill tletailsofthisseasoii.

The Wild Garden Adventure weds 1‘) iv Thurs 20()ct.2..‘~0pni £2.50(£l 50) I-abley isioii in their touring production of a comedy with serious points about the environment. l-"or 5 years and upw aids part of the '( iuys and ( iuisei's' season. See Kids Page. see also'l’ouring.

The Tickling Machine Sat 3: ( )ct. 10.30am. £2(£l I. Puppet show that forms part of the '( iuys and(iuisers' season loryoung people. See Kids Page

The Puddok an‘ the Princess Tue 35 Sat 2‘) ()ct. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £2 ( Ll I. Theatre Alba in their popular Scots comedy about the princess and the uppity I’udtlok. I‘orb years upwards. Part of the '( itiys and ( iuisers' I’estiyal. See Kitls. See also'l'ouring.

STOMBIIIOQ FESTIVOI “letls 20 Sat 2‘)( )L‘l. "’..‘~0pin. £2 (U I. Duncan Williamson leadstraditional storytelling sessions. drawing partly on the ( iaelic and Scots fund of stories. I-‘or 7' years and upwards. Part of the '( itiys and ( iiiisers' season see Kids Page I'or more details.

I PLAYHOUSE IS 22 (ireensitle Place. 55~ 2590. Box ( )ffice Mon Sat lllain (tpiii (8pm on show nights). Bar.

An Pedormance \VL‘LIS 1‘) ( )L‘l . Barry Humphries_ Back a Vengeance 1.30pm. £1 members; £1.50non-mcnibers Tm. 35 Sm 3t) ( )u‘ imp,” 5;” mm (includes lunch I. New . first-yearstudents 3,3(Ipm. £45” £115“. '1')“. imiuuflmhlc in an improy ised production.

John McCormack: Man and Legend Sat 32 ()ct. 7.30pm. £3. Patrick Stephen-Samucls in a one-man show about the famous Irish tenor. See also Tron Theatre. (ilasgow. Prayer Tower weds 2(» ()ct. 1.30pm. £1 members; £l .50 non-members ( includes lunch). IEI‘TL' in a new play by Alex


Enjoy an exciting Autumn Programme at Scotland's best studio theatre!

0 Gloria in LADY AUDLEY’S SECRET Thurs 13 - Sat 15 Oct, 8.00pm. £3.50 (£2.00) 0 People Show No 93 : MAROONED Tues 18 - Thurs 20 Oct, 8.00pm. £3.50 (£2.50) 0 Pan Project present UNDER THE MOON (Derived from W.B. Yeats’ Four Plays)

Fri 21 - Sat 22 Oct, 8.00pm. £3.50 (£2.00)

Box Office: (031) 226 5425; 34 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 SAX.

in the company of the inthinkable. llas Dame lidna finally made her break into real fame with her appearance on The Archers'.’ See I‘eature.

I ROYAL LYCEUM (irindlay Street. 22‘) 0607. Box ()ffice Mon Sat 10am (Iplll. Illani- Spm on perf. evgs. Bar. Rest ('ale. ID]. [Ii]. (TheatrcSaver ( ‘oncessiont'ards


Tues 29th Nov. '88 to Sat 11th Feb. '89

7pm Daily. Saturday Matinees 2.15pm

Rom-rte _ cost £1. last all year. give £1 0” 111C111” ' I BRUNTON THEATRE Musselburgh. 00.“ price each time you come for you and a .s7l 1. friend available to ()APs. 1.13405.

The Diary of Anne Frank I 'ntil Sat 22 ( )ct. 7.45pm. £4 (£2.50). First night: £2.50(£2). I-‘rances ( ioodrich and Albert llackett‘s play about Anne Frank and the diary-she wrote while hiding in an attic from the Nazis. See Review.

