give a talk about it on Sunday 16th at the morning services in St John's Church. Princes Street. and also hopes to hold a workshop on Revelation during the week of the performance. For more details and tickets in advance please contact The Scripture L’nion Bookshop. 21 Ruilunil Street. Edinburgh lili 1 . or either ofthe lyvochtirches involved. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34l1amilton Place. 226 5425. Box Office Mon-Sat f).30am-5.30pm. Bar. Cafe. [1)] [Ti]. Lady Audley's Secret‘l‘hurs l3~~Sat 150a. 8pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Wonderfully sumptuous stage adaptation by (iloria of Mary Braddon's melodramatic noy el about the blonde. bad and mad Lady Audley. A precipitous stage. dry ice. flickering candles and plenty music. Marooned Tue lS—Thurs 20 ()ct. 8pm. £3.50(£2.50). The People Shoyvcast themselves away on a desert island. yy hicli proves rather noisier and ys ilder than the normal idyll. See Rcvicyv. Underthe Moon Fri 21 Sat 22 ( )ct . 8pm. £3.50 (£2). A performance created from W’B Yeats' I-‘our Plays Pan Project iise live music and strong. physical images to retell the ('uchulain myths. Pan Project are also running tyyo vvorksliops on 20 ck 22 October ~- for details please contact the theatre at the above number. I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Boys. (irassmarket. 226 2633. Box Office Tue—Sat 10am~8pm. Sun (>— 10pin. Bar, Rest. Tickets also ay ailablc from the Ticket Centre. Market Street. Pick of the 1988 Edinburgh Fringe Tile 4 ()ct—Sun 6 Nov. A five yy eck pick of some of the plays shown at this year‘s lidinburgh Fringe. Blood and Ice L'ntil Sun lb ()ct. 7.30pm. £4.50(£2.50). Pen-Name in Liz l..oehhead's fascinating play about Mary Shelley and the creation of her famous monster. All ofMe Loves All onou Tue 18 Sun23 ()ct. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50). Jenny Landreth's yvitty one-woman shoyy. performed by Alexandra (Toss. about Rollermania ~ the tartan-flared phenomenon that swept the land in 1975. Stallerhof Tue 25—Sun 30 ()ct. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£2.50) The Wilde Players in a stunning production of ( iernian yy riter Franz. Xaver ls’roetz's harrowing. gripping play. in which a middle-aged farm hand becomes involved in a relationship with the mentally retarded daughter of his employer. This production yy as nominated for an IIItlt’pPIltlt’Ill Theatre A H'tll'tl during the Festival A- be warned that it contains scenes that may be upsetting and is unsuitable for children. I WEST END HOTEL Palmerston Place. Edinburgh Playwrights‘ Workshop Mon 1‘ ()ct. 7pm. The Edinburgh Play \y rights“ Workshop kick off a new season of yvorkshopped productions of new plays. This first. :1 'l‘errible Beauty. by Bill Dunlop chronicles the lives and timesot James Connally and Constance Markieyvicz. Edinburgh Playrights' Workshop Mon 24 ()ct. 7pm. A yvorkshopped production of a new play in Scots by Day id Piiryes(aiithor of The l’uddok an the I’rincesx ). I’oni/irtte Finds a Needle. Based on a story for children written in the 1920s by Agnes (irozier l lerbertson. it tells the story of .the gnome Pompitie and vs hat happens when he finds a magic needle.


Throughoutthe year in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, many small companies work hard at touring round local community venues not always an easy experience. Every now and then, however, ideas spring up which attempt to improve the circumstances under which companies operate. One

such idea is the Edinburgh Touring Circuit (ETC). set up a couple of years ago and now officially recognised and subsidised by Edinburgh District Council and the Scottish Arts Council.

The aim of ETC is to ‘act as a forum where information and ideas are exchanged between venues and companies. . . and to fostera spirit of mutual co-operation whereby community touring will be able to thrive.‘

Similarorganisations in Glasgow provide for touring companies based in the West CANS (Community Arts Network Strathclyde) is based in Clydebank and operates through community centres in deprived areas, for example, and EECAF (East End Community Arts Forum) was set up in 1986 and collaborates with such organisations as the GEAR Arts Project and Dolphin Arts Centre.

Edinburgh Touring Circuit Publicists Duncan Low and Tony Reekie stress that it should not be regarded as an administrative body, but rather as an administrative base offering advice, experience and financial supportto locally based performing groups. Their pilot season commences on 17 October with several tours by local Edinburgh theatre companies (see Touring listings) and they hope that in time ETC will become an integral part of the Edinburgh community. expanding to fill any administrative and continuity gaps.

The next meeting of Edinburgh Touring Circuit is on Tuesday 22 November at the Netherbow Arts Centre, Edinburgh at 2.30pm, and everyone with an interest in local theatre is welcome to attend. (Carol West).

ETC: Duncan Low, Dundonald House, 5/7 Dundonald Street. Edinburgh, 031 5571694.


I This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. We give detailed listings onlylor periods when they are in the Central Belt area. There is a phone number for each company. however. should you require more information. Unless otherwise specified. the numberafter each venue listed isthe telephone numberlorlicket enquiriesfor that particular evening (please note, this is not always the venue number).

I A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine Borderline Theatre ( 'ompany tour their double bill of comedy that opened at the Izdinburgh T'L‘Slh al to considerable success. l'nmissable for Michael Roberts' uncanny likenessto(irouchoMars For further details please call liorderlineon 113‘): ZSllllfl,

(iutetv 'I'heutre. .‘LVI' Mon 10 Wed l2()ct. 2,311pm.1121)2 2(1-103‘). .thi'Rti/N'rl :1 fly Centre. Stir/trig Thurs 13 Sat l5()ct. 7.30pm. 078061081. find of Tour.

I Blood Wedding Cominunicado Theatre Company‘s poyy erful production of l.orca's play about the bride and her former lover overcome by passion on her yyedding day. Recommended. l-‘or further details please call ( ‘onimunieado on031 22‘) 740-1.

High School Centre. l.(l.\\tttl(l(’ Thurs 13 ()ct . 7'. 15pm. 031 no.3 7171 ; ( 'iimbermiuld 'I‘heiitre. Ctmibernuiild Hi 14 ck Sat 15 ()ct.','.-15pm. 0236 232887; Carnegie Hall. [hoilerniline Tue 18 ()ct. 7.31 1pm. 0383 72010815! Brides Centre. Iidtnburgh Thurs 20()ct. 7.30pm. 03] 34b 1405: Stu/iivit A rts Centre. Cur/ Fri 21 ()ct. 8pm. U228 ~17] I I 25333: (rtlt’ely ‘I'heurre. .-ly'r Sat 22 ()ct. 8pm. 0202 2o-lb30. :lberdeen .-1rt\ Centre. Aberdeen Tue 25

Oct. 7.30pm. 0224 635208 6-11 122. Tour continues to 1 lighlands until Sat 2‘)()ct. l Captain Scurvy and the Sea Sprite Fly on the Wall tour a children‘s shots as part of the lidinburgh Touring Circuit pilot scheme. See Panel.

I’ilton :1 di'enttire Playground. lidinbtirgh Mon 17 ()ct. 3pm. Cloi'enstone Community Centre. lidtnburgh Tue 18 ()ct. 1pm; St Brides Centre. ()I'lt el/ 'l'errur‘e. Ifdinburgh Tue 1S ( )ct. 7pm; South Side ( ‘omrnunitv Centre. lidinbitrgh Wed 1‘) ( )ct. 2pm; .llrtlrhouse Parish Church Hall. Izdinbio'gh Thurs 20( )ct. 2pm; [THINK/(sir!) Centre. l’i/ton. Izdrnbio'gh Thurs 20 ( )ct . bpm; tor-details; Netherbow Iheutre. Izdtnburg/i Tue 25 Sal2‘)()ct.03155b‘l52‘). lziidol Tour.

I Wild Garden Adventure l’abley Not) in one of their popular. funny children's shoyy s. This one. yy hich began life at the (ilasginy (itllclett I'L'\II\ ill. concerns the yy ieked force lurking in the country side

yy hich loy es litter and other man-made country perils. and boys we can keep 11 at bay. l‘or children and adults. for further details please call 0-11 423 "052.

l’euri‘e Institute. (rt)t'tlll.\lt111 1"()ci_ ".3llpm. Nether/mu .‘l I'l.\ ( t'llll't'. Izilrnbio'gh Wed l‘ltk Thurs 20()ei, 2.30pm; (iluygoii .-lrty Centre. (ilusgou Thurs 2'7 ( )ct. 7.30pm. Tour continues.