The Bug Play Weds 2b ( )et--Sat 5 Nov. 7.45pm. £4 (£2.50). A family show written by the Brothers ('apek. this is based on the allegorical tale of a wanderer who falls asleep in a forest. only to wake up and find himself surrounded by a new insect world. I KINGS THEATRE 2 [even Street. 22‘) 1201. Box Office Mon~Sat 10am—8pm. Bar. [1)]. [Ti].

The Importance of Being Hilda tintil Sat 15 ()ct. Mon—Fri 7.30pm; Sat 5 6‘; 8pm. £3—£5.50. (‘oncsz £2 off stalls and grand circle. £1 off upper circle. Tue—'I'hurs; all seats half-price Monday eve and Sat mat. Oscar Wilde as you've never seen him before: The INIPUNUIIH’ of Being limes! in the hands of doyennes Dame I Iilda I linge and Doctor Iivadne Bracket.

The Royal BaccharatScandal Inc Is Sat 2: ()ct. 7.30pm. Wed ck Sat mat 2.30pm. £5.5ll- £1 1. Matinees all seats halfprice. (‘oncsTuc Thurs. Royce Ryton’splay. based on the book by Michael Ilaversand Iidward (irayson. about the mysterious card scandal III\ oly ing Sir William ( iordon (’umming and the Prince of Wales. shortly to become Izdward \'II. in a production

Students. Disabled and YTS scheme) Tickets for Lyceum productions are also available at the Ticket (’entre. Waverley Bridge; branches of AT May 's Travel and the ()ucen‘sllall. (‘lerk Street.

The Shadow of a Gunman t 'ntil Sat 2: ( )et. 7.45pm. £25017. 'I‘heatreSay er holders £1 off. Sat mat 22 Oct. 3. 15pm. (All tickets £3). The winter season continues with Sean ()'('asey's classic. See Review.

AS You Like 11 Fri 28 ( )ct» Sat l‘INov. 7.45pm. £2.50 £7. 'I'IicatreSaver holders £l off. I-‘RIili Preview Thurs 28()ct. 7.45pm. New production ofShakespeare's


comedy about the funny goings-on in the O I'

I'm-5‘ "1 ““r‘ls‘n- , EUAN McIVER FLETCHER MATHERS . .

I SPRINGWELL HOUSE Ardmillan . plus full supporting cast. _ fl"; , '2? 4

Terrace. 33-1 l‘)7l. 2

i°.".fi'.a"‘.'".°“°9".““‘f“. .‘""“‘; , TICKETS: Stalls £6.50 & 25.50.

/ cc aimed solo performance by Matthew . .

Zajacof BillStairs play aboiittlie Grand CerIe Upper CIrCIe

power-crazed(iromck. Phone for details 1 Gallery BOXES: i (5) £32.50. CHILDREN & OAP'S:

oftimesandprices. I I ISTBRIOES CENTREUrweII lci'rtice.,s4(i Stalls & Grand Cirde .VA’ Upper Circle £2.50, Gallery £2.00. /Y\

1405 337 55-13. . Blood Weddin Thurs 20 ( )ct. 7.30 1111. / /

. " . él/d’t" ( omniniunicado s potcnt production of : d I l.orca‘s play. SeeTouring. v

The MsFits Weds 26 ()ct. S’pm. £2.5(I(£l I. i C dl Ticketds3fgr ailetgg showTs ca; be boomed at the Ticket Centre.

- ~ . -. . . .. . . g . .-- an eriggsl . am- . pm). he ing's or itchell Theatres (noon till 6pm). Ihc female cabaret duo in ibcnclit The Theatre Royal Noam-6pm) and leenS Theatre (mam-8pm) cabaret for the W ell W omaii( entre.


first shown at the (‘hichester Festival Theatre. earlier this year.

Pride otthe North Mon 24—Sat 2‘)()ct. 7.30pm. Sat 2‘) Oct. 5 & 8pm. £2—£4.

The Book of Revelation Mon l7» Sat 32 ( )ct. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Actor Roger Rees givcsa presentation of the Authorised Version of this difficult book ofThe Bible. He will

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