I MITCHELL THEATREUi'anyille Street 'l'ickeis0-1122"55ll

Joel Hall Dancers t ‘niil Sat 15 ( )ct. “Cumin £5.50. School Matinee l'riday 11am The exuberant .loel llall daneeissplashed into .‘ylay test three years ago yy illi a (any routine. They return to(ilasgovy \yitha neyy programme.

I THEATRE ROYAL l lope Street. 331 123—1 MidsummerMarriage Sat liantl'l'huisju ()ctober. 7.15pm. to L1". Michael Tippett‘s opera includes the dancing talents of contemporary dance group Second Stride. seen recently to much acclaim at this year's locus on Dance festival. An opportunity tosee contemporary dance in an opera setting and not one to be missed. The performance moves to the lzdinbiirgh Playhouse on Thursday 3 .\'oy ember.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 35(1Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521.

Performance by Kate Dalton and Jonathan Lunn 20 and 21 ()ct. 7.30pm.

I WINTER GARDENS People's l’alace. (ilasgoyv(ireen. lnlo3571-l50

Rotating Dancers 2t) ( )ct. An informal shoyving of a collaboration yy ith musician Derek lloiightoii and sculptor choreographer Lindsay .lohn.


I GARNETBANK SCHOOL Renlreyy Street. Info 334 334‘)

Jane Simpson—Contemporary (‘Iass ey cry Tuesday 7—S.30pm. £2.

I HILLHEAD SECONDARY SCHOOL ()akficld Avenue. Info 334 1(i57

Fiona Alderman—Cunningham-based('lass every“l‘hursday .2 8.30pm. £2.

Stretch and Get Loose with Jane Simpson (‘lass every Monday 2-8..311piii.£2.


I11IU33-1 42113

Contact improvisation with Mary Prestidge Sat 2‘) 10am-5pm and Sun 30 l~5pm. lice £20 inclusive. An Olympic team member in the sixties. Prestidge has drawn from classical ballet. contemporary dance. acrobatics and gymnastics to arrive at an individual ‘eontact' technique.

I OAKGRAVE PRIMARY SCHOOL St Peters Street. lnfo334-1203

r ; \ ~ 7‘4‘ “To Emilio? [101)]


Discovering Dance (‘Iiiss every Tuesday. Adult beginners. 70.30pm.

I SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIO 2o] West Princes Street. 331 2931. All classes run until 17Dcc.

Junior contemporary I'.\ cry Tuesday . b-7pm. £1.50.

Adult Contemporary liy el‘y Wednesday .

7pm. f2l£l.5f|1

Performance Group l-vei-y I‘liurstlay.

fr 7pm. £2 (£1.50)

Beginners Ballet T'\L‘ly .s‘aiuitlay. Hyears toadiilt. ill-11.15am. L2t£1.5l|) Beginners Jazz 11y cry Saturday 14 yearsio adult. 11.30am lpiii L21 £1 .50)

W881 School Newton Street. Paisley 88‘ .3T2fi

Limon with Rosina Bonsu l y eiy luestlay 0.45 11 15am. Ll



I CHURCH HILL THEATRE .\1oi nmgsidc Road '1 iekets from 1 'shei' l lall.l olliian Road. 22.8 1 155 Mon Sat 10am 5pm Kathakali 2 and 3 .\o\ ember. 2 programmes from this Indian dance

30pm. I\\i)

troupe lamous for its tradition of mask and extraordinarily comples iiiake-up. Organised by Barbara 1 lariovs . director of Centre ( )cean Stream la dance company based on the colour and y isiial qualitiesot the Kitlllillsilll ) this is a unique opportunity to see an ancient and quite iemai‘kble tradition at not k 'l he company moyes to l.oebge|ly (-L'llllk".I‘llL'Hll~1Nti\.(iIil\}!t1\\ ArtsCentie on ti \o\ \lacRobei t ( 'enlie. Stirling on .\ .\'o\ and the Imdhoi ll l'tiiyet'sal Ilall. I'oi't'eson l l _\oy

Classes I BRUNTDN HALL \lusselbuigh MS 3211

e\l 241

Dance XDIOSIOD:\11L‘\\ \c';l\iifl H1 tittllce classand peiloiiiiance yyoiksliopsliayc begun eyeiy W ediiestlay l’lioiie loi tlc‘ltllIS




“a document of an extraordinary experience"

Wednesday 5 Saturday 22 October 1988 at 7.45pm

TICKETS Full price: £4.00 Concessionary price: £2.50

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* We accept payment by ACCESS or VISA

BOX OFFICE: 031-665 2240J'

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